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Techno-Viper 88
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Cobra Ground Forces

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1 - Techno-Viper



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Techno-Vipers, Varies based on assignment

I just work here.

Modern battles involve expensive, complicated machines, and it is inevitable that these machines sustain enemy-inflicted damage, succumb to driver error, or simply break down of their own accord. It is the mission of the Techno-Vipers to provide field maintenance support and combat-engineer capability to the front-line Cobra troops. Techno-Vipers can repair HISS tanks, build bridges, and retrieve large, heavy machines from seemingly inaccessible places. Techno-Vipers aren't to be underestimated because they carry wrenches and jacks. The work their way up from the ranks of Vipers, and each one is a qualified Cobra infantryman. They also function as sappers, and are always called on as the first wave in assaulting a heavily fortified position.

To TECHNO-VIPER 88, this is just a job. Not interested in Cobra ideology, she mostly just tries to keep her head down and keep out of the line of fire. She enjoys working on Cobra super-tech, and puts up with the occasional G.I. Joe attack as an occupational hazard.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

Techno-Viper 88 was assigned to Cobra's Columbia base before it was destroyed. She was then reassigned to Cobra Island. She is currently deployed to Cobra Unity.

OOC Notes



Sep 21: Diary Entry for 21 September 09

From the journal of Techno-Viper 88:

Well, here I am in Florida again. I find more and more that I need to get away from the Island. On top of the stuff that's been plaguing me for a while, the Commander has now gone MIA. Last I heard he was somewhere over in Ohio. Ohio? Really? With him gone, the rumors started flying amongst us peons. We've heard that all kinds of people would be taking over. I'm half expecting the Dreadnoks to show up and make a grab for power. It got more interesting today though... The Baroness just threw down a call to arms. Glad I'm on leave. I know it's a dangerous thing to say, but I've had my ass shot at more than enough lately just to protect the hair on a leader's head. Or dome/helmet. I'm tempted to go off and pull some gigs of my own while everyone is battling everyone else. I bet it would be really easy to get a nice nest egg started. Enough for today. I'm going to enjoy some sun and sand while I can.


Techno-Viper 88 was created and is played by IceSpark.