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  • Name: Spike
  • Faction: Autobot
  • Species: Human
  • Function: AMBASSADOR
  • Division: Medical
  • Sub-Group: EDC
  • Type: FC
The Autobots won't be played for suckers.

SPIKE WITWICKY is a mechanical genius, as interested in why things work as how. A caring father in his mid-forties, Spike prefers construction work over academic pursuits, enjoying the feeling of accomplishment that comes with building something with his own hands. He has an artist's heart, and he relates well with the Autobots, who have been his friends since he was fourteen years old. Spike has a great respect for Optimus Prime, and he shares the Autobots' intense hatred for the Decepticons because he understands their purpose and ideals more than he admires their powers and abilities. He's the husband of noted computer engineer Carly Witwicky.


Canonical Theme History:

Yellow hardhats are passed on genetically

The life of the future human ambassador for another species couldn't have had a more unassuming beginning. The first child of William "Sparkplug" and Susan Witwicky, Samuel Corey "Spike" Witwicky grew up in a decidedly blue collar background. During his early years, he has either shipped to day care or was cared for by his father if Sparkplug took on a job with unconventional hours while his more academic-focused mother took on a more structured '8-to-5' job. However, by the time their second child arrived, Susan reversed her longstanding declaration of wanting to have a full-time career as well as a family - and opted to raise Spike and Buster full-time, at least until Buster reached school age.

For the five years without a brother to playfully torment and occasionally mentor, Spike gravitated toward his more rambunctious and rowdy father, but inherited much of his mother's sensitivity and empathy. He quickly picked up his mother's love for reading. While his reading skills were higher than average, a general consensus was that Spike would likely follow in his father's footsteps and would probably work as a carpenter or a mechanic and his far more introverted (and book smart) brother would probably end up taking a job as a reporter or a professor.

Though Spike occasionally reveled in his big brother status, for the most part, Spike spent far more time acting as a mentor to his brother, reading to him regularly and instructing him on how to play Star Wars. However, Spike wasn't above the occasional big brother prank on his little brother, so long as said prank didn't result in his little brother going into one of his famous silent streaks. For those few years, the Witwickys' trials were similar to most any family with their financial background - sick kids, the occasional bill juggling, and dry spells in the construction industry for Sparkplug.

Then, 1981 arrived, dealing a seismic shift in the Witwicky household. It was that year when Susan was killed in a freak auto accident. The accident left Sparkplug as the sole breadwinner - and left Buster traumatized to the point where he went weeks without muttering a word. A grieving Spike coped by trying to assume as many family duties as he could to help his dad out. The more stuff he did, the less of a chance he had to dwell on the horrible loss.


By 1984 Spike was a 14-year-old adolescent working with his father Sparkplug on an oil rig. Though he never let on, the summer away from his few school friends, not to mention zero access to anything resembling the makings of a typical teenage summer (movie theaters, comic book shops, various hangouts that require some sort of land formation) was a monotonous bore for the teen as he often retreated into his journal to pass the few hours of free time he had. That boredom was shattered on a warm summer afternoon when the Decepticons attacked. After the Autobots rescued them, they volunteered to become their native guides to planet Earth.

"ARR I'm a monster, fear me!"

Spike had many adventures with the Autobots, taking part in just about everything they did on Earth for at least the next few years. He became especially close friends with the Autobot Bumblebee. At one point, however, Spike was injured in a Decepticon attack, and his mind was transferred to the unstable Autobot X. The process began to play havoc with Spike's mind, allowing Megatron to manipulate him into attacking Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Only after nearly killing his father did Spike realize that he was being duped. His mind was subsequently transferred back into his body.

Sooo out of his league.

In the course of his adventures with the Autobots, he met Carly, an impetuous prodigy and MIT graduate. Despite being smarter, older (she could drive), and hotter than him, Carly displayed a noticeable affection for the tech-savvy Spike. However, Spike's youthfulness and Carly's collegiate demands caused a strain in their relationship and in 1988, the two broke up - not on the best terms. But as luck would have it, the two reconnected at a college party both were invited to in 1991 while Carly was in town for the summer. Both wiser and more mature (and slightly hotter in each other's eyes), they quickly rekindled their relationship. They eventually married and together had a child.

Leave the cultural relevance to the Bot who still transforms into an 80s-era boom box

Spike is a self-professed music geek. However, with real-life duties such as work, family and learning all he can about the Autobots getting in the way, he is finding it harder and harder to stay on the "cutting edge" in discovering music. More comfortable listening to old-reliables like Pearl Jam and Radiohead, that hasn't stopped him in at least trying to discover new sounds, even if his timing is off by about four years (in 2009, he just discovered The Arcade Fire). To compensate, he usually leaves the new musical discoveries up to Blaster, Jazz or his brother (though he usually secretly deletes a good majority of his brother's recommendations from his iPod after one or two listens).

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More than Meets the Eye

In 1984, Sparkplug and his son Spike were working on an offshore oil rig. The day was like any other day, with Sparkplug asking his son to help him flush out a drill bit. Before they could carry out their task, giant robotsdescended from the sky and landed on the oil rig, and with no provocation, were almost immediately attacked by Sparkplug's coworkers. Regardless, their intentions became clear when Sparkplug himself was pinned against a wall by a small purple robot, who then threw Spike overboard when he tried to help his father. Freeing himself from the robot's clutches, Sparkplug dived into the water after his son. While the rig workers hid in the ocean, another group of giant robots arrived and fought with the group of robots who were stealing oil from the rig. The leader of the evil robots destroyed the rig and set fire to the oil tanks as a diversion while he escaped.

The good robots, calling themselves the Autobots, saved the oil rig workers from a fate exactly the same as death. Grateful, Sparkplug and Spike happily latched on to the friendly alien robots, offering up their expertise and knowledge about planet Earth in exchange for joining the team. After the Autobots failed to stop the evil Decepticons at Sherman Dam, Sparkplug, Spike and Trailbreaker had a tea party in the woods, ostensibly so they could eavesdrop on the nearby Decepticon base. After finding out that the evil robots intended to attack the Ruby Crystal Mines of Burma, Sparkplug opined that he preferred being a spy to his old job at the oil rig, which was just as well, given the fact he was now unemployed. Later, Sparkplug's prior experience in the Burma mines came in handy when the Autobots needed to plant an explosive device inside the mine. As he left with Bumblebee, Sparkplug declared that their mission was for both the fortunes of Cybertron and Earth. Moments later, they were caught in the explosion and buried alive. Oops.

Fortunately, they were saved. Later, both father and son volunteered for the Autobot attack on the Decepticon space cruiser. After Optimus Prime failed to stop the cruiser, Sparkplug tried to reassure the Autobot leader that he'd done all that anybody could do. Subsequently, the Decepticons were apparently defeated when their ship crashed into the sea, so Sparkplug and Spike were to join the Autobots as they went home to Cybertron, with fuel from the grateful nations of Earth.

Long-Term Impacts

The reawakening of the Autobots and Decepticons had a profound effect on every single living Witwicky (and some dead). Sparkplug made the sole decision to help the Autobots. The decision eventually cost him his house as he and his son moved into the Ark to assist the Autobots full-time. The "beyond once in lifetime" chance to not only meet beings from outer space, but to actually LIVE with them was a dream come true for Spike. He bacame so enamored with the life, however, that he paid little to no attention to his little brother's inability to adjust to such a radical shift in their lives. After only a few days of living in the Ark, it was evident that Buster would never adjust at the young age of 9. As a result, his father arranged a "long term" living situation with his aunt and uncle. It began a long series of events where his father inevitably chose the needs of one son (Spike) over the other. This began a long-simmering grudge Buster harbored toward his father and brother. The strained relationship would take almost 20 years to repair. At its lowest point, Buster refused to visit his brother in the hospital, even after Spike was almost fatally wounded by Frenzy and ended up in a coma for months.

On a personal level, the relationship with the Autobots challenged Spike in ways he never could have foreseen. Before meeting the Autobots, Spike was convinced his life would turn out much like his father's blue-collar career path. He began writing about his adventures and eventually became a part-time diplomat. 

Transport to Oblivion 

For some reason, this did not pan out, and neither the Autobots nor Sparkplug and his son went anywhere. As their livelihoods had been destroyed, the Witwickys seemed to move into the Ark and were almost constantly hanging out with the Autobots. After the Autobots failed to stop the Decepticons at the local solar power station, Sparkplug helped Ratchet repair the stubborn old Ironhide. Later, Sparkplug stopped the trigger-happy Ironhide from blowing up a shuttle full of Decepticon energon cubes, as he was the only one who bothered to remember the fact that Spike had been captured to pilot the shuttle through the space bridge.

