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The Starlight Mansion, the award of the Battle of the Bands

The Starlight Foundation was created by Emmet and Jacqui Benton, when the couple decided to provide an orphanage home for orphaned and foster girls that are later known as the Starlight Girls, Jackie Benton the mother of Jerrica and Kimber share with her daughters the need to create this safe place for kids that do not have a family, because she was one of them when she was little, but now she had a Family so that is why they start the Starlight Foundation.

When Jackie dies, Emmet decide to continue with the foundation because of the love that his wife put in that dream, by that time the girls in the house where: Aja, Shana, Lela, Deirdre, Kimber and Jerrica.

The Foundation receive their funds from Starlight Music , the Record company of Emmet Benton, when he dies, he left Jerrica and Kimber the company but with the administration of Eric Raymond, When Jerrica needs to do some repairs on the old "Starlight House" Mrs. Bailey remember to her that Emmet always got the money to fix the place from Starlight Music, is then when the battle for the Record Company starts.

Eric Raymond with the help of Zipper who pretends to be a burglar burn the "Starlight House" is when the Foundation get a new place, the Starlight Mansion, who was provided by Howard E. Sands, a movie producer who offered as a winning price of the Battle of The Bands, Jem and the Holograms won this contest and then the Starlight Girls and the Holograms lives there.


  • The first Starlight House was burn because Zipper throws a candle that Kimber was holding. Actually it was an accident because Raymond only wanted to "scare" Jerrica.
  • The Starlight Mansion was used for Jerrica, The Holograms and the Starlight Girls before they won the contest due the fire on the Starlight House and the need of a place for the Foster Girls.
  • Pîzzazz gets the control of the Starlight Foundation in the episode "The day the Music Died" However she returned this to Jerrica because she and Eric Raymond couldn't stand the Starlight Girls.
  • The Starlight Foundation receive the funds and help from Starlight Music and mostly from Jem and The Holograms.