Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: The Fallen Attacks Iacon - Dominicon Perspective

The Fallen

Characters: Too Dang Many

Location: Iacon (various)

Date: September 22, 2019

TP: The Fallen TP

Summary: The Fallen TP Finale -- the big bad himself shows up looking for his Blaster.

As logged by  Delusion

Log session starting at 16:15:10 on Sunday, 22 September 2019.

(Radio) Stormfront sends Delusion a radio transmission, 'Delusion, warn your people The Fallen is coming for Iacon!'

[Dominicon] Delusion says, "Just got a message from the Autobots -- The Fallen is headed towards Iacon."

[Dominicon] Discretion says, "I guess I play relay then."

[Dominicon] Knightmare says, "So we move it from where it was hidden and he comes looking for it.. Dominicons, we are heading towards Iacon as well. All of you know your duties and to be ready should we need to combine, I want all to be within range if not directly involved."

[Dominicon] Delusion says, "Yes'm"

[Dominicon] Discretion says, "En route."

Gates of Iacon - Iacon - Northwestern Cybertron

The Iacon gates are a legendary shield system of triple reinforcement. Several large cannons are mounted strategically along it, even four of the dreaded warp cannons! Turreted guard towers line the semi-circular perimeter out of the necessity of war. Golden walls rise a good 10 stories tall overlooking the arched entrance to Iacon's main dome. Autobot sentries guard the main entrance, ever watchful of potential Decepticon threats. A large protected entrance is near the main staging area. Over a deep empty moat extends a bridge that can be retracted during an attack.

Scales sends a radio transmission.

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

[Broadband] Blaster transmits, "Calling all Transformers!"

[Broadband] Blaster transmits, "Something evil's watching over you. And its come from the sky above... and there's nothin you can do."

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

[Broadband] Blaster transmits, "Prepare to strike, there'll be no place to run...when you're caught up in the grip, of the spawn of Unicron."

[Broadband] Blaster transmits, "Calling all Transformers! More than meets the eye. Transformers. Robots in disguise..."

[Broadband] Blaster transmits, "Strong enough to break the bravest we have to pull together, and no we can't stay worlds apart..."

[Broadband] Blaster transmits, "To stand divided we would surely fall...Until our darkest hour, when the light will save us all."

Up in the sky, a comet enters view, trailing smoke. It veers just slightly off its trajectory, as it homes in on Iacon. The sky ripples in its wake, the power of its heat so intense. The Fallen impacts against the shield, choosing to fly straight into it. A shudder rolls throughout the city as the shield visibly ripples and bends as the Fallen taxes the city's strength against him.

[Broadband] Starlock sighs. "Hot rod's not here to say it.. So I will.. 'Til all are one-- Oh shit."

[Broadband] Delusion says, "*dryly* And if you don't understand all that poetic nonsense- either get to shelter or prepare for battle."


Knightmare heads in the general direction of Iacon, moving at a fair speed if not her top speed, as she responds to the comms about the Fallen approaching Iacon, though at his arrival she goes to what is full speed for her... transforming and landing neared to Iacon and still a small distance from the Fallen. A few quick commands echo across her radio as she appraises the situation.

[Dominicon] Knightmare says, "Well it seems this will be a must.. entertaining night."

Stormfront's hands were up to help with the shield and he is IMMEDIATELY knocked to his knees from the fallen's impact against the field. "Sl-slaggin hell..."

Benin-Jeri stands outside the city, sabre in hand, mouth open wide.

Delusion approaches at Knightmare's flank, and likewise transforms, though she remains hanging in the air rather than landing, optics watching The Fallen and noting the flex in the shield at his impact.

The fighter jet nose folds down and wings flip up, revealing Delusion's robot form.

Starlock stares in horror as the shield basically gets T-boned for lack of words, Starlock feels her entire self shaking, almost being knocked to her pedes as she grips onto her now deployed stave, the blade igniting."...W-Were in for a night alright." she'd laugh weakly.

Swindle braces for the shockwave of the comet's impact, flattening himself so as to make it harder for the blast wave to grab him and send him flying. "Holy Slag!" he yells, not realizing he's spoken aloud as well as over the Decepticon broadband. He tenses, not only with the effort of bracing himself but with the very real, very sudden desire to get as far away from this fight as possible. Suddenly, he regrets having mentioned to his fellow Decepticons that he's within optic-sight of Iacon.

[Broadband] Soundwave says, "Sending assistance from Kaon."

Bulwark stands behind the shield waiting; waiting for the impact of the Fallen. As Stormfront falls and the Fallen slams into the shield the Guardian stands resolute with shield braced on one arm and the massive hammer held in the other.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Thank you..."

[Dominicon] Delusion says, "Entertaining is certainly a word for it."

[Dominicon] Knightmare says, "A choice was made, they must live by that choice."

Benin-Jeri is outside the gates, lightsabre in hand. "Hail hail," he quotes. "That gang's all here." It was a sight before ruin, the Fallen's heated blaze pressing against the shield.

Imager takes to the stairs, leading up to one of the high points in the city.

Benin-Jeri turns to look up and up at Imager. "Hello," he quotes, "Something seems to be happening."

Imager gives Benin-Jeri a somber look, "Can't talk! I gotta... thing I gotta do."

Imager stands up atop a tower, and takes a deep intake. She transforms her shield back into its original form, a vioello. "Well..... lets see." She raises the instrument to her chin, and the draw of her bow goes throughout the city.

Stormfront grins at Bulwark when he manages to get back to his feet. "Haven't been rocked like that in a while. I'm helping the field some...but anything more than I do will compromise my efficiency in battle."

Scales chooses to bravely stand outside with the other people showing up to defend Iacon.. But that's about the extent of brave the little dragon is feeling at the moment. She dashes for a sheltered spot, curling up in small nook where she can peer out while still being a little hidden.

Scales ducks out of sight.

Starlock is keeping her optics, waiting for when the combat is to start. The lights on her pede boosters kick on, she's ready to start when the rest are, taking a couple deep vents, thinking to herself. " << I don't care whom you are, but if you need help /say something/ got it?>>" She'd chirp over the broadband.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "I don't care whom you are, but if you need help /say something/ got it?"

[Broadband] Starlock says, "can't aford to be picky on this battlefield."

Swindle notices non-Autobots making their way into the shield over the city. He considers, running the odds on survival if he stays outside the shield versus his odds if he's inside the shield. Pro-staying outside: he can run a lot more easily if he's not inside the shield. Con-staying outside: The Fallen is out here. "...this is stupid, slag, slag, slag, this is dumb," he says, as he starts running for the shield, cursing his stupidity as well as that of every single solitary individual at this battle, up to and including The Fallen itself.

Lights begin to sparkle as she plays, and this time she sings in accompaniment.

"Children of the land, do you hear? Echoes of truth that once rang clear?

Two sparks intertwined, One true love they did find. Bring land and heavens near...."

"But flames that burned full bright, soon fell dark...Memories dimmed by shadowed sparks. In the waxing gloom, did wane the lovers moon. Watching as their worlds drift apart..."

Knightmare moves slowly to one side, closer to the city as she observes the Fallen as well as a optic scanning the others to keep herself aware of the position of the Autobots in the area while the remaining Dominicons retain a bit of a distance as they keep a optic out for any other arrivals.

GAME: Delusion PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

Gridiron joins the rest at the gates, watching. "Been quite a while since I worked the ol' smelters... never thought I'd be dealin' with one that walks 'n talks." he says.

[Dominicon] Delusion says, "Ah, that would be Swindle lurking about.."

"One soul's cry. A passion dwelling within....Sacrifice. A final plea to her kin..."

As she plays, a holographic projector displays the vague shapes of two figures, locked in an eternal dance.

"Yet this bond of hope, by treachery was broke. Scattering her words to the wind."

"Swelling over all seas of a song"

The music starts to swell, "And death an afterthough...for those who fight for no-ought"

Benin-Jeri opens his mouth as if to join in Imager's song with some bad Earth culture reference, but then gives Stormfront a second look and shuts his mouth again, letting Imager have her moment.

The music swells further, "A spa-ark, lying empty.....a bla-ade incomple-ete....."

She belts out the words as it goes on, "ALOOOOOONE, for ETERN-I-TY....."

 "A PAI-IN.........."


Starlock hears Imager and starts to hum along, eventually, softly, joining along in the melody, closing her optics for only a moment... Imager may not know it, but Starlock silently approves of what she's trying, but reality.. Well Reality is cruel, but the hope is there.

[Dominicon] Delusion says, "It's a shame that all records of what The Fallen looked like before have been purged."

She lowers her head, "Children of the land answer this. Why must you turn to emptiness? Tell me why break trust? Why turn the past to dust? Seeking Solus in the abyss?"

The music swells one last time, "Tell me why create a circle none can break? Why must you let go, the life you were bestowed?"

Her voice drops. "This I fear I'll never know......." And in a soft tone, she repeats, "never.....know...."

Soundwave arrives, backed by a few contigents of seekers to help Defend Iacon of all places. He motions to them. "Operation: Base Defense. Assist the Autobots in securing their base. The Fallen must not cross the line."

The sounds of Terran flavored hip-hop lead the way. Very likely because a sound that hasn't been heard in a long time. It could be coming across very specific frequencies, thanks to the Bad Bot Blaster or maybe it's even coming across the broadband. Then again, it may just straight up be coming out of the speakers attached the Porsche 935 Turbo that speeds and skids onto the scene.

The arrival is punctuated by a controlled spin out that sees the unfolding and transforming of said vehicle into the Maestro of Special Operations himself! Cybertron's Most Stylish Autobot for ten consecutive years running! One half of the Bad Bots!


His aerial transformation allows him to land stylishly on top of something with an almost superheroic flair. Arms crossed over his chest and a smirk on his faceplate. "It's Showtime!"

Bulwark even after watching the Fallen stand against the Forge. Even after being chased across the stars. Bulwark stands implacable within the line of defenders; hoping his presence, and that of the artifact he bears, can be something for the others to latch onto and draw some measure of strength from.

Jazz can't see it, but there is a smile that appears on her face when she see's ol' Jazz. but she takes a vent readies herself. "Yo~" Starlock chuckles out, but attempts not to completely lose her steel.

[Dominicon] Delusion says, "I likely can't distract him with Solus again- it won't be shocking a second time. But if I knew what he himself used to look like, that's something that might balk him for a moment."

[Dominicon] Discretion says, "I'm no help there..."

The city shield of Iacon grows red hot in the quadrant the Fallen is attempting to breech. The very shield bends around him as he continues his assault. Suddenly, the shield dissipates into motes.

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

Elita One sends a radio transmission.


Heavy footfalls ring out, but it's not the Fallen getting really impatient. No, it's just Grimlock getting really impatient. Currently in dinomode, the large robotic reptile grunts, "Me Grimlock not like all this noise." He chuffs and glares as the shield breaks, "But me like this even less."

(Radio) Delusion transmits, "Bulwark.. you have access to some ancient records. Are there any images of Megatronus before he became The Fallen that haven't been purged?" to Bulwark.

Elita One sends a radio transmission.

Warp cannons and anti-cruiser weaponry from Iacon's battery all open fire simultaneously. Orange flames fill the air, explosive plasma causes a lightshow at a distance. The crackling hum of warp energy blots out any sign of the Fallen for several seconds, until like a comet, he crashes forward into part of Iacon.

Bulwark sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Bulwark sends Delusion a radio transmission, 'I have some both in my memory banks and in my chambers. Not that either is easy to access in this situation.'

Gridiron frowns. "The irons are in the fire now." he says, stepping back to transform.

Gridrion begins to fall forwards, his arms folding into his sides to form the forward half of his tank mode, as the cannon barrel on his turret extends. As the forward half contacts the ground his rear half folds together to join with the front half, leaving behind an M1A1 Abrams.

(Radio) Delusion transmits, "My apologies for not thinking of it sooner. I thought confronting the past might distract him from the present." to Bulwark.

Swindle whimpers as he sees the shield come down. He doesn't turn and bolt, instead he reacts like any Combaticon would: his weapons systems come on line so hard and so fast his optics flicker from the effort. His scatterblaster moves of its own accord, whining in eagerness for the fight. He might die today, but he'll go down fighting. 

And if he lives through this, well, then he'll loot the Fallen's corpse. Oh, hell yes.

Starlock looks down at her readout monitor and frowns behind herm ask as she see's signal after signal go offline. "....Hang in there everyone..." she'd murmur softly.

[Dominicon] Discretion says, "Wait... did he just say he'd seen Megatronus? Isn't Soundwave here?"

Discretion sends a radio transmission.

Bulwark sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Bulwark sends Delusion a radio transmission, 'I have been a bit preoccupied to have thought about it myself.'

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

Soundwave sends a radio transmission.

Discretion sends a radio transmission.

Soundwave sends a radio transmission.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Know what, I'ma repeat this here too, for what Inferno said, don't any one of you play hero, If you're too damaged to keep fighting get out or radio for help. We have a couple of triage medics out there to make sure you can at least get yourselves back to where we can do larger repairs."

