Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: The Sun and Stars

Characters: Starlock, Dawnfire, Calyhex

Location: Calyhex

Date: 8/30/2020

TP: Combaticons TP / Calyhex TP 

Summary: Starlock calls Dawnfire to discuss the mess she's in with Omen and Soundwave
knowing about the Combaticons freedom.

As logged by Starlock

Radio Channels

(Radio) Starlock transmits, "...Later, I'd like you to accompany me somewhere" to Dawnfire.
(Radio) Dawnfire sends Starlock a radio transmission, 'Sure.'
(Radio) Dawnfire sends Starlock a radio transmission, 'Everything alright?'
(Radio) Starlock transmits, "...Ehhhhhhh Relatively.." to Dawnfire.
(Radio) Dawnfire sends Starlock a radio transmission, 'I'm all ears, as humans say.'
(Radio) Starlock transmits, "There's... Been something of a incident" to Dawnfire.
(Radio) Dawnfire sends Starlock a radio transmission, 'Spill.'
(Radio) Starlock transmits, "...Calyhex, Soundwave, nearly got eaten" to Dawnfire.
(Radio) Dawnfire sends Starlock a radio transmission, 'What?'
(Radio) Starlock transmits, "Yeaah nearly had a bunch of hella' dangerous people escape, some things I can't say over radio since there those listening" to Dawnfire.
(Radio) Dawnfire sends Starlock a radio transmission, 'Once I'm done here, I'll pop over.'
(Radio) Starlock transmits, "Okay, wanna meet at Calyhex or the other place?" to Dawnfire.
(Radio) Starlock transmits, "But that's been my day in a nutshell... -sighs- ...Likely gonna be worse form there.." to Dawnfire.
<<Autobot>> Dawnfire says, "Caught me at a bad time. Where am I going?"
<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "crazy?"
<<Autobot>> Dawnfire says, "You're not wrong."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "arent we all? Sending you a location ping Dawny."

Calyhex Psychiatric Hospital - Uraya


Starlock sits down on some rubble outside the Titan insane assylum and rubs at her temples as she continues to work with others to repair the wall and other damages to Calyhex, her optics dimming as she looks at the floor. "...What to do. .what to do.." She looks tired, and dirty, but unharmed.

Dawnfire's sleek, Earth-style altmode comes roaring up to the hospital. He transforms as he draws near, and pads over to where Starlock is seated. He looks grumpy, but since when does he not look grumpy?

Starlock glances up at him. "...Hey." She'd say softly, her battle mask still in place, she'd huff.

Dawnfire comes to a halt once he's looming over Starlock. He lifts a hand and waves casually. "Hey. I was working in the medbay when you called. Didn't realize that my broadcasts were bugging the others, so they shooed me off to make sure you're alright. What's going on?"

Starlock pauses. "Everyone heard that?" She'd groan, face palming a bit embarrassed. "Sorry about that." She'd click her jaw, and grumble. "....lotta things." She'd grunt. "Soundwave and Ghost know the free'd combaticons, some of the more dangerous patients here got free and blew some walls down inside Calyhex here, I need to figure out what to do next and.." She'd take a deep vent and try to force herself not to break down in tears.

The holographic form of Calyhex is right by Starlock, staring at the wall. Shes onyl about 8 feet tall and her left side is ripped open, matching the wall quietly.

Dawnfire makes a dismissive gesture. "Eh, it's fine. No lasting harm done, I think." He plops down onto the ground next to Starlock's mound of rubble, and peers up at her searchingly. "How'd they find out?" he asks matter-of-factly. "Are they the ones who freed the patients?"

"No they got out, not sure just how yet." Starlock says with knitted ridges as she looks to some of the better off patients helping fix the busted wall. "..As for finding out, Omen... pieced it together through small leaks." Starlock explains.

"Right. So... warn the freed combaticons." Dawnfire nods decisively. "Pretty sure that's the first step. Make sure they can get themselves someplace safe. Expect the Decepticons to hunt them. Expect the Decepticons to hunt you. Think that's all I can think of."

Starlock nods. "...I think.. when Megatron finds out, I'll need to do something publicly." Starlock says, scratching her helm. "..thoughts?"

Dawnfire fixes her with a flat stare and a raised brow. "Why, exactly, would you need to do something publically? Do you owe him an explanation?"

