Transformers Universe MUX
  • Name: Starlock
  • Faction: Autobot
  • Species: Transformer
  • Function: MEDIC
  • Division: Autobot Medical
  • Sub-Group: Mini-Bots
  • Type: OC
We need to keep moving forward, and not looking back.

STARLOCK is normally a quiet, ever-tired Mini-Bot medic. Most times she’d rather listen, draw, or have her nose in a book. She does genuinely like her Job, as she would rather heal then hurt. However, she will defend her patients to the death if that is what's needed. When faced with a problem or injustice, she does whatever she can to try and fix it, due to her desire to do what's right and just, no matter what it takes. Starlock wants to give hope to those caught in the war and prove herself a reliable leader. She yearns to show that the war can end on good terms. However, her anxiety and poorly developed social skills often make her seem more aggressive than what she really is. She is a Triple-Changer with a space capable alt but is unable to leave the atmosphere on her own power.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Starlock was forged in Harmonex before it first fell. She was a librarian and archivist there with no abilities or weapons to her name. When the war started, she didn't pick a side for a long time. But hearing of tragedies day after day, as well of the numbers of bots who had died, who's names would never be remembered, it all wore on her. When she realized it wasn't going to end, she realized she couldn't just stand idle anymore, waiting for someone else to fix it. She did her research, and eventually decided, the most good she would be able to do, was with the Autobots, despite knowing she was dooming herself.

There were many events in her life that shaped her, and broke her, resulting in her anxiety, but she didn't give up and kept herself moving forward, to attempt to ease what suffering she could, and correct what wrongs she could, even if it was hard.

MUX History:

Starlock returned to Cybertron in 2019. She helped found New Harmonex and was involved with freeing the Combaticons from their forced loyalty program in 2020.

Starlock, by Javier O. Reyes

In 2021, Blaster, Signal Flare, and Starlock witnessed Omen emerging from Ghost's frame, confirming Ghost's capacity as a host and Omen's existence as a symbiote.

In 2022, Starlock was promoted back to Sergeant, and then later infected by Doc with Silica's song.

Technical Data:

OOC Notes

  • Starlock has a holomatter avatar.