Long-Term Impacts

The development of a Space Bridge poses a challenge to Spike and the rest of the Autobots as the Decepticons can easily travel back and forth to Cybertron while the Autobots are forced to rely on much slower methods of traveling back and forth from their homeland. The episode also gave Spike the nasty introduction of being a hostage pawn. This would not be the first time he would be Con bait. 

Divide and Conquer

Spike was lucky enough to be able to ride along with Optimus Prime solo on a patrol, getting some one-on-one time with a being he was quickly beginning to idolize. Optimus Prime receives a distress call from an energy plant, where Chip Chase is coincidentally working at. Prime orders a team of Autobots to rendezvous with him at the plant, where Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp are raiding. On orders from Megatron, the three Decepticons are ordered to attack Optimus Prime. Prime is able to to fend off the three, but is stunned when a stray blast strikes a mainframe. Prime quickly acts as a shield to the exploding mainframe, saving the building's employees from certain death. The three Decepticons take advantage of the situation and strike Optimus simultaneously, gravely injuring the Autobot leader. 

Prime is taken back to headquarters (with Huffer offering to take Prime's huge cab). Ratchet assess Optimus Prime needs a replacement cosmitron, which is an essential part that regulates a transformer's energy flow. As Ratchet continues to operate on Optimus Prime, Laserbeak manages to sneak into the Ark and fires a direct blow to Optimus Prime's exposed chest panel, creating a massive explosion. 

Prime miraculously survives, but with his energy depleting rapidly, a group of Autobots (along with Chip) depart on a mission to hack the Decepticon-controlled Space Bridge and travel to Cybertron and retrieve a replacement cosmitron. Megatron catches wind of this plan and allows the Autobots to travel to Cybertron where he orders seekers on Cybertron to create a freak acid rain storm, which disrupts the electrical systems of Trailbreaker, Bumblebee, Bluestreak, and Ironhide. Bumblebee concedes the Autobots lost, but Chip manages to deliver a helluva pep talk - enough for Trailbreaker to activate his force field and Bluestreak to blast the attacking seekers. The Autobots manage to retrieve the cosmitron and successfully return to Earth. 

Meanwhile on Earth, the Decepticons embark on a massive raid on the Ark to finish off the leaderless Autobots. Some Autobots (namely Huffer) are ready to throw in the towel, but Spike gives a motivation speech of his own, encouraging the Autobots to fight back for Optimus. As the Autobots depart, Wheeljack and Ratchet volunteer to stay with Optimus Prime, providing a last line of defense. 

The Decepticons manage to wear down the Autobot resistance. As the battle wages on, the team of Autobots tasked with recovering Prime's spare part manage to get into the Ark and deliver the crucial replacement part before Optimus Prime's energy bled out. Outside, Megatron claims victory, but he soon is faced with a fully-recovered Optimus Prime, who challenges Megatron to a one-on-one match. With depleted reserves, Megatron is easily overpowered, and quickly orders his Decepticons to retreat. 

Long-Term Impacts

Just a few hard-earned life experiences. The first one was seeing a beloved mentor almost die in front of his eyes. The second was hearing some frank fatherly advice: "Sometimes nothing you do makes any difference." And finally, Spike realizes he may have a future in public speaking as he's able to singlehandedly rally a bunch of dejected Autobots to fight for their lives. On top of that, it cemented in Spike's mind the being (not even human) that he would most like to emulate for the rest of his life: Optimus Prime (sorry, Sparkplug - though his father would come in at a very close second). 

War of the Dinobots

While traveling back to the Ark, Optimus tells Spike and Chip that he's happy with the Dinobots and plans to have Ratchet and Wheeljack build two more. Chip and Spike eagerly volunteer their services. Chip lays out the Autobots' needs and decides a stegosaurus and a pteranodon is the way to go. Their efforts pay off as the newly-constructed Dinobots are able to fight their Dinobot brothers to a stalemate, giving Optimus Prime enough time to recover from his injuries and save Grimlock from certain death. 

Long-Term Impacts

It's the first time that Spike gets a 'hands-on' chance to built a transformer from scratch. He'll use that experience to  both build new Autobots and rebuild critically injured Autobots from the base frame up. 

The Ultimate Doom

Sparkplug was kidnapped by the Decepticons as a test subject for Doctor Arkeville and turned to their side by the doctor's mind control chips. The Decepticons allowed the Autobots to free Sparkplug so he could sabotage Teletraan I, which gave them an easy means to attack the  Autobot headquarters. Spike confronted his father over the apparent betrayal, and Sparkplug appealed to his son to join the Decepticons. When Spike refused, Sparkplug declared that the next time they met, it would be as enemies.

This caused Spike much emotional pain, until the Autobots found a way to use sound waves to counter the chips and bring the true Sparkplug back.

Long-Term Impacts

Spike already lost one parent before meeting the Autobots. And in a span of a few days, he saw his father taken hostage, subjected to twisted medical experiments by a pyschopath, and finally, was almost gunned down by his dad. Needless to say, he carries some emotional scars from that event. 

A Plague Of Insecticons

In Bali, locals have been living in terror as gigantic, robotic insects have been devouring crops. Skyfire takes a few Autobots to investigate. It's soon discovered that these insects are actually Decepticons. An intrigued Megatron takes a few Decepticons to meet these new arrivals, who have actually been here millions of years. It turns out that the three robotic insects, or Insecticons, were ejected from an escape pod from a Decepticon cruiser. The Insections delight Megatron as they showcase their powers (building clones, a solid dropkick, lightning manipulation) and overwhelm the Autobots.

Megatron finds out the key motivator for the Insecticons: food. He takes them to an oil refinery where he promises the Insections can dine on as many oil tankers as they want. The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime intercept the Insecticons and engage in a heated firefight. Shrapnel utilizes the lightning from a gathering storm to blast any Autobot in his way. Spike, remembering some basic high-school science, remembers that rubber tires insulate, and tells the Autobots to transform. The Autobots do so, and are able to gain the upper hand. 

Optimus demonstrates some serious strength and manages to pull a burning tanker away from an oil platform...and tosses it to Megatron. Realizing the Decepticons are losing, the Insecticons argue that they may not have chosen the right allies, and retreat. An enranged Megatron orders his Decepticons to retreat and pursue the fleeing Insecticons. Optimus is relived that the Autobots won a convincing victory, but fears that the Insecticons will eventually go back into the Decepticon fold out of necessity. 

Long-Term Impacts

Spike's knowledge of Earth science saves the Autobots from getting toasted by Shrapnel, which alone ALMOST justifies keeping him and Sparkplug on board the Ark despite the younger Witwicky's tendency to getting captured.

Heavy Metal War

Megatron wastes no times trying to up the number advantage for his Decepticons as six more allies (collectively known as Constructicons) come to Earth and build a device that is able to transfer other Decepticons' power chip rectifers to other Decepticons. Megatron uses this new device to absorb all of the abilities from his Earth-bound Decepticon fleet, from Skywarp's teleportation to Rumble's earthquake-making ability. He challenges an unknowing Optimus Prime to a final one-on-one duel, referencing Cybertronian code. The winner stays on Earth with the loser boarding being exiled in space forever. And this is actually phase 1 of Megatron's plan. 

Prime, bound by honor and confident in his abilities agrees, hoping this final duel will effectively end the Cybertronian war. The Autobots and Decepticons take their respective sides near the Ark and Megatron shocks Optimus Prime almost immediately when he singlehandedly throws Optimus Prime almost the length of a football field. 

Phase 2 of Megatron's plan begins when the Constructions begin to burrow below the Ark. The Constructions approach Teletraan One, determined to destroy the computer and this the Ark. However, the Dinobots were ordered to stay behind and guard the Ark. The Dinobots intercept the Constructions and begin to overpower them, pushing them outside the Ark. The Constructions try to regain an edge by combining into Devastator

Meanwhile, Optimus Prime manages to get a few shots in during his own battle, but eventually is easily overpowered by Megatron. Spike, Chip, and Sparkplug watch helplessly as the being they've put the most trust in to protect Earth from the Decepticons get soundly trounced. Megatron declares the war over and blasts Optimus Prime into near-unconciousness. An angry Ironhide refuses to obey Cyberton code and moves to attack the Decepticons, but Prime stops him, claiming Megatron defeated him fairly. He orders the Autobots to return to the Ark and begin preparations for permanant exile. A stickler for rules, Prime even orders the Autobots not to engage in the Dinobots' fight with Devastator. 

