• Name: Temperance
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Species: Transformer
  • Function: AIR ASSAULT
  • Division: Aerospace
  • Sub-Group: Cybertron-bound Decepticons
  • Type: TP-Only

"Air superiority is the Empire's key to ultimate victory!"

Calling Temperance dedicated would be like calling molten lava lukewarm. His only reason for being is to ensure and uphold Decepticon air superiority. He is completely devoted to Decepticon Aerospace.

Although Temperance's primary role is for aerial assaults, his desire to plan out his attacks make him good as a reconnaissance agent. He may not be the stealthiest in the business, but he knows how to get into an area, do what he needs to, and get out quickly. His knowledge of robotic engineering has allowed him to create his own semi-intelligent reconnaissance drone, in the form of a cybernetic falcon. Temperance will often send Skysight ahead to scout out the area quietly, or designate targets. He can remain in direct communication with Skysight for a distance of 50 miles. Once this intelligence has been collected, Temperance can bring his arsenal to bear with lethal efficiency. To accomplish this, he carries a wide variety of ballistic weaponry, from machine guns to autocannons. Temperance transforms into a triple-engine F-15 Eagle, designed for operation in both atmosphere and space, with a top speed of Mach 5. Skysight carries long-range communications equipment and can be converted to a recon camera.

Long-range communication with Skysight can give Temperance's position away.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

Although Temperance missed the Nemesis launch, in April of 2011, while SG-Perceptor was broadcasting the execution of Slugfest on ABN, Temperance staged a daring rescue from orbit. Cosmos gave chase, but Temperance evaded him. Before Cosmos could continue pursuit, the SG-Junkions activated their gravity drive and folded space directly into the Plait Expanse. Practically the entire Junkion fleet passed into the Cybertron system. Temperance saved Slugfest as the Junkions poured onto the surface of Cybertron, led by SG-Magnus.

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Temperance was created and is played by Dean.

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