  • September 14 - "Brandishing the Banshee" - Starlock gets her chance to talk to Banshee about what they may be able to do to convince Megatron to play the political game.
September 19 - Harmonex Activities
This is Sergeant Starlock reporting in to just let people know what the heck I've been up to the passed few days, as I'm sure you'll notice I've not stamped in for work in the medbay..
I've been at Harmonex, working on getting maybe some kind of working relationship going with the Dominicons, and Decepticons, that way Megatron /does not/ blow it the frag up because it wasn't handed over to him.. So far I think I've done well, got Banshee and Soundwave to work with me, been proving to Delusion I'm also willing to put in the work.
There is also the manner of the old Library I was assigned to after being activated, was mostly still standing, but the big thing was, Soundwave, Delusion, and I, got the power on, and the computer working and I was able to transfer all the uncorrupted archives into three datapads, my personal, one for Delusion, and one for soundwave, and yes I am bringing mine in to upload to the Autobot database...
If anyone wants more details on just whats going on, don't hesitate to approach me.
--Sergeant Starlock
September 23 - The Night of The Fallen
>>The video starts with a (mostly) repaired Starlock appearing on camera, looking tired, and in Fort Max's Triage unit with a number of other injured, recovering, and refugees, she starts talking, reading out what she's writing.<<
On Earth Year, September 22nd, 2019, at 1700 hours, >>73190.7<< Cybertronian date and time, Perceptor, issued us all a priority alert over the Autobot communications channel.
He and the science division had had detected a extremely fast moving, unidentified flying object entering the atmosphere of Cybertron, but quickly Identified it from the extreme heat signature, as the fallen from myth and history. They quickly determined his trajectory was aimed at the city of Iacon itself. Ultra Magnus issued a order to have Iacon's Shelter alert activated immediately, which was complied with by Aegis and Perceptor.
Optimus Prime ordered Ratchet to have all critically injured personnel moved to Retoris, which he was already in the processes of, Ratchet also ordered all Medical and support personnel to be on standby for triage and aftermath... Elita one ordered Cosmos to the orbit, were he and the Science team were to enact their plan.. Perceptor quickly boosted the cities shield in a bid to stall The Fallen, to give Cosmos and those on the ground, time, knowing said shield wouldn't last forever, Elita one informed Perceptor to drop it once the shield reached 30 percent, to launch a full out assault.
Spike and Cerebros where instantly dispatched to Fortress Maximus, who got him into position, while I remained at the gates of Iacon, near the impact site with gathering combat forces, Elita One ordered Blaster to send out a planetary alert, which was complied with, (Cheesy as it was it got the point a crossed) The Neutral combiner team, the Dominicon, and Bulwark responded to our distress, and offered Aid, being allowed in on the autobot communications channel, given we're all aware Soundwave is also listening in to our communications, we called it on him then and there, to which, without our prompting, stated the Decepticons would also assist us, Optimus accepted it.
From a ground zero perspective, I witnessed the Fallen come into view in the sky above... The fallen went off the predicted trajectory, and made /direct/ impact with the shield, causing a massive impact ripple effect on the shield, making it bend even, the whole of the city, shook... Perceptor reported he would be through in 26 astrominutes.
>>A .gif is attached, showing a first person perspective from Starlock's recording device that shows what she describes and her nearly falling, there is also the added sight of the shield heating up a bright red from Fallen's heated blaze pressing against the shield.<<
Optimus ordered everyone into teams, and to wait at our objective sites, and wherever he landed for all forces to engage. Elita requested the shield be modified to allow all friendly and allied forces in before the shield was dropped. (Which was complied with) She also ordered that once High Command reached the scene, all other forces were move to assist via ranged whenever possible, as getting into melee with him was much too dangerous, and that High Command would hold his attention...
Imager requested Blaster to hook her into the cities broadband channel, and got herself high above, and started to play a melody, attempting to (at least I believe, and if I am wrong, do correct me Imager, just leave a comment on this report) sooth the Fallen's anger and grief somewhat... Optimus ordered Cerebros to stay with Fort Max, and to protect the refugees coming in.
Perceptor announced that the shield was at 30 percent... Elita Ordered a orbital decay on the fallen, giving Cosmos the Fallen's coordinates.. The shield then went down, and only way I can possibly describe the scene that unfolded was.. /all hell/ breaking loose...
Warp cannons and anti-cruiser weaponry from Iacon's defenses started firing on the fallen, before a blinding light form his impact surrounded him, blocking visuals on him but as expected, he hit Sector Seven of Iacon with as much force a comet, the damage and casualties, insurmountable, everything was set ablaze instantly, what wasn't would then be set ablaze by the Fallen's aura, the Sky was black... And He was surrounded by the dead and dying husks of those that had been there as first responders...
At this point I had my readout monitor for all combatants open, and was flooded with a number of signals being extinguished: Skids, Bluestreak, and Caliber, went offline instantly... Code Blue, Scowbrow, Outback, Grandstand, and Tracks soon followed... There was nothing I could do for Neon, who's neck was in the fist of the fallen.. Who crushed it before us. Showdown, and Placebo also went offline...
>>Starlock as to pause for a moment, as she removes her glasses and rubs at her optics, keeping her hands over them... There are tears, but she's silent, the audio is still recording though, by the little shifts that can be heard... It takes her a good breem to collect herself before she continues.<<
Elita one ordered Team 2, Lead by Stormfront, to the Pavilion, in order to attempt to protect a Vault, which was the Fallen's Objective... Soundwave ordered Blast Off, and Astrotrain to assist Cosmos with the Orbital decay assault. Optimus, Elita One, and Ultra Magnus, engaged the fallen on the ground, despite their best efforts, all were critically injured... Ultra Magnus was first to go down, the Fallen having pierced his armor with his claws alone, and used him as a shield to block against Optimus's assault, eventually tossing him away, resulting him on being impaled by metal, rubble debris, the building would come down to bury him.
Elita One was next to fall.. The fallen had melted the ground, after tossing her, and her arm became trapped in the molten metal... At this point, the Orbital decay bombardment began, we could see the defunct satellite system coming into the atmosphere.... Bumblebee then came into the scene, joining in on the assault, but was quickly knocked into Stasis by the fallen. Elita then ordered that the shields be turned back on once the Orbital Decay was close enough, which once it was, the shield was reactivated and pushed the fallen back, successfully, into the dropped satellite system.
Unfortunately, the shield faltered, and red hot debris from the impact were sent falling across the city... Wayfarer, and Updraft, went offline... . The fallen was also not taken out, and got back up, yalms long spines came flying from him, and one buried itself in Optimus's pauldron and the ground behind him... Lightweight went offline.
The fallen then sent a beam of energon towards Optimus, but because of Elita One's quick actions (and unfortunate removal of her arm) was able to save Optimus before the Fallen's beam could kill him. (And trust me, it /would/ of, the damn beam annihilated the whole area they had been.) They retreated to safely, both where still critically injured.
All of High Command was out of commission.. Ultra Magnus ordered team two to the vault in a bit to try and stall the Fallen, until they could regroup, Aegis requested Team 2 go to the Energon pools... Scales and I stayed back, Scales started tending to Bumblebee's wounds and I started tending to Ultra Magnus's, the fallen had ignored us, partly in thanks, to Soundwave, and Jazz, putting themselves in the way of the Fallen's path...
The fallen... /was/ going to let the Decepticons go, telling Soundwave that "You false Decepticons need not die tonight." and that this wasn't their fight... Soundwave rejected this offer, Sadly the Fallen instantly fell at least Soundwave, but Scales was able to quickly stabilize him... The fallen then proceeded to the Energon Pools.
Under Scales's orders I sped ahead (leaving my refueling, Auxiliary energon tank with Scales to perform transfusions with) to get those further in, stabilizing them, and setting beacon's on them, (as instructed by Ratchet, but I had been doing so already) eventually meeting with Optimus and Elita One to do repairs and set beacon's on them for pick up, eventually I kept following the Fallen's melted path of destruction, dead, and dying, to the Energon Pools.
I do not know what happened during the fight at the Energon Pools before I arrived, That would require a report form those who where there, being Stormfront, Swindle, Knightmare, Benin-Jeri, Gridiron, Bulwark, Discretion, Delusion, Grimlock, Aegis and the Omega Sentinels.. I do not know what happened with Scales after I left, so it would require a report form her as well.
When I arrived Team 2 was already in combat with the Fallen, heavy injuries had already been taken, I did what I could to take care of the already downed, get them to safety and patched, and ready for transport, before electing to take my own shots in a bit to help those fighting the fallen... The fallen pushed past the defenses and made his way to outside the Vaults.
We all gave chase, and everyone was giving their all, and over the Autobot link, It was determined /which/ Vault he was after, and Brainstorm was already inside, lying in wait; Backblast would enter the fray by joining Brainstorm there. Jetfire would joint us at the vaults... By the time Inferno ordered me to stay out of the way of the fallen, I'd already been damaged by his wall of flame. At this point I eventually switched gears and started repairing those still in combat, Bulwark being the first, Swindle who was on death's door..
Over Broadband we were able to recruit the help of Deathsaurus. (He unfortunately was a bit slow to get to the scene) was commanding the Decepticon seekers that where attempting to help get the injured to the designated medical facilities. (Unfortunately a number of them had ended up wounded as well, a number are also among the dead.)
The fallen then moved to the Undergrid, were we continued to give chase, (Deathsaurus also had a bit of a breakdown over the broadband) I got to Knightmare and got some of her wounds repaired.. The fallen at this point was closing in on the vault, and was starting to ignore the assaulters... I was going to attempt to get to Grimlock next, but before I could.. The Fallen Fell Knightmare, Grimlock, and Bulwark in one swing, leaving Swindle, Jetfire, Delusion, Discretion, Gridiron, and Me, to give chase to the fallen.
I could not stop, they were....There was nothing I could do... But I heard scales are behind us... and allowed her to take charged, and followed the group into the vault, where Brainstorm, Stormfront, Backblast, and Chromia were lying in wait with the item the Fallen was after, after repairing Jetfire, and joined combat once more.
It's.. Hard to explain what happen in there, so much going on, so much moving so fast, but after reviewing my recording I can say, that.. Well, The fallen, got the item he was after, but Brainstorm broke the universe. (What I assume to be, Again.) By opening what I assume to be a Time tunnel with...Thing, Brainstorm had (I'm sure he's going to reply to this with a long detailed explanation) which went back to the time were Solus Prime was killed..
...The stories, were not true about what happened, but a massive misunderstanding, egged on by Maxamino.... What happened, from what I can discern now, was that the fallen had pulled Solus through to our timeline, but also took the shot that killed her, but those in time, didn't see due to the blinding light of combat... The fallen died in her arms, in our time, in that vault, this creating a kinda.. time loop, where everything happened as it should but differently? Time is confusing.
I've also not heard back from Scales.. but for now, that is my report..
--Sergeant Starlock
>>The Video Ends<<
>>Attached the report are a number of others, missing, and dead (Autobot, Neutral, and Decepticon), lists of damages, etc.
  • September 30 - "Renewal" - Gridiron's spark survived and gets placed in a new body.
  • October 1 - "Being in Charge Is Hard" - Scales and Stormfront chat a bit before returning to the Medical Center and the people there.
  • October 6 - "Working on Kodiak" Kodiak is back on his feet but still needs to get used to his new alt form. It's running a bit rough.
  • October 08 - "Scraplet Investigation" - Red Alert and Starlock investigate a missing medic.
  • October 14 - "Arrivals, New and Old" - Iacon sees some new faces and some old ones that haven't been back in a while.
October 15 - Harmonex Project
>>A simple Project note has been written, and placed up for the public<<
Hello, my name is Starlock, I'm a native to Harmonex, who witnessed it's destruction all those years ago, and I'm looking to get help in restoring, and cleaning up the Singing city, while being careful not to disturb the crystal's growth.
We're in need of people that can help clear debris, city planning, constructing buildings, help with resource collection and management, etc...
Those unaligned by faction would be idle to help, given the shield put into place by Imager, and controlled by the Dominicons... However, I would not reject Autobot OR Decepticon help, so If you are interested Please do contact me.
Furthermore, I will fully disclose, I'm a Doctor, Medic, Ex-librarian, and I am a Autobot, and I completely understand if that colors your decision.
--Project Manager Starlock.
  • November 18 - "Spelunking for Crystals" - Scales investigates the holes in the ground left by Fortress Maximus previously.
  • November 19 - "Performance Review" - Cerebros, Spike, and Fortress Maximus all consider what could have gone better.
December 10 - Resource Delay
>>Starlock appears on screen, still looking particularly hurt, but not as bad as she once was.<<
Sargent Starlock reporting in to say that the team sent to guard the convoy... Sort of Failed? >>She sounds confused, raising a ridge<<
"Can Confirm it was Decepticons that launched the attack on the convoy, Banshee, Valour, and Blast Off were the ones on the assault.. I was able to keep Blast Off Distracted, while Knightmare... Errr... whom is now Illarion? erm, anyway, Illarion, Downshift, and First aid focused on Banshee and Valour, they were able to knock the two out, but not before Banshee blew the train off the tracks with a large swatch of track, which will need repairs.
>>An Image of the damage is shown<<
A large ship came and collected Blast Off, Banshee, and Valour, before departing without fire.. There was another neutral? I'm unsure, on the field, repairing anyone he could, a white and blue beast-former feline, uses nanites, also had no noticeable emblem, just a red cross in a white square.. He seems kind, but I did see him leave with the Cons.
>>An Image of Glit appears<<
Anyway, the engineer is safe thanks to the beast-former's aid, and has been transported to a nearby hospital, and I've been seeing to people's wounds, I need my own seen too soon as someone is available.
As for the cargo? It's.. Beat up, but not a lot of it was lost, just scattered, train engine is also shot.. Illarion mentioned she could transport the cargo... With that, this completes my Report, I will be in the medical bay.
--Sargent Starlock.
>>The Video Ends<<


