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Terror Dromes are constructible mobile bases used by Cobra and sold to third world countries and developing nations for defense. Cobra personnel are required to run the Terror Dromes, providing ways for Cobra to infiltrate target countries. Two Cobra officers, Dr. Mindbender and the Baroness, have commented that that it was not designed to deflect a ground assault.

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Terror Drome
Machine information
Machine type





Firebat Launch Base

Weapon feature(s)

Cobra Firebat, Cannons

Military information
Service branch

Cobra Ground Forces

Designated pilot / driver(s)


Organizational information



Canon History

A Terror Drome located on Cobra Island was the site of many important events in the early days of the Island.

Additionally, in February of 1987, Cobra battled G.I. Joe for control of a Terror Drome located in the country of Sierra Gordo. Despite the efforts of Tomax and Xamot and an explosive trap, the Joes gain possession of the Terror Drome and being dismantling it. The crew included Tripwire, Recondo, Roadblock, Flint and Scarlett. Using explosives and a self-made loading device, the pieces were sorted and, according to Cobra spies, loaded on a train. The train was destroyed soon after it left, but it was a decoy, as Flint had sacrifice his uniform to make a dummy pilot. This allowed the Joes to remove the technology safely. It was acceptable to the Joes to lose some of the pieces as a majority of a typical Terror Drome are three repeating sections.

The pieces the Joes retrieved were analyzed by Mainframe, Flash and Dial-Tone. Clues lead to M.A.R.S., the munitions company controlled by Destro, a Cobra officer long-thought dead. Destro assists a Joe team in retrieving Terror Drome plans held on his property; Major Bludd, impersonating Destro, had been striving to steal the plans for himself.

In February of 1988, the dozens of Terror Dromes littering the countryside of Frusenland were used to artificially incite the citizens to riot and thus, hopefully increase Cobra's sales of weapons even further. One of the Battleforce 2000 team members discovered that loud music assisted in neutralizing the angry feelings and a counter-offensive was now possible. The group then neutralized all of the Terror Dromes in Frusenland.

A month later, a Terror Drome and its Firebat were destroyed by one of Destro's pilots. All the Cobra soldiers still inside the facility were killed.

This did not stop the Terror Drome efforts. Later, in February of 1990, Clutch and Rock 'n Roll would assist Canadian police officers in intercepting another shipment of Terror Drome pieces.

MUX History

A Terror Drome has defended the capital city of Cobra Unity since 2013.

In 2015 Terror Dromes were deployed around Sierra Gordo to create an area-wide communications blackout field, and one was used as a temporary base, from which Dr. Mindbender captured Grunt and President Velez (among others) and held them as bait to lure the Joes away from the Pit to leave it defenseless for a Cobra attack.


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