Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Stop Apologizing For You

Characters: Springer, Starlock

Location: Iacon

Date: 11/12/2020

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Starlock tracks down Springer to apologize too him, and they end up
 having a longer talk.

As logged by Starlock

Iacon Simulation Center - Iacon

Springer is in the middle of one of the larger training sim areas, currently in one of the higher level training courses with what looks to be most of the Combaticons being simmed in a general brawl with the Green Machine.. and he does not seem to be doing too well currently as one of the larger Constructicons levels him down with a blow from behind.. but quick enough he rolls and is back on his feet and throwing a blow back in return.

Starlock comes trotting into the training sims, looking around for someone, fact she was in here was a surprise given the recent accident... She'd pause seeing him, and move off to the side, and folds her arms behind herself, and waits for him to finish.

Springer keeps going for a bit longer but his movements and actions just seem a bit off and finally he stands up and halts the scenario with a frustrated "End simulation!" He stands there for a moment before he turns to walk off the mat but stops at the edge as he catches sight of Starlock, a optic ridge raising before he finishe walking to the console for the arena and shutting it down fully before turning to fully face Starlock, "Evening."

"Evening!" Starlock chirps with a smile, keeping her composure and bites at her lip. "You in a position where we can talk?" Stalrock asks.

Springer waves a hand back behind him, "Just a bit of training. Needed to work out a few things." He moves over to the side and picks up a container of energon and sips from it before he takes a second one out and offers it to Starlock, "Drink? Nothing major, just energon."

Starlock nods in thanks and accepts it. "Still need to ask, some people tend to get really amped up while training so can sometimes snap while in normal conversation after." Starlock explains as she sips. "So, if you're in a good spot..?" She'd ask, looking up at him.

Springer nods, "I always make time for Wreckers and anyone who works with them. Besides was at the end of my training cycle." He waves towards one of the benches off against one of the walls and walks over it to take a seat.

Starlock nods once more and looks thoughtful for a moment before she takes another vent, steeling herself. "I'm sorry about last night." She'd say suddenly. "I didn't mean for it to come off badly, you'd.. just hit a sore spot.. I'd tried to keep prime from seeing it, but.. Ehh he's got eyes like a hawk." She'd click her jaw.

Springer shrugs and waves a hand, "So did I.. but I was ordered to treat you like a Wrecker, even if your just support, Starlock. And that's how we are act we fight hard and play hard. It wasn't meant as a insult, was just a joke between teamamtes... but Prime now seems to want me to treat you as something special not as a Wrecker, so I'll do so." He finally turns his head to look at Starlock, "I /am/ sorry if you took it as a insult. Wasn't mean to be.. I'd ruin my reputation as a lady's Mech if I treated a Femme that way." This time his tone changes and takes on a clearly joking tone. He pauses and raises a hand in a fist and offers it towards the other Bot, "Thick or thin, good times or bad, whatever feelings may be in the air, know that I'll have your back, Starlock. So will the Wreckers. Your one of us, active roster or support."

Starlock hems. "It wasn't that I took it as an insult.. Its.." She'd glances away sadly. "Hearing that my position was being treated lightly like that, despite loosing a rank I took years busting my aft for, no matter how small it was, that was just.. quickly stripped away without another thought was.. hurtful.. and I didn't want to be reminded of that." Starlock explains. 

Starlock then glances back and smiles lightly and brings her own fist up to give him a light fist bump. "Cool... Wanted to just... be clear before we had to go out together."

Springer snerks just a bit, lowering his hand afterw the bump, "Starlock, never... /ever/ take what Wreckers say seriously off the field. We poke and joke about /everything/. The sheer amount of harrassment I get for seeing Typhoon and Delusion... let's just say they have raised their standards to epic levels for the jokes." He leans back and takes another sip, "On the field is entirely different but I am sure you know the difference between the two."

