This page is for the heroic Renegade codenamed "Taurus". For his evil Shattered Glass universe counterpart, see Varujan Ayvazyan (SG).

"I don't like his face. Let us remove it, yes?"

TAURUS looks the part of the outrageous circus performer he is. An acrobat, strongman, and freak, he consistently wows audiences across America and Europe with tricks like smashing bricks over his head. Semi-famous within the circus community, TAURUS has a second identity known to very few – he is an underground agent for G.I. Joe and INTERPOL, using the traveling circus for cover as he moves from place to place, keeping track of various terrorist organizations, including Cobra. He is the master of both subtle investigation and violent bladed combat, especially using his preferred weapon of choice, a finely-honed kilij scimitar. Discovered by Sgt. Slaughter during a low point in his career, TAURUS was recruited to perform special assignments outside the normal purview of G.I. Joe. His physical strength and bravery impressed the Sarge immediately, as did his iron toughness and fluency in a dozen different languages. After joining G.I. Joe, TAURUS was cross-trained in explosives and mountaineering. While an excellent and loyal fighter, TAURUS has real problems with authority, and can occasionally use far more violence than necessary for the mission at hand.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Taurus was recruited for G.I. Joe by Sgt. Slaughter in 1987, although as a Turkish citizen Taurus only worked with the Joes unofficially.

MUX History:

Taurus is currently working in Turkey as both a circus performer and a secret operative of G.I. Joe, protecting US intelligence assets from discovered by al-Qaeda, Cobra, or, sometimes, even the Turkish government.

File Information
Personal information
File Name

Varujan Ayvazyan


Istanbul, Turkey


Boğa; Bull

Military information
Grade / Rank

E-5 (equivalent)


Counterintelligence, Demolitions


Explosives; Mountaineering

Weapon / vehicle expertise

Explosives; Knife; Pistol; Rifle; Sword

Organizational information

OOC Notes

Taurus sometimes goes by the alternative codename 'Boğa', or Bull. He has a red bull tattoo on one of his forearms.



Taurus is Available for application.


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