The Fallen has smashed down in the border regions on the outskirts of Iacon. The area is lit by the aura of fire covering the Fallen, scorching the very ground on which he stands. The broken bodies of dead and dying first responders lay around him, some still trying to attack, some attempting to crawl away before their flesh fades to grey. The stench of blackened circuitry and superheated ozone hangs over the smoking rubble.

Autobot interceptor Neon chokes and fights feebly against the claws of the Fallen around his neck. "We... will... never surrender..." he gasps, until there is a sickening crunch and his optics go dark, hands falling away to his sides. 

>> The Fallen strikes Neon with Choke. <<

"Is this all stands before me?" the Fallen screams in rage, dropping Neon?s body and turning towards the city proper. "I expected more from someone who dares to call himself a Prime."

[Dominicon] Discretion says, "Tell Bulwark to think about him before he changed. Soundwave is going to try and get that from him and send it to you, Delsuion."

[Dominicon] Delusion says, "Hah. Desperate times."

[Dominicon] Discretion says, "Yeah... I know"

Optimus Prime crests the hill of wreckage, standing over the Fallen. He bellows out the name in challenge. "Megatronus!" With his Pathblaster raised, he announces in a clarion tone, "There must be an end to this... NOW."

(Radio) Delusion transmits, "If you can picture Megatronus as he was, Soundwave believes he can retrieve the image to send to me." to Bulwark.

Elita One flanks the Fallen, as she draws up a high-scale rocket launcher. All four missiles activate, a ring of blue surrounding each one. With ignition, the salvo streaks out towards the Fallen, erupting into a tremendous blue haze.

Ultra Magnus clears the distance from another direction and moves in to melee with a powerful leap, his fist reared back for a devastating punch. He lands in the hazy mist and follows through with a loud CLANG as he strikes.

Soundwave sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Soundwave sends Delusion a radio transmission, ' get as close to me as you can. the mindreading works better in proximity'

Bulwark sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Bulwark sends Delusion a radio transmission, 'Understood.'

Intense fire burns away the haze. The Fallen reappears from within the flames, his claws buried deep in Ultra Magnus's armor. A deep staccato rumbling can be heard from with his Rancorite cage of glowing chaos; it may be what the Fallen considers laughter. "Now this is more like it," the Fallen bellows. "True warriors, ready to die for their master." The Fallen holds Magnus aloft, the City Commander's dripping energon igniting into bright pops before it even touches the Fallen's black skin.

Soundwave sends a radio transmission.

Optimus Prime opens fire upon the Fallen, his left hand raised up onto the barrel, ensuring a steady stream of energy blasts against the once-Prime.

Delusion arches an optic ridge at something and fades back somewhat to get closer to Soundwave temporarily.

Discretion sends a radio transmission.

The Fallen twists, using Magnus's body as a living shield to block Optimus Prime's attack. "Thank you, Optimus Prime," the Fallen says with a sneer. "By coming here, you bring me what I desire most: the so-called Matrix of Leadership. With it, I can control Unicron - make him do my bidding. I will bring back to life my beloved Solus. Take heart - your death will bring about new life. Your destruction will serve a greater purpose." 

Twisting at the waist, the Fallen flings Magnus away. The City Commander smashes into the base of the Promontory, sending a massive shard of metal completely through his body. The force of the impact causes the support beams to buckle, shifting the weight of the tower down unto the armored Autobot. Magnus grunts in pain as crushing forces bear down on top of him.

Elita One appears at the Fallen's side, and in a flash of purple and blue, appears and disappears several times as she strikes him ten times in an instant. She appears again in the middle of a jump kick towards the Fallen…

Knightmare simply watches for the moment since Prime seems to have made this a personal fight for now. The Dominicon Femme does not back away but stays close, her shield and mace deployed as she waits for the proper time.

Bulwark sends a radio transmission.

The Fallen crosses both jagged arms across his chest, easily absorbing the blow. Before Elita can react and timehop away, the Fallen slams both forearms forward, sending the Female Autobot commander backwards at high speed. Elita reacts quickly, backflipping through the air. The Fallen's face twists and he opens his maw, sending out a blast of flames that liquefies the ground beneath her before she can land.

Elita One lands in the molten metal partially, her want was to go for a three point landing, her arm covered in the rapidly cooling metal.

In the skies above, another comet can be seen coming down towards the city. A defunct satellite system, smouldering and smoking as reentry burns it, shapes it into a deadly slab of metal...

Ultra Magnus suffers the weight of an entire building on his back, with a large piece of metal jutting through his side.

Soundwave sends a radio transmission.

A yellow blast comes from another direction before the Fallen can square off with Prime. Holding a tall, thin blaster is Bumblebee, who circles around the Fallen to join Optimus, "Leave him alone!" The Bee yells in the face of annihilation.

Optimus Prime fires thrice more, his Pathblaster overheating due to the use, even as the shots seem to do minimal damage. "Bumblebee! Get back, don't let him near you."

Bumblebee stares straight ahead at the Fallen, still firing his small blaster, "I'm not going anywhere, Big Bot!"

Bulwark looks up to the Fallen; lifting the shield and Forge in readiness. Focusing his attention on the current abomination and his mind on the menace he used to be.

Elita One pulls on her arm, unable to get free, her own rifle just out of reach. She grunts in frustration as she tries to draw it closer to her with her leg. "Get him up! Hurry!"

Optimus Prime reaches into subspace and draws out his axe, a large two handed weapon with an electric red edge to it. He says softly to his friend, before melee is joined, "....I know." And with that, Optimus leaps into the fray, swinging his mighty axe against the Fallen.

The weight of the building shuffles as Ultra Magnus starts to make progress towards pushing it off of his back. Rubble groans and slides off of him a little more, even as the space satellite hurtles on down towards Iacon before him.

Starlock's optic narrow in horror, she'd have to stop herself form moving to assist, but her monitor already tells her what she needs to know, and she'd sigh, and instead start running, and in a very Blurr-like fashion, starts running a cross the field in a stripe of purple, attempting to get to Magnus.

The Fallen raises his right arm and there is a burst of released flame and heat as Optimus's ax is buried into his forearm. Bumblebee takes advantage of the Fallen's momentary distraction and moves in, his stinger blaster firing over and over as he attempts to assist his commander and idol in bringing down the beast. 

The Fallen is only momentarily paused, however. He glowers down at Bumblebee with an air of surprise that the small Autobot would even try to stop him. With almost contemptuous disregard, he slaps Bumblebee back, the glowing aura of his regenerated left hand burning the Autobot spy where it touches him. The Fallen then twists and slams the same arm into Optimus Prime with a roar of growing anger.

Scales dashes from her cover to where Ultra Magnus was thrown, a bright green flash across the rock, wings tucked in close.

Scales comes out of hiding.

Optimus Prime reels from the attack, knocked onto his aft, and is sent back twenty yalms before he can steady himself. "Bumblebee!" He bellows as he sprints back into the fray. Even as the heat aura sizzles against him, Prime drags the axe beside him, sparking off of the ground, then delivers a two-handed blow, knocking the Fallen up into the air.

Bulwark sends a radio transmission.

Swindle grunts, hearing the Fallen's words to Prime. He makes a face. A lost love? This is all about a *romance*? "An' people wonder why I don't date..." he mutters, continuing to lay down covering fire against Cybertron's collective enemy.

Soundwave sends a radio transmission.

There's an audible thrum throughout the city as Iacon?s shield system, as weak as it is, is brought back up, a massive blue shield that expands out from the Great Dome, and pushes The Fallen out with it.

The satellite makes contact with the same part of the shield the Fallen had so unceremoniously been hoisted out on. The explosion is deafening, a shock is sent through the shield system, as parts of the station melt and explode.

The Iacon shield falters and goes down again, shrapnel, debris, and slagged metal rain down on the city. Pieces of detritus pierce into the city itself, leaving a trail of fire and woe.

Stormfront has moved his position on Elita's orders but that doesn't mean that he can't help with the forcefield from where he stands.

The bulk of the plummeting station impacts the Fallen with enough force to stagger the maniacal murderer. Briefly he disappears beneath the mass of the wreckage. Before onlookers can even cheer, however, the Fallen rises up from the explosion, launching a sixteen yalm spine from the space station from the fire and smoke straight at Optimus Prime. The hurled detritus and catches Optimus right in the shoulder. It slams Prime to the ground and buries itself two yalms deep into the pavement.

Soundwave starts to walk into the fray, towards the fallen. The tapedeck is silent, concentrating as he prepares whatever he has planned. Just a little closer. He stays away from as much of the chaos as he can. Whatever hes got planned, hes quiet about it as the con forces help with the defense.

Discretion sends a radio transmission.

The Fallen steps from the smoke and chaos, his Rancorite frame glowing white-hot with rage. Every step he takes burns tracks into the blasted landscape. Ignoring Soundwave for now, the Fallen fixes his lethal gaze on Optimus Prime and slowly his mouth opens wide. A powerful glow builds within him as the Fallen screams. Burning chaos energy rips from his maw and burns its way towards the last Prime, setting the very air aglow between Megatronus and the Autobot leader.

Elita One struggles to free her arm from the pooled metal, straining to stand.

Bumblebee lays on the ground thirty meters away, knocked out, or in stasis from a single blow.

Soundwave sends a radio transmission.

Magnus groans as the building shifts some more, his arms shaking from the strength he's putting into pushing himself free.

Optimus grasps the spine with both hands, trying to pull it from his shoulder.

The six yalm wide beam of fire and death streaks towards him.

Optimus's hands slip, covered in energon, unable to pull himself free...

Discretion sends a radio transmission.

The Fallen's hellbeam covers the ground towards Optimus in a heartbeat, sublimating the air around it as it rockets forward.

A silhouette is seen of the beam and Optimus, as nanoseconds flash by in an instant...

A second silhouette is seen, flashing into view, that of Elita One, running towards Optimus, one arm outstretched, her other arm having been torn free from her body.

The hellbeam starts to tear through the end of the spine, melting it in seconds.

Elita One, reaching out as far as she can, touches Optimus on the shoulder. Pink and purple glow for a split second before the beam annihilates the area. It blows into the ground, carving a trail of destruction two subfloors down as it rakes across the ground.

Scales gathers her courage... instead of chasing over to where Magnus is moving through the rubble, the little dragon diverts towards Bumblebee's still form, skittering across the ground as fast as she can.

Energon Pools - High Council Pavilions - Iacon

Aegis awaits in the energon pools, taking cover from the high ground and setting up an ambush for the pursuing Fallen.


Swindle is in the fight now, but he's still staying near the back of the action. Partly because of his natural inclinations to Not Die, partly because this fight is one of the scariest he's ever been in. People using space debris to bombard a planet, sure, he's heard of that. People using *themselves* to bombard a planet is a little bit on the Nucking Futz side of things.

Gridiron rolls into position near the pools, raising his cannon barrel and getting his lasers charged up. "Kinda like somethin' I read back on Earth. Somethin' about the last stand at the Alamo..."

(Radio) Soundwave sends Delusion a radio transmission, ' Distraction created. sending image now' 

Bulwark strides over to Knigtmare and holds out the Forge; which has been added to a bit. There's some sort of device locked around it. "Here, it would be best if there'e more than one avenue of attack, and this will at least cause some damage to the Fallen." The mech rolls his shoulders, "And I am of a mind to take to the air..."

Aegis leaves her position and moves to Stormfront's side. "Glad to have you here," she mutters, looking over the ragtag gang of defenders.

Grimlock stomps into place, glancing about and grunting. He considers joining the others, briefly, and just opening fire from a safe distance, but when does he ever do things from a safe distance? Deciding against it, he turns and waits for the Fallen to show up.

"So it fall to Grimlock," he rumbles to himself, "As always."

(Radio) Delusion transmits, "Thank you, Soundwave." to Soundwave.

Stormfront is moving toward the Vaults, a frown on his face as he thinks of those who are no longer responding to hails on the radio. He looks back to try and figure who is still available. When Aegis speaks, he turns to her, "Wish Alchemist Prime and Velocitus had come too. But I am thankful for Bulwark's presence and yours Aegis. Even if you are still considered a pain in the turbines."

Knightmare looks at the Forge for a moment before she reaches out after stowing her mace and accepts the artifact with a moments hesitation, her fingers wrapping around it and holds it up a bit to look at it before she turns her focus to Bulwark, "I will do whatever I can to not dishonor this artifact."

[Broadband] Starlock  yelps. "Soundwave's down!"

The Fallen advances through the smashed gates to the energon pools, leaving a trail of destruction and fire in his path. He wades through the beautiful gardens, leaving broken bodies floating facedown in his wake. As he approaches the tunnel leading down to the Vaults, a pair of Omega Sentinels step directly into his path. "Your advance ends here," one intones. "None unworthy may enter the Vaults - especially not a murderer the likes of you." The sentinels raise their legendary weaponry.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Scales is tending to Soundwave."