Janurary 01 - Enigma Information
>>Starlock appears in a video along with the text of the report, reading it out.. She looks a bit dirty with grease on her face and armor, in the background, the Space Bridge of Decagon's High Council Pavilion with a panel popped open.<<
Sergeant Starlock reporting in with, first, an apology about the late report, I've been helping Solus Prime with making repairs and modifications to the space bridge... Now with that out of the way.
I've been digging through various texts and myths regarding the Enigma of combination, I still do not know which is much more correct then the other, still waiting to hear back from Glyph.. But before that as I said, I ran into Solus prime first, who many of the myths say she created it..So, I maybe been a ah.. little bold, and asked her about it.
Solus said it was a mystery even to her, She'd wanted to create something that could bring minds together, help bridge the differences that were dividing them even back then. But apparently the first attempt created a "monster" from what I can gather is this Combiner or Gestalt known as "Monstructor" according to the texts and files we've found, legends vary on how it was taken down... After that she says she gave it to someone known as the "High Programmer" to study, and was waiting to hear back only to uh.. be pulled through the time rift during the incident with Megatronus.
And yes, Solus did confirm that what it does, I'm.. not exactly sure the details or explanation or even the details of HOW it does this, but.. She said while they didn't have that back then, Megatron had managed to 'hacked together' something similar to what the Enigma creats organically...
So they get their hands on it, they might end up with much more stable Gestalts, not to mention more Gestalts in general, which will and make the fighting worse, and could potentially destroy Cybertron again.
I apologize as I still do not know a possible locatinal clue too it, I still need Glyph's help with that..but this is a start.
>>Starlock lets out a sight and rubes at her brow.<<
Considering what I've learned, I will be locking this report to lower and upper command, as to not cause the over eager to go looking for it before we are ready too, and cause possible damage to our relationship with Solus. So with that, this is my report.
--Sergeant Starlock
>>The Video Ends.<<
  • Janurary 03 - "Asking For An Incident" - A fight between breaks out between Imager and Soundwave, and spills out of control when Starlock tries to stop it, and get them to talk civilly.
  • Janurary 03 - "What Goes Unseen" - Starlock goes back to check on Soundwave, where a promise is made.
Janurary 12 - Meeting Invitation.
>>Starlock appears on screen looking exhausted, but putting on a professional appearance... She looks to be in Harmonex.<<
A neutral known as Khamsin, has extended his hand to use Autobots to join in a meeting between Neutral factions, and Decepticons, regarding the best interests of Cybertron as a whole, with a number of things slated to be discussed, things like rebuilding, trade, seeking to create compromise and middle ground between all..
>>An Image of the Jackal Beast-former appears on screen, with whatever background information there was on him. Which wasn't a lot, but there isn't anything bad.<<
He's given a deadline of 7 days for us to inform him of whom we'll choose be sending as representatives, or if we'll be attending at all, from there he'll announce where the meeting will be held... I have his radio frequency should someone be picked.. Furthermore it should go without saying, someone who will behave and not needle and provoke other obvious hostile factions into a fight, should be chosen.
--Medical Officer, Sargent Starlock of Harmonex
>>Video Ends.<<
Janurary 19 - To Command...
>>Starlock appears on screen, looking slightly puzzled, but hopeful, she's sitting among the Crystals in Harmonex.<<
Sooo interesting situation... I, have been approached by at least.. three? Decepticons in Harmonex, whom seem /really/ freaked out by Megatron's recent orders, which all three stated the same, of him not wanting to yield, and that only peace would come through his complete control, and.. lack of free will...
Des-- Deathsaurus, is worried about bringing his family through the nebula, because of the fact Megatron has actually threatened his organic son and others of his family, and does not wish to see his family mixed into this madness.. He approached me and Spike today regarding this, looking for some sort of help in what we maybe able to suggest for help.
Banshee, is looking to get to Caminus, to take apparent oaths and to complete her training as a Cityspeaker that Windblade started... But she has also been very /clear/ and forthcoming about what Megatron asked her to do, regarding learning the titans weaknesses, to which she feels is a massive violation of her oaths as a cityspeaker, so she is..stuck in this catch 22, of ether violating her oaths as a cityspeaker, or violating those of a deceptcion, she too, has expressed that Megatron seems to be tipping towards the deep end, referring to his behaviour as 'late' Adolf like, which I assume she means Adolf Hitler, if my research of human history is right, and given her accent..
And the third is.. well this is gonna be hard to believe.. Soundwave, who is also seeing Megatron's behavior going downward... On that note I almost had to punch Blaster for having his speakers up to a volume so loud he could of, and likely almost did, shatter the harmonex Crystals, so uhh.. if you hear about Star Hauler threatening him... Thats why.
>>Starlock smiles awkwardly, before taking a vent.<<
Lastly, Optimus, Khamsin is.. being very forthcoming about his motives behind this, when people ask... It.. seems he is doing this for the sake of someone else he cares for.. That said It.. really doesn't feel like my place to speak about it... He also states that he's willing to speak with you if you wish, but with others present to ensure no accusations and conspires get thrown around, With all that said..
>>She'd tap the small camera glasses under her glasses lenses<<
I have video footage, that can give proof of these conversations... With that, this is my report.
--Sergeant Starlock of Harmonex.
>>The Video Ends.<<
  • Janurary 30 - "A Wayward Dawnfire" Starlock meets an AWOL Autobot by the name of Dawnfire.
Janurary 31 - MIA Found: Dawnfire
>>Starlock appears on the camera, appearing to be on earth given the organic background, she looks to be comfortable in the grass.<<
"So Ahh, at the request of the bot in question.. I seem to have stumbled upon MIA Unit, Dawnfire, Rank unknown, Function warrior, Division; likely Infantry, here on Earth.
He has told me to tell you all that "A wandering nobody's back from being AWOL" He does seem like he wishes to help, and appeared more dour then hostile.. But he would rather he be approached first on the matter, to see if the Autobots would want him back... He also appears to be unaware of how long he's been AWOL... I have other concerns, but they can wait till an official stance is made, for now this is my Report.
--Medical Officer Sergeant Starlock of Harmonex.
>>The video Ends<<
>>There is a rather nice Video still of Dawnfire at the end of the report, from where starlock was sat below him on that hill.<<
Feburary 03 - Kalis Overpass Report
Starlock reporting in to report that we were attacked by the Combaticons at Kalis overpass while transporting the convoy, thanks to the added help of Dawnfire, and Windblade. Injuries were sustained but Windblade and I have been able to get everyone repaired and moving again.
Onslaught notably tried to take Dawnfire Hostage, and that didn't end well for the Combaticon, as I was able to lock him in place to allow Dawnfire time to get back, so do be aware that Onslaught will be attempting such tactics if you engage with him.
Otherwise the Convoy and Imager where undamaged, and safe to continue... With that, this is my Report.
--Medical Officer Sergeant Starlock of Harmonex.
Feburary 03 - Peace Meeting Report
Since I've yet to see anyone post a report on this.. I will...
The peace meeting went relatively well, Elita one, Khamsin, Xaaron (Though remote means), Blast Off, Dust Devil, Incognito, (With another purple mini-bot with him!) Deathsaurus, Overlord, and I all appeared and started talking, and in a surprising turn of events, No one got shot.
Khamsin was able to help mediate it, and get everyone talking, I need to review my camera footage to do a full proper report on just what was said or talked about, but.. It was a step forward, and I sat in as a proper representative of Harmonex...
There is likely to be another meeting at some point due to us not being able to cover everything but.. It's a step forward.
--Medical Officer Starlock of Harmonex.
Feburary 04 - AAR: Baird Border Outpost
>>!!TEXT ONLY!!<<
Medical Officer Sergeant Starlock reporting in to report the failure of the Baird Border Outpost strike, Jetfire, Dust Devil, I, and Dawnfire encountered Onslaught, Blast Off, Nightbird, and a strange marauder of some sort.
>>Video Image still of the spider like Marauder from Starlock's perspective: FOC Marauder.jpg<<
Jetfire was downed first before we could take down the device or leave much a dent in any of the decepticon units... Nightbird had left Dawnfire with serious injuries, and despite Jetfire's order to keep fighting before going off, I called a retreat, Blackwing meeting us out there but not before Swindle joined the fray and worsened our situation.
To pull everyone out safely, I had ordered Dust Devil to put his forcefield around Dawnfire to allow him a few second of cover to get to Blackwing, I also wounded.. did something admittedly dangerous and stupid, by engaging Nightbird with my Stun-Scythe to give Dawnfire the needed time to get away..
I sustained heavy injuries because of it.. but we are all alive and back in the medical bay thanks to everyone's ability to work together... With that, this completes my report.
--Medical Officer Sergeant Starlock.
HEAVILY INJURED: Jetfire, Dawnfire, Starlock.
INJURED: Blackwing.
  • March 10 - "Radio Panic - Darkmount" - An explosion to happen on the Decepticon communications link, but Blast Off has other priorities!
  • March 16 - "Negotiations for Harmonex" - Crosscut and Spike come to Harmonex and help Starlock in negotiating its release.
  • March 19 - "Taking Solace in Solus"- Solus Prime and Starlock finish a long overdue gift for Ratchet...