At the Ark, Ratchet and Wheeljack quickly patch Optimus Prime up. Chip Chase runs a diagnostic scan on Optimus Prime and discovers Prime's injuries could only be caused by certain Decepticon powers. They quickly discover Megatron cheated, and Optimus recants his order and sends his Autobots out to stop Devastator and the other Decepticons.

As the battle rages, another earthquake erupts, triggering a river of lava. The Autobots push the Decepticons back and manage to push them into the fiery river. Optimus confronts Megatron and blasts him into the lava pool. With all Decepticons apparently drowning in a fiery grave, Spike asks Optimus if the war is really over. Prime gives a noncommittal answer, first saying Megatron and the Decepticons are finished for good, but later saying that nothing is truly forever. 

Long-Term Impacts

Optimus was right. Nothing is truly forever since every Decepticon survived what appeared to be certain death. In addition, with the introduction of Devastator, Optimus tries to quickly develop a fleet of Autobot combiners to counter such an awesome force of power. 

Autobot Spike  

In an effort to show his friend Wheeljack that the Autobot wasn't the only inventor in the Ark, Sparkplug once managed to take spare Autobot parts and put them together to make a functioning robot called Autobot X. Once activated, the mindless robot immediately bashed in everything and everyone in sight. After Spike was injured in a battle with the Decepticons, they formulated a plan to transfer Spike's mind into Autobot X while his human body was worked upon by surgeons. Sparkplug regretted this decision, as it drove Spike insane. Only the love Sparkplug had for his son prevented "Autobot Spike" from joining the Decepticons.

Editor's note: the following events were played as a flashback on the MUX and were not part of the cartoon plot. 

In the subsequent days following the events that led to Spike's injuries, Sparkplug reassessed his decision to bring him and his son into joining the Autobot cause. Sparkplug still felt a purpose unlike any other in his life when it came to helping an alien species prevent the world domination of an invading alien force. But seeing his son precariously come within inches of death caused Sparkplug to consider other options. Some where unrealistic (Sparkplug's brother admitting that he and his wife would not be able to raise both younger Witwickys), and some were downright humiliating (government-assisted housing and food stamps while Sparkplug tried to find employment). The least painful option was sending his oldest son to military school until he turned 18 - an age old enough to serve alongside his father with the Autobots.

However, Prowl's rather evenhanded argument of keeping Spike in the Ark caused Sparkplug to change his mind at the last minute, much to Spike's great delight. Prowl's argument centered on the argument that despite it being a military complex, the Ark was the only place that could virtually guarantee Spike and Sparkplug's safety as opposed to being out in the open in a place like the military school). Spike promised his father he'd be more careful and also promised that would be the last time his carelessness would lead to a hospital stay. 

Long-Term Impacts

Spike was turned into a Transformer. It would not be the last time. Aside from going through such rights of passage as almost dying in a car accident, the after-effects of the operation used to save his life caused him to be a brutish, 'bot-mashing monster. He still says he has no memories of the time he was housed in Autobot X. 

City of Steel

Taking advantage of some seriously lax city security standards, the Constructions are able to burrow under the Empire State Building. Clearing tons of dirt and debris in a short amount of time, the Decepticons are able to make the entire Empire State Building fall into a pit, where they begin to construct a new armored base. 

The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, go to intercept. The Constructicons detect that Prime is below them, and Megatron orders the Scrapper to dig below where Optimus Prime is. Prime falls several stories and Megatron quickly severs Prime's motor relays. Megatron then alerts the Autobots: leave the city at once, or the Decepticons will melt Optimus Prime into scrap. The Autobots agree, and Hook sadistically disassembles Optimus Prime, leaving only Prime's head for Megatron's trophy case. With the Autobots gone, Megatron declares New York City to be the home of a new Cybertron-like city, unoriginally called... New Cybertron.

As the Autobots leave, Spike tells the Autobots there may be another way back into the city: through the underground sewer network. While the Autobots work their way back into the city, the Constructicons take Prime's remains and build weapons out of them, including a mechanized alligator. Spike, Bumblee, Mirage, Ratchet, and Hound manage to find Optimus Prime's head and they begin to go through the city to find Prime's other parts. 

Slowly the Autobots retrieve Prime's parts. However, his arm (and rifle) remain under the control of a computer atop the Empire State Building. Spike and Bumblebee make the near-suicidal decision to distract Megatron in the Empire State Building and are able to get Megatron to accidentally destroy the computer controlling Optimus Prime's arm. Meanwhile, on the exterior of the building, Devastator takes Optimus Prime and scales the Empire State Building. Wheeljack, taking a few cues from a human documentary called King Kong, orders a few helicoptors to attack Devastator. When Prime realizes he can use his arm, he sends a signal to it, and an expertly-placed rifle blast sends Devastator (and Prime) plummenting to the city. Prime is rescued, and the Decepticons retreat, leaving the Autobots to clean up a trashed city. 

Long-Term Impacts

Spike proves he can get under Megatron's exo-skin, though his dad would have most likely killed him if he found out that Bumblebee went along with the idea of having the weakest Autobot and a teenager be the ones responsible for creating a diversion for the most powerful Decepticon in the galaxy. 

Attack of the Autobots

The Decepticons stage a raid on the Ark, but it's only a distraction to draw the Autobots outside while Megatron gets sprayed with an invisibility spray, enabling him to enter Autobot headquarters undetected. He manages to insert a personality destabilizer in all of the Autobot recharging stations. The next morning, the Autobots wake from their recharging station feeling a bit funny. Their eyes turn red and soon they are under Megatron's control. Megatron orders Prime to smash Teletraan One, which he dutifully does. 

Meanwhile, Jazz, Bumblebee, Spike, and Sparkplug are out testing Jazz's new speakers. The speakers emit a volume so shredding that even Spike complains about the noise. When the four return to the Ark, they realize that Teletraan One has been smashed. Jazz is attacked by Bluestreak, but manages to fend off his attack. Sparkplug quickly deduces that the problem was the Autobots' rest chambers were sabotaged and he manages to cook up an "attitude exchanger" that will restabalize their moods (technically "drain evil and recharge good"). The device is successfully tested on Bluestreak. 

Bluestreak, Bumblebee, and Jazz begin to pick off Autobot by Autobot at at rocket base, where the Autobots are gleefully smashing away human ingenuity. With one attitude exchanger back, Bumblebee carefully approaches Optimus Prime and begs him to fight Megatron's control. Prime briefly regains his bearings and begs Bumblebee to help. Bumblebee takes advantage of Prime's hesitation and plants the device on Prime's leg, re-infusing Prime with "good". 

With their bearings intact, the Autobots make a last-ditch effort to atone for their brief "evilness" and board a Decepticon-occupied rocket that contains a solar satellite. Jazz's speakers break up the rocket, forcing the Decepticons to retreat. Skyfire takes Optimus Prime into outer space where he throws the satellite into orbit. 

Back on Earth, a few Autobots bicker about who was most responsible for the Autobot victory. Prime said whoever is responsible, all Autobots will need to chip in to repair the rockets they destroyed. Spike makes a bad joke to Sparkplug and everyone laughs. 

Long-Term Impacts

None, except that Spike proves he's almost as good at joke-telling as his idol, Optimus Prime. 

The Immobilizer

Sparkplug was pleased as punch when his son went out with Carly, because she was clearly out of Spike's league.

Long-Term Impacts

Spike met the hottest, most intelligent, most coolest, girlfriend EVER. They would later break up, only to reunite a few years later. The two would later marry (much to Sparkplug's delight) and have spawned twice. 

The Autobot Run

Spike, Bumblebee, and Chip attend an auto race. After the race, Spike and Chip wonder how cool it'd be if the Autobots did their own race. Bumblebee and the two human sidekicks propose the idea to Optimus Prime. Prime, realizing that after being caught on television destroying rockets weeks earlier - as well as some continued criticism from some humans for allowing Cybertron to enter Earth's orbit and New York City to turn into a mechanical nightmare - agrees that some positive PR may be in order. 

The race is quickly assembled and thousands of fans attend. Unknown to the Autobots, the Decepticons have devised a weapon that will keep any transformer in their alt mode. With most of the Autobots converged in one location, Skywarp teleports to the race and uses the weapon on the Autobots. After the race, the Autobots realize they can't transform. The Decepticons easily defeat the Autobots by shooting out their tires and overheating their engines. The Autobots are rounded up and are led to Decepticon invention number 2: a grotesque Venus Fly Trap-like machine that chews Autobots into oblivion. 