Starlock smiles, taking a seat, and nods. "Very much so, sometimes though, you know its bad and I'm trying not to panic if I start joking over the comms while on the field." She'd admit with a nod and smile. "Again, I apologize, normally I am not that.. thin armored.. "

Springer raise a finger, "Agian.. there is a difference between. I hope by the time you are on a mission with us you can tell when we're joking and when we're being serious. There is a thin line and we dance along that. Alot." At the apology he waves his hand, "Everyone has a weakspot in their armor, Starlock, and through luck, happenstance, or any of many other reasons some shots just slide thorugh, intentional or not."

Starlock nods and closes her optics, taking a deep vent, and relaxes. "Okay.. I'm glad to hear.. I picked up on how you where acting last night, so I was worried, and after talking with Ratchet.. I was able to figure out how to approach you with this." She'd smile.

Springer sighs a bit and leans his head back, bracing it agianst the wall, "No.. I was more angry at how Prime seems to be treating the Wreckers."

"Yeaah.. Ratchet.. explained that to me too." Starlock admits, looking down at her drink. "...I know I wasn't helping since.." She'd gesture out to the air. "I don't want to make your life harder."

Springer reaches over and balls his ahnd up again and bops Starlock on the head firmly, though not enough to really hurt. "Starlock. ENOUGH. Your a Wrecker in all but name at the moment. Stop apologizing.. if people can't handle it, that's their problem to deal with, not yours to try to change things."

Starlock flinches, and doesn't yelp and keeps her optics closed tightly, but, when there's little to no pain, she'd open an optic up at him. She looks a little confused, if not lost in both though, and for words. "But-- I--.." she would take a deep vent, trying to collect herself.

Springer hold his hand balled up in the air over Starlock's head, a opticridge arching again, "You.. but what?" And waits

Starlock squints at him challengingly. "...But I messed up.. and should apologize for that.." she says, looking him in the optic as she says that. "Unlike Hot Rod.. I own my stupid-ass actions." Starlock says dryly.

Springer gives another very light tap on her head, "Stop apologizing. Do it once then stop. Beings mess up, Starlock, even the Primes do... Optimus is no saint, but even he will only apologize once." He then gives a light pat on her head before pulling his hand back to take another drink, "Hot Rod... is Hot Rod. Differnt mech to you, everyone screws up in differnt ways." He sighs as he shakes his head a bit, "And I was more meaning i've seen you apologize just for you being YOU. Stop that. Wreckers, just as /you/ just said about yourself, own our screwups, apologize once if we think we should then move on. If one apology doesnt work, just hit them in the face and say too bad. If they try to hit back agian.. well, you have one of the nastiest, meanest sets of big brothers to back you up.." A pause, "And two big sisters. They would be pissed if I didn't include them."

Starlock squints harder at him but he does get a chuckle out of her and huffs. "...Alright, Its.. gonna be hard to break." She'd admit, looking down. "...Thanks." She'd add. "I'm not.. used to this sort of thing." She goes on.

Springer blinks once and tilts his head, "What sort of thing?"

"This" Starlock says as she struggles to find the words as she gestures to herself, then Springer. "I'm.. I'm used to having to do things myself, rely on myself, apologize no matter what I've done, keep my helm low.. Even back when I joined the bots and then when I was sent into space for all those years, and just to come back and have Harmonex happen..." She'd frown. 

"..Its hard not to be suspicious of people, and think I'm being an inconvence to them." She'd explain before sighing. "Only person I ever.. had that was remotely like this.. died with harmonex a long long time ago." she'd add, scratching at her cheek.

Springer sighs a bit and gives a light chuckle, "I.. am not going to even touch that subject.. Harmonex that is. I know a good bit of both sides of that disagreement and am going to stay as far from it as I can." He nods at the rest, "Understandable.. and as you've seen, if you care too much about what they think you'll make yourself miserable. Back before the war, I tried that approach.. gave up quickly when I realized the one being who's opinion should matter is my own and if others can't handle that, well thats their loss." This time he simply offers his hand, "Just know, with us, we'll make it clear if we think your being inconvient to us. Maybe by dunking you in a vat of glitter paint. But we won't lie or trick you."