Solus Prime

  • March 20 - "Fragmented Melodies" - Imager gives a ultimatum to Illarion and Starlock, and one of the two struggles to accept such circumstances.
  • March 20 - "Ratchet's New Hands" - Ratchet asks Starlock to help install his new hands and he also helps console her.
April 08 - Titan Calyhex
About a couple weeks ago, a femme titan by the name of 'Calyhex' located in Uraya, and near her name city, 'calihex' awakened, likely due to the rebirth and awakening of Cybertron and started using the broadband channel to talk to people and attempt to lure them into her.
In the past, during the early war, the senate would used her transformed building alt-mode as a mental asylum to 'rehabilitate' mentally ill Autobots, Decepticons, and Neutrals, ether aware, but possibly unaware, she was a titan, and assigned a Senate trained 'doctor' Syndrome, to the facility with a number of other staff, He was partly the reason the asylum had a high intake rate, but no one ever came out of it...
Bedlam being likely the most famous of the asylum in rumors, apparently was a mono-former, and attempted to warn about Syndrome, but got not what, he discovered what Calyhex was and kept it hidden from the senate at least, but also had his own paranoias, unaware of what she was as well, Syndrome also found out and started doing crude, and cruel experiments to her, which eventually lead to her 'insanity' spread about in rumors.
At some point they all went into stasis, and where not aware of the passage of time when they awakened, Calyhex, through talking to a number of people over the broadband over a few weeks and learned a basic idea of what had happened and the passage of time.. She was amicable, even referred to Metroplex and Trypticon as her brothers, however we also learned of Syndrome or someone torturing her for small mistakes, and drugging her, one point the Dominicons managed to get some fuel to her, but it seems she purged it up as it was put in to quickly, and too much too soon.
Often in her drugged state, she'd acts much like roomers said, using a projection of a very young, almost protoform stage femme who was badly damaged, but Banshee and I discovered she responded well to singing, and would often sing to her to help snap her out of her drugged haze, and calm her down.... She also used that projection to often meet with people, Banshee, Windblade, Dust Devil, Spike, Ghost, I, and even Optimus at one point.
I would spend a few nights talking long and late into night with her and gathered information, and often shared it with Banshee, and Windblade when I could speak with her... Eventually a problem occurred when she uninitially threatened Megatron over broadband (yikes) as she was not mentally stable and while not dumb, put things into much simpler terms without thought of moral or ethical implications, or prediction of likely issues.. After this happened, I met with her and Optimus outside New Harmonex, where eventually Windblade, Banshee, Ghost, and I left and ventured into Calyhex.
We met some resistance there with one of the patients, but otherwise where mostly, unhindered as Calyhex had temporarily shut down due to Syndrome, and Rend, his assistant, trying to shut her down. (Windblade and Banshee were noticeably having a hard time due to their own mental links to titans.)
We were able to apprehend the two, and get them in custody, Windblade and Banshee worked to help Calyhex mentally, while I quickly removed the cruelty placed wires and tubes that where injecting liquids into her brain module, which helped in calming her down greatly.... Windblade and Banshee managed to help stabilize Calyhex's mentality.
Rend and Syndrome tried to take their own lives in a bid to escape their arrest, but that was quickly stopped by Ghost. (The two are now being held to be tried by those in worship or creation of titans)
After these events, we left and split off momentarily to rest and gather supplies to help, and we need the following:
  • Enough energon Fuel for a titan.
  • Rations and medical supplies for about 250 inmates (at minimum) in rather serious if not critical condition. (medical crew at that)
  • Cleaning supplies. (Clean up crew)
  • Medical supplies to repair a titan.
  • (Oh, and Calyhex wishes for new Blue paint)
I returned some hours later after resupplying my tank, and brought what rations I could for the inmates, I had been worried about the inmates, or patients, getting into her modular room and doing damage to her vulnerable brain module, I passed the rations off to Lockup, one of her staff members, to pass those out, I added my refiled tank to her supply, we (Calyhex and I) checked Bedlems office where he was last seen a few days ago, to find he'd been shot through the helm and in his spark, he was still sparking though, upon checking he was still alive, incapacitated, but alive, I attempted to stabilize him but the damage was too serious, he woke up, but he was dying... I and Calyhex stayed with him till his spark burned out, where I was able to get some of the story from him, but not a lot.. I was more focused on allowing him to say his peace, and apologize to Calyhex, after which, he passed...
After that, clean up began, with the passing out of the rations, a number of her inmates have come out, and started help with the cleaning, some are even calming down.. And as of a hour before writing this, with Lockup's help, I was able to hack into the computers, and obtain a list of those inside her, Alive, Dead, largely dead.. and 'Incapacitated' which is a stand in for those who had their spark extracted and are on floors 9 through 10.
I will state that those inside Calyhex are not in a good physical, or mental state of mind, a number of these bots /are/ dangerous, there is a group of mentally unwell outliers on floor 7, for example, known as the 'Seven Wonders' that should be looked out for.. There's also an Autobot Aligatorcon that eats faces, and many of those inside have make-shift weapons... They need to be transferred to a proper mental hospital for treatment, after physical treatment has been given, (Them and staff have all had their modules tampered with by Syndrome) I will have photos and the lists I've obtained attached to this report... I also Assume Windblade is looking into finding Calyhex a cityspeaker of her own, and has requested the help of Solus Prime in repairing Calyhex.
Lastly, Calyhex, once she is better, wishes to remain neutral to help Both Autobots, Decepticons, and Neutrals as possibly a General Hospital, instead of a mental asylum, and due to the current factional conflict, wishes to move to a neutral city to operate, she seems to have taken a liking to New Harmonex as her possible location, due to what I suspect, is her meeting a number of people at those crossroads.
--Medical Officer, Sergeant Starlock of Harmonex.
>>Attached are a number of Photos from inside Calyhex from Starlock's cameras, it's a rather dingy, dark, rusted place, as well as the documents of who is inside Calyhex.. As well as a picture of Calyhex's projection avatar, notably, her chassis repaired and spark no longer hanging out, she has a red, and blue optic.<<
April 30 - Medical Transport Request
Medical Transport Request
Symbol autobot reg.png

To: Medical Division & Command

Security Level: General

Subject: Medical Transport Request

This is medical officer, Sergeant Starlock putting in a request for a medical transport from Valvolux to Iacon to bring an injured wrecker, Springer, back to medical, reports indicate heavy Scraplet damage, refer to report 4/90 for information regarding the situation.
Dust Devil has specifically requested Trailbreaker for the situation, but I will leave that decision up to command.
--Medical Officer, Sergeant Starlock of Harmonex.
May 03 - Trade Draft #1
Valvolux - New Harmonex Trade Agreement Draft #1
Symbol autobot reg.png

To: Optimus Prime & New Harmonexian Governor

Security Level: 8.