Back at the Ark, Wheeljack (one of the Autobots who stayed behind) deduces what happened and constructs an antidote...grenade. Bumblebee, Chip, and Spike go to where the trapped Autobots are. Ironhide is almost fed to the chopper, but Optimus Prime manages to ram the machine, freeing Ironhide. Chip and Spike play 'keep away' with the grenade from the Decepticons and the grenade detonates, freeing the Autobots. Wheeljack (easily the Autobot MVP in this incident) manages to steal the transforming-locking mechanism and fires it into Devastator, effectively collapsing the gestault. The Decepticons make a hasty retreat. 

Long-Term Impacts

None, with the exception of some very early diplomatic seeds being planted for Spike as he helps organize an Autobot charity race.

Atlantis, Arise!

Spike helps a few Autobots blow off some steam ... by arranging a football game with the Dinobots. After a serious thumping, Brawn, along with BumblebeeHound and Wheeljack, volunteer to check out an energy flare in the Atlantic. Spike, bringing along his SCUBA gear, tags along.

Upon discovering the underwater city of Sub-Atlantica, the squad is ambushed by the Decepticons' new ally Nergill. They are overwhelmed by Decepticon forces and retreat, with Wheeljack being captured by their enemies. Optimus Prime takes the Autobots to Washington D.C., where the Decepticons were headed. With Decepticon technology, Nergill is able to bring Sub-Atlantica to the surface.  Nergill arrives and turned the tables by using a disruptor to cripple Optimus Prime, along with the other Autobots. Bumblebee and Spike rescue Wheeljack, who called the Dinobots for reinforcements. Grimlock snapped Nergill's disruptor in half, freeing Prime and the others. The Decepticons retreat to Nergill's base, followed by the Autobots. Realizing impending defeat, Nergill sabotages his own city, sinking it once again. 

Long-Term Impacts

None, though Spike's father begins to suspect his eldest son may have an adrenaline-related, death-wish streak as he volunteered to be quarterback in a game where the Dinobots were playing defense. 

Day of the Machines

Megatron and Soundwave stage a secret raid of Quantum Laboratories to reprogram a supercomputer known as TORQ III (in a weird programming gesture, the scientists choose to give a face to the computer). Under Megatron's control, TORQ III locks the scientists inside the compound and various machines are reprogrammed. The computer is also able to control nearby oil tankers; and as a result, the tankers begin to converge on an oil platform. The Decepticons surround the platform with a protective shield. 

The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, come to investigate Quantum Laboratories. Skyfire, Hound, and Spike go to investigate the oil platform. The Autobots at Quantum Laboratories are overwhelmed by the machines, but the Dinobots arrive to even the score. Skyfire, Hound, and Spike sneak aboard an oil rig. They are almost successful, but Laserbeak captures Spike and Megatron threatens to have Laserbeak "drop" Spike. Hound and Skyfire comply and the three are captured. 

At Quantum Laboratories, Prime gets into a brawl with a machine, and apparently loses as the machine implants a control chip on him. He is led to TORQ III. As TORQ III does some Megatron-like boasting, Prime says the chip that was planted on him was a fake - and he settles things by planting his fist directly into TORQ III, disabling the computer and attacking machines. 

On the oil platform, Spike finds an electromagnet and uses it to "pin" Rumble and Ravage. Skyfire punches through the wall and the three run to rejoin the fight, which has moved to the oil platform that they're on. Optimus and Megatron get into a brawl, and Megatron accidentally destroys the device that was controlling the tankers. Enraged, he activates a destruct mechanism and the platform begins to sink. Prime orders all Autobots to evacuate, but stays behind to find Spike, Hound, and Skyfire. He ends up rescuing the three and Skyfire flies them to safety. 

Long-Term Impacts

Spike continued to show the Autobots the advantage of having humans as allies (e.g. not being vulnerable to an electromagnetic device), but that was offset by him getting captured and forcing Hound and Skyfire to lay down their arms and be captured. Sparkplug no doubt probably gave Spike an earfull about repeatedly breaking his promise about not putting himself in danger. He also probably got chewed out for getting in a situation that would put their Autobot friends in danger. Likely punishment: grounded for one week. 

Spike resisted being called "The Autobots' pet" - but if the yellow boot fits...

A Prime Problem

A small earthquake produces a formation of highly-energized crystals in a crevasse. The Autobots go to investigate. Megatron, one step ahead of the Autobots, discovers the crystals destroy all things electronic on contact. His plan involves cloning Optimus Prime and having said clone lure the Autobots into the crevasse. In a scuffle with the Decepticons, Laserbeak blasts Prime over a cliff, briefly knocking the Autobot commander out (and earning Laserbeak some major bragging rights in the Decepticon ranks - being one of the few Decepticons who can say they knocked out Optimus Prime). While out, a scanner scans Optimus Prime and a clone is quickly generated. The clone orders the Autobots back to the Ark while Prime remained unconscious. 

Prime returns to the Ark, only to find the Optimus Prime clone in the Ark. EvilClonePrime orders the Autobots to let Prime in ... and mow him down. Before the Autobots fire, Ironhide orders the Autobots to hold their fire. After a scan from Teletraan One affirms BOTH are Optimus Prime, the Autobots run some tests, which both pass equally. During the tests, Spike begins to have a "gut" feeling about who the true Prime is. 

The Autobots return to the crevasse with the unstable energy crystals. Windcharger and Spike discover Laserbeak flying out of a secret entrance in a mountain and go to investigate. Windcharger is blasted into the crevasse and Spike is captured (surprise, surprise). Megatron has Starscream create his own clone and CloneStarscream and EvilClonePrime engage in battle. EvilClonePrime blows Starscream away, gaining the favor of the the Autobots. EvilClonePrime orders the Autobots into the crevasse, despite RealPrime's objections. 

Windcharger climbs out of the crevasse and warns the Autobots they're being led into a trap - saying the only reason he's still alive was because his rubber tires insulated him. He also tells them that Megatron has kidnapped Spike. EvilClonePrime tells the Autobots to ignore Spike and continue on. The Autobots then realize who the true Prime is and blast the EvilClonePrime into the crevasse. The Decepticons retreat, but not before tossing Spike out from their escaping rocket, but Powerglide ends up saving Spike at the last second. 

Long-Term Impacts

Spike's gut reaction to who the real Prime is was confirmed. With just a few months under his belt with the Autobots, he demonstrated that he knew Prime better than most of the Autobots. This was either a validation of Spike's emerging diplomatic skills, or proved that Prime really plays his cards close to his chest plate.

The Insecticon Syndrome

Hound, Beachcomber , Bumblebee, and Spike respond to a distress call from a park ranger. The issue: something or someone has been devouring the massive trees in the park. The Autobots quickly deduce that the Insecticons are behind it. Meanwhile, Megatron, apparently over the last run-in with the Insecticons, organizes a search party to get back in touch with their quasi-allies. The Decepticons stumble upon the Insecticons, just as they kick a massive tree toward the Autobots. It looks like the tree crushed the Autobots and send their destroyed servos over a waterfall. The Insecticons gloat and depart with the Decepticons, unknown that the fallen Autobots were actually part of Hound's hologram. 

Megatron gives an offer to the Insecticons: Help the Decepticons, and enjoy an energy buffet at the Nova Energy Power Plant. The Insecticons gleefully feast on the plant's power core, but the core's effect causes the Insecticons to grow as big and as powerful as Prime and Megatron. The Insecticons again betray the Decepticons and Bombshell plants a cerebro-shell on Soundwave. 

The Autobots race to the Nova Power Plant to save the trapped humans, only to get their afts handed to them by the Insecticons. Wheeljack and Teletraan One deduce that the mutation the Insecticons underwent will eventually cause all of them to explode, the explosion killing all trapped humans inside the plant. Wheeljack concocts an antitode. 

Things get out of hand at the power plant, and Prime and Megatron again realize they need to work together to stop the Insecticons. Prime uses Megatron to fire an antidote into Kickback and Bombshell. Spike climbs up and plants the last antidote into Shrapnel... who blows up anyway (although not with the mountain-destroying force he would have without the Spike's cure). Bombshell uses his power to reassemble Shrapnel and the Insecticons flee, with the Decepticons in angry pursuit. 

