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I’ll tell you what, Brother! You're going down! What are you going to do when Steel Breaker comes for you?

STEEL BREAKER is a Con who made for war. He can transform into a Cobra HISS Tank. Steel Breaker's immense size served him well on the battlefield, able to use his cannon in both of his modes. His body shows the scars of war, with each a badge of pride for him. Steel Breaker loves conflict and thrives in battle. He never knew peace and he never wanted to know it. He thinks anyone who wants peace is a weak coward.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Steel Breaker was one of the first Cons built after the war had begun. He has never known peace or a unified transformer race. He was put on the front line fighting the evil Autobots. He spent millions of years fighting and killing, his mind becoming twisted by this. He started to crave battle and fighting. In time he did not just fight battles he was told but he would fight anyone who he can get to fight.

When the Cons came to Earth and they allied with Cobra he was assigned to work with them. There he took the form of a HISS Tank falling in love with how it looks and the power it has. Well Cobra while willing to work with the Con didn’t trust them (evil knows evil) so he was assigned to a cobra trooper to watch over him. The two soon bonded and became friends, most likely the only friend Steel Breaker ever had. The trooper by the name of Bob was a big pro wrestler and shows Steel Breaker, Not understanding that wrestling is fake he took it as the best warriors of Earth. So he took how they spoke as how Earth Warriors spoke and started to speak that way, in time it became a habit. Other than wrestling Cobra Bob also took him hunting loved, of course with two huge cannons he used for hunting he blew the deer to nothing. Bob taught him how to hunt and track deer and the like.

In his down time he enjoys drinking Energon and Oil. He also enjoys playing the Bass another thing he learned about on Earth but not from Bob but from watching MTV.

MUX History:

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