Subject : Trade Route Draft #1


Hello, this is Sergeant Starlock reporting in with a draft document of a trade agreement between New Harmonex and Valvolux, I'd gotten a chance to speak with Delusion today in regards to it to get some insight into what would likely be necessary, I'm still planning to go out to Valvolux it self to speak with Discretion (Which I would like to request a possible guard to accompany me.. Specifically, I had Dawnfire in mind.)
By posting this document, I'm also requesting feedback from the individual in charge of New Harmonex's governing position, to request amendments, stipulations, and further comments an agreements to the document that is to be proposed and talked about to the governing trade body of Valvolux.
--Sargent Starlock of Harmonex.

The purpose of this Trade agreement is to enforce, officiate, and document the trade between the two cities of New Harmonex, and Valvolux. Renegotiations are permitted and can be sent through the respective embassys.
1). Any HARMONEXIAN crystals that are found or traded are not to be used in weaponry of any form, if such is found, they are to be confiscated and the crystals returned to propper governing bodies, or repurposed into existing agreed upon projects. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the trade agreement and immediate return of any HARMONEXIAN Crystals to source city.
2). Both cities and Factions are to work in unison to protect and secure the agreed upon trade routes, and not leaving one part to solely due so.
3). Trading Factions and Cities are not to interfere with trade routes or agreements of other cities and factions.
4). Should stipulations 2 and 3 be violated, termination of the trade agreement with the offending city will be enacted, should the offender be an individual or individuals acting of their own will and not for the city or faction, general criminal law will be followed.
5). The agreement of protection of the trade routes is not and does not, imply or prove a mutual defense treaty between the the trading factions or cities. Separate agreed upon documentary is required for such.
6). All traded goods are to go through standard safety practices to be scanned for contraband, explosives, contamination (Be it illness or spy hardwire), etc.
7). No Goods or labour are to be created through slavery, should such be found, termination of the trade agreement with be enacted.
>>Suggested Trade From Valvolux:
  • Refined Energon supplies.
  • Construction Resources.
>>Suggested Trade From New Harmonex:
  • Raw Materials. (Such as Glass, Ores, Etc)
  • Refined Metal Alloys.
  • Durable Crystalline material.
  • Unique Acid and, or oils used in decorative processing.
1). Delusion mentioned they may be willing to an agreement of spare construction crews being contracted to the city, so long as work can be hired, safe escort, living space, pay scales, can be provided, as well as speaking with them directly.
2). It was mentioned that given New Harmonex will likely be a trade up, and a neutral one at that, that it is likely we are to end up with scavengers by trade who've broken down weaponry and other materials to sell their components and we should create some regulations regarding that, considering some components can be used to build explosives, and other sabubatroy items... That and Swindle, because let's be honest, give him an inch and he'll take about 10 Miles.
3). Delusion has offered a copy of their standard practice in dealing with such to allow for us to study to create our own.
>>File Attachment<< 

4). Delusion has offered a Flat-pack building design, which is a finished product that could be quickly set up in less then a cycle, this was suggested with the idea of a Warehouse district being set up, with recharge room as a comfortable stop for people going from one place to another, with the option of holding a periodic market for those stopping through... She did note it they are expensive in nature though.
  • May 12 - "IRC LOG: Dates" - Ghost ends up having a VERY strange conversation after bringing up she has a date.
May 30 - Harmonexian Crystals
Harmonexian Crystals
Symbol autobot reg.png

To: Command and Optimus Prime.

Security Level: Rank 7 and Above.

Subject: Harmonexian Crystal Growth.

>>Starlock appears on screen looking tired if not lost in her own thoughts before she looks into the camera.<<
"This is Sergeant Starlock, reporting in to say that my trip down with Dust Devil to speak with Vector Sigma and Alpha Trion was... Semi, successful in getting information on how to create Crystals similar to those in Harmonex, for New Harmonex... The details of such I will not list in this report for obvious reasons. I'll be awaiting Prime's direction on who I should approach to give this information, or who he sends to approach me.
--Medical Officer, Sergeant Starlock of Harmonex.
>>The Video Ends.<<
June 10 - Manganese Mountains Execution
....At Cyberdate 98039.52 I was called out to help in search and rescue at a village at the Manganese Mountains by Sideswipe and Sunstreaker... When I arrived I found no life signs, but eventually found two while they where busy fighting each other.
However the two I'd found and unburied where Decepticons, serial numbers >>XXX<< and >>XXX<< Belonging to two cons named Sneak and Zoom Out once unburied I found they had a coat made of faceplates and cracked spark casings... Before I could prp them for proper custody procedures, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker stopped fighting and.. Executed the two, after having mentioned looking for Decepticons to beat up... There was nothing I could do.. I left.
--Medical Officer, Sergeant Starlock of Harmonex
June 12 - Music Project and Announcement
>>Starlock appears on video taking a deep vent before slowly breathing out she opens her optics and smiles at the camera... A silver amulet with a cybertronian cross made out of rubies set into it around her neck with her Harmonexian crystal necklace her autobot bad not in sight showing her natural silver star emblem.<<
Hello, This is Starlock of Harmonex, I'm here to put out a notice, and request, but first an explanation.. and Apologize.
...To those I gave hope to with Harmonex.. I'm so sorry I failed you.. I did everything I could... but misinformation and other circumstances won out.. It's no excuse.. and all I can do is hope you can forgive me and allow me to try and make up for it.. and by that, I mean I have been told the means of creating new singing crystals in New Harmonex...
To those that lived in Harmonex and where forged there...I know New Harmonex isn't /our/ Harmonex, it isn't our home, it isn't where we were born, or where our loved ones died, or where our culture was born and where our memories were made... I want to hear your opinions on this, I want to hear your voices once more to sing in the unity we once did.. It may not be our home.. but we can make it such and ensure our history and culture doesn't disappear or get left behind in the rabidly being reborn Cybertron, make it known who /YOU/ want to lead the city..
To the Neutrals, Decepticons, and Autobots that were aiding me in Harmonex's repair, and had plans to help grow it once more into the city it once was... I know it's not the place we were working, that we put our energon and oil into to work on.. and how defeating it is to be told to start over... Thank you, I couldn't ask for a better bunch.. I saw your passion and soul you were putting into it.. Your the proof to me, that we can live together once more as Cybertronians.. So please.. Don't give up no matter what you choose to do now..
To the friends that helped me pick myself back up and come out of hiding, and stop despairing and mourning.. Thank you.. You know who you are.. I'm not going to hide away form this anymore..
>>Starlock still smiling her optics start welling with with tears as she rubs away one from under her glasses and chuckles.<<
That said.. One of the steps to create new singing crystals, is to get a specialized recording of a song... I want to write something special.. and I want it to be created by everyone that helped me and anyone who wishes to help create it, make it truly represent what Harmonex.. and New Harmonex, where and are going to be. Neutral, Decepticon, Autobot, and any other, be it through instrument or lyrics, I want to hear it, I also want to hear if we should hold a rather large concert of sort for it, or just edit together emailed in voice recording..
...This is going to be a big project.. and I know.. we are all still hurting.. but we need to keep moving forward despite the pain.. In the end, it will be Okay.
Thank you.
>>Starlock gives a two fingered salute and the video ends.<<
  • June 14 - "Meeting with Starlock" - Chromia meets with Starlock to get her view on what happened with Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.
  • June 20 - "A Ship Full of Surprises" - Twidget explains to Starlock just what she is doing with the Freighter ship Icarus.
  • July 20 - "Just Punch Brawl Chromedome comes down to Starlock to discuss their final plans to lure and bait the combaticons.
  • July 25 - "Traitor or Slave" - Nightstalker chances upon Ravage on a long-range patrol.
  • July 29 - "Freedom's Favour" - Starlock talks to Blast off and Vortex regarding the fact they are no longer under Megatron's control, and Blast Off gets a response regarding an offered favour, that he wasn't expecting.
August 10 - Manganese Mountains Attack
Manganese Mountains Attack
Symbol autobot reg.png

