This article is about the Autobot metallurgist - for his evil Shattered Glass counterpart, see Swerve (SG).
Molecular structure is the window to understanding.

If Autobots needed driver's licenses, Swerve's would have long been revoked. He's a definite menace on the highways. He doesn't mean to be, but he is so easily distracted that he rarely pays attention to where he's going for more than a half-minute at a time. Usually, he's too busy reading roadside billboards, changing his internal radio from the inter-Autobot frequency to a disco station, or looking for vanity license plates. It takes the frenzied honking of a nearby car's horn or the sudden approach of a telephone pole toward his front end to rouse Swerve from his stupor and save him from wrecking himself -- and, often, others as well. Although a loyal and brave Autobot, Swerve exhibits the same lack of concentration when being given orders by a superior. Invariably, his mind wanders and he only hears part of his instructions. It is not uncommon to hear Optimus Prime advising Swerve to "Keep your optical sensors on the road -- and your cerebro-circuitry on the plan!"

Sensors in Swerve's hands allow him to determine a multitude of chemical and physical properties of metals: electrical and heat conductivity, melting point, tensile strength, coefficient of elasticity, ductility, brittleness, magnetism, and others. Miniature acetylene torches and lasers in his fingers allow him to fuse metals together into new alloys. Swerve is constantly trying to create stronger and lighter metals for use by the Autobots. In vehicle mode, Swerve can reach speeds of 120 mph and has a range of 500 miles. Considering his careless driving habits, he luckily is extremely resistant to damage.

Swerve's frequent lapses of concentration result in many accidents, although few of them are usually severe. But the accrued effect of all of them often leaves him a walking (or driving) wreck.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:



Swerve joined the Autobots on Earth in 1986, taking the form of a pickup truck.


Pickup Truck mode

MUX History:

After the destruction of Kimia in 2017, he was re-assigned to Iacon proper.

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