Transformers Universe MUX


<Admin> Powermaster Nemesis was the one who designed the phase-cloak originally -- it's what inadvertently kicked off the Time Warp TP because I used a phase-generator to phase Unicron out of physical reality... it, uh, didn't exactly work out very well. >.>

<Admin> The 'Sane' one, Ghost stole it fair and square.. and got trypticon to install it if memory serves;)

<Admin> Powermaster Nemesis says, "Good thing Nightshade doesn't know that it was originally meant for her, then. ;)"

<Admin> Action Master Typhoon says, "Jammer had a version of it at one point."

<Admin> The 'Sane' one, Ghost says, "It's the basis of Ghost and Trypticon's weird relationship. He installed it, she guards his systems from /anyone/

<Admin> Powermaster Nemesis says, "The one Jammer had was the one I built, and I /think/ it's the one Ghost got her hands on."

<Admin> The 'Sane' one, Ghost got the one that made someone go nucking futz.

<Admin> Powermaster Nemesis says, "That was Jammer."