Transformers Universe MUX


In general, our theme is based on the original G1 cartoon, which forms the bedrock structure on which everything else can be added but must not contradict. So, the Transformers were built by Quintessons as products. Megatron led the modern Decepticon revolution. Orion Pax was a dockworker who was killed by Megatron and resurrected by Alpha Trion into Optimus Prime. The Transformers crash-landed on Earth four million years ago and woke back up in 1984.

To that we added elements from the non-canon animated movie (Ultra Magnus, Arcee, Blurr), non-canon third season (Technobots, etc), and the non-canon Japanese series (Star Saber, Deathsaurus, etc). Then from the Marvel comic (Circuit Breaker, Autobot Headquarters called the Ark, Unicron, etc). We brought in history from Marvel UK (Vos and Tarn, Megatron’s background as a gladiator, Polyhex, Wreckers, etc). Much later, elements were added from the live-action movies and video games. Finally, recently, we’re bringing in a lot from the IDW 2005 continuity. The framework, however, remains of that from the original G1 cartoon.