Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: To The Clinic

Characters: Artemis, Baroness, Chatterbox, General Hawk, Jinx, Katie, Lifeline, Major Bludd, Over Kill, Snake-Eyes, Tele-Viper 742

Location: Woods, 1848

Date: 13 August 2007/March 5th, 1848

TP: Gold Rush TP

Summary: Jenkins Mill deputy sheriffs arrive and escort the characters camping in the wild into town, where they discover their missing doctor.

As logged by Major Bludd

The sound of approaching horses can be heard. More than one. Their hooves can be heard beating the ground in a run.

Chatterbox says, "you guys hear that?"

Jinx sits near the fire, cross leged, almost in a yoga positon, and begins to meditate. Sounded like a good idea to her, even if it is not the best way to sit in a dress, "I'm pretty much worthless back here... I can't work in town... I can't go out in public..." She pauses, and cocks her head sideways, "Horses approaching? What did that damned Sniper do, and how did she get a posse on us already?"

Chatterbox says, "time to hide all...either that or act "normally""

Pennington stirs the deer stew-in-progress, adding some ingredients here and there as she sips from the wooden spoon.

Major Bludd awakens slowly, reluctantly, pulling the blanket up over his head in protest to the daylight and the chill temperatures. After a few minutes he gives a grumpy grunt and disentangles himself from the blanket. He sits up and regards the camp, then gathers the blanket and his knife and stalks down to the river to make an attempt to wash the grime from his body.

The river is veeerrry cold. Freeze your ass off cold. In fact, the Major may need to use the knife to break off a few chunks of ice so he can get to the water near the shore.

"Great," Bludd grumbles, crouching to work at the ice. "I'm not a bloody polar bear... damned North American winters."

The ice is fairly thin, and breaks away easily due to the flowing water just beneath. One has to be a brave (or a foolish) soul to get into water THAT cold. It's probably no wonder frontiersmen didn't make it a practice to bathe, especially in wintertime.

Major Bludd scowls at the ice-cold water, muttering more epithets in the direction of the continent he's standing on as he strips off his clothing. He wades a short way into the river, biting his lip to keep from crying out as his flesh contacts the freezing water, and hurriedly scooping up water in his hands and dousing himself with it.

The good news for Bludd? No spectators, no biting fish, and absolutely no mosquitos. The bad news? He's probably not going to be able to feel his extremities for a while after getting out. But his brevity has bought him cleanliness, a state most frontiersmen are unfamiliar with.

Major Bludd practically leaps out of the water and snatches up the blanket, wrapping it around his shivering body. He stares at the knife he brought with him. "Forget it," he grumbles to himself. "What was I thinking - I've got nothing like shaving cream, or even soap!" He scratches irritably at the growing stubble on his face. "Besides, in this time period, letting my beard grow out might actually help me blend in." He scowls at the idea of growing in a full beard. "Note to self: new first item on the acquisition list: soap. The writing implements can bloody well wait."

With that, he gathers up his clothing, and the knife, and tromps, blanket-clad, back to camp.

As he reaches camp, Pennington's there in her petticoats, smiling at him looking all scowly and clad in a blanket. "What on's freezing out, don't tell me you were down there in the river?"

Katie watches Bludd walking back in a blanket, raising her eyebrows, and watching him come back. She laughs very softly, considering the idea, hmming softly. "Wonder what all has been using the river, other than the mills."

General Hawk hikes out of the woods carrying some additional firewood for the fire. Stacking it next to the fire, he picks up a log or two and situates it on the fire, poking it a bit to get it roaring again. "The sooner we get that cabin built, the better." he says, rubbing his hands over the flames.

Bludd plunks himself down in front of the fire, his clothing in his lap. "I was filthy," he mutters, glancing up at her, willing his teeth not to chatter. He stabs the knife into the earth beside him. "Thought I'd ... take care of it before anybody ... else noticed." He takes sharp breaths as he speaks, looking away from her, his cheeks, pale from the cold, colouring slightly.

Katie glances over to Hawk, standing up some and considering the situation. "Where are the axes? We'll need those, if not a saw as well, to make the cabin with. Of course.... all I know about cabin making was from looking at the lincoln logs my little brother used to play with, decades ago..." She blushes just slightly.

Chatterbox says, "cabin? so were staying here indefently?"

"There's two axes and a saw that I know of in the tools we pulled from the wagon, but we'll need to take some time to sharpen them." Hawk says, smiling as Katie mentions Lincoln Logs. "In reality, it's not all that different. You cut notches in the ends of each log so they fit together."

Pennington shakes her head. Her man is something else, there's no one else quite like him on this earth, and she likes it that way. "Okay," she muses. "Well...sometimes, things don't quite go as planned. Which reminds me -- I have to tell you something..."

Suddenly, the soft sound of approaching horses can be heard. They're still a distance away, but one can feel the hooves clopping the ground, and they're definitely approaching.

Major Bludd looks up at Hawk. "I thought 'us menfolk' were going to get jobs at the mill."

Baroness looks over at Chatterbox idly. "Vell, ve can't simply camp here vor the entire time it vill take to get home. It is too cold. There is still, however, the matter of land claim..."

Chatterbox nods " we could always do squatters claim. And call me beats my real name...When in rome and all."

Major Bludd swears softly, grabbing up his clothing as he rises to his feet. He moves off into the trees to dress.

General Hawk feels a slight thumping against the soles of his boots, and leans over to place a hand on the ground. "That's odd..."

Katie blinks a little over towards Hawk, raising her eyebrows. "Hmm? What?" She feels the ground as well then, frowning. "Utoh..."

Chatterbox says, "do i hear horses?"

Pennington frowns worriedly, placing herself beside the sick and sleeping Over Kill in a maternally protective way.

The hooves get louder, and louder still, until the galloping slows, and the sounds of men calling for their horses to 'WHOAH' can be heard. Two men enter the campsite proper. They're well dressed for the weather, and they're both carrying rifles.

Temera glances over towards the major, starting to stay something, then glances up, frowning just a little bit.

General Hawk stands slowly from the campfire, doing his best to act casual as the men appear. "Hello there." he says, with a smile. "What can we do you all for?"

Major Bludd comes running back out into camp, now fully dressed, his greying hair still damp, the knife in his right hand. As he takes in the sight of the horsemen walking into the campsite, he slows his pace and makes a clumsy attempt to hide the knife behind his back, not wanting to give the appearance that he's a homicidal maniac who's been hiding in the woods for a week. Despite how he feels. When he reaches Pennington, he drops it to the ground and stands protectively beside her.

