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Military information
Service branch

Cobra Space Forces

Primary MOS

Spacecraft Pilots

Secondary MOS

Fixed-Wing Aircraft Pilot; Aeronautical engineering




Stellar Stilleto; Sand Serpent

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Star-Vipers are highly-advanced Strato-Vipers who command the skies in advanced fighter jets designed by MARS Industries. These test pilots are precision-oriented experts in aeronautical engineering; they are also calculating, coldblooded warriors of the air. Dr. Mindbender surgically alters the Star Vipers by implanting an electro-magnetic shunt into the right side of their brains. Electronic impulses sent into the shunt give them very fast reflexes and heightened senses, giving them an advantage in high altitude dogfights. The Star-Vipers have an even higher tolerance for G-forces than a standard Strato-Viper.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

The first prototype Star-Viper debuted in 1988. On the Star-Viper's first mission, he infiltrated Joe headquarters -- Pit III -- in Utah by grabbing onto the underside of a Joe vehicle passing by him on the road to the Pit. The vehicle was moving at the time. He snuck inside and remained hidden until nightfall, when he stole some of the Joe team's highly-advanced electronic "black boxes" from the Defiant space shuttle. He barely escaped with his life, stealing a jeep and evading a handful of Joe vehicles chasing him. He met up with the BAT-driven trailer truck that had dropped him off and escaped in the Stiletto hidden inside. Star-Viper was about to receive a hero's welcome on Cobra Island when a heated argument between Serpentor and the Cobra Commander impostor Fred VII turned violent and triggered Cobra's civil war.

A short time after the civil war ended, the Joes sent a large group of fighters and other aircraft to Cobra Island, drawing the attention of Cobra fighter squadrons. Star-Viper flew the only Stiletto in the squadron, despite the fact that his arrogance garnered the contempt of the other pilots. The Joes' stealth fighter pilot goaded the cocky Cobra pilot into exceeding his own G-force threshold. His circuits overloaded and the Star-Viper's fighter plunged into ocean below. He did not survive.

MUX History:

Stiletto pilot uniform

The success of the first Star-Viper led Cobra Commander to order more Star-Vipers altered and trained. There are still less than a handful in the Cobra legions, but almost all are arrogant and twitchy.

Sand Serpent pilot uniform

In 2011 the Star-Vipers were trained to pilot the experimental new Sand Serpent variant of the Night Raven.

Notable Star-Vipers

OOC Notes

As upgraded Strato-Vipers, Star-Vipers are not available on the MUX as [Characters] - they must be apped directly as full character (format: Star-Viper 1234), OCs (although the FC app can be used for standard-stat Star-Vipers). While both Astro-Vipers and Star-Vipers can pilot Cobra's spacecraft, Astro-Vipers are more broadly trained as Cobranaut technicians and space marines, while Star-Vipers are more focused as zero-G combat pilots and aeronautical engineers.



Preferred Vehicles


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