Transformers Universe MUX

The Decepticons of Late.

Log Title: The Mad Kings Fire

Characters: Megatron, Soundwave, Deathsaurus, Ghost, 
Nightshade, Leozak, Overlord, Blast Off, Lugnut, Goth, 
Nightlash, Khamsin, Kodiak, Repugnus, Bloody Bones

Location: New Polyhex Arena - New Polyhex 

Date: 4/17/2020

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Chaos erupts at the New Polyhex event and leaves 
many with questions they will have to answer.  

As logged by Goth


[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "People of Cybertron"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Tonight in New Polyhex's arena there will be an open Gladiatorial fight. The Destrons own, and local favorite Goth versus an opponent of Megatron's choosing, displaying the power of his empire. Preliminary fights will begin shortly. Autobot, Decepticon and anyone in between are equally welcome to what may be the duel of the century."

[Broadband] Soundwave says, "Soundwave will attend to record."

New Polyhex Arena - Cybertron

Deathsaurus sets up with his Destrons are their assigned area, prepared to watch the fights begin. He looks over the crowd of spectators, with a rather grim expression before focusing on the arena itself. Normally he'd be all excited for this type of thing but today, he seems rather stoic.

Megatron enters with his entourage, looking over the crowd for a moment. He heads to a throne near his side of the arena, making sure everyone knows who is in charge of this fight, and by whos hand all of this is happening. He settles in, awaiting the arrival of others.

Soundwave simply...follows behind his lord, recording.

Kodiak has found himself a rather out of the way spot to observe, feeling a little uneasy at the sea of purple surrounding him, but he's seen and been through worse. When Megatron makes his entrance, he shakes his head. "Slaggin' hammin' it up, the big oaf...

Ghost steps into Soundwaves shadow, as it were, expression stern and distant and maintains a spot to his left.

As a previous arena champion in Valvolux, Lugnut has been on site mostly to keep Deathsaurus in line. And while he wasn't exactly part of Megatron's entourage per se, he manages to squeeze himself in a bit at the end. As one of the bodyguards eyes him suspect, Lugnut proclaims "LORD MEGATRON..." He fumbles over the next words, having picked them up somewhere "ROLLS DEEP. EXCEPT THAT HE DOES NOT ROLL. HE FLIES. AND FIRES CANNONS." The guard just sort of dismisses him and continues along, but Lugnut's not done extoling Megatron's virtues. "IT IS A MISTAKE TO SAY THAT HE ROLLS. FOR THERE ARE NO WHEELS." There's not quite enough room for him out of the arena tunnel either, being blocked by two of the Empire's guards. "AH..I CANNOT SEE....YOU THERE...I CANNOT..." With his diplomatic side having been exhausted, Lugnut just sort of hipchecks the two in front of him, walks forward, stepping over the two, so he has a better view of the arena, Megatron, and Deathsaurus.

If there was a 'nosebleed' section, that is where Nightshade would be -- if only to continue working on just how good her newly-acquired enhanced optical suite is. Long-range security seems to be her goal, at least for the moment, as evidenced by the fact that her modular C-20 tactical weapon is out and on display, currently in it's sniper configuration.

Overlord enters, waiting juuuuust long enough so that his entrance will be noticed. He hesitates, again a calculated amount of time intended to make sure people notice him, before he moves to stand near Megatron and his entourage. He smirks at Lugnut's hipchecking of the guards.

The Beastforce are never far from their leader Deathsaurus and now is no exception as Leozak can be seen standing to the right hand side of the dragonformer with his teal gauntlets folded across his chestplate, just watching the proceedings with a tight focus about him, the rest of his team in an arc around them. Drillhorn has to keep smacking Killbison around the back of the helm to stop him wooping with excitement.

Goth is sat down below in the barracks, the maglock cuffs still placed on his wrists as guards still beside him as they await for Goth's scheduled match where the Bat doesn't attempt to escape. A view screen there to at least make sure he doesn't get /board/... He shifts uncomfortably, at least his wing had been repaired form the night before... He lets out an irritated huff as his optics settle into a half-lidded position. "Morons.." he mutters.

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "For the arena fights, I will do this traditionally. I will call forth a champion and have them accept challengers. Who would be my...champion tonight? Afterwards, we will see to Goth's punishment in the arena."


<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "I see one brave soldier in my empire."

<<Decepticon>> Lugnut says, "THEN LET ME FIGHT HIM, SIR!

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Now, now. I have the perfect opponent for Goth. I'd like you to be my champion for the pre-show fights. Perhaps if you are not defeated you will get your chance."

<<Decepticon>> Nightlash says, "You know the great thing about brave soldiers? They don't talk back when you order them to jump on a grenade.

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "... There's a difference between brave and stupid."

<<Decepticon>> Nightlash says, "In Lugnut's case?"

<<Decepticon>> Nightlash says, ""

<<Decepticon>> Overlord says, "Is there though? Really?"

<<Decepticon>> Lugnut says, "WHAT ABOUT MY CASE? HAVE YOU LOOKED INTO IT?"

<<Decepticon>> Lugnut says, "THAT IS PERSONAL! YOU DO NOT LOOK INTO MY CASE"

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "I look into everything, Lugnut."

<<Decepticon>> Nightlash says, "You have a very small case."

<<Decepticon>> Lugnut says, "I."

<<Decepticon>> Lugnut says, "I...WAIT WHAT CASE? I HAVE NO CASE."

<<Decepticon>> Nightlash says, "This is worse than fish in a barrel..."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Its just.. fish."

Megatron stands, announcing. "Citizens of the empire. Autobots. Neutrals. And all in between. Tonight, we have a display of the power of our empire. Followed by a lesson on what happens to those who defy it." he says. "We will start with a free for all. Tonight, my champion Lugnut will be taking on challengers. The victor will have the ultimate reward in the second half of the show. What you see here is a return to the gladaitorial matches of old. A return to victory over the weak. Lugnut...rise. You may take on any challengers at will. If any are brave enough to challenge him that is."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "I don't know. Hes my only volunteer. I'd say hes the bravest of all my soldiers tonight."

Khamsin is...present, sort of just leveraging his own systems to keep his signature subdued as he weaves through the crowds, moving towards the front of the arena itself as he settles in to watch... No one pays attention to dogs anyway, right?

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I don't want to break you or any of your troops on my doorstep. That's rude. I want you to release my brother."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "In due time. For now. Enjoy the show. It will keep the audience entertained at least."

Megatron announces the start of the challenges. "Challengers. You may begin."

