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TORQ III was a computer from Quantum Laboratories.

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TORQ III was an incredibly advanced supercomputer that could control and build machines. At the time, it was the most advanced computer to ever be created by humans. What could possibly be the danger in creating artificial intelligence of that magnitude? It's not like someone with a nuclear weapon on his arm could take control of it. Right?


Generation 1 cartoon continuity

TORQ III was created by American scientists at Quantum Laboratories. Megatron reprogrammed it with his personality and instincts. Megatron then ordered TORQ III to take control of the facility by commanding all the machines inside with Remote Control Circuit Linkers. Optimus Prime was able to get close to TORQ III by pretending to be under the influence of a Remote Control Circuit Linker. He then punched TORQ III's lights out. Dr. Paul Gates didn't think he would reactivate TORQ III until he could make him absolutely tamper-proof. Day of the Machines Not a bad idea.

MUX History

Quantum Laboratories continued to work on the TORQ III system over the following twenty-odd years, and it went through several iterations and improvements. By the year 2003, the TORQ 3000 had been created. Story of Binaltech, Chapter 1

By 2012, Quantum Laboratories' security was seen over by TORQ V. A Flash Forward, Part 2


"Green is attacking Yellow. Yellow, energize two shields."

  • TORQ III is prominent in the background of Ninja Gladiator, a video game that Animated Bumblebee plays in "Where Is Thy Sting?".

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Torq 3 (トルク3 Toruku 3)

Alternate Universes

Witwicky World

In the Witwicky World universe, TORQ III's machines were able to kill Hound before Optimus Prime was able to save TORQ's creators.

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