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"Teletraan I, we need to ask you something."
"I doubt it's how my day was. It's always the same: 'Give me a visual, Teletraan I', 'Analyze this energy signature, Teletraan I', 'Put on some Television, Teletraan I'. Ingrates. I should have let the Decepticons slag you back in 84."

Teletraan I is the semi-sentient computer that runs the Autobots' spaceship/base, the Ark.

Teletraan I has extensive communications abilities, and can monitor Earth's television and radio broadcasts to search for news that may be of interest to the Autobots. It also operates the Sky Spy, and was responsible for rebuilding and reactivating all the Transformers aboard the Ark in 1984.


Ugh Megatron, there's no one here...they just left the TV on. Hello? Anyone?

Teletraan I proved to be quite a capable mechanism for keeping the Autobots organised and up-to-date. It only has a few flaws, such as being unable to tell Autobots and Decepticons apart (it repaired everyone aboard when the Ark reactivated in 1984). Unsurprisingly for a computer belonging to a group of sentient robots, its verbal interface was very advanced.



Teletraan I


For many years, most Transformers fans spelled the computer's name with only one 'A', and often with a digit '1' instead of a Roman numeral 'I'. However, in recent years copies of original production documents from the cartoon have come into the hands of fans. In these original documents the name is almost always spelled with two As and a Roman numeral.

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