With a roar, Lugnut leaps up into the air, his bomber boosters igniting, sending him up and forward into the arena. A trail of thick smoke accompanies him. He slams down onto the arena flooring, one claw buried forward into the ground. He does not immediately right himself, and slowly it becomes apparent that his claw is stuck in the ground. "GLORY TO LORD MEGATRON, AND TO THE DECEPTICON EMPIRE!" He visibly pulls at his hand, still not coming out of the durasteel slab. "I...UH...WILL TAKE ON ALL COMBATANTS IN THE NAME OF LORD MEGATRON, GLORY TO LORD MEGATRON AND..." There's a prying sound, and Lugnut actually just pulls a piece of the arena up, his hand visible on the other side of it.

His hand is closed around the metal. He didn't open his hand to let go...

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "...ahh, why am I not surprised?"

Nightshade straightens up slowly from her perch at the farthest edge of the stadium from the arena center. Sniper rifle rising to hand, she assumes a stance, optics targeting... Lugnut?! Then the sniper rifle comes up, targeting sights overlaid by her optical suite. Should she, or shouldn't she? Decisions, decisions. It would be so /easy/ from here...

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "No offense, my Lord, but I wouldn't say he's the bravest. Most eager, perhaps... but there is something to be said about being /too/ eager."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "I don't see anyone else stepping up to the challenge."

Khamsin furrows his brow. He can guess what the 'prize' will be...and where things are bound to go. There's a brief moment of hesitation before his own systems are shunted and the jackal turns his attention to where Megatron and the entourage is spectating, shortly before his focus shifts to the rest of the spectators, almost expectantly waiting to see who Lugnut's volunteer punching bag may be.

Khamsin suddenly fades into sight without a sound.

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "I didn't want to make it an unfair fight, milord. If I wanted it to be unfair... I'd just take his cranial unit off the rest of his chassis right now."

Deathsaurus shakes his head. "Eh, go on any one who wants to challenge. Its not fair if I join in on this." he seems relaxed but those who know him know hes watching. Intently ready to strike if his sense of honor is disrupted.

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Spook, not frontliner."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Did I call for fair?"

<<Decepticon>> Lugnut says, "I WILL FIGHT THIS 'FRONTLINER'!"

<<Decepticon>> Overlord says, "Well, in that case..."

Goth shakes his helm at Lugnut, on one claw, he isn't surprised by this, but on the other? He's slightly questioning Lugnuts sanity.... Though he does have to think, what on earth is Megatron plotting? his optics move as he thinks. His ears fan backward against his helm as he lets out a huff.

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Decepticons. Tell me what an honorable fight is?"

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "When both sides agree to a set of rules and abide by them, my lord."


<<Decepticon>> Overlord says, "A comforting lie told to protoforms and Autobots?"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Correct, Lugnut. Even more correct, Overlord. And what happens to those who live by honor?"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Overlord, perhaps you would like to demonstrate."

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "And here, I was going to say 'myth'."

<<Decepticon>> Overlord sighs. "I suppose I could," he says. "Lugnut, I presume your affairs are in order?"


Megatron pauses. "Perhaps now, I should announce the reasoning for this display. These overly convoluted displays of honor do nothing but weaken us as a cause." He motions for the gates to open and Goth to be brought forth. "This is Goth. He is a Decepticon. No a Destron who has done nothing but defy me in recent. On the field, over the radio , and in person. As punishment, I promised him a duel. And I have chosen a champion for him. The one he always challenges. Myself. And whoever wins this fight. Will have the honor of firing me at my opponent. Let all know the price of defying Megatron! And the power of each and every one of it's warriors. I do not expect any Autobot or neutral will get past my troops but if they do. They will win the choice of challenging myself. Or my errant troop." he smiles wickedly. "Let the REAL games. BEGIN!"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "This dishonor will not be tolerated!"

Beside Deathsaurus, the teal winged Beastformer scowls slightly at the sight before him, the years of arena combat having made him exceptionally hard to please when it comes to such things and he doesn't favour unecessary preamble either. Seeing that Deathsaurus is indeed aggitated though, Leozak glances upward to the side and reminds him "Please Sir, keep your cool. This can still work out for us all, but we must be patient. After all, this is our home in the arena. We must wait."

Ghost, standing to the left of Soundwave, is maintaining the air of being here on a professional level. Hands clasped behind back, wings at just the 'correct' angle to make her more seeker-esque, expression carefully schooled into polite disinterest. Her optics are a neural silvered lavender, slightly narrowed as she keeps attention less on the arena and more on the area around where her lord is positioned.

There is the faintest flicker of a brow lifted upwards, head turning to stare at Megatron with just the tiniest of frowns before she pulls her attention back to the arena itself, mask of professionalism firmly in place. There might just be the sound of a jaw clenching.

Kodiak takes note of everything going on with a bit of interest. "Hmmm... seems to be a bit of tension in the ranks." he says to himself. "Interesting little tidbit.."

Soundwave keeps an optic on Deathsaurus. His opticband is unreadable, and he doesn't move yet. The moment the Kaiju makes any sort of move to interfere, hes ready, his hand hovering over one of his buttons. Who knows what he has planned.

Overlord begins moving toward the arena. "Since nobody else seems to want to take on the dubious privileges' of this challenge, I suppose it comes down to me to show you people how it's done," he says. "Hardly seems fair, but then at least this isn't a battle of wits." He pauses as Megatron makes his grand announcement, optics flickering. "...interesting. Of course, he could just let me fire him now but I suppose we need to do the song and dance for the punters." With that, he leaps into the arena. "Alright Lugnut, let's get this over with!"

Lugnut stands there in the middle of the arena, and discards the steel plate from his hand finally. The challenge had went out and he was ready to fight ALL the challengers simultaneously! Lord Megatron was here, and the honored prize was beyond his imagining. His jaw opens, "COME THEN, SOLDIERS OF MEGATRON! FACE MY CLAWS, MY NAPALM, MY..." He looks around himself and fumbles, "AND I SEEM TO HAVE FORGOTTEN MY WAR MACE. BUT NEVERTHELESS, I SHALL VANQUISH ALL BEFORE ME!"


Finally Overlord rises to the occasion. Lugnut turns to face him, his claws clamping, "AH...A WORTHY FOE....ONE I SHALL CRUSH BENEATH MY HEEL FOR THE GLORY OF LORD MEGATRON!" With that, his shoulders flip up a little, revealing the twin nozzles of his napalm streamers, aiming at Overlord.