Delusion scans those assembled and looks down at Stormfront as the closest in size and build. She smirks.

(Radio) Delusion transmits, "Want to play the inner light side of The Fallen?" to Stormfront.

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Stormfront sends Delusion a radio transmission, 'uh oh. what do you have in mind?'

Swindle flinches at the news that Soundwave has been taken down. And then he sees The Fallen stride through the smashed gates, moving toward the energon pools. For a moment, he feels a sense of hope that the Omega Sentinels will stop the monster. His mouth moves in a whispered aside that might be a prayer or might be him attempting to make a deal with the universe itself.

[Broadband] Discretion says, "Alright everyone... no quarter given; no energon left in reserve… *"

(Radio) Delusion transmits, "I can make you look like he -used- to, before he was corrupted by rage. I think a prankster like yourself will be able to take full advantage." to Stormfront.

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Stormfront sends Delusion a radio transmission, 'oh primus....okay do it. I still have some forcefield energy left to get bounced.'

Discretion drops in behind Knightmare carrying some sort of unknown firearm perhaps. "Let me hit him first... it might give you an opening; if it works."

Benin-Jeri emits an audible *gulping* sound, before shakily raising his lightsaber and stepping between the Fallen and the entrance to the Vault. "The Force is with me, /And I am one with the Force;/ And I fear nothing, /Because all is as the Force wills it," Ben repeats. Powering down his optics, Ben gives out a piercing Brienne of Tarth scream and charges the Fallen, swinging his lightsaber like a cricket bat.

>> Benin-Jeri strikes The Fallen with Lightsabre. <<

Stormfront looks at Aegis. "I'm going to try a distraction...." He moves to find a decent vantage point where he can be seen by the Fallen. Though he maneuvers himself so that there is a area for escape too.

Delusion remains hovering in the air, hanging back somewhat. She flexes her holographic muscles, gathering shadows around herself and, weirdly, STormfront. After a moment, the shadows around Stormfront are dispelled by a shining light, and where the future Prime once stood, there is now an unknown face, a handsome mech with a strong mien and proud step, an armored warrior with a crown-like helm. Well, the appearance is unknown to all but two here.

>> Delusion projects a forcefield over herself. <<

Knightmare nods to Discrection as she shifts a bit, lowering the hammer so her body hides the bulk of it for the moment as Fallen arrives and the first of the defenders move to attack, her optics locked on him as she seeks a proper moment to strike.

"You ain't gettin' past here, pardner!" Gridiron shouts. "This here's a private party an' you ain't invited!" His main cannon barrel swings around to lock onto the Fallen, and he switches to energy mode, sending round after round of energy rounds at the monster.

>> Gridiron strikes The Fallen with Main Cannon. <<

Grimlock watches Benin-Jeri go in and hack at the Fallen.

"Me Grimlock not let Junkion have all the fun," he roars, his idea of 'fun' utterly bizarre in the face of what is happening here. Granted, would he really be Grimlock if were intimidated? No, no he wouldn't. In accordance with this, the Dinobot Commander rushes in and does the most logical thing possible:

Try to take a bite out of crime.

>> Grimlock strikes The Fallen with Bite. <<

Swindle's mouth pulls back into a snarl as he fires at The Fallen. "An' this is why hope's the greatest con ever run!" he yells. "Die you miserable misbegotten fragging ---" He continues yelling cures and insults, moving through his entire vocabulary of profanity. Which is, as one might imagine, extensive.

>> Swindle misses The Fallen with Gyro-Gun <Medium>. <<

Stormfront is used to years and years of pranking. Some of which included a little voice mimicry. So modulating his voice as best as he can, he speaks. Projecting his voice, making it proud and strong, "Once a protector! A fighter for Primus! You had all the power you ever needed and yet you reached for more and more! This was how we looked before our hatred over. Before we snuffed the light of our lives!"

Discretion leaps into the air following the Combaticon's attempted attack. She streaks closer to the Fallen, "Solus give form to our plans and aim to the weapon they brought forth." The trigger is pulled and an solid beam of white energy streak forth, cutting the air with an audible hum. The dominicon hopes the sound theory, and theory of sound, it is based on will make some impact.

As Knightmare take the Forge Bulwark lets go and leaps into the air, his form gowing and expanding into his iconic, draconic form. The dragon streaks towards his flaming opponent and unleashes a torrent of lightning just before Discretion's beam may land.

>> Bulwark strikes The Fallen with Lightning Breath <Medium>. <<

Knightmare tightens her grip on the Hammer, optics narrowing just a bit at Discretion's tactics and adjusting her intentions just a bit. Then as Bulwark begins his rain of lightning from above she finally darts forward, shifting off to one side as she comes at the Fallen from a angle he is paying less attention to, issuing only a few words, "No Mercy." And twists as she alters her stance as she gets near the Fallen, both hands wrapping around it's handle as she tuns and strikes at him with the Hammer.

Knightmare transform into her knight-like robot form, mace and shield at the ready.

>> Forge of Solus Prime strikes The Fallen with Hammer. <<

Aegis follows up with her arm-cannons -- she might not have the firepower everyone else wields, but every bit counts, right?

>> Aegis misses The Fallen with Heavy Laser <High>. <<

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

Omega Sentinels fire from above, pouring on the attack,

>> Omega Sentinels strikes The Fallen with Concussion-Cannon <Medium>. <<

Your music.

[Broadband] Bloody Bones says, "Sounds like the lot of you are dealing with something ugly."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Can say that again."

[Broadband] Discretion says, "That's an understatement."

Undeterred, the Fallen strides forward. Swindle's prayers may be answered as others draw the Fallen attention safely away from the Combaticon. Benin-Jeri's sword barely nicks his armor, sending out a blast of heat. Gridiron's cannon-blasts slow him, but the Fallen keeps moving -- at least until Grimlock grabs his newly-regrown left forearm on his teeth and YANKS. Few could hold a burning demigod still in his jaws without burning alive, but then, few are as tough as Grimlock. 

Swindle's rounds pour into him, but the Fallen's fires of chaos simply overcome the blast. The Fallen tugs himself free of Grimlock's teeth, deep gouges left in the rancorite skin of his arm. He turns to assess the doppelganger of his past self before him. Something that could be amusement ripples across his damaged face. 

"And you are supposed to be... me? How quaint. I m--" The distraction worked, as the Fallen remains in place long enough to be hit by Discretion's harmonics cannon. Designed using a stolen chunk of the Fallen's rancorite flesh itself, the cannon bypasses the Fallen's flames as does damage directly to his endoskeletal core. 

The Fallen is staggered back, opening himself up to be attacked by Bulwark. The Fallen screams in rage, his fires burning away Aegis's blasts but unable to stop the Forge from making legendary impact, driving him back even more than all the other attacks combined -- ignoring completely the attacks from the Omega Sentinels. "You..... DARE?" he roars, his armor turning white-hot. "You use the very tool of my lover against me? For that.... You will DIE!"

>> The Fallen misses Knightmare with Bifurcation. <<

The Fallen's rage builds, burning outward from within him....

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "So what did you Autobots do to slag this guy off?"

[Broadband] Discretion says, "Exist."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Beats me!"

>> The Fallen attacks Grimlock, Knightmare, and Benin-Jeri with Fiery Aura, striking nobody. <<

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Headed North to join you lot, say somethingi f medical is nessary!"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Well stop doing that. It'd do me a favor too."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "I don't think he'll listen to someone saying please."

[Broadband] Delusion says, "Several people have already tried that."

[Broadband] Bloody Bones says, "I think he was referring to the Autobots?"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Yeah I was."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Okay look, are you gonna keep being Starscream, or are you gonna help?"

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

Knightmare moves aside just a bit, her shield taking most of the damage as she moves back before the flames can hurt her, "I dare to stand against you? Of course I do.. you threatened my city, threatened my FAMILY." She stands up straight, swishing the hammer just a bit as she locks optics with the Fallen, "You said I'd die last time, yet here I stand. Give me your best, Dark one.. because your worse has failed to impress."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "....No, seriuselly, Please, if you can help us, It would.. Be apprchiated.. This is all our home after all."

[Broadband] Redline says, "I would need coordinates for where this is happening."

Gridiron switches to his rocket racks as his main cannon starts to get hot from the firing. "Yeaaah! Take that you cast iron son of a bitch!" he shouts as the Forge lets loose. "Time for some fireworks!"

>> Gridiron strikes The Fallen with Rocket. <<

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "no need to be insulting. Its at Iacon"

[Broadband] Bloody Bones says, "Sorry, I know nothing about your world. Plus I don't think I'd stand much of a chance."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "I do owe them. I suppose if they calle it in as a favor I could help."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "I could probably take him down in one hit no problem."

[Broadband] Bloody Bones says, "Iacon... it has been a while since I was in that vicinity. It may take me a while."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Ahh I'm not sure that, he's kinda on fire"

Starlock comes rushing into the area, leaping over debris and even using some to speed her decent to Elita, She's a bit of a mess of Energon from everyone she's been tending to, she'd swing her arms once more, her sterilizers activating to clean at least up to her elbow joints. 


"Elita!" She'd call out.

[Broadband] Redline says, "Iacon... it has been a while since I was in that vicinity. It may take me a while."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "trust me, wont be hard to get in."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "there is kinda a big flaming fuck-off hole.."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Lemme put on my asbestos codpiece. Okay. Any cons that want to throw themselves at him lemme know. I can fly you out."

Grimlock gets a mouthful of the Fallen. Protip: Burning ex-Primes do not taste very good. Chomp at your own risk. 0/5 stars. Leaving negative reviews on Yelp.

"Me Grimlock already tired of Fallen's big mouth," says the robot dinosaur with a big mouth, "Me gonna--" And then there's fire. Grimlock stomps backwards with surprising speed for someone with his lack of grace, narrowly avoiding getting turned into lizard flambe. "Me Grimlock say nice try, big guy, but not nice enough!" Crouching down, he leaps at the Fallen, trying to tear into him with claws and teeth.

>> Grimlock strikes The Fallen with Evisceration. <<

Stormfront frowns slightly, " not poke the drag....err the Demon." He gives an apologetic look to Bulwark. He looks at those around him and stands tall. "You ended the life of your love Megatronus. You have none to blame but yourself. Do you seriously think she will want you when she sees what you were willing to do to bring her back? My understanding was that she loved creation! Not destruction. Look what you have become. She will turn from you before you have even a chance to see her again. It's not too late to turn back Megatronus. I am sure she waits for you in the well. You have only to stop that which will only return you to the pit!"

[Broadband] Redline says, "I do not get out of medbay much is why it would take me a bit."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Autobots? My debt to you would be repaid."

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

Discretion cheers as the beam strikes true and does exactly what she had hoped. Mere moments after it sonnects the beam begins to lose cohesion and intensity as smoke pours off the prototype. The femme keeps the fullisade hammering away at the Fallen as long as she can before the weapon fries itself out. She knows full well she's no match for his power and turns in place to dart back to the (relative) safety of the line.

[Broadband] Stormfront says, "Redline, you need to check to make sure there aren't more of your cons that need help."

Swindle breaks down laughing, loud, long and hysterical. He also continues firing at The Fallen, laughing and shooting. At the sight of the beam striking true, he lets out a celebratory howl. Sure, it might be premature but slag it, celebrate when you can, right? 'Cause soon, we're gonna die!

>> Swindle strikes The Fallen with Scatter-Blaster <Medium>. <<

[Broadband] Scales says, "There are Seekers all over."

[Broadband] Scales says, "ALL over."

Delusion continues to hang back, keeping herself hidden even as she maintains Stormfront's new look. But at least she can join in those plinking away at The Fallen's armor. She draws a large laser pistol and takes aim at The Fallen's legs. Slowing him down would be at least as useful as just killing him.

>> Delusion strikes The Fallen with Pulse Laser <Medium>. <<

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

Knightmare tightens her grip on the Forge and moves again, hopefully drawing more of the Fallen's focus so others have less chance of taking fire just yet and moves her shield forward, "I've taunted a dragon, a t-rex, and a great many other things in my time.. this one scares me far less then they do." A smirk curls her face just a bit, "I had not thought I would see someone who scares me less then Megatron does but this Fallen has taken the cake as the Humans say." She darts in while swinging the forge at the Fallen's leg before she darts backs and brings her shield fully infront of her again.

>> Knightmare strikes The Fallen with CLobber. <<

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Allright. Im going to load up reinforcements at Tarn. Some of our own are in danger and we need to get them out, at least They might need someone to coordinate this mess. Seeker squads, send me your location."

[Broadband] Mixmaster says, "The only way I'm going to Iacon is if the boys and I can just finish what this Fallen started!"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "I'd recommend brining your five friends and a Devastator"

[Broadband] Mixmaster says, "What, to save those chumps? That's mutiny is what that is."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "If you're gonna stick your olfactory sensors in the Fallen mess that is"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "I consider it a nice funeral pyre for Star Saber."