Baroness peers over at the men riding up, watching them semi-interestedly and frowning.

Chatterbox walks over to the rest of the group showing absolutely no hositility whatsoever

The two men glance about the makeshift camp curiously, then look at each other. One addresses General Hawk. "Sir, we are deputy sheriffs of the township of Jenkins Mill, and we've come searching for a lost group, possibly in some distress."

The second deputy holds his rifle at the ready, eyeing the group with some suspicion but not aiming at anyone in particular.

General Hawk nods. "Well, we kinda fit that description." he says with a smile. "How'd you get word we were out here? We've been rather lost for a few days."

Major Bludd frowns slightly, glancing to Hawk but saying nothing.

Chatterbox watches intently but reamins quiet...yes Chatterbox knows when to keep quiet . .

Katie frowns as she watches, as well, cocking her head just slightly at the two as she listens, looking up at the one holding the rifle, in particular.

At this point, the deputies relax a little bit. "It's a good thing you've been able to keep your camp safe, sir, as this area's had quite the vexation lately with thieves and opportunistic robbers. As to how we knew you were out here? Well, we happened upon a certain gent down at the river's Dr. Steen by name...we had a dire emergency with an explosion accident at the mills, and we placed the most critically injured man in a boat to take him quickly down the river to the nearest hospital. Upon discovering Dr. Steen, he was willing to assist immediately, so we took him straight to where his expertise was needed the most. Jenkins Mill has been without a doctor since the last one left town. Anyhow, he's been hard at work, but he did inform the deputy sheriffs about your plight, and we came as soon as we could. We should have enough horses to take you all into town."

Pennington looks on nervously, clasping onto Bludd's arm without even thinking about it. "We have a sick child here," she says, pointing the deputies toward the deleriously feverish Over Kill.

General Hawk nods. "We can carry a few in our wagon here, we just managed to get it fixed. We had a bit of a mishap with it." he says, nodding towards Pennington. "We put her in the wagon and get her to Dr. Steen." he says, looking back to the deputies. "We've been rather worried about the doctor ever since he got seperated from us. Thank God he's ok."

"Typical Steen," Bludd murmurs. He glances to Pennington as she grasps his arm, laying his hand atop hers and looking back toward the deputies with a neutral expression.

Temera blinks and almost double-takes as she hears the answer, blinking as the mystery gets solved. She just shakes her head slightly then, relaxing back into her spot.

Other deputies soon arrive, with a few saddled-up horses ready to ride. It's pretty much assumed by the deputies that all are familiar with horse riding. Those who aren't may need to fake it very convincingly!

Pennington sighs worriedly, letting go of Bludd's arm as she gathers up her petticoats with one arm and gently places Over Kill's small form over her opposite shoulder. She then makes her way into the wagon...awkwardly.

General Hawk climbs up on to the wagon's seat, grabbing up the reigns to the mules. "We'll follow your lead gentlemen. We thank you all kindly for taking the time to come find us, it's been rough out here."

GAME: Chatterbox PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Major Bludd hesitates a moment, then hurries after Pennington to help her and the child Over Kill into the wagon.

Chatterbox happens to remeber a documenrtry on Horses and horseback riding from both the Animal Planet station and Discovery. He walks over to the horse and somehow...amazingly saddles up. Now...if he just just remember the second episode that talked about riding...

Katie peers at the horse, nodding just a little at it, and stroking its side as she walks along it. She nods, putting her foot onto one stirrup, and easily lifting her other leg up and over the back, to settle into her saddle, nodding just a little as she takes the reins.

"You're quite welcome, sir, and it's no trouble at all," the deputy replies to Hawk. As Pennington, Bludd, and Over Kill get on the wagon, he removes his hat respectfully for the woman. "Easy does it, ma'am, we'll have the doctor look at your little one right away," he promises.

Katie gets a visit from another deputy -- who also removes his hat to address her. "Need any assistance, ma'am?" he offers, surprised when she hauls herself into the saddle.

Katie smiles a little to the deputy, shaking her head. "Thank you sir, but I do believe I've got it."

Major Bludd swears quietly as Pennington and the child get into the back of the wagon. Once he's satisfied they're ready to travel, he jogs back to the place where he slept last night and picks up Jeb Carpenter's journal. He also scoops up the knife he dropped by the fire, then climbs up into the wagon himself.

Temera watches Katie do that, and decides it might not be quite as hard as it looks. She tries to imitate Katie's motion exactly, as she moves to get onto the horse, hoping to all heck it doesn't get upset about her being on it.

Baroness climbs onto her horse easily enough, though she's battling her own dress and such, to do it. She grumbles softly and peers around.

General Hawk watches as everyone gets situated in the wagon, then nods to the deputies. "Lead the way gentlemen, and we'll follow your lead." he says, getting a firm grip on the reigns.

The deputies are MORE than polite and accomodating, practically falling all over themselves to assist the Baroness and Temera. So far, the group seems to be convincing enough to these deputies that they don't suspect anything out of the ordinary. They assume that the slight awkwardness with the horses is due to the group being cold and hungry. Steen *had* mentioned they were low on supplies.

Shortly afterward, the deputies begin escorting the wagon and riders along a makeshift trail toward Jenkins Mill. The going is fairly slow, but at least they're protected, and they get to enjoy the trip for what it's worth.

General Hawk snaps the reigns and bellows out a 'HEEYAAH!' as he gets the mules moving, steering the wagon onto the trail behind the deputies. It's a rough ride, the wagon not having been built for a smooth air cushioned ride.

Chatterbox rides close to the wagon. He is keeping quiet and seems to be "faking" his first ride well

Katie certainly doesn't have much of a problem riding. She strokes the horse's mane idly, as she holds the rein in one hand, looking out and around at the others.

Major Bludd sticks the knife into the journal and lays the book on his lap, resting a hand on it to keep it still. He slides his other arm around Pennington, gazing at her worriedly. The bouncing and jostling of the wagon remind him of the ride he recently took in Over Kill's Vector Six ... but at least that had proper seats and safety belts.

Temera, for her part, rides /very/ carefully, still a bit tense. She keeps her rear end pulled in tight, almost like she has something up in it, being very careful about trying not to disturb the horse, as she coaxes it to follow along.

Pennington hangs on in the back of the wagon as well as she can, very unaccustomed to all the jolting around. She fans Over Kill as much as possible. As a deputy rides beside the wagon and peeks in, Pennington looks toward him. "How long your little girl been taken ill, ma'am?" he asks.