>> Lugnut misses Overlord with Napalm <Medium>. <<

Blast Off is here, having been on scene since he brought Goth in. The shuttleformer hasn't said much, mostly putting on his usual aloof and disinterested act. Every now and then, however, he seems to rub at the front of his helm as if something is bugging him, or glances out towards the smelting pools, or Goth, or Megatron, with what seems a pensive look under the faceplate. By the time it's clear that warriors are being called for inside the arena, the Combaticon steps forwward. "Looks like I'm going to represent my team..." Blast Off comments, stretching his arm and cracking his knuckles... not for anything as uncouth as mere *punching*, of course, but a sniper must be ready to snipe... With opponents like Overlord, though, Blast Off's not taking chances... the Combaticon leaps into the air, his already large frame suddenly transforming as his shuttle mode launches into the air and circles over the arena. He deliberates a moment, then decides to join Lugnut in taking on Overlord, sending a ballistic barrage down below at the big Con.

>> Blast Off strikes Overlord with Ballistic <Medium>. <<

Nightshade lowers her rifle slightly as Overlord jumps into the arena to challenge Lugnut. And then Blast Off jumps into the fray as well. The field, it is getting crowded! But at the same time, something else caught her attention, something on Decepticon broadband. Her aim shifts, a slight, almost minute adjustment, before she sights in once more. This time, however, she has a new target lined up... and if that target decides to start something, Nightshade will be more than willing to help end it.

Khamsin frowns at the whole affair unfolding before transforming and looking at the combatants in the arena. "Hmph..." He thinks carefully a moment before looking towards Megatron, then back to the fight underway. Right then... well, he chuckles and does as a jackal will do, slinking into the arena and drawing his blades to size up the two, letting the Combaticon and Brawler go after Overlord collectively, his own blades flashing as he takes a swipe at Lugnut.

>> Khamsin strikes Lugnut with Blade. <<

Deathsaurus on the other hand is outraged. Its quite easy to do with the giant kaiju. He lunges from his seat, ignoring Leozak trying to calm him and starts to stalk towards Megatron himself "You come. To my city. And dishonor this arena with a mockery of a duel.." Oh dear. He looks ready to plow through anything and anyone who gets in his way.

Goth is jerked to move forward by the guards as he's brought beside Megatron, glaring up at the Decpeticon leader, he says nothing, just keeps up the scowl in a bid to hide his internal fear, after all he'd known this would be that sort of trap, he can't help but feel pity for those caught up in this twisted trap. He scans the crowded and participants looking for someone. "This is stupid." He'd huff... Course then a certain Anubis catches his attention down there, his ears moving upward, ridges knitting... Annd here comes one angry Kaiju! Goth takes a step back, dumping into the guards, things where about to get messy!

Nightshade sends a radio transmission.

Megatron chuckles, moving back a bit. "Now the beasts are joining the fray." he chuckles, amused by this whole thing. "Take it down." oh dear.

Megatron sends a radio transmission.

Khamsin sends a radio transmission.

Lugnut sends a radio transmission.

Leozak glances upward as Deathsaurus moves aggressively anyway, and exhales a growl of frustration at the predicament which wasn't one of his design and certainly not how he thinks things should be handled here.

"Deathsaurus - don't get involved, let them fight!" Turning to glance at the rest of Beastforce, he speaks in his usual gravelly tone. "Stay alert. But don't break the form, we don't need these complications. Killbison - that means YOU as well. Drillhorn, keep him steady will you. With any luck, this will all be a bit of a red mist situation." he doesn't chase Deathsaurus, instead remaining ready to assist him if there is a clean situation which allows it. But he's not going to end up with a blast hole in his chest over this.

Ghost ex-vents heavily as the fracas begins, attention focused mostly on the area around her lord, partially on the combat proper. "I have a bad feeling about this..." she murmurs, attention sliding over to the Destron contingent. As additional warriors enter the rapidly becoming free-for all, she tenses, resting a hand on a hip where pistol is locked. She turns her head to look at Megatron, optics widening, "My lord?!"

Kodiak starts to get a tad nervous as everyone starts a free for all. Suddenly this Autobot symbol on his chest is starting to feel more like a target of opportunity. Therefore, he begins to look for an escape route if he needs it.

Soundwave sees the Kaiju barreling towards his leader but he decides another situation has priority. He looks to Khamsin. "That's enough of that." with that, he starts jamming all radio transmissions in the area.

(RADIO) Soundwave starts jamming all radio signals in the immediate area.

Overlord dodges Lugnut's twin napalm streams, smirking as he spins. "Nice try, but you're going to have to do better than that if you want to get a chance to fire your Lord and Master, Lugnut," he says, with a laugh. "You know what you might try?" His suggestion is cut off as Blast Off's shots hit him, startling him. He turns his attention to Blast Off. "...ohhh-ho-ho-ho, Megatron's, well, I'd say you're Megatron's 'Hound' but I think that better describes your little conniver, doesn't it? Still, your master calls and you will obey, won't you?" He chuckles, lips pulling back into a snarl as he draws a laser and fires at the Combaticon shuttle.

>> Overlord strikes Blast Off with Laser <Medium>. <<

Khamsin's blade doesn't bite too deep into Lugnut, but there's enough of a scoring there to penetrate his armor. Its enough to draw his attention even with Overlord right there. That merciless red glare hits Khamsin as he turns. His claws snap. He touches his side, and brings up the purple energon. "FIRST ENERGON...." He snaps his claws at Khamsin, a raking attack with those razor sharp fingers. " BUT NOT THE LAST!"

>> Lugnut misses Khamsin with Claw. <<

The shuttle's engines grumble at Overlord, "<< I do what *I* choose to do. I simply choose to do... this! >>" It's got him rattled enough, though, that the other Con is able to get a hit on the shuttle, which causes him to wobble and waver midair, but Blast Off keeps airborne, turning to fire again. "<< And I prefer to think, simply, I am the *Master Sniper*>>"....

>> Blast Off strikes Overlord with X-Ray-Laser <Medium>. <<

Sure enough, Deathsaurus did exactly what Nightshade was expecting -- problem is, from where she's located, he's likely completely unaware of her location, never mind the fact that she's got a bead on him with her sniper rifle. An even bigger problem (for him) is the fact that she just got clearance to take the shot. Optical suite focuses in, re-focuses, overlaying the sniper scope's field of vision and the targeting reticent. A quiet exhalation, aim as steady as it's going to get without actually bracing the rifle on a tripod stand. And then, the report of the shot can be heard, albeit somewhat muted. A brief muzzle-flash for visual processors to pick up on, the flash of a single energy bolt...

