How do I use this template?

Basically, the only thing you'd need to change is what's in the faction parameter, and your options are Autobot, Decepticon and Neutral. They are CASE SENSITIVE. The rest will be filled in automatically. Ex.

{{ CybertronCurrent | faction = Autobot}}

Simply putting

{{ CybertronCurrent }}

will make it default to Neutral, but you can still fill in the parameter.

But if you want to customize how the factions are seen, you'd probably want to use the full template below. This should only be used on Category:Cybertron locations pages.

{{ CybertronCurrent 
| faction = Autobot, Decepticon, or Neutral 
| autobots = Any custom message about how the Autobots are viewed in this territory 
| decepticons = Any custom message about how the Decepticons are viewed in this territory 
| neutrals = Any custom message about how the neutrals are viewed in this territory 

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