"About a day or so," Pennington answers softly. "I thought it was a simple cold, but her fever's so high and it just won't break."

"Rest easy, ma'am, the good doc will do ever'thing he can to cure the little one. Could be scarlet fever...maybe diptheria. Damned sickness is a complete vexation in the winter months."

Pennington nods sadly, and leans against Bludd with a faraway expression of worry. What if they can't all survive the winter...what then?

Temera's horse is a bumpy old mare. Thankfully, not very energetic, but not a lot of back padding, either.

General Hawk does his best to keep the mules on the straight and narrow along the trail, doing his best to avoid the worst bumps and dips in the trail, but it's so full of them it's a losing battle.

"So, this your whole family, then?" a deputy calls over to Hawk as he rides beside the wagon. "Coming here to resettle?"

General Hawk nods to the deputy. "Yes sirree. We were hoping to find a place to settle down, stake out some land, get a new start on life out here. We left a bit too early though to make it through the hills before the storms set in. After that it was just one wrong turn after another."

"Well sir, we have all manner of opportunity for those with enough mettle to brave the seasons," the deputy answers. "That your daughter?" he asks curiously, gesturing toward Temera. "Let me tell you, she'll have more than her pick of suitors in town. And as for the menfolk -- there's work a-plenty at the mills, for able hands." Katie offers a smile to the Deputies, as she rides, listening to the conversations quietly.

Major Bludd gives Pennington's arm a squeeze, momentarily resting his cheek atop her head. "Don't worry, love," he says quietly. "I'm sure Steen can help us out."

Temera blushes very much as she hears the deputy talk about her like that, biting her lip very softly as she rides.

Baroness has no trouble with the riding. She just keeps riding onward and listening to the conversations.

General Hawk nods to the deputy. "That sounds mighty fine, we've been talkin' about what we were going to do in order to get set up around these parts."

Pennington smiles, and for the first time in several days, she allows herself to relax, feeling quite safe and secure with her 'husband' around.

"Well, the doc's got a place for the whole clan to rest up tonight," the deputy explains to Hawk. "The last doc had himself a grand establishement built right in the center of town. But he moved out overnight. Word has it he got on the bad side of the wrong kind of ruffian. Not the sort you'd want to trifle with. Anyhow, Steen's capable, he's more than proved himself...we've let him have the place."

Also, Chatterbox's horse is having a little bit of gastric distress. Must have been all those beans and onions someone threw into his trough..

Katie looks over towards Hawk, raising her eyebrows and blinking just slightly. She smiles very softly, hearing it, and relaxing just a bit.

Chatterbox isnt really caring about the smell. He is just being really its eerie how quiet he is

General Hawk nods to the deputy. "Sounds like he's done right well for himself." he says with a smile.

Major Bludd's eyebrows rise into his hairline. "Damn," he mutters. "Maybe Steen just made up for his 'help' with Vanderpool last month..." He strokes Pennington's hair absently, his frown gradually fading. He looks down at her. "It'll be a damn sight better than sleeping on the frozen ground."

Pennington nods to Bludd. "I can't help but agree with that," she says.

The ride continues on...

And on...and on...and ON...

Riding on horseback is much different from riding in a vehicle. There is no instant gratification.

However, eventually, they reach the settlement around Jenkins Mill, and into town they ride.

It's a quintessential settlement town. Dirt roads, manure, wooden houses with long porches...

Eventually, the deputies lead the group to the door of a two-story wooden house.

And out runs Edwin Steen to greet the group. "Are you all okay?? Who needs help??"


You see a man in his late 20s - early 30s, who stands a few inches shy of 6 ft. tall, and has an average build. His hair is dark, nearly black, trimmed and parted in the middle, and sporting fashionable sideburns. He wears small, round spectacles, which frame his gentle brown eyes.

He wears a white linen dress shirt with an ornamental silk cravat tied into a tidy little bowtie at the neck. The shirt is tucked into black woolen trousers.

Over his shirt, especially when he's outdoors in the wintertime, Dr. Steen wears a woolen waistcoat with a shawl collar, and a black homberg dress hat. He wears oxford-style dress shoes, as his profession keeps him indoors much of the time. His only jewelry seems to be a silver pocket-watch, attached to a buttonhole on his waistcoat.

Katie peers around at the settlement, raising her eyebrows and looking it over jst a bit, in evaluation and speculation. She blinks at the house, looking up at it.

Chatterbox rides up and looks at the house. He whistles

General Hawk pulls back on the reins with a 'Whoaaaa' as he brings the mules to a halt. "The young'n needs looked at, I think she might have a fever. Good to see you Edwin, the missus and I were gettin' worried when you got seperated." he says, indicating the Baroness. "One of these days, you're gonna drive your brother to drink."

Major Bludd stands and offers to help Pennington up.

Chatterbox hops off the horse and pets it

Temera slips off her horse, as quickly as she can tactfully. She stretches once she's off, to get herself back feeling a bit better.

Baroness glances around, slipping off her horse and walking over to be next to Hawk, nodding quickly at his statement to Lifeline.

Pennington gathers her petticoats with one hand, and clutches Bludd's arm for support with the other hand, wondering to herself how in the world women moved in these dresses on and off wagons all day.

"Thank you, sirs, for your assistance, it's much appreciated!" Edwin calls to the deputies as they ride away with a wave. Once they're out of earshot, he sighs, and looks around nervously. "I'm very sorry for disappearing out of camp, but they had an emergency here and their doctor, as you can see, skipped town for a better job. Thankfully, the deputies were able to find you..." He reaches into the wagon, and carefully removes Over Kill, cradling her in his arms as he heads inside the place. "Umm...come on in, everyone," he prompts.

Chatterbox is still keeping quiet and waits for everoyne to walk in - only then does he walk in

Katie just... keeps looking onward, nodding just a little as she slips off, laughing very quietly as she waits for Hawk and Baroness to enter first, to be 'proper'. "Very impressive."

Major Bludd climbs down from the wagon, then turns and holds up his arms toward Pennington to help her get down.

General Hawk hops down off of the wagon, and sets the brake as he ties the mules up to the hitching posts. He heads up the stairs towards the front door, offering the Baroness a hand up the steps.

Baroness, trying to be ladylike for the spectators and all, graciously takes the hand, to head up the steps. She looks at the house, and to Hawk, considering it.