To: General

Security Level: Low

Subject: Report

>>Starlock appears to be in medical looking rather rough and /on/ one of the medical berths with blast marks and Energon spattered across her face
Sargent Starlock reporting in... After responding to Hot Rod's request for help in the Manganese Mountains, I found him in the tunnels under and did repairs.. but while on our way out we were attacked by Cyclonus and Razorclaw, Hot Rod refused to listen to my orders to escape a head of me due to his injuries.... which I requested help, and Dawnfire and Springer responded..
But The two hyper focused on Hot Rod, demanding to know why 'we' were patrolling the mountains.. Cyclonus then downed Hot Rod and attempted to take him I..tried to stop him, but failed.. I was felled too.. I don't know what happen in the time I was out.. I awoke on Blackwing thanks to some repairs by Dawnfire... Not long after Springer and Dust Devil dragged hot Rod aboard..
What I gather Cyclonus tortured some information out of Hot Rod.. mainly regarding my activities.. he's taken heavy damage and needs serious repairs from what I am hearing.. I've also been heavily wounded, but not to his extent, Dawnfire as well.. We'll all be in medical.. I'm sorry I failed to protect him and get him out safely....
>>The video ends with Starlock bowing her helm ashamed.<<
  • August 19 - "Code Aberration" - Visiting Calyhex after passing a message from Trypticon, Omen comes to the conclusion that yes, seeing things is not at all normal. Seeing things can hurt.
  • August 22 - "Frozen Find" - Joes uncover a frozen mostly dead Cybertronian in Alaska and ask for help. A random assortment of helpers arrive.
August 23 - Crosswise of Harmonex - Recovered
Crosswise of Harmonex - Recovered
Symbol autobot reg.png

To: General Report

Security Level: 0/General

Subject: Crosswise of Harmonex - Recovered

>>Starlock appears on screen in Autobot city's repair bay, her necks looks a bit dented, the wires out of place.<<
This is Sergeant Starlock reporting in, I responded to the help that was requested regarding the unknown bot that was found on Earth in the region of Alaska, Male presenting, late-harmonexian alt-mode build, and bearing the emblem of a group of Mortilus-worshiping Bounty Hunters from Harmonex...
With help from Scarlett, Spike, Skuld, Doublecross, and Deathsaurus, he was recovered and taken to Autobot City, where Skuld and I repaired him. Upon awakening he identified himself as Crosswise of Harmonex, he was hunting down Airachnid when she knocked him offline, and near death over 2 centuries ago, seems the glacier and snow he was buried in kept him in stasis in that state.. He's stable now and resting.
>>Starlock is silent a moment.<<
I provided him with a datapad with information of everything regarding the past centuries he's been out to current date, he intends to continue hunting her.. but he's.. also agreed to help with New Harmonex.
This is Medical Officer, Sargent Starlock of Harmonex, signing out.
>>The Video Ends<<
November 03 - Cryptic Prophesies
>>Starlock appears on screen, looking a bit lost in thought, she looks to be in the undergrid in the tunnels below cybertron, she also has some crystalline seeds with her that are glowing faintly.<<
Riiight so, we went down to talk with Alpha Trion and Vector Sigma, found a Energon spring we can used for new Harmonex, along with the starter seeds needed for new crystals.
>>Coordinates are sent with a picture of the location above ground.<<
We also ran into these three old Cybertronians down here called the Venerable Ones, and they gave a rather.. weird prophecy... Called Dust Devil 'The key' and Krystallos 'The Sharper one' and me 'The Heart of Harmonex'.... Not sure what /that/ is about just yet..
There was mention of the Dweller, how its power is growing in the wormhole which.. I assume, they meant the bridge Nexus, which is also apparently going to threaten all the colonies, lost or not, and that his minions continue to act on the World of Water... Which I /assume/ they mean the still missing Weather bots, and.. World of Water, anyone know where that maybe? I'm thinking earth.
There was also a vague mention of ancient evil? Old, but new... Not sure on that, its not Unicron though, I got /that/ much confirmed.
>>There is a long pause from Starlock as she thinks.<<
"As you work to rejoin one community, another will be broken asunder. Great danger and opportunity will result. Prepare yourself for great change. What is now solid will be dissolved." is another part one said to me.. I don't know what that means, if it extends to just me or everyone, but.. better safe then sorry, yeah?
>>The Video Report ends<<
December 16 - AAR: Ibex Assault
>>Starlock appears on screen, looking to be damaged, covered in energon and currently working on someone in the field<<
This is Medical Officer and Wrecker Stalrock reporting in from Ibex, we received word about decepticon movement from the space port, Dawnfire, I, Grimlock and Sideswipe went to look and were ambushed by a large fire power heavy group including Esmeral, Banshee, Valour, Miasma, and the Rainmakers; they where soon joined by Deathsaurus, and Overlord of all bots...
Optimus deployed Fortress Maximus to aid us, and thanks to him we managed to hold onto the area by the scrapings of our paint.. however Dawnfire and Sideswipe were seriously injured, Sideswipe more so.. Overlord.. did something horrid that I can't explain and only video can show but even that is too graphic for me to show... Dust Devil's help managed to buy us time to get to Sideswipe.
They retreated back to the spaceport, but.. well.. Banshee's pretty much hinted that Megatron will likely deploy Trypticon at some point, and likely create another massacre like Harmonex, due to Fortress's deployment.... The Defenses are not too badly damaged, but they WILL need repairs, and can someone fecking fix the targeting system on it? it sucks worse then a vacuum... as they will be coming back.. Starlock out.


Janurary 01 - Solstice - Clear.
Solstice - Clear.
Autobot logo.png

To: Jazz

Security Level: Medical

Subject: Physical

Having looked over solstice, she so far checks out clean for not having bugs or anything planted in her, I had Scales double check to confirm. I'd say its safe to let her move around Iacon, and let her adjust to stuff slowly, so be nice, or I /will/ find you.. Also, maybe want to get her a place set up in the barracks.
She has also been vaccinated for the Dweller virus, we also did a full physicals and diagnostic on her to ensure she was vaccinated for anything here, that wasn't in her universe, and to ensure she wasn't going to get us ill as well.
January 05 - AAR: Damnit, Hot Rod
After Action Report: Hot Rod's Condition
Autobot logo.png

To: Medical/Command

Security Level: General

Subject: Medical Report/Hot Rod

>>Starlock appears on screen with her medical equipment on, and some energon on her frame as she huffs out<<
Starlock reporting in to give a brief run down of what just happened.. Hot Rod apparently got into some sort of fight with Motormaster on, I think, the Titanium Turnpike? after some sort of race with him, I don't know too much of what happened, only that Hot Rod was on his lonesome, and after going offline, I immediately ordered an extraction team after him, being Solstice, and Slag, both of whom, recovered Hot Rod who was.. is.. well.
>>The image Solstice sent of Hot Rod crumpled into a cube is attached.<<
He's alive, I was able to get to his spark, and we're working on repairing, if not getting him a new frame completely if we can't salvage this one... I want to make it clear, Solstice was also working under my order, and it is not her fault for working without being briefed first, and I am grateful for her doing what she did, further more, I made the choice and orders given Hot Rods record the past few months of going out and getting into fights alone.. Can someone /please/ speak to him about this? If it keeps up, he's going to get killed, damn lucky he didn't get killed this time..
>>Starlock lets out a sigh and pinches her nose bridge, smearing energon on it<<
With that, I'll be in surgery, trying to repair Hot Rod, this is Starlock, over and out.

