Transformers Universe MUX

Teletraan II is Metroplex's mainframe, which operates Autobot City and functions as a user interface for those within its walls.

"Uh.... crap."


In 2014, Scattershot returned to Earth to lead an assault against Decepticon-controlled Autobot City. Afterburner, Lightspeed, and Strafe went instead through the space bridge into Autobot City itself. There they met up with Sandstorm and Steeljaw, and helped deliver the cure to Teletraan II, freeing Metroplex.



Aug 04 - Perimeter Alert

Upon everything being collected and displayed as one cohesive report Teletraan relays this set of events.
Grimlock striding through the desert in robot mode on patrol. Ambushed by a sweep, they begin long range combat, then the Sweep engages Grimlock in melee, lashing out and /biting/ the Dinobot. After a few more exchanges Grimlock transforms, but upon completing the change seems to momentarily falter. Readings from him register surprise, panic, and finally Grimlock seems to regain bearing only to lash out in an animalistic manner. Instead of fighting to win, Griomlock seems to be battling to survive and ultimately breaks free of the sweep and flee south toward Mexico, and South America proper.
Reports have been flooding in of a T-Rex running full on with no regard for humans, itself, or what's in front of it. Damage totals keep rising.


Apocalypse World universe

In the Apocalypse World universe alternate-future timeline, Kaput and Ratchet used data from Teletraan II to help program holo-Spike.


  • Grimlock's player has reported as Teletraan II.