Chatterbox watches the curtiousy of Hawk and the Major are offering to their counterparts - epeically the Major more than the General. He wathces them for a second and smiles - followed by a frown. He closes his eyes and frowns. He sighs a little and then opens his eyes. He then puts his hands in his pockets and continues to walk in last. He mutters to himsef "thats one emotion that is felt no matter what..."

Temera moves in to follow along behind, keeping herself towards the back of the group.

"I wonder if this skirt doubles as a parachute," Pennington quips as she disembarks off the wagon, petticoats flouncing around as her feet touch ground. "Thank you, that would have been a lot less dignified without you around," she tells Bludd quietly.

Inside the clinic/house, there's a large coat-and-hat-rack beside the door for everyone's winterwear, and what was probably once a 'living room' area serves as a clinic for Edwin to see patients. "I think there's beds enough for everyone. No indoor plumbing, of course, but the water can be heated on the stove," Edwin says as he lays Over Kill on an exam table and begins to check her out.

General Hawk takes off his hat and coat and hangs both up on a pair of hooks on the rack, walking over towards Lifeline. "We were truthfully worried to death when you disappeared. We thought you'd had a run in with desperados or something." he says.

Chatterbox stands by himself and eyes the room and the house

"I'm really very sorry about that," Edwin says regretfully, "But I couldn't come back and tell you -- not only because of the emergency situation at the mill, but because once they took me out on the boat, I had no idea how to return to the campsite. I just knew the general area. Thought the deputies would have a better idea where to find you." He looks over toward the Baroness, then very...slowly...looks over to Hawk. "Are we supposed to be related?" he asks uncertainly. In the meantime, he takes Over Kill's temperature and pulse, and records them on a chart with a quill pen.

Major Bludd smiles as Pennington gets down from the wagon. "I'm at your service, m'dear," he says, offering her his arm and escorting her into the house.

As he steps into the house, Bludd looks around the front room with interest. "Beats our previous 'accomodations'," he observes.

Chatterbox shrugs "kinda liked it outside."

General Hawk grins a bit. "We figured being a large family unit would be the most believable story." he says, indicating the Baroness, "Meet your sister-in-law."

Katie slips into the main house, glancing around and considering it. She looks over towards somewhere to sit, deciding to relax herself now that they have a place to do so.

Temera glances over at Lifeline and raises her eyebrows at him some. "Hmm... So you've been all nice and warm here, while I tried searching the river for you?" She grins just a little bit.

The rest of the house is quite nice, it's almost like a boarding house. There's an ivory-keyed piano, a makeshift 'waiting room' for patients, and all manner of 19th-century medical textbooks in a wooden bookcase.

"This whole place is like a time machine," Pennington breathes in amazement as she glances around.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Edwin sighs. "Something tells me this is going to be one dysfunctional family," he murmurs. Temera gets a very guilty glance from him. "Yes...actually. I've been here, and you guys have been freezing in the woods. I hope I can make it up to you." He peers inside Over Kill's eyes and mouth. " about it...somehow, she's come down with scarlet fever."

General Hawk nods. "Anything you can do to treat her?" he asks as he settles into a chair nearby. "Well, the fact we have a roof over our heads and some warm beds to enjoy tonight, that's a mark in your favor." he says with a grin.

"Sure, it's treatable, it's just makes me cringe at how many people died from it when the cure was within reach, a simple vaccine." Edwin sighs. "Please feel free to make yourselves comfortable, we can have a big meal later on, and catch up on...important things. As a 'family'." Noticing Bludd, he wonders to himself if he'll need to call THAT maniac a relative.

Chatterbox walks out the door

Major Bludd eyes the quill pen Steen was writing with, grinning. Then the doctor's words hit him. "Scarlet fever?" he says, crossing the room to stand near Steen and the child Over Kill. "Is such a vaccine available?" He glances to Pennington. "And how contagious is this thing?"

Temera just laughs a little bit at Lifeline, shaking her head. "Just teasing you. Relax..." She grins and shakes her head. "I'm just glad we have a warm place now, rather than the idea of whoever might be trying to build a cabin themselves."

General Hawk grins. "Agreed, I wasn't looking forward to it. This is a much better alternative. Tommorrow, we can see about getting those jobs and get some sort of routine going. Once we have basic survival taken care of, then we can start working on figuring a way home."

"You know, the vaccine is not yet available in this time," Edwin says to Bludd sadly. This must be a bone of contention with him -- the desire to cure illness, but not the ability. "It's a strep virus, so it's mildly contagious, but not if you wash up after coming in contact. She probably caught it because as a child, her immune system was already compromised. I can treat her, it's just very unpleasant to endure. I'll do what I can for her with what I have." He begins swabbing down his hands with some sort of rotgut from the saloon. "This stuff is almost 180 proof," he says. "Good enough to sanitize a sickroom."

Chatterbox walks off alone and heads towards the saloon...he more or less gets lost but he eventuall finds his way thanks to his knowledge of Geography

Temera relaxes, with her sunglasses off, making sure to get off just enough that she isn't roasting in her clothes after being in the cold so long. She lets her hair back down to full length, and slips into the bathroom for a moment.

Major Bludd peers at Lifeline. "How d'you reckon the rest of us will fare?" he asks. "I've been vaccinated against nearly everything there is, I expect, with all the travelling I do, but I dunno about scarlet fever."

Chatterbox walks in and sits down. He thinks about ordering a drink...and then realies "what money...?"

Katie listens up from Lifeline and the Major's conversation, frowning just a little. "That... could be a definite problem, depending on who all is vaccinated against what. I'm not military and don't travel so much, so I'm not even which all I might be lacking that you two might have..."

Chatterbox somehow...convinces someone to buy him a shot. He takes it and leaves the saloon.

Temera slips out from the bathroom quietly, looking just a little bit better, and much happier about things. She glances about and hmms at the convo. "I've never been sick in my life, myself. I'm not too worried about it now." She just smiles ten, glancing around at the accomodations. "Hmm... there running water here at all, for bath or shower? Or not enough of it?"

Chatterbox walks back to the house and is now sitting outside on the steps and is looking at rhe stars

"We'll probably do alright, being healthy and strong...the ones who succumb to the illnesses are usually pretty compromised to begin with, like the very young and the very old," Edwin explains. "However, I would recommend..." He dips a silk handkerchief into the rotgut alcohol, then hands it over to him. "...Frequent use of 19th-century sanitary wipes. Seriously, these people don't know the first thing about personal hygiene or the importance of sanitation around clinics or food. It's a filthy environment. Which is not to say it's all bad, just dirtier than we're used to having it in our own time."