Regardless of hit or miss, however, one thing is abundantly clear: Deathsaurus is being watched, and displays like that will not be tolerated.

>> Nightshade strikes Deathsaurus with Pulse-Laser <Medium>. <<

Khamsin could care less about Soundwave's encryption of the signals. He got the message through he needed to. Besides, his current priority is the fight underway with Lugnut, and he's quick to get out of the way of Lugnut's crabby scramble to lash out at him. Once clear of the immediate threat, he flickers a brief glance at Overlord and Blast Off before resuming his own fight proper, those two can blast one another into pieces. For now. "I quite will be a fine dance." He closes in for another strike with the blunt pommel of his weapon of choice.

>> Khamsin strikes Lugnut with Smash. <<

Deathsaurus takes a shot to his helm. Turning his head slowly, he sees where the Sniper is located and smiles. "Only one? You think that's enough to take me out?" with that, he takes his bow and arrow. "Well. Turnabout is fair place I suppose." with that he returns the attack.

>> Deathsaurus strikes Nightshade with Bow <Medium>. <<

"¡Khamsin, ten cuidado, por favor!" Goth shouts out, he could hear the static of radios being blocked followed by the shot fired from Nightshade's rifle, looking back to Des, was this honestly the chaos Megatron had envisioned? His optics then drift to Megatron... Goth had to do /something/ to ensure Khamsin's victory or at least safety, cause once opponents took out their main targets, he could pretty much predict they where going to all turn on the Anubis. He'd start trying to wiggle his hands free from the mag-cuffs.

Megatron rather enjoys the chaos around him, sure no one will dare to challenge him. "Yes. Now, this is a fight." he chuckles, thoroughly entertained but not attacking anyone.

Leozak winces as his Lord is struck, but knows better than to interfere, for Deathsaurus like most Destrons is well able to handle himself in the arena.

He twitches with a snarl, wings tightening across his back as he maintains his arc with Beastforce, staying in position.

"It's fine, he'll handle it. There are few greater hunters anywhere in the galaxy after all...."

Ghost's wings give a single twitch at the rifle shot, her sensitive systems picking that singular sound out. Optics remain wide as Deathsaurus launches an attach to something outside the arena proper. She looks at Megatron, brow cocked upwards, but just only refrains herself from saying something. Fingers twitch at her sides, frame creaking softly as she remains tense.

Kodiak decides to get while the gettin' is good. He quickly transforms and heads for the nearest exit. "Let 'em blast each other, I'm not gettin' in the middle of this frakus." he says.

Kodiak begins to lower his body, his head folding forward and sliding towards his chest as his arms fold in and up, re-forming his rear axles and turret. His legs fold back together and his feet flip up until he lands on all 12 tires in his Kodiak tank mode.

Soundwave doesn't attack anyone else, as he sees the Kaiju isn't threatening his Lord any longer. He hangs back, continuing to block transmissions, and will defend his Lord if need be. Otherwise, this is just a free for all.

Overlord snarls as he's hit by Blast Off's X-ray laser. It hurts more than he'd like to admit, though the damage isn't extensive. It hurts his, well, it hurts his central neural system more than anything else, though his pride has also taken a bit of a beating. "'Master Sniper', eh?" he snorts. "Right, so let's see what we can do about making this a more up close and personal fight, shall we?" With that, Overlord shifts to his super-jet mode and takes to the air with hopes of chasing Blast Off down.

Overlord transforms into a heavily armed space superiority fighter

>> Overlord misses Blast Off with Auto-Cannon <Medium>. <<

Observation. The Monsterbot has been quietly watching the fray from the stands. He smiles a hideous, toothsome smile as he connects the dots. Approaching Soundwave from behind. Raising a huge sharp pincer, he stabs it toward, and hopefully through, SOundwave's back.

>> Repugnus strikes Soundwave with Claws. <<

Lugnut just stands there as Khamsin hilts him with his weapon. It leaves a bit of a heavier dent than the last, but Lugnut doesn't seem to mind terribly. "GRAAH!" Then again, maybe he did. He throws a standing punch towards Khamsin, and telegraphs it horribly, but then comes the left, a few inches from connecting. He pressures the mech, taking ground from him. "HOLD STILL AND LET ME HIT YOU!" Lugnut says with visible irritation.

Lugnut is many things, stupid is one of them, but he has his moments. Lugnut draws back his left fist for his next swing, takes it forward, stops short, and then comes in with a clobbering right cross.

>> Lugnut strikes Khamsin with Haymaker. <<

See, this is when Blast Off is gonna #NOPE on outta there. The Combaticon is very much NOT an up-close-and-personal person, and Overlord's overtures are very much NOT welcome! With a burst of NOPE-induced speed, the shuttle manages to stay ahead of the other ship. The miss, in fact, just feeds his ego. "<< If you're looking for pointers, Overlord, I'm sure my fellow Combaticons could find the time to give you some! Now- get off my TAIL! >>"

>> Blast Off strikes Overlord with Laser <Medium>. <<

A bow. A sprockin' BOW?! With a growl, Nightshade looks down at her shoulder where the arrow struck true, grabbing it and ripping it out. Looks like she's not the only dead-eye when it comes to making a good targeted shot. She'd almost be impressed... almost.

She drops out of sight momentarily, murmuring one word: "Plasma."

The rifle seems to transform in her hand, reconfiguring into a different rifle, albeit one with a glowing blur 'core'. She moves to the right, pauses, then moves further down left, a chance to perhaps throw off Deathsaurus's aim, if only by a little bit. A quick exhale, and then she pops up, targeting as fast as she possibly can before squeezing off a shot at the kaiju, and then ducking down again, moving even further down back to the right again. Here's hoping that he doesn't predict where she will be before he fires again...

>> Nightshade strikes Deathsaurus with Plasma <Medium>. <<

Khamsin can only be flighty for so long...and when Lugnut hits, he hits hard, it seems. Kham gets...laid out, taking that moment to get well acquainted with the arena ground as the spot on his chest that was impacted is left, quite literally, caved in. He's dazed, but not quite out of it. Not yet. He spits some energon to the side and, while he's grounded, gives a firm kick towards Lugnut's feet, primarily to trip the brute up and give him a chance to get back into it.

>> Khamsin strikes Lugnut with Trap. <<

>> Lugnut temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

Deathsaurus sees Khamsin get laid out and snarls. "No. I did not work all this time to get you back to Goth only to have you spread on the field. Lugnut. Face me!" He calls out, spreading his wings to make himself a larger target. Of course that leaves him open to Nightshade's attack. He hisses as he takes another shot. "Aren't you ready to stop yet?" he snarls, taking his laser rifle and firing almost a warning shot at her.

