Transformers Universe MUX

"As long as everyone pays attention and follows the rules, we’ll all get through this OK."

STILETTO is executive officer of the Dominicons, but has always been more of a follower than a leader. In charge of the ground forces half of the team, as well as any infantry units assigned to a Dominicon mission, she follows Illarion’s commands to the letter, without deviation. Although Illarion appreciates her loyalty and skill, she hopes that with more confidence and experience Stiletto will someday learn to improvise more and rely on her leaders less. In robot mode, Stiletto is powerful, and heavily armored, with enough firepower to level a city. In tank mode, she's even tougher, with advanced armor and a turret-mounted cannon. She is fanatically loyal to her commander, Illarion, although she respects revolution leader Megatron even more. While intelligent and an excellent strategist, she sometimes flounders when forced to think outside the box. Combines with other Dominicons to form Taracon.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Member of a well-trained and deadly team HAND-PICKED by Illarion.

MUX History:

Current member of the Decepticons' Assault Infantry division.

OOC Notes

Member of the Dominicons, an TP-Only gestalt team on TFU. She transforms into a pink and metallic purple tank, and has a bubble cannon for special occasions.



This character is available for temping. AbsyntheNocturne has dibs.