Long-Term Impacts

Spike running up to Sharpnel mere seconds before he explodes earns him some serious hero points. But his horrible, pun-laced sense of humor ("The Insecticons sure gave us a lot of trouble, didn't they, but they seemed to bug Megatron even more!") probably gave his brother yet another reason to hate him during their teenage years.  

Desertion of the Dinobots

Spike picks up his father, who is sporting a suit after doing the talk show circuit. The suit was never seen again. The Autobots on Earth, out of commission because of a lack of the life-sustaining element Cybertonium, were forced to rely on Spike and Carly to travel on Cybertron and retrieve the element.  

Long-Term Impacts

Spike and Carly entered a very small elite circle of humans who can lay claim to visiting another planet. 

Dinobot Island

After flying through some intense energy waves, Bumblebee and Powerglide stumble upon Dinobot Island, a Galapagos-like island that apparently evolution forgot as dinosaurs are still inhabiting it (take that, creationists!). The two go back to the Ark and relay their findings to Optimus Prime. The discovery couldn't come soon enough as the Dinobots are repeatedly breaking stuff around the Ark - the worst offense being the almost-destruction of Teletraan One. Grimlock apologizes to Prime, and Prime suggests the Dinobots train on Dinobot Island. 

Spike goes with Powerglide to return to Dinobot Island. Almost automatically, he gets into trouble as he's snatched up by a flying dinoasur who puts Spike in a nest with giant eggs. After getting rescued by Swoop (and getting a lecture by Swoop), Spike continues to investigate the island, only to get into a perilous situation LESS THAN TWO MINUTES LATER when a brontosaurus-like dinosaur grabbs Spike's shirt and attempts to eat him. Spike finally comes to his senses and leaves Dinobot Island to the experts. Spike promised he'd write the Dinobots, except they couldn't read. 

As the Dinobots train, the Decepticons catch wind of this new island. What really intrigues them is the vast energy resourses like tar pits, geysers, and volcanoes. The Dinobots form a quasi-kinship with the local inhabitants, which Megatron takes advantage of as he causes a stampede of a bunch of dinosaurs. Unable to fire on the inhabitants, the Dinobots are pushed back into a tar pit where they are soon engulfed. 

Elsewhere around Earth, time portals begin to open. In one area, a mammoth appears, destroying a section of the library where Spike and Bumbleebee were just walking out of. Bumblebee shields Spike and are soon rescued by Huffer and Sideswipe. Prime orders the Autobots into reactive mode as they begin to chase disaster after disaster as portals continue to open. Pirates, cowboys, ancient sea captains are now all over Earth! 

Free of Autobot (and Dinobot) interference, the Decepticons continue to plunder Dinobot Island's resources. Starscream cautious Megatron that the energy they are taking out of Dinobot Island may have disasterous consequences. Megatron brushes off Starscream's fear. 

Back at the Ark, Chip and Teletraan One discover the portals have something to do with Dinobot Island. Prime dispatches a team to Dinobot Island while the other Autobots slowly begin to push the inhabitants of certain eras of time back to their respective portals. 

At Dinobot Island, the Dinobots are able to finally break free of their tarry tomb. A vengence-seeking Grimlock rallies the local inhabitants to attack the Decepticons. The Autobots destroy all the energon cubes the Decepticons gathered. The released energy closes the portals. Prime says the Dinobots have done so well that they are allowed to return to the Ark

Long-Term Impacts

Remember when Spike promised his dad he wouldn't get into danger after the Autobot Spike incident? Yeah, this wasn't one of Spike's finest hours. He broke that promise almost three times in a 36-hour span. Fortunately for Spike, Sparkplug believed he and Spike had gone past the point of no return for the Autobots - and as a result, they were allowed to stay. For more risk-focused Autobots like Red Alert, Spike didn't win too many friends during this incident.

Spike's version of Prime's basketball game* * Spike may have over-embellished this account. Photo credit: osis1231 at

The Master Builders

Hoist and Grapple (the intellectual Laurel and Hardy of the Autobots) develop a prototype solar tower. They showcase it to Optimus Prime, who at the time was trying to learn basketball from Spike. Prime's basketball skills were still in development, but he could ably balance a spinning ball on his finger and perform a wicked pass that could take down an unexpecting human. 

Prime approves of the solar tower, but nixes the idea of building it until Grapple and Hoist can come up with a decent security plan to protect the tower (editor's note: Prime needs to start delegating responsibility. Let the geniuses build the energy devices, and let his security aces Red Alert and Prowl handle the security end). A dejected Grapple leaves and mourns the loss of his green energy magnum opus. A few Constructicons eavesdrop on Hoist and Grapple's conversation and attack the two Autobots, only to dig them out and tell them that they have defected from the Decepticons and want to help create Grapple's tower. 

Later, an enraged Megatron confronts the Constructicons, but the Constructions swear loyalty to Megatron and say they only did it to dupe the two Autobots into building the tower...for the Decepticons. Megatron gives the green light and building commenses. 

Days pass. Hoist ends up skipping his duties in the repair bay, which Prime notices when he knocks a few Autobots out of his way when he performs a Shaq-like slam dunk during a game of basketball. Prime sends Powerglide out to search for Grapple and Hoist, only to find out that the two are working with the Decepticons. Prime is pissed and orders the Autobots to intercept. 

The Autobots arrive at the tower, just in time for the Constructicons to betray Hoist and Grapple and blast them. The Constructicons form Devastator and attack the Autobots. Prime uses his great motivational skills by talking Smokescreen into staying still IN FRONT OF DEVASTATOR. Devastator attempts to kick Smokescreen, but he "burns rubber", causing Devastator to kick the solar tower and fall into it. The Autobots dig out Grapple and Hoist. Prime forgives both of them, but leaves the cleanup of the tower to the both of them. 

Long-Term Impacts

As a kid, this was one of Spike's favorite stories to relay. Not only did he teach his idol how to play basketball, he spent the majority of the mission riding shotgun in Optimus Prime's cab. Unfortunately for his brother, this story had three elements that he could care less about: basketball, Optimus Prime, and a full-scale robot battle. What's worse, Spike was so excited in telling the story to Buster during a game of pick-up basketball that he accidentally gave his brother a concussion when he charged his brother during a layup.  

Megatron's Master Plan

The Decepticons stage a very unsuccessful raid at a solar energy plant at Central City. It seems like another strike-out for the Decepticons. An elated, affable (but slightly clueless) mayor of Central City decides to honor the Auobots in a parade for their heroic feats of strength against the Decepticons. Meanwhile, industrial tychoon Shawn Berger stews in anger that the mayor will no doubt pick up some easy political points. But before Berger can stew in his angst, he is abducted by Laserbeak and taken to Megatron. Megatron tells Berger everything he knows about the Decepticons is wrong, and he intends to prove this by taking Berger to an oil field where the Autobots are currently raiding it for energy. Berger complies, but arrogantly bargains for control over Central City if he uses his influence to expose the Autobots. 

Berger flies in a news chopper and indeed discovers the Autobots raiding the oil field - and gloating about it. Wheeljack fires at the news chopper and dislodges a news camera containing the incriminating evidence. Megatron retrieves the tape and gives it to Berger. 

The next day, the Autobots are honored at the parade. The major mistakenly begins to give another speech before correcting it and honoring the Autobots. Berger enters a control room and orders the PA person to play his evidence. In front of the parade attendees, the tape of the Autobot raid plays. The crowd immediately turns hostile to the Autobots. Caught in the crossfire, Chip, Sparkplug, and Spike run to Bumblebee and are pelted by an angry mob. The Autobots return to the Ark and a few Autobots begin to express their disdain for humans and how ungrateful they are and how easily they are led. Bumblebee, however, continues to stick up for a few of his human friends. The mayor of Central City, along with Berger's army arrive at the Ark and arrest the Autobots and order a trial, which is to take place... on a football field in front of anyone who wants to attend. 

At the trail, the Autobots are found guilty and are sentenced to banishment from Earth. Spike is in the crowd and sneaks away in hopes of clearing the Autobots name. The Autobots are forced to board a shuttle and are banished from Earth and the shuttle takes off. Megatron and Berger go to the now-abandoned Ark and reprogram Teletraan One to send the shuttle carrying the Autobots to a destruction course for the sun. 

In the control room in the stadium, Spike discovers the truth on tape: the Autobots in the oil field were actually Decepticons in disguise (shocker). Ravage discovers Spike and the two tangle. Spike manages to shove an entire media shelf onto Ravage, briefly pinning the Decepticon, and he flees to show the tape to the mayor. During this time, the Decepticons manage to enjoy the adoration of fans as they're invited to parties and kids soon are drawing pictures of their favorite Decepticons. 