  • 01/05 - "A Little Project" - Starlock asks Ratchet for a bit of help in improving herself.
  • January 08 - "Rec Room Remedies" - Ratchet and Starlock get into deep philosophical talk while watching TV.
January 18 - Medical Supply Shortage
Medical Supplies Dwindling.
Autobot logo.png

To: Command/All

Security Level: General

Subject: Medical Supply

This is Medical officer, Starlock, posting a report we're running low on medical supplies due to bots getting hurt with serious injuries that require surgery, total part and armor replacements, and large levels of energon loss, faster then supplies can be made or supplied with how the level of fights and injuries from such, have largely spiked in frequency over the past three months...

>>Starlock looks very tired and stressed out as she reaches up at the camera<<

Medical Officer Starlock of Harmonex, out.

January 19 - Altihex Refinery
Altihex Refinery.
Autobot logo.png

To: Jazz & Command

Security Level: Command

Subject: Mission Information

Sideswipe has requested I post this up too you, Jazz, that a intel group be sent to try and gather information about the underground Altihex refinery that is held hostage by the Decepticons, in perhaps an attempt to gain Altihex's help in making supplies in liberating it... As well as maybe releasing a number of ours that are held there as work slaves.
February 20 - Mercury Swamp Cybresses
On February 16, 2021, I went and investigated some strange plasma emissions on the weather nods, that was coming from the Mercury Swamps, only to find it was emissions coming form a number of Cybresses, the plasma was a byproduct of the flowers filtering and form what I can assume, consuming, the left over sludge from the war and ecological damage, thus emitting the plasma, and cleaning the swamps.
A number of Cons (Blitzwing, Blast Off, Scourge, Deathsaurus) showed up to investigate as well, but when they found it was flowers, left, there was no further incident. -Starlock
>>Attached is a photo of the Cybresses, cupped in Starlock's hands in the water.<<
  • March 03 - "A Place For Me" - Crosswise comes to New Harmonex and is given an offer by Starlock.
April 01 - Medical Alert: Spike
Medical Alert: Spike
Autobot logo.png

To: Medical - Command

Security Level: Green - General

Subject: Medical Alert

Audio Only: Starlock reporting in, not even 24 hours ago, Spike was attacked by Ravage on Kalis Overpass, Spike was alone and called for Back up to which I responded to attempt to help pull him out, his exo-suit was trashed and he'd sustained a serious chest wound, and has lost a fair but of blood.. Dust Devil soon responded and we where able to get Ravage away from Spike and for me to apply enough first aid to stop the bleeding and get him back to Iacon with DD's help.
I've contacted the EDC and the Joes to send a human doctor up to tend to his wounds further as I don't have a total understanding of human medicine yet, or practice with 'packing' and stitches... So we'll likely be expecting visitors from the Joes soon, Starlock out.
May 22 - Mithril Sea Poachers
Mithril Sea Poacher Report.
Autobot logo.png

To: General Boards

Security Level: General

Subject: /Mithril Sea Poachers

Right, I'm not sure what happened before we arrived, but there had been open band broadcasts from a unknown speaker, with no further details most did not think of it, but upon the Decepticon unit, Thunderblast, speaking up on the band, mentioned the unknown speakers where poachers, neutral in faction, hunting and carving up the returning ballast whales, having picked off at least one I assume was a juvenile, they where also taking other creatures and flora..
Upon learning this me and Backblast responded and headed to the scene which turned into a... Weird, but mutual team up of stopping the poachers, Shockwave even responding.
Their ship was stopped by Shockwave using the ship, Odin's Wrath, to obliterate it, killing most the crew, but they did take whom I assume was the leader, captive... We where able to part without fire, but there is still a lot of unknowns..
I'd suggest heightened watches in areas with wild life, including areas where Backblast's show has aired.
I apologize about this late report, I'd been bust the past two days, and had now just gotten time to write it.
--Medical Officer, Starlock.
June 19 - AAR: Calyhex's Departure
After Action Report: Calyhex's Departure.
Autobot logo.png

To: General

Security Level: To Upper and Lower Command

Subject: AAR

"Right um.. Ratchet asked for me to give a report on what happened but I am... generally unsure if I should or wait till Optimus does his, so I am posting this here as a short post for Ratchet's sake..."
"The cons attacked us while we where escorting calyhex, Megatron also showed up, trying to demand she surrender to him, look for Ghost, blah blah blah, all his normal slag he tries to pull.. A number of us were deployed onto Calyhex to keep the cons from getting in, and stopping her as she made for the warp gate, some got passed us and into the entry hall, Blast Off noticable wounded me considerably.. Meanwhile on the ship Optimus dealt with Megatron and his ship, ramming it and kinda busting the two up which went hurdling into the warp gate."
"I'm not sure what happened, but Bumblebee was damaged (he's recovering now) and Optimus.. kinda.. pushed? Megatron into the warp gate, while he hung onto the unconsciousness Bee, and used a safety wire to hold onto the warp gate as Calyhex went through, and I came and picked up Bumblebee and him."
"I apologize about this rushed report and isn't as through as my reports normally are, but I am sort of in a hurry at the moment, having after been unconcise for the past two days."
--Medical Officer Starlock
>>Attached is a photo of the ships debris heralding to the Warp gate, and then the video attachment from her glasses cameras of what happened.
June 19 - Petrorilla Poachers
After Action Report: Ibex Forest.
Autobot logo.png

To: General

Security Level: General

Subject: After Action Report

"Upon entering the Ibex forest, I was greeted by Backblast and Thunderblaster, we'd noticed some strange harvesting of the radio-tower trees there and started investigating, to where we came a crossed Folly stuck up in a Deathegal's nest? I'll have to have her explain how /that/ happened.. Still though, we where able to harmlessly sedate it, and remove some netting and I think a tracker? which If We can get someone on to decipher where its pinging back to, would be a big help."
"Going on, after the scuffle and moving forward, Backblast discovered evidence of the poachers, that have taken one of the Copperback Petrorillas... We where unable to track them due to loosing their trail at the river..."
"I plan on talking to Swindle, see if he has heard about anything like that in the Blackmarket, and um... Backblast maybe uh.. a littttle compromised and requests a cool head be there if and or when we find the poachers, whom we suspect are the cause of this."
July 07 - Crosscheck: Cleared
Medical Clearance: Crosscheck
Autobot logo.png

To: Jazz & Command.

Security Level: General/Medical.

Subject: Medical Clearance.

Starlock reporting in, to notify command that Crosscheck has been examined and I can safely say he is clear for duty, and free to wonder Iacon, I've lest the results of the exam to your emails.
--Medical Officer Starlock
September 26 - Poacher Update & Notice
Poacher captured and Ship obtained.
Autobot logo.png

To: Report Boards

Security Level: General

Subject: After Action Notice

Private Starlock reporting in with a quick notice of not to panic of the new ship 'Orion's Hammer' that I am bringing into Iacon, fact I need it searched, as well as a prisoner on board being guarded by Kodiak, they are one of the poachers Backblast has been tracking, a lower rank grunt, he's alive, Backblast has gone with the naturals named Steelclaw and Thunderwatch to treat the severely injured fauna cargo they had in here in a proper veterinarian hospital in Stanix, Dust Devil has also volunteered to go back and forth to keep us in contact, and bring supplies when needed.

The prisoners name is Epoch and, uh, well, Backblast, Kodiak, and Dust Devil maaay have scared him a bit silly, but other then some tranqs, he's unharmed.

While this is just a quick update and shorter then my normal 100 page reports, I am mostly posting this up here, while Backblast writes the one proper.

...Backblast did amazingly, and I'm really proud of how he handled the situation despite the situation, and think that deserves more then a fair bit of acknowledgment. Dust Devil and Kodiak also preformed amazingly, and to my surprise, we all worked extremely well together.