Starlock takes a vent. "No... more.. A smear." Starlock muses. "If Megatron's been hiding that he's been using secret mind-slavery.. imagine what would happen if that got out." Starlock muses. "Honestly?" Dawnfire raises his other brow. "I doubt he'd care. And the Decepticons wouldn't care, either. If they did, they're too cowardly to speak out. It'd just paint a bigger target on you."

Starlock nods. "I guess so, I just... was thinking, if they knew.. how many would break off?" Starlock thinks aloud. She'd glance over and pat the rubble, for Calyhex to come sit with them.

Calyhex walks over to sit by them. She shimmers as if exhausted "The Megatronus who is not Megatronus is horrible to his people."

Dawnfire glances towards Calyhex's holographic form and nods in greeting. "Hey. Yeah, Megatron's pretty horrible. You look a little ...worse for wear." Turning his attention back to Starlock, he replies, "Going off what I know about Decepticons? Absolutely none."

Starlock nods again. "..Right this is Calyhex." Starlock says gesturing to the holo-avatar. "Well her holoavatar." She gestures to the whole asylum. "This is really Calyhex but." Starlock chuffs. "...But yeah, Megatron's horrible to his people, and with them knowing.. and just how I've been destabilizing the decepticons.. I'm about to get a big target on my back." Starlock frowns.

The small copper and blue holoform waves. "Hello. This is Calyhex. I am. Calyhex." hse says, shimmering a bit. "He should be in here in the east wing."

"Nice to meet you. The name's Dawnfire. I do ...things." Dawnfire smiles wryly. "Yeah, Starlock. Big target on your back. I think I mentioned this when you first brought all this up to me, didn't I?"

Calyhex nods "I Have heard of you. Some about you." she says. "I am sorry you are a target, Starlock. Calyhex will protect as best she can."

Starlock chuckles. "Yeaah and Like i said then, I know.." She'd smile. "Just a matter of dealing with it now." She'd smile at Calyhex and Dawnfire. "....Thanks.. for being here to talk to me about it." Her helm-wings droop. "...You.. You know you don't have to stick around to get shot when that happens."

Dawnfire shakes his head. "Eh, I'll be fine. If I turned tail and hid to save my own neck, y'know what that would make me? A coward. And I'm not a coward." He frowns, optics steely and hard. "I have no intention to sit around being useless while someone's in danger." And then he looks to Calyhex, expression easygoing and calm once more. "You've heard about me?" Calyhex tilts hier head. "Not much. But some. You seem to be a nice person." she says softly.

Starlock's face lights up a bright shade of energon pink as she glances away. "W-Well course I talk about you nicely!" Starlock huffs, and puffs her cheeks, her optics welling some, not because she's sad, but.. happy. "..Thank you.."

Dawnfire sits bolt upright. "I'm not a nice person," he says gruffly. "I just try to be decent. There's a difference." He gives Starlock a slightly sidelong look and a crooked smile.

Starlock just smiles back and reaches out, hugging them both, trying to calm herself down, a few sniffles escaping.

Calyhex chuckles. "Me too." she says. She curls up in Starlock's lap, hugging her as she sniffles.

Dawnfire squawks and squirms as Starlock pulls him into the hug. "Ack - hey!" Eventually he settles down, resigning himself to group hugs, scowling all the while. "Look, I've got your back, alright? Both of your backs. There's no need to get all sappy."

Starlock chuckles. "Juust enjoy the hug you dork.. It's been sometime since I felt I had some support." She'd smile, but she does let them go. "I need to get back to New Harmonex soon.. A Harmonexian I found named Crosswise is going to take me to Krystalos, and we're going to get the new crystals growing."

Dawnfire grumps. "You can't make me," he mutters as he stands up. "You take care, alright? Both of you take care. Let me know if I'm needed."

Starlock nods. "Alright.. likely gonna have me calling you a lot more now." She'd say with a tired smile, waving him off as she pats Calyhex. "...See, told you he was nice."

Calyhex chuckles. "I like him a lot." she says. "Its good to have nice people around. The ...east wigers mean well. They're just sick."

Starlock nods. "Yeaah.. I don't blame them.. I'd repair them.. if they wouldn't bite me." She'd chuckle.