In the shuttle, Ironhide convinces Optimus to defy the order and return to Earth and clear their name. Prime reluctantly agrees and orders Cosmos to take them back to Earth. However, they soon discover that they are headed to the Sun and their systems begin to overheat. The shuttle falls into the sun and explodes. 

Back on Earth, Megatron appears at a press conference and announces his plan: worldwide slavery. The Decepticons take over Central City and parts of the United States and the Decepticons begin to treat Earth like their playground, smashing buildings and enslaving the population. After showing the evidence to the mayor and convincing him that the Autobots are innocent, Spike still vows to clear the Autobots name, but Berger tells him that the Autobots were destroyed when their craft flew into the sun. A devastated Spike flees, still hoping to clear the Autobots' name. Soundwave dispatches Ravage to intercept, but Berger manages to save Spike from getting devoured by smacking Ravage with a production light. Spike, Chip, Sparkplug, Berger are shackled and are ordered to work in an energy plant. 

In space, Trailbreaker managed to protect ALL the Autobots by emitting a force field that protected them from the lethal blast from the sun. All of them latch onto Cosmos and Prime orders them back to Earth, but Cosmos says he's still under Teletraan One's control and he (and the Autobots) soon drift back to the sun.  

Back on Earth, Spike stages a diversion to get Chip to escape and go to the Ark and access Teletraan One. Chip hitchhikes to the Ark and learns about the Autobots' fate. Thrust spots Chip in the Ark and fires his laser into Teletraan One, damaging the computer, but as a result, breaking its contol over Cosmos. In space, Cosmos rejoyces and Prime orders the Autobots back to Earth. 

On Earth, Chip is returned to the power plant. Spike comforts Chip, saying Teletraan wasn't much use without the Autobots. As they continue to work, Chip and Spike hear the unmistakable sound of Autobot engines. The Autobots return and liberate the humans and force the Decepticons to retreat. Berger admits his error and says he'll give up his army. Sparkplug sarcastically points out Berger already was without an army since his workers quit in protest (or in Sparkplug's words: quit when they found out what a dog lunch he was). Optimus says Berger will face justice - and the Autobots leave vindicated and exonorated as Berger is hauled away. 

Long-Term Impacts

The Witwicky's steadfast loyalty to the Autobots continues to pay off for Spike, Chip, and Sparkplug as the Autobots made no moves to bring any other human into their inner circle after seeing how the humans reacted to the weak evidence against the Autobots. And while he never got a chance to show the tape that exonorated the Autobots to a mass audience, the fact that he was able to find the evidence and find the right circles of power quickly (e.g. the mayor) made Prime believe that Spike's role with the Autobots may extend beyond just the repair bay. 

Desertion of the Dinobots

Spike, Carly, and Bumblebee go to the airport to pick up Sparkplug, who was doing the talk show and interview circuit about his experience with the Autobots (and kicking much of the funds back to Buster, Judy, and Ron for his younger son's pre-college plans). Spike and Carly briefly didn't recognize Sparkplug since he was wearing a suit.

At the airport, Bumblebee and Spike see military jets land inside a hanger. Turns out it those jets were Decepticons, and Bumblebee radios Prime for help. As a last resort (due to short staff), he deploys the Dinobots who easily overpower the Decepticons. However, when the Dinobots transformed, Megatron orders the Decepticons to fire on the nearby aircraft. The ensuing explosion knocks all the Dinobots out of commission. Red Alert and Inferno arrive to do damage control to the heavily-damaged airport. 

The next day, Optimus oversees the efforts in getting the airport rebuilt. He receives a distress call that the Decepticons were attacking an energy plant. He radios the Dinobots who outright revolt and leave. The Autobots who are able to intercept begin to have difficulties with their systems. The Decepticons have the same symptoms, unable to transform, fire upon their enemies, etc. Both factions end up retreating. Back at the Ark, Perceptor concludes that their problem is everyone is suffering from Cybertonium depletion - a crucial element that Cybertron-based Transformers need to function correctly (think of it as the human equivalent of fiber). Carly theorizes that the Dinobots should be functioning OK since they were built on Earth and didn't require Cybertonium. Sparkplug, Spike, and Carly go to the Dinobots. A pissed Grimlock almost crushes the humans until Spike mentions Cybertonium. The Cybertron connection sparks Grimlock's curiosity - and he agrees to help. 

Grimlock and the Dinobots go to the space bridge to intercept a shipment of Cybertonium that was originally intended for the Decepticons. However, in the confusion of battle, the Dinobots get caught in the space bridge and are transported to Cybertron. On Cybertron, Grimlock says he's sick of working with "bossy Autobots" and vows to stay. Realizing that the only option left is for Spike and Carly to go, Sparkplug wires a communication device to Spike's thumb and reluctantly sends his son and Carly to Cybertron against Prime's wishes. 

Carly manages to drive her car past Devastator into the space bridge. Shockwave almost kills both of them, but Carly and Spike manage to sneak into the inner portion of a super computer. Carly manages to sabotage the super computer (getting a nasty ankle injury in the process), putting the space bridge offline and buying the Autobots some crucial hours. Spike and Carly reach Wheeljack's lab and are soon met by Swoop, who managed to escape after the Dinobots were captured. 

After learning a bit about the Cybertronian War, the humans and Swoop flee from the Decepticons, but are captured and sent to the Cybertonium pits, where the captured Dinobots are mining the ore for the next shipment to Megatron. Carly manages to rewire the Dinobots personality circuits to their correct/non-taking-orders-from-anyone setting, and Spike comes up with a plan to get them all out. Spike and Grimlock get into an argument and when a sentinental comes in to break up the fight, the Dinobots overpower the drones and take Spike and Carly with them to the space bridge. Sparkplug and Teletraan manage to redirect the space bridge's coordinates to be right outside the Ark, and the Dinbots manage to escape into the space bridge and deliver the Cybertronium to the Ark

Once repaired, Prime gives Spike and Carly the honored designation of "Honorary Autobot" (what, no love for Sparkplug?). Grimlock says he has a change of heart and has pledged that he will follow Prime's orders...until he doesn't feel like it. 

Long-Term Impacts

Aside from the birth of his son and daughter, and his wedding day, this mission stands as the highlight of Spike's life in his opinion. He was awarded the title of honorary Autobot for this mission. In addition, the time Carly and he spent on Cybertron managed to catapult him from cute but naively geeky foil to genuine boyfriend material for Carly, much to Spike's delight. Sure, they broke up more than a year later, but this mission served to somehow forever bond the two together. On a separate note, Buster absolutely hated hearing about how this mission played out throughout all of his adolescent years. 

Blaster Blues

Spike, Carly, and Blaster attend a concert where Spike gives Seinfeld's Elaine Benes a run for her money for the title of "Worst Dancer Ever". While monitoring Omega Supreme's weapon systems, Blaster broadcasts the concert, hoping to inject some culture into the Autobot ranks. Optimus Prime is not amused. In fact, Blaster's playing almost interferes with a distress call from a group of scientists who say their newest invention, a voltronic galaxer, was stolen by the Decepticons. Prime orders all available Autobots to comb the Earth in search of the galaxer. 

"Spike, honey - honey - please sit down - you're embarrassing yourself...and Blaster...and me."

Blaster and Cosmos locate the device, along with the Decepticons, on the moon. However, the two are captured and Megatron uses Blaster to amplify the galaxer to override all Earth airwave signals; and Cosmos to power the device. Megatron broadcasts his demands to Earth: let him plunder Earth of its resources, and he'll give the humans their airwaves back (but wait, doesn't it take energy to power these waves? nevermind - just go with it). 

In the absense of air traffic, Prime desperately tries to navigate some landing planes at an airport. Caught off guard, he is badly damaged by two seekers. While riding in Powerglide, Carly determines that the Decepticons are broadcasting from the moon (with the help from Blaster's signature song that he's secretly broadcasting). The small Powerglide manages to lift Prime's body back to Omega Supreme and Carly manages to put in some backup gear in Prime's damaged body. Omega Supreme lifts Prime's damaged body into his rocket and he goes to the moon along with Spike and Carly. Carly confides to Spike that she's never been to the moon before. Spike, perhaps thinking of something else (despite being in mortal danger) coyly says "There's a first time for everything, Carly." 

