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You blueshell me, Spitze breathe fire.

SPITZE is a large, imposing figure. Her alt-mode, a terran ankylosaur is heavily armored and rugged. Armed with a shield and mace, she came forth complete with a solar array that seems to be multi-purpose.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

Spitze arrived as a mystery, crawling out of the sand at Alyon while the Autobots were searching for a missing Imager. It took three months, but eventually the conclusion came about that Spitze WAS Imager, heavily mutated by whatever freak spark storm went on. In theory, there's a second spark in her chamber housing, but isn't strong enough yet to be withdrawn and put into its own casing. Until then, Spitze is in control.

OOC Notes

Nobody's really sure from where this Dinobot came; she sure doesn't act like a normal Dinobot either.

Regarding Spitze

Just to help people in interactions with Spitze, the following things are noted:

  • Spitze has a lot of trouble communicating, even to the level of standard Dinobots. She sometimes corrects herself to sound more Dinobot-y.
  • Spitze constantly repeats her name. The Autobot therapist, whatever his name is, you know who I am talking about, says its probably an affirmation.
  • She stubbornly refuses to altmode, even to the point of incapacitation. The one time she DID transform (Due to Sideswipe), her entire personality shifted to one of unease. Her vocal capacity shifted completely as well.

Speculation: Mode-based cognitive functions, probably due to her dual spark issue.

Logs / Posts


Nov 21 - traffic report

>*live footage of a gold and silver ankylosaur apparently napping in the middle of a highway, blocking traffic on two lanes.*<

Nov 22 - Runway footage

>*Footage shows people running, and a shuttle being rocked onto one side. The camera moves to show a gold and silver anklyosaur rubbing up against the shuttle, apparently using it as a scratching post. The shuttle tips over, the anklyosaur looks disinterested and continues on*<

Nov 23 - surveillance footage

>*Footage at the Pious Pools where the gardeners and tenders look confused as a large anklyosaur of gold and silver slowly backs its way into one of the pools, and submerges until its nose is the only thing above the oil*<

Nov 24 - canal footage

>*footage shows an anklyosaur protesting as a crane lifts it up out of the Vinvissius canal*<

Nov 27 - *garden footage*

>*footage shows a few people admiring the small garden near the gates of Iacon, an anklyosaur noses its way through part of the exhibit, being oddly docile*<

Nov 27 - simulator footage

>*The ankylosaur is shown in the simulation arena fighting whatever the program brings up. Nobody's exactly sure how it got the program running.*<

  • December 28 - "Ibex B Cup" - Kup challenges all takers on a race in Ibex on the 'B' track. Which is a hazardous living condition all on its own.
  • December 30 - "Go Karting With Friends" - Starlock goes to scan Spitze, after a panicked talk with Brainstorm the night before and ends up finding herself befriending the dinobot thanks to a game of Gokarts.


Feb 16 - *spaceport footage*

There's footage of a gold and silver anklyosaur asleep on a launch pad. A shuttle is nearby needing to be moved in position. A hesitant worker attempts to move it with a forklift, only for it to roll over completely, and stay asleep.

Feb 20 - *public footage*

Several onlookers are dismayed to see Spitze walking through Iacon with someone's arm hanging loose, stuck in part of her shell. She has a few scorch marks but seems no worse for wear.

  • March 26 - "Wild Cybertron Polar Aurora" - Lunar scanners and satellites report that there is to be an amazing display at the north pole. Several cybertronians journey up to see if they can catch a glimpse.

Apr 07 - *cafeteria footage*

There's video from a group of civilians having some midday refueling, when an ankylosaur appears on camera, and stubbornly decides to go over and across tables instead of around them. Tables are broken, chairs are overturned, people are indignant.

May 30 - More Traffic footage

>*footage shows an ankylosaur standing in the middle of the northern road to Retoris/Iacon, causing a traffic jam*<

Jul 22 - *footage from Alyon*

Footage from Hot Spot shows an anklyosaur pulling a large panel up a sandy dune. The ankylosaur studies the panel, then stands upon it, causing it to slide down the dune. The anklyosaur then begins to drag it back up the dune.

Aug 09 - *footage from Iacon*

City footage shows an anklyosaur in heated argument against....a mirror. There is much foot stamping and defiant shouting as onlookers give it a wide berth.



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