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This page is for the heroic Shattered Glass Decepticon Throttle. For her equally heroic Autobot counterpart, see Throttle.

"With cunning. Cunning and guile."

Quick, tough and utterly fearless, THROTTLE has never let her size, or anything else come to that, stand in her way. An experienced scout, Throttle's skill in reconnaissance is bolstered by shrewd tactical instincts and single-minded determination. A deadly hand-to-hand combatant, Throttle is not to be underestimated and her acerbic wit can cut as deeply as her blades. Throttle enjoys the freedom that comes from operating at the fringes, her situational independence being the source of a great deal of frustration amongst her commanders. Despite being difficult to get to know, and even harder to like once you do, Throttle is extremely loyal and would walk through a fusion core to avoid letting those depending on her down.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Throttle is a product of her environment, constructed after the Cybertronian wars began in earnest, rather than the traditional Decepticon "scholar repurposed to war". Despite this, she is not a "happy warrior" and has strived since her activation to understand the reasons behind the war, the philosophical differences and real stakes that drive both sides. Although she does not discuss these topics frequently, they weigh upon her mind in most matters giving her an introverted, thoughtful and at times resentful view of the war.

When the Nemesis launched in pursuit of the Ark, Throttle stayed behind, working reconnaissance missions on behalf of her commander, Sir Soundwave.

MUX History:

In 2012, Throttle was assigned by Sir Soundwave to assist Alpha Trion in the Temple of Knowledge. Although initially distrusted by Red Alert (surprise!), she was eventually accepted and asks to patrol the Manganese Mountains until needed for infiltration and sabotage missions.

OOC Notes

In spite of the name, Throttle is not a Throttlebot.  ;)


2012 (SG)


Throttle is played by her creator.