Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Starscream Says Hi

Characters: Cerebros, Starscream

Location: Decepticon Headquarters

Date: April 20, 2020

TP: Peace in Our Time TP

Summary: Starscream greets the newly returned Cyclonus

As logged by  Cyclonus

Log session starting at 14:53:40 on Monday, 20 April 2020.

Cyclonus sits at a console, studying information about the Empire. Supply routes, inventory, active combatants available to be fielded... all the logistics you'd want to know before setting out on a campaign.

Starscream, announced by the familiar click of his rocket heels, comes into the HQ pinching his nose bridge, still unsure what to make of last nights... Broadband and Decepticon Channel conversations. His red optics glance over, noticing Cyclonus, his wings twitching upward as he did and lets out a hm. "Ahh, Cyclonus, I'd heard you'd returned, suppose a good a time as any given... circumstances." Starscream says with a sneer mixed cringe as he glances away and then back to opticing over the screen.

Cyclonus barely even glances up. "Starscream," he acknowledges, then deftly closes the reports he's scanning and logs out of the console. "It -is- certainly an eventful time in some ways. A good many of high command seem caught up in it."

Starscream scoffs and rolls his optics. "With how /erratic/ our 'lord' has been acting of late, it's no surprise." The haunty seeker states dryly, crossing his arms, he lets out a huff. "And all it took was some haunty beastformer attempting to unite the neutral factions." he mutters in irrtence. 

Starscream starts taping his fingers against his forearm. "I'd /warned/ them he likely had allies, but did anyone leisten? Hmph." Starscream adds indiginitly. "Still.. Did not suspect one of them would be his.. mate, within our ranks." he grumbles.

Cyclonus stands, the better to be optic to optic with Starscream. "Yes. And while this was happening, what did the rest of Command do? Sit around and watch the spectacle? Plan to support our Lord? Or slink off into the shadows and pretend they don't have duties of their own?"

Starscream squints at Cyclonus in challenging offense. "I'd watch your tone, Lieutenant." Starscream warns before relaxing his frame. "Soundwave was off following orders regarding Harmonex before it was sealed." Starscream states, bringing his hand up, starting to bring up fingers as he starts listing off the others. "No one was.. quite sure what Shockwave was doing up until a couple weeks ago when he emerged from whatever hole he was hiding in." He grumbles irritatedly, bringing up a second finger. 

"Overlord was very much being an instigator, and being relatively unhelpful, no surprise there." he adds with a roll of his optics. "Scalpel has been busy in the medical bays, Knock out has recently returned." He continues, adding two fingers. "Airachnid is unknown, Valour was leading Aerospace while Deathsaurus's frame was being rebuild after his original was destroyed by the autobots." He'd grumble. 

 "That Protoform of a Destron has been causing quite the issues of late..." he shakes his helm. "And /I/ have been working on the attempts to gain Nebulon on our side, merely waiting for when I can take the combaticons and ah.. apply some pressure, as it where."

Cyclonus does not back down, standing tall in the face of Starscream's scorn. He's been in Starscream's very position before. The fact that he's currently lower ranked doesn't change his opinions. "The same buffoonery as always," he comments. "Good officers left idle because those who supposedly lead them can't see beyond their own obsessions." He does turn slightly, throwing an arm wide to gesture at the headquarters around them. "All this great machinery of war stutters in its motion, and those who are supposed to ensure its smooth functioning have other things to distract them."

Cyclonus shakes his head. "But perhaps before the question of what to do I should ask -with whom-. The Destrons seem unwilling to obey Megatron. What about you?"

Its taking quite a bit for Starscream not to flinch as his optics meet Cyclonus's, all the prompt but as it is with Starscream, little spine, he huffs once Cyclonus moves away. "Yes well, it's /hard/ to do such when our Lord has been the one ordering such things that spread us thin." he'd state with a click of his jaw.... However there's something of that snake like smile of Starscreams. 

 "Me?" he asks putting his hand to his chassis was he leaned forward and chuckled. "Oh Cyclonus you should know as Megatron's second in command and /most/ trusted, I am /ever/ loyal to our Lord."

Cyclonus hmms. "Given the current atmosphere, I take no one's loyalty for granted, even that of his most -trusted-, most -loyal- commander. It's good for people to declare themselves. Especially around witnesses." It's harder to weasel out of a public declaration. "Even a long stalwart such as Soundwave may be in question, if the spectacle he made of himself last night is any indicator." And unsaid is the problem that may cause, of the head of intelligence with uncertain loyalties.

Starscream hems, side opticing Cyclonus as he brings his frame upward and folds his arms behind him. "I do no doubt soundwave loyalties, However I have noticed he has begun acting.. strange, exhibiting emotions much more frequently." Starscream muses as he thinks. "Banshee though is.. one of worry with the Destrons." he murmurs.. He tilts his helm as he listens to the internet channel, hemming.

Cyclonus considers that, stroking his beard with one hand. "Ghost is acting unusually," he notes.  "I was told she and Megatron were displeased with each other, for some reason. I would not normally doubt her loyalty, and with it, Trypticon's, but if both she and Banshee are wavering, that raises a disturbing possibility."

"Indeed, when loyalists start finding themselves questioning such, there indicates a grander problem, though.. to what it is, I do not know, I suspect Khamsin may have more ties then what most suspected." He'd grumble, and tapped his platting in thought. "That or our lords erratic behaviour is that much of ah... game changer, some suspect him tainted by dark energon, or suffering from that recent plague that was set loose on the planet."

Cyclonus harumphs. "Dark energon. Its touch is not easily hidden," says the mech who was rebuilt by Unicron himself. "And hardly matters. I have taken it upon myself to secure the Empire's most recent gains so the Autobots cannot simply wrest them away while so many officers are distracted." He turns his full gaze to Starscream. "I trust that would meet your approval, O most loyal of commanders?"

 "Indeed, and the plague suggestion is just as unlikely, considering the symptoms." Starscream would huff, before raising his optic ridge. "But of course~ the more resources the better we can quickly regain our upper hand on those Autobot rebels." He'd smile, but then pause. "On that note, there is currently an unaligned titan, details have been scarce, but I have spoken with it over the broadband, ensured its trust didn't fall into that of the traitorous Dominicons, last we need is them gaining such an advantage like that, so that is partly one problem clipped."

Cyclonus nods, thoughtfully. "I heard of it. A dangerous creature, from most accounts."

Cyclonus shrugs that thought away. "But the Combaticons? You can't find them?"

"Getting a hold of Onslaught has been quite a pain in the aft." Starscream grunts. "I wish for all of them to be with me when I approach the Nebulons again."

Cyclonus nods. "A reasonable precaution. They may be organics, but they are resourceful. And the Autobots have interfered there before."

"That they have, way having a 'brute' as my backing should prove enough motivation to getting their cooperation." Starscream smiles as he leans towards one of the screens nearby.

"Indeed," Cyclonus agrees, heading back to a seat at one of the consoles. "If I do run into any Combaticons, I shall inform them of your impatience with their absence."

"Good, I'd sent Blast Off to inform him sometime ago, and still have heard nothing." Starscream says before glancing around. "Is that all?" he questions with a raised optic ridge.

Cyclonus looks up. "It's not like you need -me- to dismiss you," he says. "You're the commanding officer."

"Well, merely wished to ensure I'd given you all the necessary information you required." Starscream huffs as he starts walking away. "If that's all.." he says with a lazy wave of his hand.  "So be it." He nods

Cyclonus returns to his research, listening in case someone else walks in or addresses him, but devoting most of his attention to logistics.

Log session ending at 16:56:53 on Monday, 20 April 2020.