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A Former Olympic Weightlifter, Stretcher now utilizes his enormous strength to carry wounded Joes to safe landing zone evacuation sites. Before joining the G.I. Joe team, Stretcher served as a front line medic for one of NATO's roughest combat units. Although he is highly proficient in all the latest first-aid techniques, his primary duty is the speedy delivery of injured troops to the best treatment facility in the area.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Stretcher grew up in Hartford, Connecticut and went on to become an Olympic weight lifter. A trained medic, Stretcher became known for using his strength to carry wounded soldiers off the battlefield to safety.

One of Stretcher's first missions for the G.I. Joe team was as part of the extraction team sent to get a team of Joes out of Sierra Gordo during an Iron Grenadier attack. Later, Stretcher served during the Joes biggest operation to date, the Battle of Benzheen. Though he patched up many wounded Joes, several other Joes were killed in the battle, too far gone for anyone to save. He served on many more missions until G.I. Joe was shut down in 1994.

MUX History:

Stretcher rejoined the team when it was reinstated in 1997.

He was tapped by Scarlett to join her mission to the SG World.

In 2013 he was recalled for the Quintesson Invasion TP, and helped to rescue an injured Ace, Chance, and Nightingale after a Pit invasion by Quintesson transorganics.

OOC Notes

One of two former Olympians (Weight Lifting) on the Joe Team. Snow Job (Biathlon) is the other. (Helix is said to be an "Olympic-classed" gymnast, but she'd never competed at that level.)




Stretcher is available for application.

  • In 2022, Stretcher was @emitted by Bzero.



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