On the Moon, Omega Supreme engages in a fight with Astrotrain. Megatron discovers Prime's unconscious form and prepares to finish him off, but Prime awakens at the last moment and successfully wards off Megatron. Cosmos and Blaster take advantage of the distraction and blasts the Decepticon modifications, restoring airwaves to Earth. Prime praises Cosmos and Blaster, but Prime cautions Blaster that with his great power comes great responsibility. 

Long-Term Impacts

Within the span of 2 weeks, Spike and Carly become the first people on Earth to set foot on another planet as well as the moon. 

A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur's Court

During a spot of gosh and bother with some frightfully rambunctious ruffians, Hoist Warpath, and Spike were transported backwards in time to medieval England. The trio encountered Nimue and her father, Sir Aetheling the Red, who were holding a jousting match. Spike, despite quasi-dating Carly, took an almost immediate liking to Nimue, so much so that he volunteered himself to be a part of a jousting match. Hoist whipped up a suit of armor for Spike Witwicky, and he lost handily. The Decepticons abducted Nimue during the tournament, and the Autobots were too low on energy to catch up. Spike, perhaps reading too many heroic tales in his early years, scales a tower to rescue Nimue, only to find that she had made amends with a prince their rival village Blackthrone.

Sir Aetheling led an assault on Sir Wigend du Blackthorne's castle, and Hoist acted variously as a bridge across the castle moat and a siege ladder, until both he and Warpath were exhausted of energy and unable to fight on. The wizard Beorht gave them a boost of energy, and the two Autobots breached the castle wall, pretty much ending the feud. With more help from the wizard, they were able to return to the nineteen-eighties. Warpath comforts Spike, saying he can't win them all, forcing Spike to "return" to his hot, intelligent girlfriend in the '80s. 

Long-Term Impacts

Spike travels back in time - and depending on what universe he's in - he becomes the first human to do so. In addition, he learns jousting, which to him was about as worthwhile as his college sophomore Lit class "Religious Mysticism and the works of Franz Kafka." 

For some reason, the above events were "the last straw" for Spike's father in relation to his son's involvement with the Autobots. Fearing his son was spending far too much time with the Autobots, and not enough time in class and with kids his age, Sparkplug insisted his son scale back his involvement with the Autobots and focus more on school and making his friends his age. (editor's note - this is a likely explanation of Spike's relatively limited involvement in the remaining Season 2 episodes). 

Make Tracks

As the Autobots expanded their operations, they installed a small urban base in New York City, concealed behind an auto-repair garage operated by Sparkplug. In the aftermath of the failed Decepticon plan to use stolen cars as robot drones, Sparkplug bemoaned the fact it would take weeks for himself, Hoist, Ratchet and Wheeljack to return the cars to normal functionality.

Long-Term Impacts

None. Spike had to hear all about this second-handedly from Sparkplug after his dad laid down some strict new Ark house rules that focused on hitting the books and hanging out with kids his own age (much to Spike's dismay).

In the days, Spike, Bumblebee, and Cosmos had to travel to an entirely different planet to get robotic insecticide.

Quest For Survival

After weeks of being out of the game, thanks to Sparkplug ordering his son to focus more time on school and less time with the Autobots, Spike and Bumblebee go with Cosmos to retrieve a shipment of robotic insecticide, which they hope will destroy a growing Insecticon clone army bent on devouring all of Earth's crops, triggering a worldwide starvation crisis. On their way back to Earth, some mutant spores on Cosmos soon morph into a robotic plant that is later identified as a morphobot. While the robotic plant causes the Autobots and Decepticons plenty of trouble, they eventually devour the entire Insecticon drone army after Megatron destroyed the canister of robotic insecticide they retrieved. 

Long-Term Impacts

Spike and his family are still able to eat after the Insecticon army is vanquished, which is good. 

Triple Takeover

Optimus Prime saves Spike's bacon after he was swept up in a violent wave after a water main broke during a Decepticon coup. 

Long-Term Impacts

None, aside from further evidence of Spike's vulnerability during encounters between Transformers.

The Girl Who Loved Powerglide

Optimus Prime orders Powerglide to watch over a wealthy debutante/CEO named Astoria. While fleeing the Decepticons, the two hide out in Sparkplug's garage. Astoria ambles around the garage. Spike makes a very weak attempt to hit on Astoria and gets soundly rejected. Dejected, he goes back to work and manages to muck up some of his dad's jobs. Astoria reveals her infatuation with Powerglide, who she later saves. 

Long Term Impacts

None, other than showing Spike has a nasty jealousy streak (e.g. Astoria: "He's (Powerglide) tall, and handsome and he can fly!" Spike: "Yeah, well there's a few things he can't do, you know."), and can get shut down pretty hard when he tries to flirt (e.g. Spike: "Too bad I wasn't there. I'm always ready to rescue a girl as pretty as you." Astoria: "Mmm. What do you know about Powerglide?"[1]. He should really stick with Carly.

Hoist Goes Hollywood

While driving with Hoist , Spike and Carly stumble upon a movie shoot. The director decides to recruit Hoist and a few other Autobots into the movie. However, the director soon just makes Hoist fetch him bagels. Around the same time, Megatron seems obsessed with a a mysterious cargo. The Decepticons were caught on camera retrieving said cargo, and do everything in their power to prevent the footage from reaching the Autobots.

Using a bit of Hollywood trickery, Hoist hoists (get it?) Spike and Carly up on a chain with the film footage. He orders Megatron and the Decepticons to leave, otherwise he'll drop Spike, Carly, and the film into a vat of lava. Megatron calls Hoist's bluff, and Hoist drops Carly, Spike and the footage into the lava, appearing to destroy the evidence (and two humans as well). Megatron and the Decepticons leave, but it turned out that the lava was just a studio trick and neither the footage nor the humans was harmed. 

Back at Autobot headquarters, Wheeljack immediately identified the cargo as something that he was tooling with ages ago. He owned up to the fact that the cargo was essentially useless. 

Long-Term Impacts

Though Spike didn't necessairly do anything wrong during these events, this incident still fills him with shame - so much so that he barely brings up the event. It may be due to the fact the director made the Autobots don horrible rubber masks that even Ed Wood would have rejected. 

The Revenge of Bruticus

Spike gets a science lesson from Perceptor and later almost gets cooked alive when the Constructicons attempt to pull the Earth into the sun. 

Long-Term Impacts




In the late 1980s, Spike continued to live a life that most any high school geek would disavow their parents for. But while in high school, Spike began to grow tired of repeatedly hearing that he was just "the Autobot's pet." In addition, his high-school life strongly contrasted with Carly's demanding workload at MIT. In 1988, things came to a head and Carly ended their relationship, much to Spike's dismay (and Buster's delight).  

When Spike graduated high-school, he attended college, one of the first Witwickys to do so. To concentrate on school and family, he amicably parted ways with the Autobots. Around this time, he bumped into Carly at an otherwise horrible typical college party kegger. Spike's newfound maturity appealed to Carly, and Carly's more relaxed persona (now used to demanding finals, exams, lab assignments) appealed to Spike. The two quickly rekindled their relationship. In 1991, much to his father's delight (and his in-law's horror), Spike impulsively asked Carly to marry him. Much to his surprise, she accepted. 

Though Spike had a bright, exploring mind, after years of adventure and hands-on field work, he found it hard to prosper in a purely academic setting. He eventually dropped out, getting a job at Blackrock Construction on the promise of making far more money than he ever could being a newspaper reporter.

It was during this time that Carly began to doubt her choice to marry the young Witwicky. Their martial woes deepened when in 1992, Carly discovered she was pregnant...about 5 years before she even considered that move in her life. Urged (strongly) by his father as well as Chip and Bumblebee, Spike eventually was able to mend his marriage - though with the knowledge that he didn't plan on returning to college. Spike's work ethic and mechanical know-how resulted in him quickly rising in ranks at Blackrock Industries. In 1993, he was promoted to foreman, one of the youngest ever to achieve that title at Blackrock Industries. Under his supervision, he helped turn the troubled construction of the 84-story Blackrock Towers into a project that was almost eight weeks ahead of schedule.

In 1993, Spike was jumped by Frenzy. The debilitating attack put Spike in a coma for two months and resulted in countless months of rehabilitation. The 84-story Blackrock Tower was destroyed in the attack. Months after the catastrophic attack, Spike's father and his newlywed wife had to care for Spike almost on a 24-hour basis as he relied on both to do everything from feeding him to teaching him to walk again. During this time, Carly convinced Spike to rejoin the Autobots to protect not only himself, but their son. During his hospitalization and nearly one-year stay at a rehabilitation facility, Buster did not visit his brother once.