--Medical Officer Starlock

September 29 - Our Guests
Regarding Our Guests.
Autobot logo.png

To: Those Rank 6 and Higher

Security Level: Locked to those below Rank 6

Subject: Condition Update

Medical Officer Starlock here, giving an update on Ghost and Omen, Omen has yet to be ejected from where ever she is docked on Ghost, however that is not the main issue, Ghost is experiencing brief moments of waking, and SPESIFICALLY looking for soundwave from what I gathered from a internet conversation last night, because, well.... (Eh, Soundwave admitted as much last night so I don't have to feel like a dingus for saying it)
They're uh... Sparkmates. (Thats what we call those dating, right? He said he loved her.) and managed to ping him last night, and get out one word, which he repeated on the internet messenger 'Orange'... Regarding our ceiling in medical... Which miight be an indication of what I was afraid of with her starting to build up a resistances to the tranquillizers given the constant exposure.
....Lastly, Trypticon is landing today, so.. I hate to rush, but hurry the frag up before we end with an angry soundwave AND Trypticon on us.
November 05 - Ultrix Massacre
Ultrix Massacre.
Autobot logo.png

To: After Action Report

Security Level: General

Subject: Ultrix

>>Starlock appears on screen, her red autobot badge changed to black in mourning, she'd got a hand over her face as she looks lost for words, a haunted look on her face as she tries to find the words to describe what had happened.<<
Starlock reporting in to leave a report to those in command that.. Ultrix is gone, melted, it's a smoldering crater wiped off the planet by some sort of space bombardment of lasers in all of two shots that have been reported.. all but a small handful of the people that where there are dead, Neutrals, Autobots, Decepticons, dead, gone.. not even endo-skeletons remain..
>>n short video of the crater is attached, its silent, eerie silent, just the smoldering crater with the fire, boiling metal and water, etc.<<
It all Started when we had a weather event that was detected of a Magnet Storm by Luna 3, everyone was following protocol and getting to safety, when... Luna 3 reported through the interference from the storm, some sort of blast in what we now know, was Ultrix, they said they could see the cloud from their station there on the moon, followed by seismic activity, in which I called back patrols..
I then open the broadband, having thought about how a number of the territories in the area where Decepticon in nature, asked what was going on, Banshee answered, sirens and alarms blaring in her background, stating she couldn't talk due to struggling with what we now know was some sort of attack from above... A few minutes later, she answered telling us of Ultrix's fate.. We.. offered support, search and rescue, went in pairs with permission from Des, Banshee, and Soundwave, but.. Anyone who wasn't in Trypticon, in pure irony,.... We're all gathering and checking to see who is missing.
I sent out an emergency broadcast over the planet, alerting them to what has happened and to be on stand by should another city be attacked.. Banshee, Thunderblast, and Ghost are mourning and lashing out, their city lost and calling it a murder, which it is, but Banshee also swore that she would avenge everyone there... but we have managed to all work together and share information, Blast Off, Me, and Deathsaurus went up above to check to see if there was any hint to whom this attack was from... We found a Decepticon named Movor up there, damaged and failing about, once we got him stable and asked him what he saw.. and he was about as useful as a bag of rocks, but he was able to give us something.. which is this recording attached:
It's a video of space, with Cybertron's red sun glowing in the distance. Suddenly, there's a bright flare, and music blares over the recording:
"... upper... Looks like... to watch... advise aerial... report in... it... Or stay... ground."
There is a flash-fire, and it -looks- like it was from orbit based on the angle but it could've been in the upper atmosphere too. There is something, that almost looks like a ship - small, a glimpse of orange - but then there is a titanic blast, and the craft of whatever it was is gone. The music continues.
"... 4.5 breems."
"... recall... All Trypticon assigned... report..."
"... things... nature,... eyecatching... the... dangerous."
"... have... to..."
"... the... for..."
"Sky just went dark he.. -bzzzt- ...ferance. Locking down -hzzt- ..vise everyone go to ground and wait it..."
....Banshee thinks it was the Quintessons; Deathsaurus thinks it was the Galactic Council..
I am sorry if I've overstepped my rank as a private, however given the emergency situation and everyone's shock and panic of what just happened, Someone needed to get everyone focused on what was going on, and to stop throwing accusations at one another, but between Banshee, Deathsaurus, and I, we where able to quickly squash the accusations as it couldn't of been anyone of the factions on Cybertron... With that, this has been my report.
--Medical Officer Starlock of Harmonex
Dec 29 - Alyon Desert Update
Remote Desert Region Update.
Autobot logo.png

To: Command

Security Level: General

Subject: Report

>>Starlock appears flustered and in the desert.<< 

Medical Officer Starlock reporting in from the Desert of Alyon, where three depressions have formed in the sand in the place we found the horribly malformed Spitze, after tracking spark Energy to her location, only of the pillar of glass is there.. We dug due to finding a number of Imager's Seismic sensors, which indicated she SHOULD of been there.

Upon digging to the bottom Hot Rod and I found nothing, just where the blast started from which was.. weird.. Other oddities are the random flickers of Spark energy that appear every now and then, upon approaching them however there is nothing there.. Temperatures also indicate a rise in heat... Will be remaining in the location for a bit longer...

I've chased a number of the spark energies and have found nothing in their places, and it makes me wonder if the heat and the strange hallucinations that have been indicated are getting to me and affecting my mechinary.

>>The Video cuts to text only here<< 

Further looking indicates that the spark energies are of all varying types... People are suggesting this maybe a hot spot? what??

Spitze also needs looked at, people suspect that Imager's spark casing maybe hiddin deeper in her some how?? So she should have two spark signals...

Dec 30 - Imager Found
Update: Imager Found
Autobot logo.png

To: Command & Medical

Security Level: General

Subject: Imager Found

Starlock reporting in and, all panicked screaming aside, I took initiative and investigated Spitze, and like Brainstorm said, she is indeed carrying Imager's spark, they are in the same spark casing, but their separate, kinda like a double yolked egg... their not fully stable yet, but she's there, she's okay.. Their both okay..

>>Starlock vents out in relief, a lot of stress falling from her face.<< 

So.. Yeah.. that's a Hot Spot that's getting ready to burst, I think with Imager's fuel, it used it pre-maturely forged Spitze, and kinda... mashed their frames together, or.. partially mutated imager's trying to forge Spitze? It's just a mess to think about, so it's going to be... interesting, separating them, also everyone, please safe the jokes about Imager being her mom for /after/ she's recovered, thank you.

Lastly.. What do we do about the Hot Spot? I am unsure about how much energon is there, or what amount of living metal is there, and whats going to happen and whom, should go and collect the sparks when they fully ignite.. Because Bots.. Cons.. It's.. It's all terrifying to think about, just.. who is responsible for that? not to mention Blacksmiths to help them..

Right, sorry, getting off track, thats my report, this is Medical Officer Starlock, signing out.


Mar 17 - AAR: Civilian Rescue

                    After Action Report: Civilian Rescue                     
Autobot Logo.jpg

To: Command

Security Level: General

Subject: After Action Report

>>Starlock coughs as she appears on screen, looking to be in Valvolux of all places.<< 

Medical Officer Starlock reporting in to uh... report on the emergency situation we had last night where a Civilian ship to Valvolux crashed in the decepticon territory of Tesarus, after hearing on the planet comms its distress signal... I, and Dust Devil made preparations and set out. 

I went out ahead and snuck in using my color scheme, small stature, and a handy black cloak to sneak in, while Dust Devil 'borrowed' one of the shuttles to aid in ferrying the injured back.. Upon getting there, Motormaster and Razorclaw had bound most of the survivors. I wasn't spotted, and the two instead chose to focus on Illiron who'd also made her way into the city... Dust Devil had also been spotted with the shit, The two decepticons then attempted to use the ceasefire as a way to try and gode Dust Devil and Illiron while they harmed, and threatened death to the survivors.. 

However, Illiron astutely pointed out, the Dominicons didn't agree to scrap, and thus she engaged the two while I snuck over and started cutting bindings, and sending to Dust Devil as a half-way point to get them into the shuttle with the help of his forcefield. 

Once all were released and we'd helped those too badly injured into the ship, we left, Illirion also joining in leaving, I don't think I was ever spotted in any of that.. all the same Dust Devil and I did not shoot, nor break the ceasefire agreement... The Civilians are now at Valvolux's medical facilities. 

        - Medical Officer Starlock. 

>>Attached to the file is the raw video dumb of the incident from Starlock's perspective.<<


Created and played by Atlantahammy.


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