As Temera comes over, Edwin nods at her question, and answers, "There's a well in the back. What you have to do is bring it in by the bucket...and heat it up in a pot on the stove. Then, take it upstairs to the washbasin, and you can have something resembling a warm bath or shower." He grins. "Better than nothing at all."

In the meantime, Pennington has made her way upstairs to one of the guest rooms to lay down on an actual bed. It's not the most comfortable of things -- kind of like laying on goose-down and boards -- but it's WAY better than the freezing ground.

Chatterbox is still looking at the stars outside the house "i didnt think i would miss her that much...but being muman is opening emoptions I dont understand"

Major Bludd nods to Steen, taking the handkerchief from him with a slight look of distaste. "I figured as much. I'm no history buff, but even I know sanitary methods have come a long way from ... this." He looks around the room. Not seeing Pennington, he turns and heads for the stairs. He pauses on the first step, looking back toward the medic. "Thanks, Steen," he says, and climbs up to the second floor.

Artemis slows down her jogging, as she gets to town. She decides to look around first, before... finding a Doctor, and threatening his life, to get Medicine for Over Kill. She stops just out of normal visibility of the town, and gets down to the ground, and 'crawls' towards town. Lone Commando raid in progress?

Katie hmms over at Edwin, considering the situation with the shower/bath. "I'll watch the stove, if people don't mind. Least for showers and bathing. I'll see if I can't do it with as little firewood use as possible..."

Chatterbox now happens to have a bottle in his hand as he is sitting on the stairs of Lifeline's house - arent plot holes awesome? Anyway he seems to be drinking it quite well...especially for someone who has never had alcohol before and is drinking it like water . . . . . . . .

Artemis continues her slow creep towards town, getting close to the edge of the buildings. She tries to see if there is any real reason for her to worry, but with things being what they are, who the heck knows what she is going to find, when she comes into town...

After sanitizing the examination room as best he can, Edwin makes the child Over Kill as comfortable as possible. He turns toward Katie and nods. "Don't worry too much about firewood, I'm getting a good supply from Phineas, the logging foreman. I fixed his poorly-healed leg fracture, and now he lets me have plenty of wood. Bartering is a good system in these parts."

As Artemis slinks into town, she'll notice it's set up pretty logically...and near the center of town is a large house with a sign out front, advertising it as the local clinic.

Bludd climbs to the second floor and prowls about the place, partly just exploring, partly looking for Pennington.

Artemis finally sees the sign, and shrugs, "When in doubt, be Direct." She stands up, and walks into the Center of town. "Doctor!" She yells at the top of her lungs, "DOCTOR!" Likely this will draw a crowd...

Upstairs, Pennington is resting in one of the guest rooms, flopped out on the bed in petticoats which make her look like part of a deployed and grounded parachute. She left the door open, so Bludd will likely locate her before long, she isn't hard to spot in all those ruffles.

Chatterbox takes another drink of the lovely rotgut. He continues to look at the stars

"Oh dear, another emergency," Edwin remarks, and he grabs a black medic bag off the counter as he runs out the door. In the process of running, he nearly trips over Chatterbox on the front stairs, but leaps over him at the last moment.

Chatterbox just looks at Edwin and goes back to drinking

As he pokes around upstairs, Bludd eventually spies Pennington in one of the guest rooms, sprawled out on the bed. He grins as he steps into the room, looking at her and all those petticoats. He walks over to the bed, unable to keep from chuckling at the sight. "Howzit?" he asks, smiling.

The yelling for a Doctor continues by the Little Sniper. One might imagine she is raising a ruckus, and one could further imagine, that she doesn't really care. Imagine her surprise, and reaction, when she sees Lifeline answering her call... Oh, this could be fun.

"Are you having an emergency, ma'am?" Lifeline asks with concern.

Artemis calms down a little as she sees the Doctor, "I need some medicine for a young girl, who has a fever, rather high."

Pennington smiles warmly at Bludd. "I feel like I have about 12 too many skirts on," she admits. "Wearing them all day is no small feat. Getting them on and small feat, either. I have a lot more respect for women of this time, now."

Meanwhile, in front of the house...

"Where's the girl? I can make a quick housecall and see her directly," Edwin offers.

Chatterbox takes another gulp. he is about 1/2 was done with the bottle now in hardly any time

Artemis shakes her head, "We are camping out, a ways away. Just passing through, although, a few people with us are considering sticking around here... But I can get there faster, if you just give me some Penici.... err, some kind of medication for fever, cough, and a possible infec... err, other problems." She realizes that most people in this time probably don't know even as much medical stuff as she does, and tries to figure out what to call the symptoms.

Major Bludd sits down beside her on the bed, running his fingers over the bedspread. "Yeah," he says, "I can imagine." He gazes fondly at her. "In case I neglected to tell you this last night," he smiles, "it looks beautiful on you."

Edwin peers over the tops of his spectacles at the woman. She seemed to know an awful lot, and she didn't quite sound like the locals, either. (Was she in the group? She looks kind of grubby, and...I can't remember if she was or not.) "Hmm, I might have something inside that will be of some use, come on," he says, hurrying back toward the clinic. He hops over Chatterbox on the stairs in one swift hop.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the house...

Pennington blushes and smiles. "Wow, thank you," she murmurs. "And likewise, I've probably neglected to tell you this,'s hardly been a stretch for me to play the role of your better half, let's just put it that way. It seems to come very naturally." Artemis says simply, to the Doctor, "I think I'll stay out here... I don't trust places I have never been."

"...What if I told you that the little girl in question may have already been admitted as a patient?" Edwin asks, raising a brow.

GAME: Artemis PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Bludd takes her hand in his. "Likewise," he says simply.

Artemis' eyes widen, ad she realizes just why the doctor seems so damned familiar. She moves towards Lifeline, murder in her eyes, "We looked for you, for days, and you were here, in this town, lounging around, while everyone suffered?" Oh, this is going to feel so good, "How DARE you?"

Chatterbox continues to drink

"...I wish we could, for real. I know we can't, I know it can't ever be that way, but I want you to know that I really wish it could," Pennington murmurs fondly.

Meanwhile, in a much meaner part of the house altogether...

"I wasn't lounging around, there was an emergency and I was brought back here to tend to it because the town doctor had left. And I had no way of finding you all again," Edwin insists, standing his ground and facing the raving woman.

Artemis rolls her eyes, clenches her fist, and moves at Edwin fast. She draws back her fist, and is going to deck the guy. Oh yes, Major Bludd will love this when he hears about it. She'll be on bread on water, if she is that lucky, for a month.