>> Deathsaurus misses Nightshade with Laser <Low>. <<

GAME: Goth PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Average difficulty.

GAME: Goth PASSES a STRENGTH roll of Very High difficulty

"¡Polvoriento!" Goth calls as he sees Khamsin struck, His optics narrow from the readouts on the screen in his optics and with one good yank, his dominant hand is free, that elongated index claw of his starts to grow a bright, sickly green, as he quickly whips around and slashes it, and all it's acid laced glory a crossed the guards chassis's.

Megatron looks to Goth "Ahh, I see you're eager to start. Well then." he says as the guards move in to try to restrain him. "Let him go. Let him join in the fight. However this means..your opponent gets to join as well." oh /dear/. He lets Goth make that decision.

Leozak has now folded his arms again, teal gauntlets creating a thick barrier across his chestplate, as he watches this unfolding. "I tell you this Gaihawk, it's ridiculous that it's come to this. I am not sure what any hope to gain from such, although a good arena battle is always very entertaining." He glances to his brother.

>> Soundwave strikes Repugnus with Punch. <<

"We must hold the line and stick with the vigil as asked. Even without his animal components, our Lord is a fierce warrior. We must believe in his abilities, but always be ready."

Gaihawk is across to his left and nods back in return. "You're right Leozak. I'd rather be fighting, but this isn't the occasion."

Ghost jumps as Soundwave is attacked from behind, pistol coming in in hand as the now tightly wrought operative. As more and more chaos falls into the arena, she can only arm herself, drawing sword from spine sheath and letting it shift to plasma. "Megatron, don't do this like this. Please. We can't keep infighting." Pitching her tone concerned, but she's tense and her tone tinged with anger.

Soundwave is minding his own stinky business when all of a sudden he has a Monsterbot on his back. "Autobots present and attacking!" he warns, as he punches at the monsterbot, trying to remove him from his back!

>> Soundwave strikes Repugnus with Punch. <<

Overlord missed? He missed *and* he's being taunted by this upstart traitorous *hand*? Oh, this will not do, this will not do at *all*. "The only thing you and your fellow Combaticons could teach me is light office work," he purrs as he speeds after Blast Off. "Dictation, spreadsheets -- and, of course, filing. Your lot do seem to know your way around a filing cabinet, don't you?" He fires again, hoping to knock Blast Off out of the sky and onto the ground whereupon the stomping can commence!

>> Overlord misses Blast Off with Turret <Medium>. <<

*SLAM* Soundwave punches the side of Repugnus's monsterbot head. To that, he cackles as pain registers through his circuits. Undaunted, Repugnus flexes the pincers stuck in Soundwave's back and yanks them out, hoping to cause as much delicious agony to the Decepticon as he possibly can. Then, those huge, huge bulbous optics begin to glow, and shift color, and glow, and shift, and glow and shift...

>> Repugnus misses Soundwave with Dazzle <Low>. <<

Lugnut has some thick legs on him, but Khamsin has his measure. The mighty bomber jetmech's leg goes out from under him, and lands in a sprawl, face down on the ground. "HURRGH!" He puts his hands under him and starts to pull himself up. Deathsaurus says his name, and for the most part Lugnut was distracted by the fall, but his gaze goes upstairs, at the weapons fire. "NO!" He calls out as he stands up, his attention completely shifted, "FELLOW DECEPTICONS, YOU ARE MAKING A MISTAKE." He points to the arena floor with his claws, "YOU ARE TO FIGHT DOWN HERE. THAT WAY MORE PEOPLE CAN SEE YOU!"


Blast Off is feeling pretty smug as he evades yet again, but that comment burns. FILING CABINET??!! Memories of the Detention Center, or what was described to him, scathes. "<< I'll show you what I *know my way around*, you- you grinning blue buffoon! How to WIN a FIGHT! >>" Now he's mad. The shuttle swoops around, still trying to stay out of the other Con's reach as he lays into Overlord with more weaponsfire, this time some ionic bursts similar to his gun. PEW PEW PEW!!

>> Blast Off misses Overlord with Ionic-Blaster <Medium>. <<

This kind of long-distance firefight is... interesting. It's like a certain sci-fi TV series' three-dimensional chess game. Granted, sniping is all about that -- all the variables across horizontal and vertical like the projectile in question, gravimetric and meteorlogical conditions, so on and so forth. This is the kind of thing Nightshade always enjoyed.

Deathsaurus's shot missed wide left -- a bit closer than she'd have liked, which means he did potentially anticipate her movement, but when she peeks up above her ledge that she's using for cover, she finds Deathsaurus maneuvering down towards Lugnut and the arena floor instead. Now why would he do that--

"Sniper." The rifle reconfigures itself again, back to sniper rifle as she drops down the two brace supports to steady her aim, using her right shoulder for the third support. The scope zooms in with her optical sensors. Overlord flying after Blast Off, past Deathsaurus on his way down to meet Lugnut, with Goth apparently facing Megatron... to another figure entirely. A smaller, more... hyena-like target, shall we say? Oh... NOW the game's interesting -- so many pieces to take out at this range...

Khamsin watches as Lugnut goes down and is quick to get up on his feet, bringing his blade around in a wide arc of a swing... it's probably not the haymaker he was delivered, but he'll most assuredly return pain for pain if he can, even if the exhertion leaves him wincing at the sharp pain that radiates from that spot Lug punched him in. That's really going to leave a mark...

>> Khamsin strikes Lugnut with Sickle-Sword. <<

Deathsaurus chuckles. "If that's what you want." he asks, transforming as he makes his way downstairs. If hes gonna be a beast hes going to be a giant one. "You wanted a monster, Megatron. A beast to be defeated in this stupid little arena game. Well then." he chuckles "I will be a monster. But first." he stalks towards Lugnut. "I think this is what you wanted." oh dear.

Goth snarls at Megatron as he yanks the cuffs from his other wrist. "Quemarse en el infierno, mi lealtad nunca será tuya para ganar." Goth hisses before he quickly soars down to the battle field below and slides up beside his mate on all fours. "Lo siento mucho.." Goth says softly to Khamsin before clearing his voice box. Now who's friend, who's foe... Thats the real question.. Des is with them, Ghost is protesting but making no moves, Lugnut, and Megatron are definitely enemies... Overlord too as well, maybe Nightshade? Blast Off, Repug, Soundwave, and Leozak are unknowns... Well if Megatron was going to come at him and Khamsin, he better make sure he gives it his all! He takes a deep vent and lets out a high frequency sonic screech.

