Strontero, or Stronterom, is a planet.


The Movie comic

Kup was at Stronterom once, and witnessed the native Crocodillos surround someone menacingly. The Final Battle!

The AllSpark Almanac

Stronterom was a neutral or unclaimed planet in the Milky Way. The Complete AllSpark Almanac


  • Kup was originally scripted to reference the Crocodillos of Strontero when the stolen Quintesson ship he and Hot Rod were flying passed over Wreck-Gar's hostile Junkions, who at the time were surrounding the Autobots that had earlier crashed on planet Junkion. The scene containing the reference was left out of The Transformers: The Movie as screened, but retained in the Marvel Comics adaption of the film.
  • Speaking of, the Marvel Comics adaption spells the word as "Stronterom," but both the original script and the dialogue script to The Transformers: The Movie spell the word as "Strontero".
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