>> Artemis strikes Lifeline with Punch. <<

  • CRACK!* Down Edwin goes -- but he gets right back up again, albiet with a bruised jaw. "What exactly are you trying to accomplish, here?" he asks calmly. Remarkably, he doesn't make any sort of move to counterattack.

Artemis winces as she hits, her hand throbbing, she lets out a string of courses, and fresh blood seems through the bandage on her hand. Her cursing would make a sailor blush, not to mention the lowest of the low talkers, the Range Vipers. "F*** you Steen! You are coming back to camp with me... And you are doing it now."

GAME: Major Bludd FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

"Sssh, stop carrying on, will you?" Edwin says. "Come on in, calm down, and I'll fix your hand. You've re-injured it."

Bludd doesn't have a response to that. At least, not one he wants to give at this moment. He's content to put his arms around her for the moment.

Artemis shakes her headm "No thanks to you. Get your medicine. Be out in two minutes, or I will cause so big a scene, that all of time will rock. Clear, Steen?" Her voice drops a few decibels when she mentions time.

Katie glances out the window at the ruckus, frowning and walking out the door quickly. She frowns when she sees two people outside, walking out the door quickly to see what's going on between them.

Chatterbox continues to drink. The bottle is about about down to to a fourth

Edwin stares at Artemis incredulously. "...Read my lips, listen to me very carefully," he says very softly and slowly, his endless patience beginning to wane, "...She's...*in*...the.../hoouuuusssse/." He points at the house helpfully, as if to further the point.

Meanwhile, upstairs in a friendlier place...

Pennington sits up and embraces the Major, pressing close against him and enjoying his proximity. Too often he's called away. Too often for her liking. She relishes the time they have.

Artemis arches an eyebrow, and says softly, "I think I need proof... How did they beat me to town, I jogged the whole way..."

"She's *sick*. I'm not going to bring her out here, miserable and infected with scarlet fever, just to prove something to you. You have to take my word for it, or you can just leave," Edwin says obstinantly, straightening his waistcoat. Artemis smirks, "Or, I could deck you again, and again, until you fall over, and I'll drag your sorry ass back to camp. Besides, if she is here, than I would say it is likely that... Hea... Deidre is here as well." She frowns, "Or someone from camp. Bring one of them out..." She has, as yet, not noticed Chatterbox trying to get drunk, or Katie's impersonation of royalty.

"...I'm not going to get into this with you," Edwin decides, rubbing his jaw. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a sick little girl to treat and make well again."

Artemis clears her throat, "Who from camp is inside? Sned one of them out, or I'll be in after you to drag you back to camp, if I have to steal some horses to do it."

GAME: Chatterbox PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

Chatterbox stands up and staggers his was outside to the scene at hand. He may be drink but his hearing is clear. He walks out and looks at Artemis and Edwin "what the hell are you 2 doing...hey I got a great idea...lets get the cops involved with yelling and scareaming..."

Edwin leans toward Artemis. "/Everyone./ Hawk, Temera, Katie, Jinx, the Tele-Viper woman...the Major, the Baroness...this guy," he points at Chatterbox, "And Over Kill. Everyone. No one's left back at camp. We're all here. I don't know what else to tell you."

Katie keeps walking out to Artemis, walking towards her and sighing quickly. She walks over to Lifeline and glances to him. "Need me to handle her?" She peers at ARTemis idly.

Chatterbox is staring at Atrie with a VERY pissed off look on his face

Artemis blinks as she sees Chatterbox, than the woman who tried to treat her hand the night before. She shakes her head, turns around and just starts walking. Seems no one needed her afterall... She should have stayed in the woods, with her new toy, and not come back. Why bother trying to fit in, she obviously doesn't, and it is likely better that way. "Tell my group I am... fine. I'm sure you can handle that. I'm going back to camp."

Chatterbox is talking now via the alochol and its showing..."oh goodie...running away already again? Is that what you always do..make a scene..screw things up and then run away?"

"Have a good afternoon, ma'am," Edwin says with a smirk, removing his hat politely as the woman leaves. He turns back toward Chatterbox and Katie. "Sorry you had to see any of that. I tried." He shrugs.

Artemis turns at Chatterbox's comment, and says softly, "Do you want more of me, boy? You and your kind have never scared me... want more of what you got this morning?"

Snake-Eyes keeps silent vigil from beside the door. He watches the fight enfold and, finally, speaks, "This is not helping," the newly-found voice just barely above a growl, "Both of you, knock it off. This is pointless."

Katie frowns at Artemis and shakes her head. "Being separated, and alone in the woods, can be dangerous." She peers at Artemis.

GAME: Major Bludd PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

Chatterbox is looking at her with killer eyes and looks extremly dangerious right now - something you have NEVER seen from him "momma told me to /never/ hit a woman...but i sure as hell can shake one." He flips the bottle in air and catches it with no problems and now is holding it like a club "you want some...come get it...."

"Just a sec," Bludd says quietly, frowning and rising to his feet. "Thought I heard something..." He goes to the window and peers down. "Why am I not surprised?" he mutters, shaking his head.

Artemis turns back towards the camp, a long way off, "I'm a range viper. I am always alone...." She speaks to Chatterbox, "Consider yourself lucky that you he was around. I know that I can not take him in a hand to hand fight, so you just got your ass saved." To Snake-Eys, she just uses his main language, signing. One lone middle finger pops out of her fist, in a very obvious gesture.

"Are they fighting down there?" Pennington asks with a pout. "Can't they not fight for 10 minutes? Unbelievable."

"Stop it right now, don't be ridiculous," Edwin says angrily. "If you get violent here, you'll risk every progress made so far, and we'll lose it all, don't you understand that?"

Jinx is resting somewhere in the Doc's Office. Not having felt comfortable for the entire ride into town, and some of the meaningful looks she has gotten. She ignores the sounds from outside, because, outside is bad for her. No more looks, no more sneers. Silence is golden.

"Yes," Bludd says, turning from the window, "they're fighting. More to the point, Artemis is fighting. I'd better go handle this." He hurries out the door and down the stairs.

Chatterbox obviously is still letting the alochol speak for himself...he sees everyone staring at him "what...want to look at the freak some more? The person with no respect. You all speak of have NO idea what is like to be ME right now...I have no family...I am the orphen to three sides now. Leave me all alone!" And with that he staggers off into the dark by himslef.