>> Goth misses Megatron with Sonic Blast <Medium>. <<

Megatron chuckles, amused by the whole situation. "I'll give you and yours... five minutes. Run." he turns to Ghost. "See. I can be reasoned with. Besides. Its the thrill of the fight everyone seems to want. Look at them. They needed this, tearing through each other." he says

Leozak leans forward now, unfolding his arms and glancing into the arena as the battle continues.

"Damnation - he's going down and shifted his form. We may need a lot of warm ener wine after this." he says for the benefit of Beastforce behind him.

Hellbat narrows his strange, triangular scarlet optics picked out in bone white above his face mask. "You should consider going to defend him, Leozak."

"Shut up Hellbat! That's a stupid suggestion - it would disgrace him. He will hold his own, I am confident. But this never should have happened.

Ghost takes a half step back, staring first at the chaos, then back at her liege lord. There's a shudder from the operative, "This is... " She narrows optics, sets her expression and then looks past Megatron, escaping Goth. "madness. And.. stupid, so so stupid. "She shifts her grip on that blade, "If its chaos, fighting, destruction you're in the mood for.. Very well." The operative launches herself at Megatron! Swinging her sword.

>> Ghost misses Megatron with Energy-Katana. <<

Soundwave ends up throwing the Monsterbot off him. "Megatron!" he calls out in warning, seeing Ghost launch. He doesn't interfere more then a warning.

Overlord chuckles as he dodges Blast Off's shots. "Good try," he says as he rights his course and puts on speed to try and close the gap between himself and Blast Off. "Much as it pains me to do so, I do have to give Starscream credit. He did a good job when he created you.. Do you want me to send your scrap parts to him? Or shall I file them under "T" for Trash?" He fires again, sending a rocket after Blast Off.

>> Overlord misses Blast Off with Rocket. <<

Khamsin's sickle bites into Lugnut, but the mech doesn't immediately lash back, no, because Lugnut has bigger dragons to fry, and as the great Kaiju enters the arena, Lugnut just eyes him back, a fraction of the scale of Deathsaurus' size. There was already friction between the two, and Lugnut's clamps twitched eagerly. Initially the kaiju raises a foot, stomping down.

Lugnut catches it, and pushes back initially, but the strain becomes too much too fast, and with a boost of jets, he moves out from beneath the stomp before it shudders the arena. "COME NOW, AT LEAST HERE WE WILL FIGHT...AS WARRIORS." He hits his boosters again, zips forwards and up, and moves to just sink his claws into Deathsaurus' chest as he does.

>> Lugnut misses Deathsaurus with Haymaker. <<

Overlord misses! Again! "<< Ha! >>" ...It feels good after having to listen to those insults on he and his team. "<< That is what you get for underestimating a Combaticon... You want to spell things out, do you, Overlord? Try an "F"... for /fatal mistake/ on your part and /fantastic/ on *mine*. Oh, also? For /FIRE!/ >>" He barrel rolls as he comes above and by for another attack, this time using his thrusters to send flames towards his opponent.

>> Blast Off strikes Overlord with Fire <Medium>. <<

So many targets, so little time. Problem is, Nightshade isn't entirely sure what to do. Part of her wants to throw caution to the wind and fire on Khamsin. But there's so much going on. So much chaos between Deathsaurus and Lugnut, Overlord and Blast Off, Deathsaurus and Khamsin teaming up on Lugnut... and now, Ghost actually attacking Megatron! Her aim shifts this way and that, but for the first time, she's not sure who she should shoot!

Khamsin turns his attention from Lugnut as, it seems, Des is stepping in to fight the brute... but that just means his focus is on Goth going after Megatron, and Ghost to boot. He furrows his brow and adjusts his grip on his blade before transforming to charge towards the collected effort against the fight's mastermind, one of his onboard mounted cannons spinning up before unleashing a blast at the brutish dictator. <<Goth...get out of here.>>

With a swift, yet silent, flurry of motion, Khamsin transforms into a sleek Jackal.

>> Khamsin strikes Megatron with Sonic Blast <Medium>. <<

Deathsaurus kicks at Lugnut with his back claws a bit. "You're a good opponent." he admits "Its a shame you had to choose the other side." he sees Khamsin go after Megatron. "You fool just get out of here. Theres blood in the water and the sharkticons won't know the difference."

>> Deathsaurus strikes Lugnut with Kick. <<

Goth curses as his sonic blast misses but it does give him enough focus to notice Ghost attacking Megatron, his ridges knitting, then there goes Khamsin and.. Goth isn't sure what to do, this is all.. sending him back into a rather traumatic memories he rather not relieve, he swallows hard, and hesitantly, disappears into a familiar wisp of black pixels.

<Cloaking Engaged>

Megatron sees Khamsin come at him, snarling at the sonic blast. Oh the Jackal got first blood. He comes at him in return. "So this is how its going to be, Khamsin. Look around you. How many of these "Cybertronians" want your peace? And how many are happy with this war?" with that he pulls his laser and return fires. "You are outmatched. I would accept. A surrender."

>> Megatron strikes Khamsin with Laser <Medium>. <<

Leozak widens his optics as from across the way, he sees this all unfolding and the lithe form beside Megatron suddenly attacking the Decepticon Lord. "What the...keep an optic on this, Gaihawk. Watch carefully. All may not be what it seems and this may have gone from stupid to worse.

"Got it, Leozak." says Gaihawk, using his sharp hawk like vision to take in what's happening across the way there, with Megatron. "Well what d'you know? There's a turn for the strange. Have to watch that one.."

Ghost's blade only sings through air and the operative sends a nasty look at Soundwave. Optics remain silvered lavender and the angular femme kicks backwards before launching herself bodily at Megatron, "!" She skids then drops into a low kick, aiming to attempt to off-balance her liege, "Not.. even.. following.. your.. own frakkin' plans... Honor this.. dar'alorad, dar'mandalor..."

>> Ghost strikes Megatron with Roundhouse. <<

Soundwave goes to Ghost, attempting to get her off Megatron at least. "Ghost, desist!" with that he fires his laser in her direction.

>> Soundwave misses Ghost with Laser <Medium>. <<

A barrel roll!? That burns almost more than the fire does! Ohhh, the shame of being not only struck by the likes of a Combaticon but for it to be done after a flashy move -- and Overlord's continual failure to hit the son of a glitch! Overlord foregoes the usual quippery for a barely restrained growl of fury. as he opens up the big guns ...err...big missile.

