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Th' Bar is a seedy establishment tucked away in the remains of Crystal City. As long as you don't cause trouble, the powerful barkeep doesn't care if you're an Autobot, Neutralist or Decepticon. If you can pay, you can stay.

This place once had a name, but people forgot it once they had more important things to worry about. Th' Bar is what it's called now; simple, functional - gets the meaning across. Covered by a pile of rubble carefully constructed to conceal it and its defenses, this place can only be found by those who know it's here.

Like most Dockside buildings, the place is livelier on the inside than it would seem to be from the outside. Most hours of the day, this place has people in it, though the crowds are quiet, sitting in small booths talking quietly among themselves and studiously not making optic contact with anyone but those at their table. Curiosity is not welcome here, if you must look around try not to make it noticeable. The bartender is an older tankfemme, built like a half-sized Guardian. There appear to be no bouncers... either they're well-hidden or she doesn't need 'em.


Pre-MUX History

Th' Bar's origins are murky at best. Rumor has it it was bought or built by a Decepticon needing a place to make shady underworld deals, but nothing can be proven.

MUX History

Th' Bar is regularly patronized by Decepticons on Cybertron, especially since Polyhex was destroyed in 2012. In 2014, Ram Horn was involved in altercation with Starscream in Th' Bar. After Pulver made them take it outside, Starscream proceeded to beat Ram Horn mercilessly, and he was barely rescued by the Acolytes of Unicron.

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