This article is about the G.I. Joe Naval Pilot - for the member of Valour's Seeker squad, see Air Warrior.

Tail Hook is the little brother of GI Joe's Air Component Commander, Ace. Both brothers were fascinated by flying while growing up, but Tail Hook always fancied the prestige of Naval aviation. While in High School, he had but one goal: Qualify for the US Naval Academy and he made sure to keep his grades good enough to make it into Annapolis. He graduated as valedictorian from high school and was accepted to Annapolis. Graduated the Naval Academy with top honors. During his first rotation to sea, his squadron saw action during Operation Desert Storm. He caught the eye of his squadron commander as a top notch fighter pilot. He had the highest ratings in the squadron and was recommended for special duty assignment to the US Navy Blue Angels. Served four years with the Navy's demonstration team and at the end of his tour was selected as an instructor pilot at Pensacola NAS. It was during that time that the GI Joe Team began to expand its roster and equipment inventory. With the addition of the new Tigerhawk, F-18 variant fighter, the team needed a pilot that could handle it and utilize it to its fullest extent. Ace personally recommended his little brother for a position on the team and Tail Hook was accepted.

Tail Hook has never had to live in the shadow of his older brother. He has had as prestigious a career in his own right as Ace and both men are top notch fighter pilots. There is always going to be that sibling rivalry, as well as service rivalry, between the two. They will even at times try to best each other when it comes to downing Cobra aircraft. It's tolerated by the team's top brass because when it comes down to crunch time, both men are the consummate professionals and the ace fighter pilots that got them into the positions they're in.

Fire Information

File Name: Armbruster, Wendall (Dell) L.
Grade: O-3, Lieutenant
Branch: US Navy Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
Primary Specialty: Battle Copter Pilot, Fighter Pilot
Secondary Specialty: Ordnance Officer
Education: Graduated US Naval Academy, Annapolis

NOC: 1310 Naval Aviator

Vehicle Qualifications: Battle Copter, F-14, F/A-18, T-38, XF/A-18 Tigherhawk, XF-22 Thunderwing, XP-14 Skystriker

Weapons Qualifications: M-9, M-16A2, M-4


Tail Hook was created by SgtDoc


MUX History

In August of 2013, with the destruction of the USS Flagg, he was reassigned to United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka in Japan.


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