>> Overlord misses Blast Off with Missile. <<

Lugnut slams into the arena wall, hard enough to dent it, but not enough to stick to it. He pulls himself up, and that red glare is no less intense. "THERE IS ONLY ONE SIDE...AND ONE EMPEROR OF DESTRUCTION." Lugnut boosts back up into the air, and transforms as he does, turning into the massive bomber form of his. Thick black smoke trails out as he circles around the arena, gathering momentum. "FOR THE GLORY..." He transforms as he hurtles forward towards Deathsaurus. "OF LORD..." His fist folds back, as he rears back, revealing a pressure sensitive plate, one that activates his megabomb, as he moves to collide with Deathsaurus. "MEGATRON!"

>> Lugnut strikes Deathsaurus with PUNCH OF KILL EVERYTHING!. <<

As Lugnut makes contact, an enormous explosion swirls out of the point of contact, ripping an equally impressive shockwave throughout the arena!

Blast Off has largely been focused on his fight with Overlord, but when Khamsin attacks Megatron he finally notices the mech there. Huh? Well now, that's interesting... and there goes Megatron attacking him right back. And then Ghost- wait, what's going on over there? Still, Blast Off's mind is on not getting blown out of the sky, and he again evades Overlord's attack, whirring around and up to dodge any blows, though he can feel the heat of the blasts zip past his wings. "<< Not bad, Overlord, but not good enough. >>" Heh. Still. Hmm, "<< Have you noticed, though, that there's practically a rebellion going on under our nosecones? >>" He directs his opponent's attention towards Megatron and the rest, while sending a few laser blasts Overlord's way, just because. Then wobbles midair as Lugnut's strike creates shockwaves, but he stays airborne still.

>> Blast Off strikes Overlord with Laser <Medium>. <<

Moments of indecision can haunt someone for the rest of their lives. Imagine how much worse that must be for Cybertronians, who already have lifespans that number in the millions of years. That moment just came for Nightshade, as she sees Megatron actually be struck by an attack. She might regret not taking that shot before.

Not anymore.

Nightshade's aim instantly shifts, just in time to make all the necessary calculations and triangulations to determine the shooter: Khamsin. A faint exhale, sights lining up with the reticle and data streaming from her optical sensor's HUD overlay; the fact that Megatron already fired a retaliatory shot barely registers, if at all. And then there's a shot. Brief muzzle-flash might be all that's seen, but by the time the sound of the shot carries, it will be too late to stop the ballistic projectile that's streaking at Khamsin.

It may well have people gunning for her afterwards, by taking this shot. But one does not shoot Megatron, actually hit, and then think they can get away with it. Goth did that once, to his detriment.

It's entirely possible Khamsin is about to learn that same mistake...

>> Nightshade strikes Khamsin with C-20-Sniper. <<

Khamsin watches as Goth ...does the smart thing and vanishes, taking that blast from Megatron, managing to still stand with a fair bit of poise... "Cybertron...will never bend the knee to you, and neither will I." He chuffs and turns to run off the arena grounds proper, leaving a trail of energon from the two...admittedly massive blows he soaked up during that, a yelp of sorts sounding as Nighshade hits him in parting.

Deathsaurus is hit HARD by Lugnut's fist of doom. As the plate lets loose the bomb, he flies through the air, hitting the ground with a literal crater and a small mushroom cloud of explosives. Oh so there's fireworks with this fight as well! The kaiju destroyed down to his endoskeleton. He stands, transforming, parts of him falling off as he does so. He should not be walking at all. Energon flows freely from many wounds and he sparks violently. "Lugnut.." He whispers through static. "That...was...." He is impressed. Completely so. There's no words for that. "You be taken..ugh..." He can't finish the words, static filling his vocalizer. He lets his rifle speak for him, trying to fire on Lugnut!

>> Deathsaurus misses Lugnut with Laser <Medium>. <<

Goth's optics narrow from his hidden position above, seeing Khamsin's health drop so drastically. "No, no, no, no no no!" He repeats to himself in a panic. "Khamsin!" He'd shout as he dives, letting fear take over his processors, only to be blown back by the updraft created by Lugnuts explosive punch! Des is now on his last knee, and Khamsin is seriously injured, fleeing but still, black ichor starts welling at his optics... What should he do.. What should he do.. He knows what to do! He'd break his cloaking overhead and take aim at those down below who are clear enemies, and lets out another high frequency screeching. "<<Get out of there!>>" He snaps at Des over his radio.

>> Goth attacks Megatron, Overlord, and Lugnut with Muddling Sonar, striking Lugnut, and Overlord. <<

(Radio) Khamsin sends you a radio transmission, 'dYu'o etretb ..urnro. 'lIl ehav ot cemo bkca nad rdag ouy out slm.fey'

Megatron chuckles. "Plans change. Its something you have to be prepared for on any battlefield, my dear sister. This is simply a scrimmage between Decepticons." he says, taking the kick. He returns it with one of his own. "It was going to be a punishment for Goth, but seems the crowd wanted something different. And who am I to deny them?"

>> Megatron misses Ghost with Kick. <<

Leozak By this stage though, Leozak is narroing his crimson optics across the arena. There's letting your Lord fight his own battles and then there's letting him self destruct. It wouldn't be the first time that Leozak has pulled Deathsaurus back from a poor decision and he turns to Beastfroce, snapping his fingers.

"That's it's I'm calling this right now. There's only so much I can take of this playground nonsense. Gaihawk, Hellbat - with me! Groundforce, retreat back through the structure and ensure nobody can follow us on foot or wheel. Look for my rendezvous beacon. GO! NOW!" He roars that last part, showing white teeth in an open snarl as he tenses, knees lowering before there is a flash of dark lines as the Destron ninja leaps skywards and then straight down, heading for the fallen form of Deathsaurus. As he reaches the dragonformer, behind him are the two similar blurs of Gaihawk and Hellbat, who follow after in similar style. They land in a triangle around their leader and close upon him like a vice, seizing him whether he likes it or he doesn't.

"Forgive me Sir, but you can't fight any longer and there's nothing worth fighting for here. We're leaving right now. Beastforce - go!" With that, the triad of Destron flyers haul their Lord into the air and away from danger, dragging him back to where ever it is they are taking him to get attention.

Ghost's foot makes contact and the operative lands before leaping backwards again, expression. Optics bleed violet, "Yes.. Yes plans /do/ change... " she spits, "After all honor is for /fools/, oaths mean -nothing-.. All part of the battlefield." She raises her pistol and fires off a scattering of fletchette rounds.

