Terrormander is a neutral, former Quintesson pirate.

Lazy Boy.

The youngest of the Seacon Space Pirates team, Terrormander (テラマンダー Teramandā) is also the laziest. It can be difficult to get him to act, but once he's in the mood to battle, look out! His beast mode is armed with six torpedoes and is capable of creating powerful vibration waves that can shake apart the hardiest of targets and do incredible damage.

Terrormander combines with his fellow Seacons to form God Neptune.


Terrormander used to work for the Quintessons, but was more interested in showing off his piloting skills and hitting on femmes than battling against the Cybertronians. When Seacon Space Pirates jumped ship, Terrormander found a much more comfortable home amongst the roustabouts and buccaneers.

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"My mouth is very frustratingly placed... Stupid horn thingies..."




  • Terrormander's name is partly wordplay on "manta", if one couldn't tell.
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