Transformers Universe MUX


  • Title: Spotlight Imager TP
  • TP Characters: Cypher, Glamour, Covert, Saveguard, Cometchaser.
  • IC Year: 2015
  • Location: Cybertron; Eurythmia
  • Run By: Imager



July 26th - "The Note Desolation Plays"

Two unexpected Eurythmen herald the death of the world, and a most unexpected savior!

July 27 - "Unlikely Talent"

Delving into the rough femme's past leads to sparkache

Jul 27 - OOC: Remembering the dead

Imager's off to track down her lost team, to maybe understand or avenge them somehow? She doesn't know really, but its obvious she needs to put their ghosts at rest.

Cypher, Glamour, Covert, Saveguard, and her CO Cometchaser. What happened to these Female Autobots?
If any staffer or elsewise TP-crafting player are interested, run a one-off TP as part of this ongoing story to tell the story of a dead Autobot.
Take us to the swamps, and encounter a huge pneumagator, or maybe investigate where Cypher last transmitted from, and discover a Decepticon base!
I'll run my scene about Cometchaser in a week or so, but if anyone wants to contribute, to tell a story, just post it on a Friday or such! :D

8/21 - "One More Spark to the Call"

Into the depths, looking for answers...

8/27 - "The Mercies of the Damned"

Cuffs searches for his last desperate solution for an alternative chance to save Eurythma. As the station breaks apart, he comes across someone he has his own history with...

9/4/15 - "Duet on a Vanishing Planet"

The Last Note threatens the world of Eurythma, destroying the planet from within.