The Terrorcons are a Decepticon subgroup.
Not a good day to be a Nebulan

Sometimes it's hard to take the Terrorcons seriously. Even for Decepticons, they've got a bunch of personality problems, not to mention a lack of decency. Individually, they're not much, and it's not very hard to outsmart them. One on one, an Autobot would probably win.

Then you actually meet the Terrorcons as a group, and you pray that Primus has mercy on you, because the Terrorcons sure as hell won't. They'll kill you for a bunch of reasons: orders, sport, boredom, a dare. They're not what you'd call soldiers, warriors, or even brawlers. They're animals, and they bring that thought pattern to everything they do, including their choice of altmodes, which are the forms of frightening beasts. They're all positively insane.

The Terrorcons consist of:

They combine to form the incredibly destructive (but surprisingly cute) Abominus.

Terrorcons, fight everybody! Rrarrr!Hun-Gurrr


Pre-MUX History

The Terrorcons were among the many Decepticons under the command of Shockwave on Cybertron.

Prince has really bulked up.

MUX History

In 2004 the Terrorcons where reported as working out of Japan.

During the Dweller's assault on Polyhex in 2012, Hun-Grrr and his Terrorcons were turned into energy vampires and forced to the Dweller's will. Re-captured by Cyclonus in 2013, they were eventually cured by Starscream.

In 2020, the Terrorcons were ordered to guard the recently-captured Ibex Central Spaceport.





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