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The Toraxxis mega-refinery is a facility on Cybertron.

As of 09/15/2017 (User:Bzero), Toraxxis mega-refinery is
under Autobot control.
Autobots within the territory are in command, Decepticons within the territory are seen as hostiles, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are protected.
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Located in the remote Toraxxis Plains of Cybertron, the Toraxxis mega-refinery is one of the planet's largest sources of energon, having an output of 8 billion megaliters of energy per production cycle. After being rebuilt in 2017 by the Decepticons, it was taken over by the Autobots.


MUX History

With Cybertron suffering from a massive energon shortage early in the war, the Toraxxis mega-refinery was the last major energy source remaining on the planet. However, something deactivated the refinery's fusion-regulator, which overloaded the fusion-core and destroyed Toraxxis and everything around it. The resulting explosion could be seen from space and not only killed thousands of Cybertronians, but also robbed Cybertron of a vital source of energon, forcing many more to abandon their planet. A team of scientists were sent to the irradiated Toraxxis crater by Optimus Prime to search for any traces of fuel, and found that the explosion had opened up long forgotten caverns. Fallout

The Toraxxis mega-refinery was later rebuilt by the Decepticons in 2017 for the purpose of extracting and purifying the reservoirs of corrupted energon discovered in the caves.

Later in the year it was taken over by the Autobots.

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