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Horrorshow was big, looking very much on the stout side and not exactly the brightest mind in the Oktober Guard. Still, his superiors liked him for one thing: Whatever they told him to do, he did whatever it took to get the job done. Either with graceful subtlety or with brute force, he didn't ask too many questions. His size and clumsy gait hid the deceptive speed and strength of a polar bear.

"I fight until I am the only one left standing. That is what I do."

File Information

File Name: Drukersky, Stepan
Grade: Sergeant (сержа́нт)
Birthplace: Tbilisi, Georgia
Primary Specialty: Heavy Weapons Specialist
Secondary Specialty: Infantry


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

HORROR SHOW grew up in a well-known theater family, and though he acted with them when he was a boy, he never wanted to live or work in a world of illusion. After joining the military, he felt much more at home. Weapons training made him a versatile infantry soldier and a natural choice to be the OKTOBER GUARD heavy weapons specialist, with a penchant for blowing things up with RPG's (Rocket Propelled Grenades).

Horrorshow joined his comrades to retrieve a crashed spy plane in the heart of Afghanistan. It didn't take long to meet his team's American counterpart, G.I. Joe. An intense firefight between the two devolved into a fistfight where Horrorshow proved that two Joes trying to take him on proved to be no trouble at all.

A team-up with the Joes bring him to the Cobra stronghold in Iran. He joined with his leader Colonel Brekhov and teammate Daina to infiltrate one side of the stronghold. When Brekhov attempted to betray the Joes and take the RTV that carried the plane, he is only too happy to obey. He was left behind with his Oktober Guard teammates fending for themselves against Cobra Troopers.

The final mission of the original October Guard began when the Russians arrived in Sierra Gordo to assist the revolutionary leader, El Jefe, in his fight to overthrow the local government. The Soviet government hoped to make Sierra Gordo communist territory. The nation's current government was being supported by Cobra and Destro's Iron Grenadiers. All during the mission, a small group of Joes spied on both sides. During the fighting, Colonel Brekhov was moved by the small nation's revolution, having long become cynical over the "communist revolution" of his Soviet superiors. He and the rest of his team fought valiantly, and in the end Brekhov, Horrorshow, Stormavik and Schrage were all killed in action. The team would continue on with new members, but Horrorshow would never be forgotten by his allies or his enemies.

OOC Notes

For a while The Oktober Guard was an ally of G.I. Joe in the War Against Terror.



Horrorshow is dead, and unavailable for application.


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