The Dragon dives in at the flaming being of hate; limbs and talons srepad wide. he knows this is a foolish move, but perhaps he can open up the Fallen for another attack as he tries to grapple him in place. Knowing full well he's going to be taking the fire full force.

>> Bulwark strikes The Fallen with Crush. <<

[Broadband] Stormfront says, "Is it mutiny to ensure the survival of your species? Of your planet? The fallen plans to bring back Unicron. Our planet barely survived the last encounters. We ask that you not fight because you a decepticon, but that you are a Cybertronian! Show them that the Decepticons are MORE than just those who fight for the sake of fighting. This is your chance to rise up and show the true strength of your Metal!"

[Broadband] Swindle says, "SHUT UP AND FIGHT! We're not gonna TALK it to death! PRIMUS!"

[Broadband] Starlock says, ".What sinwdle said!... wow those are words I never thought would come out of my mouth.."

[Broadband] Discretion says, "I agree with, Swindle's sentiment, and this one…"

[Broadband] Starlock says, "look skinny of it is, Fallen's here to destory the world, like it or not, you live on it too.."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "I'm a Destron and Cybertron has no love for me. I feel thes same for it. However..."

[Broadband] Delusion says, "You can't persuade somebody who won't listen. Let the fool remain a fool."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "you may be right."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "works for me, I'm up to my audials in corpses and energon, don't need to deal with spinless."

[Broadband] Discretion says, "Damnit, Death. If he gets us he's coming after your lot eventually too..."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Where do you need me."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Iacon Energon Pools."

[Broadband] Discretion says, "the Autobo... thanks."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Im halfways across the planet. It'll take me time to get there."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Shit... Primus dammit… en route."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Long as your inroute, I don't care."

[Broadband] Stormfront says, "I'm so happy to hear that voice!"

[Broadband] Starlock says, "as I stated at the start of this, I don't care whom you are, if you needm edical help, /say something/ and I'll be there."

[Broadband] Stormfront says, "I'm pretty sure we've angered him."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Nooo slag..."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "...Also, Thank you."

"ENOUGH!" the Fallen roars, and the First Warrior cuts loose. The taunting of Knightmare and the psychological manipulation of Delusion and Stormfront seem to break something in him. He lashes out at all those near him, slashing and burning any unwise enough to come into range. "SILENCE!" he screams at ... well, himself. "NEVER SHOW ME MY FACE AGAIN!" With a roar of pain and anger, the Fallen sends out a wall of fire.

>> The Fallen attacks Benin-Jeri, Gridiron, Grimlock, Omega Sentinels, Discretion, Aegis, Stormfront, Swindle, and Delusion with Wall, striking Swindle, Gridiron, Discretion, Aegis, Benin-Jeri, Grimlock, and Omega Sentinels. <<

>> The Fallen misses Knightmare with Stomp. <<

>> The Fallen strikes Bulwark with Bash. <<

(Radio) Delusion transmits, "He's quite mad, isn't he? Still game to play the part?" to Stormfront.

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Stormfront sends Delusion a radio transmission, 'Of course. forcefield deflected most of that attack.'

Gridiron suddenly feels like he's back in the Cybertron smelters as the wall of fire washes over him, but it barely scorches him. "Hah!" he shouts. "That all you got? Just a little ol' heat? I've been in fires hotter than that pardner, and you don't hold a candle to 'em!" He resumes firing with his main cannon now that it has cooled somewhat.

>> Gridiron strikes The Fallen with Main Cannon. <<

Jetfire speeds into the area, ready to assist.

Discretion drops towards the ground as the fire washes over her, burning her pain and damaging parts of her armor. As she whirls around to face the Fallen she clears her Electro-Blaster from it's holster and unleashes a quick stream of electricity at the flaming engine of destruction.

>> Discretion misses The Fallen with Electrical Shock <Medium>. <<

Delusion is already in the air, so shoots upwards as The Fallen's fiery wrath engulfs the field. The flames scorch the paint on her boots, but she counts it cheap compared to if she'd been caught. The Dominicon continues to hang back somewhat, not out of cowardice, but in case she needs to effect a rescue of one of her teammates. Somebody has to keep a clear head. The pulse laser needs time to cool and recharge, so she fires an arm rocket instead.

>> Delusion misses The Fallen with Ballistic <Medium>. <<

When the Fallen sends out his wall of fire, Grimlock is, astoundingly, swept away with it; or maybe that was part of the plan, because once he hits the ground and the flames move past, he emerges from the sweltering heat in robot mode.

"Fallen not want see face again? Me Grimlock can help with that," growls the Dinobot. He runs at the titan, his heavy footfalls ringing out, and boosts at the last possible moment. His fingers curl into a fist and he thrusts it upward, trying to belt the Fallen right on the chin.

Grimlock tilts his head down and raises up, unfolding and twisting into robot mode.

>> Grimlock strikes The Fallen with Uppercut. <<

Panels creak, shear, shatter, and snap on Bulwark beneath the Fallen's furious assault. Yet the dragon does no release his prey. His optics search out Knightmare's form. "You and your daughter's bring honor to Solus, your ultimate mother. If it is my destiny to fall here, so be it, but see to it that he is stopped before he gets the blaster!" The dragon hauls back with his tail in an attempt to bring it crashins down on the Fallen's back.

>> Bulwark strikes The Fallen with Tail Smash. <<

Starlock finishes ensuring the wounded are cared too, diving behind some debris as the fallen sends out that wave of fire, panting heavily, she looks down at her energon covered frame, and closes her optics tightly. She'd then pop open her arm panel once more to get an idea of her teammates statuses. 


"Just a little longer.. just need to hold on a little longer." She'd murmur. Before pulling out dual pistols. "Can't afford anyone not helping.." She'd murmur to herself, and from her spot, takes aim with her dual pistols and opens fire.

>> Starlock strikes The Fallen with Dual Starburst <Medium>. <<

Swindle screams as he's hit by the flaming wall. He can feel and smell parts of him beginning to sizzle and melt. "Not today, freakjob!" he yells, bringing his scatter-blaster up for another attack. He when he attempts to fire there's a click and a fzzt sound. "Nononono!" he yells. "Baby! C'mon, girl, come on, not now! Not now!" He shunts some of his processing power to trying to bring his scattergun back online, while the rest of him shifts to other weapons.

>> Swindle strikes The Fallen with Rocket. <<

Jetfire speeds in and locks a photon missile into The Fallen. "Your journey ends now..."

>> Jetfire misses The Fallen with Heavy Laser <Medium>. <<

Knightmare can't help but smirk a bit as she hears Bulwark's comments, "Giving up already? Going back on your word, Bulwark? Did you not say you would stand with us to revive Valvolux? I am not releasing you from that promise.. so throw those thoughts away and focus on bringing him down /today/." She steps in, igoring as the Fallen's flames gets back into reach of him and tries to smash the Forge against his knee, "First you insult my city, then my Daughters, now you have one of my /friends/ thinking he may fall?" She alters her blow at the last second and aims it upwards... on a spot that might not really effect MECHS.. but eh its a spot where it might injure both legs, yelling, "FOR VALVOLUX!".

>> Knightmare misses The Fallen with Stomp. <<

Stormfront continues to stare at the fallen, his forcefield had flashed up instinctually when the attack came through. Delusion's prompting makes him hold on to the Fascade a bit longer. "Are you unable to face who you were, what you were? Think of all you could have accomplished if you had put your mind to it instead of focusing on destruction. Think of what you could have built with her at your side."

"'Before I get the blaster'?" the Fallen laughs in response to Bulwark's words. "So, you do have it here. Good. That's all I needed to know." The Fallen grabs Bulwark in both hands and attempts to simply rip him and half and slam the remains down on Knightmare. "For Valvolux? Ha. Your city will die next, insect." After taking one to the chin, he attempts to sweep Grimlock aside and then simply charge past the rest, making a beeline for the Vaults and the Requiem Blaster beneath. "She will be at my side again," he promises his doppleganger. "And you all will be dead."

>> The Fallen retreats from the area, leaving itself open to First Aid, Bulwark, and Jetfire. <<

>> The Fallen strikes Bulwark with Bifurcation. <<

>> The Fallen strikes Knightmare with Smash. <<

>> The Fallen strikes Grimlock with Punch. <<

Vaults - Iacon

A vast, open chasm yawns before the portal into the underground vault. The walls are comprised of the same black, indestructible material as the door and seem to absorb nearly all of the light around it, making it difficult to navigate the room even though there are dozens of highly luminescent lights lining both walls. The fabled underground vault is a single rectangular room, though quite large, and is inexplicably cold even for an room left untouched for eons, with an ambient temperature well below freezing. However, what is more startling than the absence of light and heat in the vault is the near-absence of sound, as the strange material that comprises the walls and door of the vault seems to absorb nearly all noise so that no footsteps, however heavy, can be heard and raised voices are as muted as whispers.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Scrap, he's moving!"

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Stormfront sends Delusion a radio transmission, 'I think I may need to run in deeper to help Brainstorm.'

(Radio) Delusion transmits, "Fair. I think our distraction is played out as well. It bought us a little time." to Stormfront.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Bulwark was it?"

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

[Broadband] Bulwark says, "It still is."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Hang tight, I'm gonna get some those wounds patched."

Having gotten confirmation from Bulwark that the Requiem Blaster is here, the Fallen charges forward, past the defenders and into the Vaults. Absorbing incoming fire in a way that seems to embolden, not weaken him, the Fallen acts almost as if drawn to the weapon that killed his love, and what may be the only thing that can, in his mind, bring her back. His rage burns outward, touching everyone in his path.

>> The Fallen attacks Delusion, Gridiron, Grimlock, Knightmare, Jetfire, Discretion, Starlock,

Stormfront, Swindle, and Bulwark with Fiery Aura, striking Swindle, Starlock, Gridiron, Jetfire, 

Knightmare, Delusion, Grimlock, Stormfront, and Bulwark. <<

Out of everyone, the only Autobot down here, among this massive conflux of rage and defiance, was Folly. She was looking curiously at the large seat that a mech would sit on to guide the array of weaponry down here, though she wasn't IN the seat. But combat finds her down here in the dark, as the brawl moves in, the air superheating immediately due to the Fallen's presence. All she can do is move to hide, completely unable to defend herself, especially from an aura of fire so malevolent.

Grimlock gets it as good as he gave and goes flying back, hitting the ground, bouncing a few times, and landing in a disgruntled heap nearby. He grumbles to himself as he pushes himself out, raising a fist and shaking it angrily, "What, no snappy one liner for Grimlock?! That hurt Grimlock's feelings!" He staggers once, shakes his head and then gives chase, drawing his rocket launcher and snapping its setting from heavy munitions to lasery death - because every good rifle has at least one lasery death setting.

"And when you hurt me Grimlock's feelings, people get shot!" He opens fire, valiantly! ...and promptly gets set on fire for his trouble.

>> Grimlock strikes The Fallen with Heavy Laser <Medium>. <<

Gridiron kicks his turbines into overdrive, and races off after the lumbering Fallen. "You ain't gettin' away that easy, pardner! Let's see jest how well ya can walk with a world o' hurt in your foot!" With that, he pushes his throttle to its limit, heading right for the Fallen's right foot.

>> Gridiron rams The Fallen! <<

Starlock frowns at that threat, but she shakes it off, and instead, makes a bee-line for Bulwark, making a number of quick, repairs, their not the best given their on the move, but they'll do for now! And she is caught in the next fire wall. It /scortches/ her frame and overwhelmed her cooling systems. 


Grunting out in pain she keeps working, her inner cooling system kick in and start working, steam flowing off her frame and armor.

>> Starlock finishes the repairs on Bulwark. <<

Jetfire retracts his wings and gets into combat positions and fires his guns at The Fallen JUST before he's engulfed in flames from The Fallen!

>> Jetfire strikes The Fallen with Gu-11 Gunpod <Medium>. <<

Stormfront sends a radio transmission.

Bulwark finally lets go of the Fallen as more of his armor melts and sloughs off. Other portions cracking and detonating as they shatter under the intense heat. The dragon making his way back to the bulk of the defenders as his own forcefield systems power on; engulfing him in a faintly visilbe, scintilatting field of blue.

>> Bulwark projects a forcefield over himself. <<

Delusion stays well back, but the sheer strength of the aura scorches her armor. She was already letting the holograms decorating Stormfront as Megatronus' younger left lapse, but with the distraction of the flames, she also loses grasp on the shadows hiding her position. She takes a quick look to take stock of her teammates, even as she draws her whip. They're injured, but still capable. Delusion lights up the whip with power and buzzes The Fallen, striking for his large frame.

>> Delusion strikes The Fallen with Electrified Whip. <<

>> The Fallen temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

[Broadband] Starlock says, "SWINDLE GET OUTTA RANGE"

Stormfront is fried by the aura of the fallen. But his focus is deeper within. As Bulwark grapples with the fiery fallen, Stormfront runs. Heading deeper into the depths of the vaults, the future leader disappears hoping that he will see those behind him once this is all over.

