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Thunderblast is a Decepticon.
  • Name: Thunderblast
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Species: Transformer
  • Division: Assault Infantry
  • Sub-Group:
  • Type: FC
The strong fist makes the world happy!

THUNDERBLAST is a Decepticon assault boat. Focused on high speed aquatic operations, she uses her feminine charms and amazing singing voice like the mythical Sirens of Earth to get Autobots to lower their guard and then use her HEAVY PLASMA TORPEDOES to finish them off. Entrancing with her voice, this femme is a flirt who has a reputation for going along with the strongest there is. She is capable of cruising at more than five hundred knots in her assault boat form along land, sea, air, and underwater. Don't let her flightiness fool you - she's a seductress that shows there are many, many ways to put the DECEPTION in DECEPTICON.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

A city along the lines of what would pass for the coast of Cybertron. Along one of the great open ended oceans. A natural harbor. Populated by those whom had sea alt modes, and many, many artisans. Particularly performers. Ultrix had never had an extensive industry nor production base, nor any exorbitant projects and flamboyant, extravagant works there. So as the Third Cybertronian Civil War started, there was a hope among it's populace that it might avoid the worst of the war - having nothing particularly worth taking, nor anything offensive or overly grandeur which might offend.

Coming online sometime before the war began, Thunderblast was forged with an aquatic alt mode. And a highly primed set of vocal circuits that could hit the mezzo-soprano and soprano range with barely any effort. Thunderblast came online wanting to be a performer. To make it big. But as this turn came about Cybertron was hit by the grumblings and disruptions that would be the first stirrings of the war. Performing anywhere in the city she could get a stage, and developing a persona to get those extra 'oomphs' she would do any-job any-where. But she also managed to hit some of those highly irritable types over in the city-state..

As the war went on, there was little left to conquer. And eventually the Decepticon heel strut would come to Ultrix. Conscripted into the militia, Thunderblast's alt mode would be rapidly hardened for war and the femme being equipped with heavier weapons than a normal hoverboat would. Ultrix fought heavily. Outgunned, with no heavy weaponry or defenses, the city fell after a series of rough battles marked by heavy resistance. Impressed, the Decepticon general spearheading the assault offered the city a chance to surrender in return for the militia swearing fealty to the Decepticons and for the city to be occupied, and not sacked.

Most of the survivors took the offer. Others fled Cybertron. A bare few joined the resistance. Others scattered to other city state. Ultrix was left an empty shell. A harbor hub on a planet under an energon crisis and barely any sort of water operations, the diaspora from the city having obliterated it's unique culture, and nothing there worth maintaining left the city as virtually abandoned, despite it's nominal sense of being under Decepticon occupation.

Thunderblast was one of thsoe who joined the Decepticons. She didn't mind fighting. She didn't like it, but she didn't mind it. The Decepticons were on the up and coming. She had a place she could perform. And get attention. She just had to charm someone high ranking enough to get a patron, and then she would be set for life. Flitting along seemingly short attentioned as it was, Thunderblast had a reputation of being quick to try and charm anyone that had something to offer. But earnest and rather playful at times. A reputation for being a flirt but a well meaning one, and loyal to the Decepticons and whomever was in charge or the strongest.

What Thunderblast wanted was the preservation of Cybertron's performing arts culture. Singing. Music. And to find someone to help her with it. But the war and the almost total collapse of Cybertron put this on the backburner. But as energy returned, and the great Megatron came back, hopefully so would the culture of the planet! But not that from that icky Earth. It has -dirt-! And she can't stand how it sounds.

MUX History:

Thunderblast experienced unexpected sadness over the destruction of Ultrix.

OOC Notes



Sep 14 - North Pole Patrol

To: Northern Equatorial Communications
Subj: Engagement with Autobot Logistics Convoy

Msg: Satellite ping gave alert of Autobot transport freighter engaging in reentry along the North Pole. Went to try and intercept to see if they could be shot down. Commander Arachnae assisted in the shootout. The Autobot < ID-Tag: Star Hauler > panicked as the fight went on and fled on afterburners. Sweep of area picked up no further Autobots, patrol continued

Nov 23 - Metal Plains Skirmish

While sweeping the Metal Plains, noted an isolated Autobot and went to engage. The Autobot was Cerebros, linked to Autobot Titan Fortress Maximus. Upon orders disengaged while Cerebros was joined by Autobot Dust Devil, whom seemed to be acting as a guardian unit. I accept full responsibility for said attack and the consequences as my superiors deem fitting and the full punishment. Will be returning to base to await orders.

