Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: The Rules

Characters: Banshee, Trypticon

Location: Trypticon Station

Date: 06/24/2021

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Banshee discusses the current situation with Trypticon.

Trypticon Station


Banshee stands in front of the big window, looking down at Cybertron. She's silent, for now, her hand resting gently on the window frame. She still can't believe Megatron is gone, not entirely, and that echoes through the link.

Trypticon has been characteristically silent since Megatron' s disappearance. While part of his consciousness is being used to scan for Megatron' s location, far more of his attention is spent continuously searching for signals that could possibly come from Ghost.

"I vorry about her too, Trypticon." Banshee says softly. "She has not..." Banshee pauses, searching for the right word. Trypticon will know the phrase she's dancing around is 'she is dead', but she still makes the effort. "...returned to you? I know she has before." Referring of course to the time he rebuilt her.

"Ghost has not," Trypticon says, his deep voice rumbling through room. "And Calyhex is gone... Taking her killers with her." Obviously, Trypticon' s focus and priorities barely involve Megatron or whoever is nominally in charge of the Decepticons.

Trypticon nods. "Keep searching, bitte. And if my Luftwaffecons can help, you haff to just ask. We already haff zer big DPN antenna on Die Flakturm searching for her." She frowns. "When the squabbling starts, they will fight over you, you know."

A low grumble rolls across the room. "They can fight all they want. Trypticon belongs to Trypticon. Starscream and the others can do what they want. Trypticon will not interfere. But if they try to control Trypticon,... They will suffer."

Banshee nods. "Of course. We serve the Reich... not its squabbling leaders." She agrees. "I think there should be rules... first and foremost, if there is squabbling, both combatants will be spaced unless it is an obvious unprovoked attack?"

"When aboard Trypticon, all must maintain peace, or be shown airlock, yes," Trypticon agrees. His systems sing in.pleasure at the idea, perhaps a bit too much.

She nods. "Second - Trypticon serves the Empire." She suggests. Her tone and mood both show she's open to debate. "You are not to be used against other Decepticons, except in cases of clear and proven treachery?"(edited)

Trypticon grumbles again. "Trypticon will not be used in power games," he says flatly. "Trypticon will not be used by Starscream or anyone else."

Banshee coughs a little. "Yes. Although Starscream is currently in command." She chuckles. "Understood. You are not to be involved in power-games; we serve the Reich, and only the Reich."

"Yes," Trypticon rumbles. "Trypticon will not oppose Starscream, and Trypticon will support the Decepticon empire. As long as Trypticon is left alone, there will be no... Trouble."

Banshee nods. "Zo, two rules then. No fighting aboard Trypticon, unt Trypticon serves the Reich, not to be involved in power-plays." She sniffs. "Now zat zer important business is taken care of... is zere anysing I can do?"

"Sing Trypticon a song," the station requests, and then quiets to listen. :)

Banshee smiles. "Just sing, or shall I play, too?" She gestures to die Stadtorgel.

"Play for Trypticon," the station requests, and a brief moment, Trypticon is happy.

She smiles, settling herself at the console, and starting to play one of Trypticon's favourite pieces of music. Something with lots of bass for the Earthquake Pipe, singing along in accompaniment. With a laugh, she adds "Rule 3: Music Time is Sacred. Nothing short of major emergencies can interrupt when I am playing for you, or teaching you to play."

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