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Thunderclash is an evil Autobot from the Shattered Glass universe.

I'm covered in salt and pepper! Wait, what kind of "seasoned" veteran are we talking about?

Thunderclash is a seasoned veteran with thousands of successful military campaigns under his belt. He is the field commander of the Cybertron Elite Guard, after he made a... command decision... to remove its prior leader, Hyperdrive. Seeing the growing madness of Optimus Prime he thinks he may well have to eliminate another Autobot leader. In the aftermath of the Wreckers being eliminated, his unit has risen to prominence in the ongoing conflict.

He's reached a mutual understanding with the diseased mech Nightbeat and the Secret Police, and they stay out of each other's way.

When engaged in combat, his weapon of choice is a high-powered hand-held mortar capable of launching plasma shells a distance of up to 10 kilometers. In robot mode, his shoulder cannons will introduce any adversary in his way to his unique 12-missile-power defense system.



The Elite Guard was originally created by Emperor Prime and led by his brother Ultra Magnus, until Magnus opposed Prime and was exiled on Paradron. Hyperdrive was named as his replacement, but in 2009 he was recently deemed "unstable" by his XO Thunderclash and killed in the field. Thunderclash thought he would take over as leader of the guard, but instead Optimus Prime ordered Jetfire to take over the Guard. Thunderclash remains leader of the Guard on Cybertron until contact is re-established the the Autobots on Earth.


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