Dec 05 - Mithril Sea Swimmings

General Patrol Report

Msg: On sweep of the Mithril Sea while rotating from Hydrax came upon a large pod of ballast whales. estimated number was eleven to twelve, including at least two large alphas comparable in mass to a guardian unit, and several smaller ones, likely representing smaller adults and possibly juveniles. A number of Autobots were watching them and approached to observe and record.

Attached to the report are scans, a dozen breems or so worth of camera, the estimated position of the pod.. Request followup from sub-nautic scanners and hydorphones. The whales were also playful, breeching and not engaging defensively while passively observed. They were engaging in some games.

Would.. Strongly request that the pod be left be. They are part of Cybertron the same way we are, and part of the failure of our kind was their near extinction. Letting them be coexisting is a sign that the planet is recovering.

Dec 21 - Attack on Ky-Alexia

To: General Audiences
Subj: Attack on Ky-Alexia by Seacons

Mssg: A group of Seacons (at least three, lead by Snaptrap) engaged in an underwater infiltration of outpost along the Mithril Sea. The garrison (primarily constituted of drones) was wiped out. Reinforcements were called on consisting initially of Deathsaurus and Blast Off who arrived rapidly. Deathsaurus held off attacks from Snaptrap until Snaptrap utilized some sort of.. Unknown energy mounting taken from his chest (Visual and Scanner records of Snaptrap retrieving the Dark Spark from his torso, it being used to swallow up Deathsaurus, Deathsaurus vanishing by portal attached for analysis). Further assets arrived in short order, and heavy damage was inflicted on the retreating Seacons who escaped.

Deahtsaurus is as of the time of this report posting missing and being searched for by long range planetary radio signal triangulation. Ky-Alexia is heavily damaged but secure though there are only skeletal forces present.

>> Personal Addendum: I take.. Responsibility for panicking during the attack and putting out a distress call at what happened without authorization. I was afraid. I will take the consequences as appropriate.


Jan 26 - Cerebros Meeting

To: Intel Command
Subj: Cerebros Meeting

Msg: Met Autobot named Cerebros. Pretty young, naive thing. I mentioned that I was into singing and he was interested in a performance. We agreed to meet sometime out on our own so I could sing just for him. He gave me his comm and I said I'd get back to him. Passing this along to Intel so they can see if the opportunity is useful or not. Nothing specific arranged yet. Cerebros' comm attached.

  • March 12 - "Ibex Incursion" - Valour leads the Decepticons in a strike to take over Ibex itself well before the deadline he, himself, had set. The Autobots scramble, the defenses they had worked on now being put to the test.
  • March 12 - "Assault on Ibex" - Ibex Grande Push

Mar 13 - Ibex Assault Thread 112-B

Subj: Ibex Assault
Msg: With the initial drop on Ibex, the first wave engaged the Autobots with local fire supremacy and seemed to catch them unawares. The Autobots responded by digging in and throwing up a large wall of firepower that held off the attack long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

The ever so awesome and epic Big Guy Bruticus came in and was all amazing bout smashing and bashing. Then that mean old Autobot Defensor came in and tried to stop him but Bruticus wasn't having any of it and kept on smashing him until he fell to bits!

At that point a general disengagement was called for and forces withdrew back to Trypticon to head to orbit and injured were evacuated to Polyhex for medical triage.

Bruticus performed excellently despite continuous harrassment by Autobots and was able to defeat Defensor and disable all of his components before withdrawing.

<< Private Log >>

I haven't felt so terrified since Ultrix was sacked. When they said we could sign up and the city would be spared. What did I know then? It's just a pit since. City was dead and I should've run then. I gave my spark for nothing. Not even a pretty toy. I..

I've never been so afraid since then. Felt so helpless. Just seeing those -Titans- go at one another like they were things made by the Fallen. They could knock the planet out of alignment. Just seeing the combiners go at it.. They were casually hitting one another with blows that could take apart the city. The Titans could level continents.

I've never felt so helpless. I could hit one of them for a million vorn and not take out a chip of it. That's so much power.. So much power. I want it. I want it..

But it scares me beyond anything else. Its like having the Fallen walking through the spires all over again.

I've never felt so helpless or that nothing I did mattered at all. I hate it.

May 18 - Uraya Patrol

Was engaged in a patrol through Uraya, few dozen kilometers away from Autobot-controlled Protihex and ran into Autobot car heading in what seemed like that direction. Intercepted and skirmished. Inflicted minor damage on her before she disengaged at high speed. And -eww- she could -fly-. Don't the Autobots know that we own the sky?

