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The Tiger Shark is a G.I. Joe vehicle.
Tiger Shark
Tiger Shark
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Swamp cruiser

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Tiger Force

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G.I. Joe

Tiger Shark is a torpedo-armed fast attack craft used by the Tiger Force to attack larger surface ships.

The Tiger Shark is built using the planing-type hull form developed for racing boats. It is small (30–75 tons) and fast (35–40 knots). It was designed to strike at larger warships with torpedoes, using relatively high speed to get close, and small size to avoid being spotted and hit by gunfire. Is is much less expensive than a large warship. Tiger Sharks are much faster, smaller, and cheaper than conventional (displacement hull) vessels.

Tiger Sharks engages enemy destroyers and numerous other surface craft, ranging from small boats to large supply ships. Tiger Sharks also operate as gunboats against enemy small craft, such as armored barges.


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Comics continuity

In 1985, Copperhead designed and built the original Water Moccasin. In 1988, stolen Water Moccasins were rebuilt and repainted by G.I. Joe for use by Tiger Force.

MUX continuity

In 2015 the Tiger Shark was upgraded for use by Tiger Force.


A Real American Hero (1984)
The Water Moccasin was offered as a toy with Copperhead packaged with it. The boat floated and featured a depth charge. Although it was essentially a PT boat, it was offered as an answer to both the W.H.A.L.E. and the S.H.A.R.C..


  • Water Moccasin (1985) - the original design
  • Sting Raider (2009)
  • Sting Raider (2010)
  • Python Patrol Water Moccasin (2011)
  • Fangboat (2012)

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