Temera slips over to Jinx from where she was, smiling. "Hmm... Feeling better now that we're inside?" She offers a hair fluff. "Saw the looks you got. I got some myself, mind you, but..." She shrugs just a little bit, smiling and relaxing. "Feels good to not need sunglasses or anything else, and not have it too bright. And to have it warm..."

Snake-Eyes looks down at the finger, then back up at the small womans face, a bit of ammusement playing at the corner of his eyes. This is getting rediculous. He glances over to Jinx, "Ping Lee, would you mind taking care of the Chatty one," emphasis on the 'chatt' part, "Get him some coffee. And don't take no for an answer."

Within the house:

"Artemis?? Oh crap," Pennington says, and after Bludd leaves the room, she begins to try to get herself out of bed. Unfortunately, the bedframe is low, her petticoats are heavy, her back is tired, and...her efforts to get up are pretty futile. A granny could get out of a rocking chair quicker. "Unhh...c'mon...oh, screw it, the skirt wins," she mutters flatly.

Jinx shrugs slightly, "I'm just not used to being... a fouth class citizen." SHe sighs and shrugs, "I'll get over it."

Temera nods just a little to Jinx, sighing softly. "I don't feel exactly a lot more accepted back here, either." She sighs and offers an arm around the shoulders. "Good reason for us to stay inside."

Major Bludd comes quickly down the stairs and throws open the door, his two-eyed glare finding Artemis immediately. "What's going on here, Corporal?" he growls, his tone low but dangerous.

Snake-Eyes is very greatful he was standing on the other side of the door, hearing the heavy wood slam into the side of the house. He watches Bludd and speaks softly, "An altercation between them," he points to Chatterbox and Artemis, "Wyatt and I were just heading inside," he says, a low growl in his own voice, hoping to convey the idea that this is not a request.

Artemis looks at the Major, turning around, on her way oput of town, "Sir, I am going back to town. I am no good to anyone in town... So, I'll live off the land, like I know how to do, and you don't need me. I'd just be a drain on the 'family' finances." With that, she turns on her heel, and sets off at a sprint. If she doesn't listen, and is out of range before Bludd gets his voice back, she might not get too dead.

Jinx smiles at Temera, "We are peas in a pod, aren't we. Both accepted in our own time, but here, where we could do great things, ostricized, because we are not white. I used to be glad I was young in the 60's... now I kind of wish I was there..." She shrugs, "Know what I mean?"

Chatterbox has aleady walked towards the edge of he *actually* didnt hear one Snake telling him to come back inside

Edwin sighs. "Try not to break the timeline, For the love of all that's holy," he murmurs, heading back into the house to tend to his busted lip, and check on Over Kill.

Katie peers at Artemis, frowning and shaking her head, pondering how to keep her here. She slips out to follow, initially, considering the smaller woman and sighing.

Bludd opens his mouth to shout, shuts it again, pauses a moment, then opens it again. "DIANA! Come back here at once!" He almost winces at the way it sounds, but he can't exactly bellow orders here the way he can back at base. "She's a loose cannon," he grumbles under his breath. "If she f -- if she screws something up, we're *all* finished."

Snake-Eyes growls deep in his throat and takes off after Chatterbox in a dead sprint. The ninja doesn't want to hurt the man/bot, but won't be gentil if he resists, "Wyatt, stop!" he calls.

Artemis doesn't stop. She also doesn't intend to do anything to alter the timeline. She intends to stay out of everyone's sight, and live off the land. She glances back at the Major, and the look on her face is almost apologetic, but she can not stay with the Joes, without killing one of them, and she does not want to ruin things for her 'friends'. She quickly turns away from the Major, and heads away from town, as fast as her little legs will carry her. She'll have to stop in a few minutes, since she is not pacing herself, but hopefully, by that time, she'll be able to hide from anyone chasing her.

Temera nods just a little at that, smiling and lookiing over, shrugging very slightly and considering. "Hmm... I was young too recently to want to be young again. Not to mention being in an... interesting situation during that point." She quiets down, to talk more quietly. "Until just a few months ago, I'd lived alone since I was 5 years old. In whatever manner necessary." She looks over idly. "I don't feel entirely accepted even in my own time, considering."

Jinx nods slightly, "I can understand how you feel... well, not exactly I guess, but the longer we are here in town, the more likely I am to understand."

Chatterbox turns around and when he does the alchol overtakes him and he hits the ground face first in the snow. You you listen closely he is crying? He is talking through his sobs and it is slighty muffled in the snow "Angen why....i need you right now.....why did you have to told me that we would learn together...and now here I am...what /we/ wanted without you...and I am scared...."

Temera smiles just a little more and offers a hair fluff. "I'd explain it more, somewhere in private..." She turns to regard Jinx just a little, leaning down just a bit.

Major Bludd utters a few heartfelt words in French, then takes off after the Range-Viper. He knows his only hope is to catch her before she disappears. He'll never find her if she goes to ground.

Snake-Eyes stops and kneels down beside the man, "Comeon, let's get you inside. You're human now and pneumonia can kill you," he grabs the man under the armpits and pulls him to his feet, "Let's go, Wyatt."

Jinx's eyes widen, slightly, at something she sees, but remains quiet for a few seconds, than, tenatively, asks, "P... Private?"

Artemis is just too tired from running all the way to town, and the fight, and the emotional backlash running through her to make it past the edge of town. She collapses in a heep, at the edge of town. gasping and moaning.

Katie keeps following Artemis along, as much as she can, using her longer legs. Since she was following already, she's hopefully in range to see Artemis collapse, or at least be there quickly. She moves quickly to scoop up the smaller woman, to take back to the house.

Chatterbox tries to walk with Snake-Eyes. He mumbles "you have full permission to like...cut off apendages if I ever do this again...i need to like...ummm...apoloigise for stupidity methinks..."

Snake-Eyes laughs a little, "Let's get you some coffee. You're drunk." He helps the man walk back to the cabin, making him do most of the work, but letting him lean on the ninja if needed, "Next time, less is more."

Chatterbox says, "point taken...why is the world spinning?"

Temera smiles just a little as Jinx's eyes widen, raising her eyebrows. "Ma'am?" She shakes her head. "And... I'm not even officially a private yet." She blushes very softly.

Jinx shakes her head slightly, "I..." She pauses, and tries to continue, "I didn't mean that... I ... I meant you wanted to go somewhere Private?"

Temera blushes just a little at that, raising her eyebrows and stroking hair again. "If I told you more about myself, yes. Stuff that I don't talk about to certain others." She winks. "Didn't quite mean it /that/ way, unless you were wanting it..."