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Fall back, swindle. Seekers, cover him. Decepticons. Get ready to fall back if it gets worse."

GAME: Swindle PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "He's badly hurt, his signatures are blaring on my monitor"

GAME: Swindle FAILS a COURAGE roll of Immense difficulty.

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Slag. Its taking too long to get there"

[Broadband] Starlock says, "I'll try to get there as fast as I can to him"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Seekers..collect what wounded are in the area. Fall back. Protect the wounded."

Swindle screams, not just in pain but in fear. He wants to run, he wants desperately to get the frag out of here but while he knows which direction would take him to safety, he can't get himself to start moving. He's hurting, he's scared, this fragging fragger Will Not Die. They cannot win. They are all going to die. He's going to die. And he's going to die alone, without his teammates.

[Broadband] Scales says, "Your Seekers that are here ARE the wounded.. So unless you're bringin' more.."

As Discretion sees the electricity course over the Fallen's form she drops her blaster and opts for something bigger. The young femme pulls a strange looking sniper rifle off her back and lines up a shot. "This is for everyone who's every stood in your way. This is for Valvolux. This is for all of Cybertron." He tone is quiet and serious as her finger steadily pulls back on the trigger. The weapon doesn't bark; instead a thunderous -CRACK- splits the air as a bolt of lightning streaks from the muzzle towards her intended target.

>> Discretion critically strikes The Fallen with Sniper Rifle <Medium>! <<

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "great."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "How many of ours are left. Slag."

Knightmare simply nods in Stormfront's direction as she races after the Fallen, not overly slowed by the flames or the blow that the Fallen had rained down upon her and ducks down low as she barrels into the fires again, calling out to the Fallen, "An insect you seem to run from more the once now!" At the last moment she turns and pushes to the side, striking out with the Forge at the Fallen's leg again.

>> Knightmare strikes The Fallen with Heavy Mace. <<

[Broadband] Starlock says, "I don't know, every corpse looks the same, burnned, covered in energon..."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "If I'd have come earlier. And if the warworld wasnt under repairs… cant think about that now. Moving as fast as I can. If any Decepticons in the Iacon area are alive or mobile. collect the wounded. This is much more then I could have imagined."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "It's the Fallen, Des. This... this is what he does, and why we got to stop the c-."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Backblast?"

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Yo."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Making sure I didnt lose the signal."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Radio censor program. Stops me transmitting the really bad words. Encore made me do it."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Ahah I think we're passed giving a damn about curses.. Worlds kinda ending but.. Ahahah."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "titanium laced ball bearings wrapped in interface cabling. now that I've broken all of your virgin audials..."

[Broadband] Starlock cackles loudly.

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "It was that or he'd revoke my DJ rights."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Ahahah, Long as we can grin and laugh, we still got chance in hell."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "gallows humor is a thing. Slag."

[Broadband] Discretion says, "Dark humor is like food. No everyone gets it."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "what do you think we doctors use to keep ourself sane among all the death?"

[Broadband] Discretion says, "*Not everyone"

The Fallen surges forward - Grimlock's hurt feelings burning his back. He's rammed by Gridiron, staggering as firepower pours in from Jetfire's experimental weaponry. He starts to turn as a whip briefly holds him in place long enough for a lightning bolt slams to into his chest, somehow hitting something vital - his dark spark, maybe? It's enough to slow him down enough that Knightmare can run in, using the Forge to strike one of his legs out from under him. The Fallen lands hard.... and transforms immediately into a massive, burning tank. He spins his turret around to aim at Knightmare, firing even as he crunches forward, right over Folly.

>> The Fallen misses Folly with Smash. <<

>> The Fallen strikes Knightmare with Chaos Cannon <Medium>. <<

>> The Fallen retreats from the area, leaving itself open to First Aid, Delusion, Grimlock,

Gridiron, Swindle, Imager, Typhoon, and Jetfire. <<

Undergrid - Iacon

The Undergrid is a location far beneath Iacon on Cybertron. It consists of a maze of corridors leading to many a hidden storehouse and vault. Secrets are kept down here -- things even the Autobots don't want the planet to know exist. Usually it's as quiet as a tomb, with few visitors other than the scurrying of robo-rats. There are no guards, but that doesn't mean this isn't a dangerous place to be.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Swindle's patched, headed down"

[Dominicon] Discretion says, "So, are we standing here or going forward and making a bigger roadblock?"

[Broadband] Starlock says, "He's in the undergrid now."

[Dominicon] Delusion says, "I think this is a situation worthy of the big cannons."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Knightmare I'm going to you next"

The Fallen drops down into the Undergrid, smashing through defenses on his way. He stops for a moment, scanning around.... there. Vault 10447. There is his goal. The Requiem Blaster. With it, he will kill Optimus Prime, and eventually, Unicron. Soon, his enemies will be broken at his feet, and he will be reunited with his love. His goal is so close. He just needs to kill a few more pesky interlopers and his prize is before him.

As he approaches the vault, the Fallen transforms once more, casually ignoring most of those trying to stop him.

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "I never thought I'd say this but.."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "You guys REALLY need star saber."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "It's okay, we're all saying things we never thought we'ed say, welocme to the club, /Deathy/"

[Broadband] Cerebros says, "...don't even... Deathsaurus..."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "he's getting way to close to his target.."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "what is he after?"

Still on fire for a bit, Grimlock groans to himself. Were a small dog nearby, they would probably think this is fine, but the Dinobot isn't so sure. Granted, it will take more than a little fire to stop the mighty Grimlock, as he staggers forward, armor ashen, flames still crackling in spots, but he's moving!

And if he's moving, then the Fallen just didn't hit him hard enough.

Slamming his fists down, Grimlock shifts back into dinosaur mode to continue pursuit. Damaged as he is, he drops right now, spies his impossible to miss target, and leaps. His target? The Fallen's back. Weapon? The weight of his love. The love of smashing things, of course.

Grimlock raises his arms and begins to fold up as he leans back, rising up into his fearsome Dinobot mode.

>> Grimlock strikes The Fallen with Dino-Stomp. <<

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Something in the vault, thats all I know"

[Dominicon] Knightmare says, "Dominicons, get here /now/. He is getting close to it and we need to stop him."

Starlock slides down after the group and kicks on pede boosters to quickly speed to catch up to Knightmare and began repairing what she could, keeping an optic on her monitor readouts, taking note of Grimlock Next...That's going to be going in Hot.

Gridiron reroutes all the fuel he can into his turbines, and puts himself to top speed to try and get past the Fallen. Skidding into his path, he readies his cannon. "This far an no farther, you clankin' scrap heap." he snarls, opening fire with his main cannon once again.

>> Gridiron strikes The Fallen with Main Cannon. <<

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "how many ancient nasty artifacts do you have in there...Primus." 

>> Starlock finishes the repairs on Knightmare. <<

Jetfire gets/stammers back up from being overheated in the worst possible way by The Fallen. He summons his particle beam cannon and aims it at the Fallen as soon as he has the shot after Grimlock gets out of the way. "Only way you're leaving is in a coffin..."

>> Jetfire strikes The Fallen with Particle-Beams <Medium>. <<

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Bad's gonna get worse isnt it."

[Broadband] Stormfront says, "Primus isn't one of them. Though right now I wish he was."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "...Yeaaah"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "you know the matrix do its light and blow up the evil thing any minute now."

Swindle limps after the others, having been repaired enough to allow him to think more clearly. He still wants to run but backing down from this fight isn't an option. The stakes are too high. It's win or die, no other options allowed. He braces himself, bringing his scatter-blaster up and taking aim at the fallen. He growls something that is wholly inarticulate but likely profoundly obscene.

>> Swindle strikes The Fallen with Scatter-Blaster <Medium>. <<

Delusion transforms and circles about, loosing the higher grade ordinance she carries in jet mode at The Fallen's back before swooping around KNightmare.

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "just picturing him grabbing one artifact in each hand and...yeah we gotta stop him quick."

Delusion flips, wings reversing as she transforms into a Sukhoi Su-57 fighter jet.

>> Delusion strikes The Fallen with Missile <Medium>. <<

[Broadband] Delusion says, "'We', he says."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Hey if he can get down here, it isn't wrong."

[Broadband] Cerebros says, "And your foolhearted, bloodthirsty quest for revenge prevented Star Saber from being here...and possibly turning the tide on this battle, Deathsaurus!"

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Okay, I'ma say this once.."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Well you guys. Im trying to get there as fast as I can. I know Cerebros. He had that armor thing and if he'd like used it to merge with prime or metroplex..."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "We need to /work together/ to defete him, fighting each other wont do anything!"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Even in death Star Saber laughs at me."

[Broadband] Cerebros says, "It's not going to bring him back. Just get there as soon as you can - and make sure Star Saber's death wasn't in vain."

[Broadband] Folly says, "I don't think he was the sort that laughed at anyone....we had ener-tea once. He was nice."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "We never exactly sat down and talked out our differences."

Bulwark focuses on the Fallen and closes his optics; stretching his awareness to the very planet beneath his feet. Reaching out with a taloned hand the draconic guardian slams it down. At first it's as if nothing is happening but then small waves start moving through the floor; growing in size, speed and strength as they near the former Prime. They erupt in a targeted violent sequence of heaves and shifts against under the Fallen's feet.

>> Bulwark strikes The Fallen with Earthquake <Medium>. <<

[Broadband] Cerebros says, "Yes, Folly...he was... Deathsaurus...just get there...and do yourself the honor of dying a hero's death."

[Broadband] Delusion says, "Learning to be a bit morbid, I see."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Oi, dickheads, quit arguing and kill that c--- already."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Do not question my honor child."

[Broadband] Starlock snrks

[Broadband] Cerebros says, "There's none to question unless you face The Fallen with your comrades."

Discretion swaps once again to her Electro-Blaster and sets it as high as she can. "No... you… dont..." Another crackling bust of energy streams forth; somehow less cohesive than before.

>> Discretion strikes The Fallen with Electricity-Surge <High>. <<

>> The Fallen temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "If your people didn't disable my warworld I'd be there by now and the problem would be resolved."

[Broadband] Stormfront says, "Cerebros, keep your focus on your charges my friend."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "If you don't stop arguing I'm gonna assume you're unicron cultists, because all you're doing is helping the fallen. Stop it."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Im at the toracis plains now. It wont be long"

[Broadband] Folly says, "Yes, please stop, people are hurt!"

[Broadband] Cerebros says, "acknowledged commmander."

Knightmare pauses just long enough to send off a messege to her other Daughters before she flicks her arm, her shield retracting back into it's storage and wraps both hands around the handle of the Forge but sitll pauses as Starlock comes over and performs some basic repairs on her.. the Dominicon giving a nod to the Autobot before she charges back into the fight and the flames as well before using her built-in flight systems to throw herself up high and strikes down as hard as she can with the Hammer at the Fallen, "ENOUGH!" and uses those same flightsystems to give her a extra push downard as she tries to bring down the blow on his head.

>> Forge of Solus Prime strikes The Fallen with Hammer. <<

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Grimlock try to endure as much as you can till I can get too you!"

The Fallen reaches for the door to the Vault --- and suddenly must contend with a raging dino on his back. He turns to throw the Dinobot off, and in the process is blasted back away from the door by Gridiron. The Fallen is shot by Jetfire and Swindle, reeling slightly as the combined Autobot/Decepticon force focus their attacks on him in an increasingly coherent fashion. A missile detonates against his left hip, staggering him, and before he can recover the entire tunnel stars to shake as if Cybertron itself rejects him. The Fallen turns, reaching out to Bulwark, extending his own talons as he focuses his energy to unmake what his lover had made... even as his forces are unleashed, however, he's struck by an electrical surge that very nearly stuns him.... just long enough to be hammered by Knightmare. Staggering back, the Fallen turns his rage upon her, lashing out a bladed tentaclehand slashing at her neck. "Enough, indeed," he growls.

>> The Fallen strikes Grimlock with Slam. <<

>> The Fallen strikes Knightmare with Decapitation. <<

Grimlock is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

Knightmare is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

>> The Fallen's assault overwhelms the forcefield protecting Bulwark! <<

>> Bulwark is partially struck by The Fallen's Disintegration <High>! <<

Bulwark is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "SHIT"

[Broadband] Starlock says, "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT"

[Broadband] Stormfront says, "what's going on starlock"

[Broadband] Folly says, "Oh no!"

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Grimlocks down, Knightmares down, Bulwark's down!"

[Broadband] Folly says, "oh no oh no oh no!"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "..."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "what at /once/?"

[Broadband] Starlock says, "It's me, Swindle, Jetfire, and Gridion,"

[Broadband] Starlock says, "YES"

[Broadband] Swindle says, "No, he politely invited each one to experience a boutique, personalized fragging, Deathsaurus. Yes, it was all at once! This guy makes Megatron look like a fraggin' *pacifist!*"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "..."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Kuso. Im on my way."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Des, if you got any speed tricks you've kept in reserve, now might be the time. If he cracks through this door, I'll open fire and it would be a lovely if you could hit him in the arse at the same time."