>> Ghost misses Megatron with Plasma Fletchette <Medium>. <<

Soundwave sees Ghost's expression change and he backs away. Sister did he hear? oh yes. Blackmail, sweet blackmail. Hes close enough to attack but he doesn't. He just keeps on recording.

Overlord transforms back to his root mode, dropping to the ground. He staggers as he hits the ground and Goth's muddling sonar hits him. He drops to one knee in an attempt to make his unsteadiness look deliberate. "I yield, Combaticon!" he calls to Blast Off. "I cannot face you in the air, so I concede the high ground to you! You're an excellent flyer and an even better shot -- something that deserves to be celebrated." He pauses, then fires a blast of flame into the air. "With fire!" Overlord transforms into a hulking giant robot... with smoulder.

>> Overlord misses Blast Off with Fireblast <Medium>. <<

Exertion has overtaken Lugnut. 'The Punch' had taken a lot of his energon flow. He rests with his hands on the ground, eyeing as Deathsaurus, the fake emperor was sent a message. He glances to the side where Overlord just yielded, then promptly threw fire at Blast Off.

A masterful tactic in deceit!

Still, the battle was done, and the enemies have been thrown down. He takes to the sky to return to his previous position, landing on the higher level near Megatron's throne. Immediately the mech balks, seeing Ghost and Megatron in combat, "MY LORD! THERE'S ENOUGH FREE SPACE BELOW TO SERVE YOUR NEEDS...." After all this was just in our nature, right? He hesitates and adds, "NOW THAT THE DEATH SAURUS WAS LAID LOW."

Look at that, Deathsaurus CAN be defeated! Good to know. Blast Off focuses back on Overlord, watching the other Con as he seems to bow down to the Combaticon's superiority- but Blast Off doesn't trust him. "<< Yes, well, -oop! >>" He suddenly breaks and pitches forward, putting on more speed to evade yet another attack. "<< TSK! Fine, then, ignore our leader's situation. I tried to be reasonable. You want to drag this out to its inevitably ugly end? Then I shall work on finishing this, Overlord, and perhaps you'll learn to give me my due as a warrior and Combaticon. >>" He soars up, weapons charging. He gave the mech a chance and he chose to attack again instead! If THAT's the way he wants it.... The shuttle unleashes a powerful blast from his nosecone to the mech below.

>> Blast Off strikes Overlord with X-Ray Laser <Medium>. <<

Overlord is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

Well... she had hoped that she'd have been able to take out Khamsin, but Nightshade will settle for him running away, tail tucked firmly between his legs. She starts to shift the scope around, moving her aim to see the others and decide whether or not it's worth shooting at someone else. It takes her a moment to realize that Goth has vanished, and a small growl escapes her lips. "Slaggit to the Pit," she hisses to herself.

Deathsaurus tries to advance on Lugnut, but finds himself surrounded by the Beastforce!. "I'm not quite...done let me.." he coughs up energon but is very much done in. He's easily dragged off the field, his growls starting to fade a bit as he slips in and out of consciousness. Had his team not dragged him off there might not have been any of him left.

Goth, as soon as he sees Leozark and crew pull Des off the field, he looks to Ghost, giving her a nod before turning tail and flying to join the others! He engages his cloaking once more, he quickly follows after everyone.

Megatron sees everything being dragged off one way or another. "I lost our trophy." oh so whats important. "These matches are...over." he looks to Ghost. "Unless you'd want to continue."

Ghost stands, holding pistol out, sword in the other hand and just stares at Megatron, optics dark enough to be black. Wingtips are quivering, tension evident in how she's holding herself. "It.." voice cracking as she lowers the pistol, "would be.. untoward." wrapping herself in formality. She locks the pistol to her hip, blinks once, then drops her sword at Megatrons feet.

Soundwave watches the explosives, and then Ghost and Megatron. He wonders what that means there. Did ghost just surrender or is it something more. As people are taken out around him. He actually..shakes his head and just drops his jamming.

Overlord is...on the ground. Like, face down. On the ground. Because of a Combaticon. And...and not even the leader of the team. No, see, there would be a certain dignity in having been taken out by Onslaught -- regardless of the mech's tendency to go to pieces like a training drone that stepped on a fragmentation grenade when his plans fail, Onslaught *is* a master strategist and can hit like a wrecking ball. Or...or even if it'd been Brawl! Losing a fight to a mech whose very NAME refers to a kind of knockdown, drag out fight is something Overlord could come to grips with. But...but to be taken down by the Glass Shuttle -- and to not even have the dignity of getting one shot to land on the hand-hacked, kludge-sucking, decorative little fragger? Ohhh...oh there's going to come a reckoning for this, oh yes indeed. A reckoning and a seriously worded request for some long-needed and absolutely ridiculously overpowered upgrades. That's for damned sure.

[Broadband] Goth says, "Por favor, por favor cualquiera, necesitamos ayuda en Polyhex, en Darkmount, están heridos, muy heridos"

Blast Off strikes Overlord and.... knocks him out?? Wait.... alright, Blast Off is pretty sure he's rather amazing, but he hadn't realized he was THAT amazing as to completely overwhelm the powerful Overlord himself. Which... actually, may just lead to some worry about what Overlord might do next time he sees him. Or might order him to do. Or... frag. "<< Overlord? ....>> Silence, he seems.... out. "<< Uh... >>" The Combaticon doesn't even transform, instead turning and just rocketing away. Nothing to see here, move along....~

By the time the jamming field is finally lifted, the damage is already done. Nightshade rises from her vantage point, surveying the arena with only her bare optics now. For perhaps the first time since getting rebuilt back to her original (if updated) specs, she frowns to herself, wondering just what sort of chaos has been unleashed.

Megatron nods at Ghost. "Theres no need for that." he says, looking to her. Almost afraid. "We should return to base. Theres nothing to be gained here." he'll leave the Destrons of New Polyhex to clean up this mess.

Ghost blinks again and lifts a single brow before she rasps. "No. No there isn't." and steps on the blade, twisting foot to shatter the emitters. She steps aside, expressionless, "As you wish."

Soundwave nods "Retrieve the injured Decepticons. Return them to Tarn for repairs." he almost sounds disappointed. In who or whatwho knows.

Megatron notices the weapon crushed. "No." he syas. "I still have your loyalty, correct?" he asks.

Ghost clasps her hands behind her back. "I still won't lie to you." is her response as she turns to walk away.

[Broadband] Bloody Bones deadpans, "Sorry, my universal translator is in my other uniform."

Megatron nods "So be it." he says as he also turns to walk away, having lost a lot more then he won.