Visual pic attached showing Autobot called 'Solstice'

May 20 - Mithril Sea Poachers

To: General Personnel
Subj: Mithril Sea Poachers

Msg: The garrison at Ultrix reported a series of unusual patrol sightings and requested a followup patrol. I was permitted to divert from current assignment to do so. While.. There I encountered a number of.. Cybertronians that had been slaughtering some of the wildlife and fauna. They had taken at least one adult ballast whale which they were harvesting as well as samples of other mecha-fauna and flora. While there a general.. Call was put out requesting assistance.

Given the nature of it in unclaimed territory, and a crime against the planet itself, multiple Autobots and lord Shockwave himself responded. The engagement resulted in the capture of at least one of the perpetrators, the destruction of the shuttle they had used by the interception of the Odin's Wrath, and followup recovery and analysis operations. The prisoner was taken in to custody.

This report is preliminary and likely to be elaborated on as more information is available.

Jun 18 - Ibex Forest Poaching

To: General Reports
Subj: Ibex Forest Poaching

Msg: While on a sweep through the Ibex Forest to check on the environmental status, ran into a large array of plant life that had been cut through and harvested, as well as various mecha-fauna that had been clearly hunted and taken. Ran into a group of Autobots tracking the same (ID tags for Backblast, Folly, Starlock, Dust Devil). Ran into a large Death Eagle which had been injured and had a tracker-net on it. Continued to patrol zone, found more signs of substantial culling of mecha-fauna and what the Autobots indicated was a harvested mecha-rilla in a cage, possibly taken alive. Patrolling found detritus taken to local riverline where it seemed like it had been loaded onto a ferry or a shuttle. Various traps in the area and nets indicated long term operations in the area.

Information was exchanged with the Autobots. Autobot Backblast suggested high probability that the mecha-rilla could be sold on the black market, and what appeared to be indications of live capture, nets, and tranqs shot at mecha-fauna the same. Request forwarded for followup traces be put on black market for sale of mecha-fauna as pets. Data uploaded from sensor sweep, data-exchanged with AUtobots, debris along riverline, net tracings, and energon samples. Nothing further discovered, original patrol continued. Autobots amenable to information sharing and pursuit, contact with Backblast and Starlock.

Nov 05 - Home

Internal Log; Decepticon Thunderblast

Home. Home is.. Gone. I never called it that. Never thought it that. Never felt like that. Just where I was dropped after I came online. It was only supposed to be a skipping stone. Oh you're a hoverboat, go in the mercury port. Just was going to be in Ultrix til my big break and getting to Iacon. Then the stupid war. Then being conscripted. Then being conscripted again. It was just an empty hutch. Little city that wanted to be something but got nothing. Then it was maybe going to be something.

Someone cared. First time in a long time, the Decepticons cared about something that wasn't making a city into a super-engine to make Cybertron a Dreadnaught. No making a weapon to destroy stars and worlds. And within days.. It's gone.
Home is gone. Noting left there. It's leveled. It's a crater. I don't know. I never cared. I never thought I did. So why can't I stop leaking oil from my optics? Why do I feel like I'm permanently out of tune and I've lost my chimes?
The Mithril Sea is gone. Everything that was recovering.. Even if they survived the strike, the sea is poisoned. If they're alive they'll stay away. IT's gone. Everything there is dead.
Why do I feel bad when I never cared? Why do I feel if I should feel bad like it's so easy to go on? Do I care? Should I be sad? Am I a trauma wreck? I don't know.
What do I do?


Jan 18 - Leviathan

To: R&D
Subj: Undersea Creature

Msg: responded to an offer made by the governor-warlord of Mebion that was offering shanix for an investigation along the Mithril Sea of damaged sonar buoys and seismic monitors. Upon arriving there ran into a gropu of Autobots and one Destron in the area for the same reason.

Shortly into the sweep -something- came up from the depths. It was like a.. Driller, hybridized to work in the Silver Seas. It.. It wasn't from Cybertron. It's.. Not from here. The layout of it is wrong, the oozes it's putting out.. It's biomechanical. It's not from here. The Autobots were able to destroy it and it sunk. Brought up as much of it s I could to the surface and marked teh position with a salvage buoy. No major damage suffered beyond acid burns and reflux. The thing was huge, the size of a Guardian robot and most attacks just slowed it. Any material brought up was marked for Analysis division for review and tagged.

Jun 25 - Ultrix Sweep

Slipstream lead a sweep of the Mithril Sea around Ultrix consisting of myself. Banshee arrived with Trypticon to render aid while we dove around in the sea. Under Slipstream's guidance and Trypticon's data systems, we were able to map out and find what seemed like a reactor core and partial nacelle. The reactor core read for fissionable materials, which are relatively rare given everything runs on energon. The salvage was retrieved and has been brought in for decontamination and analysis. We may get some information on it of the attack on Ultrix.




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