GAME: Delusion FAILS a LEADERSHIP roll of Average difficulty.

Vault 10447 - Undergrid - Iacon

Vault 10447 is made of dull, grey metal. It houses little in the way of personality or accoutraments in its fortifications. It does, however, have the prestigious honor of being the sole remnant of 2nd Era Iacon, having survived both the Jagged Obsidian Warship, and the city-sweeping assault of the 'Dead Mech Squadron' that followed suit.

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Approaching the Iacon plain. Slag."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "I tried.. I really tried.."


Jetfire winces, seeing Grimlock fall, but realizing the gravity of the situation, runs past his fallen peer and continues to pursue The Fallen with the others. He switches weapons, this time, activating a side panel. An armed missile emerges. "Please let this stop him..."

>> Jetfire strikes The Fallen with Photon-Missile. <<

Knightmare knows her attack is likely to leave her wide open for a return blow from the Fallen, so as it lands her head turns, optics scanning the many still there and as the first one she see's falling, Bulwark and Grimlock, she focuses on one of the last she see's still on their feet who seems strong enough and she turns with as much strenght as she has left and throws the Forge towards Grimlock... as her head leaves her body from a vicious and unblocked blow from the Fallen.

The Time Tunnel fizzles as Stormfront and Brainstorm work at it. The vault door explodes open, revealing the Fallen himself, The Devil's Own. Spawn of Unicron. Even Brainstorm reacts to it. "Uhhh....this is...not good." He shakes his head and picks up his briefcase before him defensively, "Stay...Stay back or I' wait, wrong briefcase."

Gridiron watches as more of his comrades fall, and he lets out a roar of rage. "THAT'S IT! END OF THE TRAIL FOR YOU, YOU SLAGGIN' PIECE OF ASTRO SHIT!" he snarls, his Earth vocabulary coming through as he transforms and grabs the dropped Forge, charging after the Fallen. This is it... the end of the line. The Fallen's finish line is in sight, and it's time to stop the race. He activates the Forge...

>> Forge of Solus Prime strikes The Fallen with Hammer. <<

The M1A1 begins to break apart, a pair of legs forming from the rear part of the tank, which rise up along with the rest of the tank body. Arms emerge from the sides and the forward tank tracks, as the cannon barrel on the turret retracts, and Gridiron's head emerges from the top of his chest.

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Drive on and dont look back, Autobot."

Starlock can't help them, not now, she has to keep moving to keep the /others/ alive, Though hearing Scales does pull at her spark, and she'd knit her ridges. She violently shakes her helm, snapping out of it as she sends one more scan of the group out, taking note of Jetfire, and then the fallen... She makes a /dive/ for Jetfire.

>> Starlock finishes the repairs on Jetfire. <<

[Broadband] Starlock says, "KICK HIS ASS!"

[Broadband] Discretion says, ""

In a rending explosion of fire and death, the Fallen tears into the Vault. He rips through the ancient metal like it was tissue paper. Firepower follows him through the breach, as the combined Autobot/Decepticon forces outside struggle to stop him, too late. For the briefest moment, the rage in the Fallen's remaining optics flickers with satisfaction. The Blaster. He's found it. Now nothing in the universe can stop him.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "...Don't give up, don't give up /any/ of you.. WE can do this..We can do this."

Delusion sees Knightmare fall, and immediately kicks full speed after The Fallen, transforming as soon as she gets close to TEAR HIM APART WITH HER BARE HANDS. Her optics gleam fever bright as she sails in his direction foot first, all the momentum of a fighter jet behind the attack.

The fighter jet nose folds down and wings flip up, revealing Delusion's robot form.

>> Delusion strikes The Fallen with Leap-Kick. <<

Jetfire summons another of his missile from his other arm and fires it at The Fallen.

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Approaching Iacon. I hope Im not too late."

>> Jetfire strikes The Fallen with Photon-Missile. <<

Backblast spots the Fallen as he hacks through the door. He growls. If nothing can stop the Fallen, it's a good thing that Backblast was once called 'a nothing' isn't it? He shuts off his air circulation systems, unlocks the safety on Kingslayer, and centres it not on the Fallen's face, as he had threatened, but on his centre-mass. Right where the spark would be, on a normal Transformer.

"You're still ugly." he mutters. "And you're not welcome here." He squeezes the trigger. Kingslayer barks - much louder than normal, the flames bursting from its muzzle-brake tinged with purple from the energon-boosted (and very dangerous) propellant behind the thing. The kick of the rifle makes him grunt in pain, while the shell leaves a streak of evil purple light and a near-perfect double helix of violet-tinged smoke in its wake. 

Ignoring the pain from the shot, Backblast begins to reload, opening the bolt and working the slightly-stuck casing free and pulling another evil, glowing purple shell from his magazine, ready to fire again if it's needed.

>> Backblast strikes The Fallen with Kingslayer Special <High>. <<

Starlock now that she's gotten Jetfire repaired, turns her optics on the fallen and glares, everyone's as repaired as their gonna get and her mask is cracked, sparks are flying from damage to her arms, and she /snarls/ and draws her pistols once more and opens fire at the Fallen.

>> Starlock strikes The Fallen with Dual Starburst <High>. <<

Chromia is waiting as the Fallen arrives, the Femme's pistols both coming up with a loud hum from both as she pours as much energy into them as she stands between the Vault entrance and the Fallen.. the shots rocking her back when they come.

>> Chromia strikes The Fallen with Heavy Pistol <High>. <<

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Reloading."

[Broadband] Cerebros says, "...good luck, Deathsaurus."

Words crest through time and space, as the screen flickers, "ydid the deed. Surely, it is your....xzzzzzzzxxxxx" "xxxxron, it has served its purpose. And I worry itxxxxxx hands. I think it's best if..." "here is no need to worry."

Brainstorm looks at the time tunnel as it starts to come into focus, "UHhhh....hmmmm....That.....sounded...familiar. Hrmmm.."

Discretion dives after her sister and follows up with her own series blindly fast, precise kicks. The femme giving vent to her own rage, fear, and need for revenge with each swing of her leg; in spite of the searing heat. When she's finished she leaps back, trying to get some kind of distance from the looming shape of imminnet destruction.

>> Discretion strikes The Fallen with Speed-Kick. <<

Brainstorm looks at the Time Tunnel, and puts a hand to his chin, " maybe I didn't think of something important when I built this."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "He did all...Primus. Alright new plan. If he gets through you guys. I will make sure he doesn't leave Iacon alive."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Told /you/"

Swindle takes aim and fires one of his rockets at the Fallen. "Damnit, die already you < untranslatable profanity, highly vulgar >!" he yells. "Just *die!*"

>> Swindle critically strikes The Fallen with Rocket! <<

"Come now Megatronus, surely you agree the Requiem Blaster is too powerful for any being to possess. Now that it has served its purpose, let me destroy it."

Brainstorm takes a step away from the portal, as it starts to display figures on the screen, "Maaybe I should've looked into what was going on the last time omnisotope was used..."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Haha! Nice shot Swindle"

[Broadband] Starlock says, "...May wanna duck down now cause he might be coming after ya."

[Broadband] Swindle says, "yeahhh, where's this kinda luck when I'm throwin' dice?"

And then the picture becomes clear. It was a scene transcribed in legend, engraved on the walls of a tomb. It was them. The Thirteen. It was that day. It was that time.

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "There is no way what I am seeing was caused by one mortal cybertronian."

The towering form of Megatronus is seen, before the fire, before the pain, "I have trawled this globe since the first day it existed and handled weapons mundane and magnificent. I believe I can be trusted with a gun. Even if it is the one that defeated Unicron." 

There was another figure there, others in the background, as she speaks. "Perhaps you are right. But it is a chance that no one should take."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "He ain't exactly 'mortal', by normal standards. Trust me, I've researched him."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast can be heard yankingthe bolt a few times as he talks.

[Broadband] Delusion says, "I know that he is mortal because I am going to KILL HIM."

Stormfront frowns at the strange fizzle that the portal makes instead of something more...substantial. Carefully focusing he brings out his own Prime BFG. "I recognize that conversation....I saw it before...." His attention is momentarily taken by the portal before he looks back at the fallen, gun aimed and primed to attack the fallen.

>> Stormfront strikes The Fallen with Plasma-Cannon <High>. <<

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "whatever god you follow be with you. Im going to fortify the surface defenses. Assuming I can get through the. Bodies."

The Fallen staggers as Gridiron picks up the Forge and hammers him. The First Warrior turns slightly as Delusions slams into him from behind. Something twists in his horrific face... it might almost be a smile. "Rage. Loss. Pain. These are things I understand." Missile after high-tech missile slam into him from Jetfire, only to be burned up on the Fallen's fire. 

"I've -" the Fallen starts to say, about to launch into another patented villain speech... when Backblast hits him with the Kingslayer, right where his spark should be. Something about the payload makes the Fallen fall to one knee, weakened as he already was by the multiple hits from the Forge. Starlock and Chromia pour on the firepower, and Discretion joins her sister in revenge for Knightmare. 

Something... a voice, from within Brainstorm's machine distracts the Fallen, and he half-turns, stumbling further as Swindle's missile destroys part of his left shin. The Fallen spasms as Stormfront hits him in center mass once more, but even through the pain, the Fallen's attention seems drawn to Brainstorm's machine. "No..." he whispers... "it isn't..." He slashes his claws at Gridiron, attempting to take back his lover's last artifact, even has he turns, gazing into the past…

>> The Fallen strikes Gridiron with Slash. <<

Gridiron is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Gridiron is down!"

Ghosts of the past slowly come into view. Around them are glimpses of an ancient chamber - beautiful, gilded, and full of artifacts of unspeakable loveliness and power. Two figures stand facing each other. One is a large, handsome mech. An arched helmet rises regally from his brow. He has deep golden optics. Angular shoulder spikes protect either side of his head. His multilayered black and charcoal armor is brushed with red highlights. 

Speaking to him with a mix of affection and sadness is a divine, commanding femme. Her arched helmet contains built in radio transmitters on either side and long silver wires emerge from the back of her head, trailing far down her back. Her armor is ornate and gunmetal grey, with intricate detailing from shoulder spikes down to the golden tips of her feet. In her hand she carries a mighty hammer, known to many as the Forge.

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "I was forged in war and spent my entire existence in it. I've never seen anything that even compares to this. I underestimated him. Instead of wanting to run. I find myself wishing I'd been here sooner. I've been a fool about this."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Well let's see about living long enough to feel sorry for yourself yeah Des?"

As the Fallen's claws slice the air towards him, Gridiron suddenly sees everything in slow motion. He tosses the Forge in Jetfire's direction before the claws slice into him. They just don't slice; they cleave. Parts of his arm, legs and body fall, in an almost comical fashion as he is literally cut down. Energon splashes out of him in streams as vital fuel lines are cut, and with several loud splashes and clanks, what was Gridiron lands in a heap on the floor, his optics going dark.

Delusion would normally be interested in learning the secrets of the past. And some part of her is listening, noting details, analyzing way in the background. But most of her is simply determined to rip the SPARK out of the creature in front of her. Old rage combines with the fresh anger and movements so well-trained that the Dominicon moves without conscious thought.. strikes aiming for vital places, to pull down her target to the ground and mutilate it into submission. Through it all, she does not speak, not even to scream.

>> Delusion strikes The Fallen with Takedown. <<

>> The Fallen temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

In the past, the powerful mech looks across the room, a wounded look in his searching optics. He slowly draws an enormous energy blaster off a sling on his back, looking between it and his companion as if having to choose between them. "You insult me, Solus Prime," he says, pain in his deep voice. He fixes his yearning gaze on Solus. "After all these cycles. I thought you knew me." His voice nearly cracks with sorrow.

Solus Prime steps forward to touch the massive mech on his broad chest. "Like you, I've existed for millennia, long enough to know that no matter one's intentions, anything is possible." She frowns deeply. "Please Megatronus. Give me the Blaster. Don't let this come between us." She gazes up into Megatronus's optics beseechingly. Megatronus grimaces and steps back, pushing away her hand.

"No," Megatronus states, simply but firmly.

"Please.. Please everyone is trying /so/ hard." Starlock'd murmur, she'd see another go down, she looks to the scene, giving pause for only a moment, given how Solus has a head piece, and long wires similar to her own. No, no no no! She needs to keep going! She starts speeding around the fallen and unloads with her pistols once more!

>> Starlock strikes The Fallen with Dual Starburst <High>. <<

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Powering up and waiting. If he comes through that door. He wont get any farther. I want the cannon ready when I see him. I don't want to waste any time preparing it."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "I have a feeling I'll know who he is when I see him."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Oh trust me, you will.."

