TP Application

This page is for the TP application. For a Character Application, see Character Application. For an Upgrade Application, see Upgrade-App.

So you want to create your own TP. Just follow the pages and fill out the application form, and send it out to the address listed at the end...

1. Name:

2. Character's Name:

3. Name of TP:

4. Will the TP involve multiple factions, or just one?

5. What characters will be needed?

6 Will TP characters be required? If so, please list at the end of the application with note, quote, function, race, and stats.

7. Will you be playing one of these characters?

8. Is your TP open-ended or closed-ended? In other words, is a certain, pre-determined outcome necessary for the success of the TP, or is it loosely scripted with an ending that could go in several different ways?

9. Give a description of the storyline itself, in as much detail as you care to write. You may want to break it down into the main course of events and any significant subplots that will affect the ending in some way.

10. If your TP is open-ended, give a brief description of what might happen in alternate scenarios. For example, "If the Decepticons reach the site first, then...", or "If the Autobots manage to stop the launch of the rocket, then..." etc.

11. Are there any elements of your TP that could tie into previous events on the MUX, and/or could be revived at some point in the future?

12. Does the outcome of your TP have potential long-term effects on the TFUMUX universe? Will things return to the status-quo afterwards, or will significant changes have taken place? If so, please describe the repercussions of the story's events.

13. Are there any rooms/objects/planets/vehicles/etc. that need to be built especially for this? If so, describe them. Do you want to build and/or describe these objects yourself, or do you want to leave them for the Builder Staff?

14. Do you want to run this TP yourself, or would you prefer to have a staffer do it?

15. What are your usual MuXing days and times, so we can schedule this for a time when it's convenient for you to be there?

16. Please add anything about this TP that you feel is necessary for us to know.

Please send all TP applications to and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Typhoon, TP Staff Head and All-Around Wiz

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