Snake-Eyes helps the man back into the house and shuts the door behind him, "Can someone make Wyatt here a cup of coffee? He's very drunk," he finds a chair and sets Chatterbox into it carefully, "This is what alcohol does to a human body. Just... try not to throw up."

Chatterbox sits down in the chair. I shall now always and forever know exactly what Proverbs 20:1 means . . .

Artemis just lays there, unable to convince her body it needs to escape. Her eyes are wide, and her breathing is harsh.

Jinx clears her throat a little, and says softly, "I... I would like to hear more..." She glances over at Snake-Eyes, and than sits up a little. Sensai walks in, and she gets very... aloof.

Snake-Eyes looks between the women, "I hope we're not interupting anything?" Temera blinks a little at Jinx and her change of attitude, glancing up at Snake-Eyes and smiling, shrugging very softly. "Oh, not too much. Just chatting with her a little bit."

Major Bludd slows as he spies the sniper lying by the side of the road, the much taller Katie bent as if to gather her up. "What happened?" he asks, a bit breathlessly, as he approaches. "Is she conscious?"

Jinx blushes, well, as much as she can, and clears her throat, "Just a little conversation." She stands up, "You said he needs coffee, Sensai?" She closes her eyes, and sighs, "I mean, you said he needs coffee?"

Katie picks her up and sighs. "I don't think so... She passed out at the edge of town. I'll carry her back..." She shakes her head at Bludd. "If she came all the way to town on foot in the cold, I don't blame her for passing out. She likely needs to be treated for exposure."

Artemis is awake, but is not speaking. Her eyes stare into nothingness.

Bludd nods, falling into step with Katie. "You're right. We should have Steen look her over." He looks at the sniper and frowns. "Art-- Diana," he corrects himself, "can you hear me?"

Temera glances up towards Snake-Eyes, raising her eyebrows just a little. "If we aren't going to need him, maybe something to sleep would be better. So he could sleep it off."

Artemis doesn't respond really. She blinks as the Major talks to her, but not much else. Softly, however, she says, "Artemis... Corporal. 15743212... Diana... Bourne...."

Snake-Eyes nods and finds another seat, "Good thinking. Cha... er... Wyatt, want to go lay down?" he asks, one hand rubbing his right temple lightly.

The woman known as Ping Le nods slightly, "He should be put in one of the rooms. When Steen is not busy, someone can mention to him that we have someone he needs to look at." Jinx glances at Snake-Eyes, and than, says in Japanese, some words. Softly. Katie nods just a little to Bludd, raising her eyebrows very slightly at Artemis and her murmuring, considering it. "Not quite coherently conscious." She carries the small woman back for the house, putting the small girl's head on her shoulder to carry off to a warm bed. Or a warm bath at least.

Major Bludd can't help but think of Over Kill when his system reboots. "It's alright, Diana," he says quietly, feeling a peculiar sense of deja vu. "Relax."

The sniper jut repeats her Code name, rank, serial number and real name three times, before falling silent.

Katie pats the little sniper on the back once or twice, moving her hand up to hold her little head softly, to get to the door and get her up into somewhere warm.

Snake-Eyes glances up a little and nods, understanding the words. It takes him a while to return in Japanise, considering how long it's been since he's spoken the language. he speaks slowly, choosing the words carefully, then nods.

Jinx nods to Snake-Eyes, with a smile. SHe turns to Temera, and smiles again, motioning slightly towards the stairs.

Major Bludd moves ahead of Katie and opens the door to the house so she can carry Artemis inside.

Temera smiles to Jinx, raising her eyebrows and nodding quickly, standing up and stretching to move.

Artemis' eyes close slowly than open. Her right hand twitches a little, as blood continues to flow a bit from it.

Jinx waits for Temera, but her eyes widen as the door opens. "More bad news?" She wonders aloud.

Katie frowns at the blood, looking for something to wrap the hand in quiickly, as she walks the small girl through for a bedroom.

Snake-Eyes looks up, "What now?" he asks, well, anyone, nearing the end of his rope. This is getting out of hand very quickly.

Temera slips right on over to Jinx happily, glancing over to the door as well and blinking. "Looks like a little sniper issue." She ponders.

Major Bludd rummages through Steen's medical equipment and comes up with a roll of bandages. "Yes," he calls over his shoulder, "our sniper tried to do a runner." He grasps the bandage and moves toward the stairs, to follow Katie.

Jinx frowns slightly, and shrugs, "I always said that girl is off her rocker... Perhaps we should take our talk outside? It appears as if the house is going to be busy, and crowded for awhile."

Said Little Sniper lays like a limp noodle in Katie's arms. Her mind is sort of there, but it is too much like work to try and regain control.

Snake-Eyes rubs his right temple with his index and middle fingers of his right hand, headache building.

Katie slips the tiny sniper up for a bedroom, moving to a nice small one, with a twin bed. She moves to that, to lay the little girl down gently onto a pillow and mattress. She sighs, setting the girl down, and wrapping a blanket over everything she can cover, aside from the hand, which needs bandaging.

Major Bludd pauses in the doorway. "Need help?" He hands the roll of bandages to Katie.

Katie takes the bandages, and shakes her head slightly. "I can get it, thanks...." She smiles. "She'll be all right, I'm hoping.... I'll take good care of her." Temera hms a little at Jinx, considering. "Well, could just use a different bedroom. I'm sure she's not taking up all the upstairs rooms."

Jinx chuckles softly, "How could she? She's rather small."

Artemis lays in the bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Right," Bludd says quietly. He rubs the back of his neck, frowning. "Thanks. I'll be ..." he sticks his head out into the hallway, looking for the room Pennington crashed out in, "I'll be just down the hall. She probably could use somebody to talk to, and right now, I don't think I'm the best person for that job. But if you need me ..." he trails off, heaving a tired sigh.

Katie gently bandages Artemis' hand, considering it very gently, and wrapping it all nice and properly, considering the damage. "I'll let you know. She probably does need someone to talk to, though..."

Temera smiles at Jinx and nods just a little bit. "Exactly...."

Jinx heads up the stairs, after the others have gone, and looks around for a room that appears not to be occupied.

Major Bludd nods and backs out into the hallway, goes back into Pennington's room and shuts the door quietly behind him.

Temera slips up right behind Jinx, smiling and glancing around, considering the bedrooms.

Jinx motions to an unoccupied room, "This one looks empty..."