[Broadband] Discretion says, "Just look for the being on fire."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Well you guys set him on fire at least there's that."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "uh... noo.. he's naturally on fire"

[Broadband] Discretion says, "No, he's -ALWAYS- on fire."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "can he even be damaged?"

[Broadband] Discretion says, "YES!"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Then he can be destroyed."

[Broadband] Stormfront says, "We're trying!"

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Giving it all we can!"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "I Know."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Just giving something for those who need a little encouragement."

"Enough of this silliness," says a ghostly past voice from the doorway. Megatronus looks up to see a young Alpha Trion standing in the doorway, his long cloak hanging dramatically around his shoulders. Standing with Trion are the rest of the remaining Thirteen

"Silliness is it?" Megatronus asks. He looks suspiciously between the newest visitors and his love. "Solus, what is this?"

A mech recognizable as young Alchemist Prime steps into the room with a disarming smile. "Please, brother. We've come for the Blaster. We thought to let Solus Prime ask you herself, but.... you seem resistant. Know that we trust you, Megatronus. We've just concluded the Blaster is too powerful to continue to exist." His voice is firm. "It has been decided," he states, steel beneath his friendly demeanor.

Behind Alchemist, a jolly, pleasant-looking mech chuckles, raising his hands, palms out. "Just keep calm, Megatronus. Give us the gun. I'm sure we can work this out." He smiles. "Let's end this nonsense and then go sample Alchemist's latest brew." The mech barks out a laugh, looking at the others like this is all some sort of jape, soon to be easily resolved.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "...Thank you, it's appreciated."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Yeah setting this on full power. Never had to before but special occasions right?"

Discretion's optics light up as she thinks about the fact the Fallen is always... on... FIRE. The femme leaps into the air and transforms into her jet mode. She barely takes time to lock onto her target before unleashing a missile; a -HEAT- seeking missile. "And now...farewell to kindness, humanity and gratitude. I have substituted myself for Providence in rewarding the good; may the God of vengeance now yield me His place to punish the wicked," she emits.

Discretion takes a step forward then kicks off, flipping backwards as she unfolds into a Grumman X-29 experimental jet.

>> Discretion strikes The Fallen with Heat Seeking Missile <Medium>. <<

In the past, a shifty, sneering figure steps to Megatronus's side, whispering in his audial sensor. "You see?" he hisses. "They never trusted you. Even Solus. They see you only as a killer - a monster. They will take everything from you and imprison you like the Quintessons did Luminous. It has been foretold. Trion will use the Quill to make it so," he warns with feigned concern. "Don't trust them," is his sage advice.

Megatronus shrugs off the leering mech and struggles to reject his lies as well. "No," Megatronus insists, more to himself to his dark advisor. Megatronus turns pleading optics and an outstretched hand to Solus. "My love, please. Not you as well. You trust me, do you not?"

A diminutive mech steps forward, bravely challenging Megatronus. "It's not about us trusting you. Do you trust us, or is your passion for destruction all-consuming?"

Stormfront moves from his spot and points to the portal. "Your family asking you to give up the requiem blaster... was it so hard to give it up. And who was that mech speaking to you from the side. Where is that mech now? Can you not see their concern for you. Can you not remember the feeling of being part of a whole. I can't imagine the pain that has followed you through the millenia. But that doesn't excuse you. For what you did then....or what you have done now. Look at her. Think of her....She would not have wanted you to turn out like this. Even now I am sure she would have forgiven you for what you did then. But what you have is completely against what she spent her life being."

>> Stormfront strikes the Fallen with Guilt. <<

In the past, a massive, bestial figure growls. "He won't listen to reason. Rush him! If he won't surrender the weapon, we will take it from him!" Claws emerge from the animalistic mech's fingertips and he leaps at Megatronus, followed reluctantly by two of the others.

Backblast growls and yanks back several times on the bolt until it finally opens. He snarls louder and starts trying to shove a new evil purple shell into the gun. It's a task rendered harder by the damage the first Kingslayer Special of the engagement. He pauses in loading the gun with the round half-way into the breech, cursing at the gun as he slams the round into place. He almost gets the bolt closed when he looks around, seeing the Fallen continue to get closer.

"Cock it!" He snarls, pulling his knukri from its sheath. He cracks open the transparent casing of one of the remaining Special shells, dunks the blade into the evil gloop within and, in one smooth movement, throws the curved knife at the Fallen. It throws off a thin ribbon of the glowing, tainted stuff goo as it spins through the air. It's goo which burns and smokes on contact with anything (or anyone) else it might hit. 

It might not be noticed, but Backblast takes quite the dose of the stuff himself. The purple stuff smokes for a moment, before it's absorbed into his surface plating.

>> Backblast strikes The Fallen with Energon Khukri. <<

In the past, Megatronus fights back, kicking the smaller Prime away even as Alpha Trion grabs his gun arm. "No!" Megatronus thunders. "Let go!" As the clawed Prime strives to hold Megatron in place, Trion tries to wrench the weapon from Megatronus's grasp - and the weapon drifts, pointing suddenly at Solus Prime, as the Primes' struggles accidently nudge the trigger...

Jetfire doesn't wait to react - he picks up the fallen Forge. He grasps the forget and activates his thrusters, grasping the Forge, he swings the Forge like a shot-put, aiming right at the upper body of The Fallen.

>> Forge of Solus Prime strikes The Fallen with Hammer. <<

Finally joining the rest of the Autobots, here now at the end is Elita One. She's bloodied and wounded, her arm forcibly removed from earlier. A Path Blaster in her hand, she pauses as the view unfolds. " beaten?" Only then does she put her back to the wall, even as Jetfire delivers what is surely a coup de grace. "Oh thank Primus."

Back in the present, Brainstorm's time window almost reached the source of the Requiem Blaster's power. As the scene coalesces around him, the Fallen pauses. As Delusion's attack brings him to the ground, his optics widen in recognition of the time and place slowly being revealed. As Starlock's starbursts burn into him, his scorching optics widen as he realizes where and when he is, and what is about to happen. 

Even as Discretion's missile slams into him, he knows. The Requiem Blaster is about to fire. The blast is going to kill Solus Prime. As time begins to slow, the Fallen's optics narrow, giving one dark glance at his time-travelling foes. Listening to Stormfront's words. Reflecting on memories of his latest experiences: the haunting music of Imager. The pointed words of Dust Devil. The taunting images of Delusion's. 

The combined effect causes his rancorite to flicker, his hate-fueled power to falter. The blade of Backblast, eternal pain in the Fallen's aft, slices into the Fallen just as a blinding blast erupts from the Requiem. The beam of light explodes outward, nearly powerful enough to pierce spacetime itself. The searing light blinds all in the room. Even the mighty Primes are forced to turn away.

At that moment, the Fallen leaps. Staggering away from the painful Forge blow from Jetfire, the Fallen exits the time window, putting himself directly in the path of the Requiem Blaster's deadly beam. He is struck, the blast obliterating even his nigh-impenetrable armor. 

As the time window widens, the Fallen's body is thrown backwards, slamming into Solus Prime, knocking them both out of the temporal vortex and forward into the present. By the time the blinding light is cleared, both are gone, and to those in the past, it appears that Solus Prime has been annihilated, leaving only the Forge behind, which clatters to the floor.

Through the temporal haze, those in the vault witness as past-Megatronus drops the Blaster to the ground, instantly forgotten. The massive warrior crumples to his knees, one hand touching the ground to keep him from collapsing completely. As the time window begins to close, they see Megatronus's handsome face is ashen and twisted in anguish. "No, it wasn't...," he near whispers. "I didn't mean to...."

The fading image of Alpha Trion rounds on Megatronus, "Why would you do something like this?" he shouts in a rare show of anger. He points an accusatory finger. "You loved her, and yet in your selfish need for power and violence, you've killed the very one who cherished and defended you most!" Trion strides over to Megatronus, raising his hand and slapping it with full force across the warrior's face.

Ignoring Trion's strike, Megatronus lurches back to feet and stumbles over to where Solus was last seen. "No, no, no, no. Don't go! Don't leave me. No!" he cries in despair and grief. Rage boils inside him, until he literally bursts into flames. The chaosfire burns away his handsome face, leaving only a skull-like endoskeleton behind. The living metal of his body changes, hardening to Rancorite as Megatronus screams, his fury and pain echoing through history as the time window closes, sealing off the past once more.

Back in the present, a surprised Solus Prime cradles the dying Fallen in her arms. Even with his dramatically changed appearance, Solus recognizes Megatronus's spirit as his burning shell flickers and starts to die. "I'm... so sorry," the Fallen croaks. "I never meant... to hurt you. I would never..." He reaches his elongated fingers to touch Solus's face one last time, something of a sad smile on his horrific twisted face.

Solus Prime presses the Fallen to her chest protectively, holding his heavy head. She ignores the Fallen's foes, her optics only for her dying lover. "It's OK," she breathes quietly. "It's OK." She's unsure of what's happening, but she's adamantly sure of her feelings. "No matter what happens, I will always love you, Megatronus." The last flicker of fire goes out and Megatronus dies, his days of fury finally finished forever.

Chromia is distracted be Elita One's arrival, optics moving to her for just a moment.. the moment that the Fallen jumps leaps forward and passes her easily before she can react. She spins in place and brings her pistols up but stop at what does occur and she just.. pauses there. Yeah, she can normally improvise to most situations but this one is just a /tiny/ bit beyond even her standards.

Brainstorm had been sort of just off in a corner a little while everyone went all Judgement on the Fallen. He shields himself as the Blaster goes off. "Vector Sigma!" The archway starts to shimmer and tremble as he approaches it, not even aware of what happened. Even as the time tunnel trembles, words still float through it. "My Brother...what have we done?" Brainstorm looks back to the group, "Its collapsing! Back up!" The archway shudders, and then with a soft sigh, the universe resets itself, the energy field just seems to return to normal.

Chromia reaches over and grabs Gridirion as she does just as Brainstorm yells and pulls his body away as she retreats from the collapsing thing.

The burned skin of Megatronus turns ash grey, and the villain is no more.

"It was all an accident.." Starlock murmurs to herself, she's the first to notice though watching this all unfold, she lowers her weapon, but at Brainstorm's words, the weakened, damaged medic attempts to help pull her fallen teammates away.

Elita One raises her hand, shielding her optics as well, she actually flinches from the weaponry, and after the blinding vision were...two charred, the dead and the dying. Chromia had drawn on her, but she knew it was only an instant. Elita One approaches, and kneels before the two. "She's still alive...." Elita raises her head, "We need medical here. Right now." Slowly she shakes her head as she regards another of the Thirteen, "I cannot believe did this ever happen?"

Backblast slams the bolt closed just in time to be blinded. He ducks his head, re-acquiring his target as the glare fades. He peers at what he's seeing, blinks and... lowers his gun. He drops down, walking over to the two of them and... resting his hand on her shoulder. "Miss Solus." He says, quietly. "I'm sorry." He says. 

He walks away from her, muttering sternly into his radio.

The energy and impact sends Jetfire back, he drops the Forge near Stormfront and lands flat on his back. He slowly gets to his feet, rubbing his temple. "Oohhhh...."

Delusion sees her target ended, and visibly, almost instantly calms. Or, at least, seems to calm. Her optics fade from fever brightness and she stands with her usual grace, observing. And she makes a decision. She walks over towards Solus Prime and gets down on one knee. "Solus Prime. I live in and currently serve as one of the protectors for a city that was founded in your name.. that rumor has you may have even worked in, once. If you need a place to stay, there is one there. But I would also like to request your aid, if you are willing."

Stormfront moves to Solus Prime's and the Megatronus' side. "He gave his life for you....after all the hate and anger that has burned in him for millenia, he did the right thing." He looks at Solus' optics, "Perhaps it will be enough for you both to be reunited someday....Primus's will be done." He stands and backs away, recounting all that fell.

Backblast blink a little, and says, in a conversational tone "You know, I don't feel too shiny right now.", lighting one of his enercigs. He takes a puff, before keeling over backwards.

The energy seems to go out of Discretion as she transforms back into her robot form and floats to the ground and sinks down to her knees. Just looking at the ground as she tries to pull her wits together.

Elita One sends a radio transmission.

Chromia finally reacts a bit more calmly, her pistols getting put away before she walks over to stand behind and to the side of Elita and remains quiet but after a pause she starts to go around to the other Transformers in the room and checks on their status, Gridiron first to ensure he is still functioning before going to the others, even the Dominicons.

Starlock yelps as she rushes over to try and attend to those injured, ignoring her own despite stumbling due to the weight of her own wounds, she starts setting up beacons.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Medical is needed! please hurry!"

Backblast sends a radio transmission.

Solus Prime straightens, maintaining a regal dignity even in the face of time travel nonsense and the sudden death of her lover. She stands, still cradling the body of Megatronus. As people approach her reverently, the demigod frowns. "People are injured," she barks. "Get me Calyhex. She'll be needed to see to everyone's repairs. Then I will need a full explanation." She gently sets Megatronus's body aside, touching his burned face one last time before turning away. The time for grief will come. Her first priority is the living.