Starlock quirks a ridge but smiles. "I appreciate that.. rather people be straight with me stead of passive aggressive dicks." She'd smile. "..Alright, thank you, again, those.. habits will be hard to break, but I am willing to try." She'd say as she took his hand. "Also jokes on you my paint is already glittery." She'd chuckle with a raised optic ridge

Springer smirks, "Starlock, I never said what color would go with the glitter.. Trust me, Wreckers can be very inventive to ensure you remember what happened. As for habits being hard to break, don't worry! I'll remind you as often as needed.. though you might want to reinforce your helmet if I have to do so alot."

Starlock shakes her helm. "Ahh it's fine." She'd say, taking off the helmet to reveal, well it is infect a helmet, and long thick dreadlock styled wires that curl and twist fall down around her, their ends having all sorts of different ports for a computer, some have been caped off with silver caps. She gives a thumbs up and a grin. "I gotta cushion."

Springer smirks agian, "Then that means I have to tap harder then to ensure the point gets made.. Remember, making a statement like that will just cause a Wrecker to take it as a challenge to overcome.." A hand reaches over and pokes Starlock in the chest, "Just as your going to have to do, to overcome this challenge, understand? If you need help, ask. One think we will not joke about is if you come asking for help.. unless it's about a Femme or Mech your intersted in, then the jokes will definitely happen."

Starlock snrks. "I complain and cry a lot, but I've not given up on a challenge yet." She'd grin. "Just.. takes longer then I want." She'd huff. "Truuust me I don't think I'd be coming to aaany of you guys for /that/ kind of advice." She'd chuckle as she works to get her helmet back on.

Springer holds his hands up, "Hey.. we do just fine with the ladies and mechs, thank you very much... but just now if one of them pisses you off, we'll help kidnap him.. or her.. and ensure they understand their error." He winks at tht before he sips at his drink again, finishing it off before setting it in a disposal bin next to the bench.

Starlock gives Springer a look. "You have a rep." She'd smile. "Besides, First person I dated in yeaars was First Aid, also I don't think you'll have that trouble, now if it had been younger me.. whooooph." She'd laugh. "Thanks again." She'd grin. "I'm glad we could talk."

Springer snerks and places a hand on his chest, "Lady, I am more then content with the two I have.. Blessed that the two tolerate me enough." He stands up and streches, "I do hope that rep you speak of makes it clear though that while I may tease, I do /not/ mistreat." He offers a hand to help Starlock up, "I'm always avaialbe to talk to if needed, Wrecker or not."

Starlock chuckles. "Mostly on being a shameless flirt, but I don't think I've actually heard anything negative." She'd accept the hand and nod. "...Alright, I'll.. try, its hard to be open." She'd chuckle weakly.

Springer pulls her up easily enough, "I am not a shameless flirt... I take offense at that! I am a skilled flirt who does his best to make a lady feel special." With tht he sweeps a arm across his chest and gives a very proper gentlemanly bow to Starlock.

Starlock shakes her helm at him in amusement. "Suuuuuure." she says in teasing skepticism. "And Hot Rod is well mannered." She'd snort.

Springer just grins, "He can be, so might want to reword that, lass. Just.. doesnt happen very often." He waves towards the exit, "Just a heads up I dont forsee any missions in the near future but with the nature of the job it can show up quite suddenly.. I suggest ensuring you keep a pack ready for a long deployment on hand, just incase."

Starlock gives a thumbs up. "I've got a whole med and survival kit in my sub space, we're good." She'd laugh. "I even have a medical tent." She'd call.

Springer chuckles as he starts heading for the door, "Remember the size of some of the Wreckers." He gives a wave as he exits out, "Keep up your training.. a Wrecker should always be avaiable if I am not. And, sorry I have been so rare to show up for training you myself."

"Yeaah Odda fit, unless like, their Sky Lynx size." Starlock calls and clicks her tongue she looks down at her hand, balling it into a fist, and taking a deep vent. "..I can do this.." she'd glance back. "I will." She'd smile.

And Starlock can hear a yelled comment, "Of course you can do it, Starlock!"