Delusion shakes her head. "There's no medic named Calyhex on Cybertron these days."

Stormfront moves to offer her the Forge, " may need this. I will see that Megatronus is laid in state in one of the vaults for now."

Starlock is to busy running around tending to people, she's not had her time to address the Prime femme, she just keeps working until others can arrive. "Will explain later there-- there are alot of hurt!"

Elita One gives up her position near Solus Prime for Starlock, then kneels over near Backblast. It was a chemical poison. Something she knew little about, but the splatters were fairly clear. She puts a hand on Backblast's chest and gives a soft nod, "We'll fix you up as well, Backblast. Your work is far from over." She attempts to reassure the Sniper a bit before the inevitable aftermath starts...and then the repairs and the grief...

She sighs softly, as she stands back up. Elita One takes a moment to decompress as she walks outside, where the bodies of Grimlock, Knightmare, and Bulwark lay. There was no way to tell if they'd survive. She takes a deep breath and wipes her hand against her face, and speaks into the void. "Its judgement day.....and we made our stand."

Elita sighs, and puts her back to the wall, "And for now the viles of darkness....have been driven from the land." She leans forward, her hand on her knees, "This battle's over...but the war continues on." Her gaze stares at the three bodies beside her, and tears form despite her most composed look, "And this way it will remain....until the day when all are one."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "It.. It's clear Deathsaurus.."

Backblast, convulsing quite badly, pulls something from his belt and stabs it into his own chest. The convulsion slow, and get a lot less severe, but still remain. He looks up at Elita, nodding. "I know." He says, in response to her comment about his work not done. "I plan to grow old to be a bitter old mech, as a warning to kids about taking the wrong path." He looks around, seeing at least three mechs who his knowledgeable eye tells him won't be getting up again. "...damn."

[Broadband] Stormfront says, "Megatronus has passed. Everyone is needed to gather up the wounded and fallen."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Hey, uh... Dominicons. I.. I know it ain't much, but... I'm... I'm sorry."

[Broadband] Delusion says, "Sorrow not for a warrior."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "...Thank you, everyone that helped us..."

Chromia watches Elita sit down against the wall and sighs before she walks over and stands to the side a bit, guarding her while she rests.

Solus Prime looks surprised. "How can you lose a medic the size of a city?" She looks even more surprised as Stormfront offers her back her Forge. "Thank you," she says to Stormfront sincerely, both for the return of the Forge, and the offer to guard the body of Megatronus. "Clearly, I'll have many questions. But first..." Talking Starlock's lead, Solus tends to the wounded.

Backblast chuckles darkly, and then coughs, spitting out a bit of granulated energon. "Calyhex is… bad news, mis Solus." He says, wiping his mouth. "She's a Decepticon, an insane asylum that you don't come back from. At least, that's the rumour amongst the darker circles."

The mini-bot medic glances up and nods, tiredly but keeps working, passing medical supplies when necessary, her optics are starting to well as mentally, she's also starting to fall apart. "THank you..." Starlock murmured softly.

Delusion stands and goes to collect Knightmare's head and return it to the same location as the Dominicon commander's body, at least. She looks over at Discretion. "She'll be hard enough to carry. We'll need Widget for Bulwark."

Stormfront stands a little taller. "Autobots, there is a hospital and triage area within Fortress Maximus if someone will lead Solus Prime to there." He moves to gather the fallen and take him to one of the berth's for the bodies of the fallen in the vault. He reverently lays the body and finds one of the sheer metallic shrouds to cover him. He speaks softly but it's ancient Cybertonian. The cadence makes it sound like a prayer.

Solus Prime scowls, looking around before alighting her attention on Backblast. "That's ridiculous," she snaps. "Caminus would never have allowed it." She stops and peers at Brainstorm's equipment. "Is this some sort of primitive temporal warp chamber? Vector would be aghast!" Her head jerks up at the mention of Bulwark. "Bulwark is here?" she demands. She looks between Delusion and Stormfront.

Backblast looks over at Starlock, and, despite the shakes, begins to make tea. He's safe, save for the convulsions, for several hours yet at least. Once the tea is made, he calls her over "This will help." He coughs and turns aside so he doesn't get anything in the tea, shaking his head. "Urgh, I am gonna regret that one tomorrow." 

He looks around to see if his khukri got dislodged. Asking for permission to retrieve it would be poor taste, even for him. "Lots has changed, miss Solus. It's been a long... ugly war. Who's Caminus?"

Stormfront says, "Bulwark fell outside of this chamber...I hope that he may be repaired. As it stands, we will have great difficulty moving his draconic form to a medical area if there's a chance to save him."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "I'll be in contact. There is a lot to think about."

Delusion arches an optic ridge at Solus Prime, then nods to the large, partially dissolved draconic form farther up in the vaults. "He is. Knowing him, he's likely even still alive."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Thank you again, Deathsaurus"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Thank you. I learned a lot today."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "I owe you a drink, Des. You and any other Con who put the planet before their creed."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "...can't believe I'm saying this, I'm supposed to be an arsehole."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "baah, considering what just happened? think we all need some nightmare fuel.."

[Broadband] Discretion says, "That's precisely what we just got."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "You dont understand. What I saw was a force that could destroy cybertron itself."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Yeah, but c'mon. 'Planet before their creed'? F--. I don't say that kind of soapy shite."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Ahahahah"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "And it took a combination of Autobot and Decepticon forces to defeat it."

[Broadband] Starlock says, "Ahahah.. Please don't die, I like you.."

[Broadband] Stormfront says, "Someone get Encore to unlock the kegs. I'll raid Optimus' shanix chest later to pay him."

[Broadband] Discretion says, "at some point some of those rought edges are going to wear away."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Question is why don't we just..."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "Nevermind."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "What've we been saying all along? Our war needs to go cold. Take a lesson from Earth."

Solus Prime nods. "Caminus is another of my Titans," she answers Backblast. "Take me to Bulwark," she demands of the others. "Even without my Titans' help, I will see what I can do. Alpha is a better healer than I, but I know my way around a laboratory." She gazes around at all of the signs of destruction but keeps her emotions in check.

[Broadband] Discretion says, "There's several reasons why we don't."

[Broadband] Spike says, "uhm....I don't think you want to take a hint from Earth for that. 'Mutually-Assured destruction' is not the best policy for peace"

Delusion nods to Solus. "That was what I was going to ask for," she notes dryly. "Him and Knightmare."

Starlock just breaks down into sobs and laughter at Blackblast. "Oh my god... " She'd pinch her nose bridge but accepts. "Thank you.. And yes you will, but that regret comes with the fact you /will/ be alive tomorrow." She'd smile weakly, letting her busted battlemask fall away. 


"...Yeah Miss Solus.. you are.. what..20 million years? in the future..."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Better than eternal war."

Backblast chuckles quietly and lays back, knowing he's got plenty of time and there are people who need the medical attention more than him. "Best kind of regret." He chuckles.

Undergrid - Iacon

The Undergrid is a location far beneath Iacon on Cybertron. It consists of a maze of corridors leading to many a hidden storehouse and vault. Secrets are kept down here -- things even the Autobots don't want the planet to know exist. Usually it's as quiet as a tomb, with few visitors other than the scurrying of robo-rats. There are no guards, but that doesn't mean this isn't a dangerous place to be.

[Broadband] Starlock says, "can say that again.. So.. tired.."

Jetfire walks in, looking shaken, weary, but alert, ready to assist those in need.

Most of Bulwark is still there, but there's a good portion missing from heat, fire, pummeling, and shearing damage. Then there's some that's just, gone. The dragon laying crumpled and smoking on the floor; having given every last iota of his energy and will to stop the Fallen in his tracks. There is still a faint glimmer somwhere deep within those optics, but it certainly isn't focused on the here and now as the stasis systems take over to keep him from being lost for good.

Delusion leads the way to Bulwark and then returns to Knightmare's side.

Solus Prime steps out into the hall and immediately moves to Bulwark's side. "Oh, my beautiful dragon...." she says softly, running her hand along his injured side. Glancing back at the Dominicons, she asks, "Megatronus did this?" She sets down the Forge and puts her rough hands to work, field-repairing Bulwark and getting him stable before moving on to inquire on who Knightmare was...

"Yes.. It's.. a long story.. up above is /far/ worse.. I.. Suggest you mentally prepare yourself." Starlock would warn as she went about attempting to try and help repair and reactivate those in the hall.

Jetfire looks over at Starlock. Suppose now's as good of a time as any for introductions. He extends a hand to Starlock. "Jetfire..."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "*long pause*"

Delusion sits down, crading Knightmare's head carefully. "Megatronus did, indeed. Bulwark has stood between him and innocents several times before tonight."

Jetfire looks at Delusion and bows his head in respect. "I'm so sorry..."

Starlock reaches a small hand up, shaking it it, he can probably feel the withering strength in her hands. "Sergeant Starlock... Doctor, Combat medic.. Student of Ratchet." She'd smile weakly. Before quickly returning her energon covered hands to work.

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "fighting to avenge the love who died by the warlord's actions. Sound familiar."

Delusion chuckles and nods to Jetfire. "As I said to Backblast. Sorrow not for a warrior. And besides, her core seems to have escaped damage. There is still a chance for her."

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Oh... ouch, man, that's close to the bone ain't it?"

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "What...have I...done."

[Broadband] Cerebros says, "Don't...just....don't."

[Broadband] Deathsaurus says, "*disconnects*"

[Broadband] 55.5 Suicide Jockey FM ARSEHOLE DJ Backblast says, "Des? Now isn't the time to think on it."

Solus Prime frowns, deeply touched. "I don't understand what happened to Megatronus, but I will do everything in my power to undo the damage he brought to you and your people." She glances at Delusion. "You say a city grew around my workshop? Was Bulwark its defender?"

[Broadband] Goth says, "....I will tend to the nino..."

Delusion looks up and nods. "Indeed. They called him its Founder, but they remembered you, too. It's called Valvolux. It was leveled at one point, but we've put effort into rebuilding it, with Bulwark's help."

Jetfire nods to Delusion. "I hope your friend, we are all Transformers... the Autobots will extend every resource to ensure your friend recovers."

Solus Prime kneels before Knightmare's body, touching her chest. "That damage is extensive, obviously, but her spark remains. For her sacrifice, I will build her a new body." Solus stands. "You are your city's protectors, now. I owe you a boon in stopping my love's reign of destruction and bringing him back to me."

Delusion smiles slightly, barely keeping it from her usual sarcastic smirk. "She would appreciate it. And so would the rest of us." She pauses, a thought occurring to her. "There is a -quite- large repair bay just under the surface of Valvolux. Titan sized. Would that be of interest?"

Jetfire nods to Delusion. "It would be greatly appreciated."

Starlock flinches at her own wounds and says nothing, she keeps working, very focused. "Possibly, there is also the one waiting outside I believe in uhh Fortress... Just.." She'd take a slow vent, trying to keep calm.

Solus Prime's optics blink in surprise. "The shop remains? Yes. It would be faster if we had Calyhex, but I can handle things myself." She looks around, watching Starlock and the others work. "But it also seems you have capable medics yourself. What I can do is fashion new materials and parts for your injured and allow your medical specialists to do the repairs and installations."

[Broadband] Stormfront says, "Are there any Decepticons on this channel?"

Delusion nods. "We are not all exactly of one nation, I'm afraid. The threat we faced called multiple peoples together, but I believe once the first set of repairs are done, most of us will wish to return to our homes to finish recovery. I'll stay here, with Knightmare, until she can be moved."

Backblast is being carried by Stormfront, convulsing a little but otherwise looking OK.

"Thank you..." Starlock says softly, before handing over her communlink to Solus. "...I'd... Like for you to talk with our other medical guy, he'd be able to help direct you more thoroughly." She'd say, holding out the small audio device.

Solus Prime nods in response. "I will require a bit of time to adjust to all the changes that have happened since my time." She walks back over to retrieve her Forge. "But I pledge to use my considerable skills to assist all that helped stop Megatronus, regardless of political faction." She turns to Starlock and accepts the radio. She scans it, nods, and hands it back. "Thank you. I can take it from here." She smiles.

Jetfire nods/bows to Solus Prime. "It's an honor to meet another Prime..."

Solus Prime waves off the reverence. "I am no different than you, and you don't know me. Save your respect for once I've earned it."

Jetfire thinks to himself "Yup...sounds like the one I've studied." He says calmly "I make no assumptions of knowing you, Solus Prime."

Starlock would move her finger once she heard Ratchet's voice. "Thats him.." She'd nod to Solus, keeping her hands busy again.

Stormfront smiles faintly at Jetfire, "When you are done helping out here, remember you promised to help Discretion." He nods to Solus and works on weaving his way through the destruction and chaos to get Backblast to the medics.

Jetfire looks at Stormfront and bows his head, "Of course."

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