In 1996, Spike accepted an offer from The Oregonian to join their staff as a part-time staff writer. Spike agreed to write a monthly op-ed about Transformer-related issues and their impact on Earth, but only on the condition that he could write an occasional news story that was not related to the Transformers. The move angered many in the journalism community because the newspaper's policy up to that point, was to only hire reporters with at least four years of full-time experience. However, the gamble paid off.

In late summer 1996, Spike was amoung hundreds of humans captured by the Decepticons. While the majority of the humans were meant to be used as human shields and energon harvesters (courtesy of Dr. Arkeville 's hypno-chip improved modifications), Spike remained held in Dr. Arkeville's care. The doctor was told by his Decepticon captors to try to extract information about the Autobots from Spike's memories. The device was able to extract memories from Spike's experiences with the Autobots, including Optimus Prime's weaknesses, and the codes to Metroplex's shields. 

While most of those memories proved to be faulty for the Decepticons, Dr. Arkeville still was able to capitalize on Spike's misery. As a cruel leisure activity, Dr. Arkeville began to implant memories into Spike's brain. These memories include Optimus Prime's death at the hands of Megatron, the remaining Autobots being defeated and killed by the Decepticons, and the entire planet falling into Decepticon control. 

When he was rescued, Spike was in such a distraught state, that Carly and Sparkplug allowed First Aid to do a limited 'mind-wipe' from Spike's memories. As a result, almost all of Spike's memories of his capture were deleted from his memory. To this date, he doesn't recall any of his time with Dr. Arkeville. 

In 1997, Spike won a state Associated Press award with his three-part story about a family of Rwandan refugees who were living in Portland. As a side note, Buster submitted a well-received article he wrote for the school paper for the same award, but his article did not make it into the finalist circle. This again furthered the resentment between the two.

MUX History:

After an unsuccessful stint at college and a few directionless months back in the construction world during the economic boom of the mid-90s, Spike rejoined the Autobots. Uncomfortable appearing in the limelight, he winds up spending most of his time in the repair bay, working hard to be the first human to attain the status of Autobot Medic. He occasionally works on call. However, Prime, sensing potential in Spike, has occasionally nudged him to more high-profile gigs, such as an occasional stint as a moderator between the Autobots and G.I. Joe.

Spike and Sci-Fi

His relationship with G.I. Joe is guarded. However, thanks to a chance encounter at a comic book store (he was picking up a Spiderman comic for his son, Daniel, who was ill), he encountered Seymour Fine (Sci-Fi). The two formed a fast friendship and now the Witwicky household considers Mr. Fine part of the family.

Spike in routine awe of Optimus

As for real family, Spike has an intense devotion to both his wife and his son. Aided by some excellent parenting from his father, Sparkplug, he has tried to provide for his family what he lacked when he was a kid (mainly stability). Aside from spending time with the Autobots and his family, he routinely checks in on his father, who was currently in a nursing home. Watching the slow decline of his father carries a weight on him that he seldom shows to others. He also had a contentious relationship with his brother, Buster Witwicky. Buster, no fan of the Autobots himself, and Spike had gone months without speaking to one another. Sometimes out of petty spite, and sometimes out of real-life interferences.

I don't really see the family resemblance to Sam...

Spike was laid off his job at Blackrock Construction when G.B. Blackrock sold the company in early 2009. Unexpected, he was contacted by Destro, who doubled his salary and offered him a sizable bonus to go to work for MARS. Spike accepted the offer, and later helped Destro and the Autobots evacuate people from the Sears Tower after it was damaged by Megatron and Starscream.

In October 2009, Starscream destroyed Spike's house in retaliation for an interview he granted to CNN. In the interview, Spike said stated that humans could mount an effective counterattack against the Decepticons. Now homeless, he is trying to figure out whether or not to move his family into Autobot City.

He also began to have disturbing dreams about an alternate version of himself and his brother, no doubt brought on by the recent stress.

In early 2010, things seem to be looking up for Spike. After repeated prods from Cuffs, Spike agreed to accept a financial stipend from the Autobots and would now be able to work full-time in the Autobot medical facility and assume some minor diplomatic duties. In addition, Spike eagerly awaited the return of the The Ark as he hoped to move his family in the storied craft, enabling his son to hopefully share in some of the memories Spike had growing up in that craft.

On May 2, 2011, Spike became a father again with the birth of his daughter, Megan Susan Witwicky . Late August, Spike was faced with his most daunting diplomatic challenge yet as a worldwide disaster forced the Autobots to make difficult decisions as to what affected regions should receive the brunt of Autobot aid as well as the possibility of forging another alliance with Cobra.

While Spike strongly urged Optimus Prime to seek out a more seasoned diplomat for this crisis, Prime remained steadfast that Spike would be the contact person in terms of providing a human voice for the Autobots. To improve his diplomatic skills, Spike began leaning heavily on Crosscut for counsel. Crosscut's level-headedness, combined with Spike's inexperience, occasional bouts of self-righteousness, and his occasional blind devotion to Prime initially yielded a contentious relationship between the two diplomats. Crosscut further irritated Spike when he strongly suggested he consult with his brother about effective practices when it comes to dealing with the military.

In 2012, Crosscut and Spike traveled to Trucial Abysmia for the sixteenth birthday of Sheikh Mohammed. Although Sheikh Mohammed was bitterly disappointed that Optimus Prime himself could not attend, Spike managed to negotiate, with slight help from Crosscut, a 10 percent increase in oil donation to world recovery efforts, 2 percent of which was to be delivered immediately. Crosscut later assigned Marissa Faireborn to assist Spike in forming the EDC, and left Spike in charge of Autobot public relations while Crosscut travelled to Cybertron.

On November 6, Spike lost a friendly bet to Crosscut regarding the presidential election in the United States. Spike thought the president would win in a squeaker. Crosscut thought he'd get more than 300 electoral votes. Spike lost. As a result, Spike is now tasked with training his brother on all EDC-related systems.

Before leaving for Cybertron, Blaster built a helperbot to assist Buster and Spike in taking care of Sparkplug in Autobot City.


In 2013, Alpha Trion sent Dust Devil to Earth, to receive the better that could be provided by the advanced medical facilities at Autobot City. Once Dust Devil was stabilized, he was flown back to Cybertron, to be rebuilt by Alpha Trion with the help of Spike and the Junkions.

Spike's "urban warfare" armor

In March of 2013, Spike met with noted human rights activist Jumal Reza Pahlavi. Jumal appealed for the Autobots to help release imprisoned activist Anwar Assan. After some severe reservations about the Autobots getting involved in human affairs, Spike, suffering from a severe crisis of conscience, appealed to Crosscut for the Autobots to help. Oddly enough, Crosscut agreed. Spike is now working with EDC members to stage a covert rescue of Anwar Assan; a rescue that will hopefully cannot be traced back to the Autobots. 

It's good to be stealthy.

04Jul2013 - After being rigged with a tracker and repaired just enough to remain functional by Spike WitwickyJetfire, and Throttle, Nightlash was found by Decepticon forces in a comatose state. Assisted by Rainmaker, the sweeps Scourge and Plunder managed to get her stabilized and back safely to Trypticon. During the flight back, a tracking device belonging to the Autobots was found on Nightlash and destroyed.

On April 7, 2014, Spike attended the handfasting of his brother Buster Witwicky to Jesse Macchio.

In October of 2014, Spike helped lead a small team of Autobots and G.I. Joes, who infiltrated Decepticon City to capture Dr. Arkeville and rescue Typhoon.

In March, 2015, Spike passed his medical boards exam on Cybertron. He becomes the first human to achieve the "official" status of medic, joining such esteemed Autobot medics as First Aid and Grapple. In September, Crosscut, Road Rage, and Spike traveled to Helex to negotiate with the ruling Triumverate.

In 2016, Spike conferred with Crosscut about whether or not to give Arkeville over to G.I. Joe for detention. However, since Dr. Arkeville had not violated any clause of his agreement with the Autobots to help take back Autobot City, any move to surrender Dr. Arkeville to the Joes would make it appear that the Autobots went back on their word. Spike thought that would do irreparable harm to the Autobots in the eyes of the world, even for someone like Dr. Arkeville. Crosscut supported Spike's decision. Having concluded that (and much to Arkeville's luck), the Autobots decided to keep him. However, soon after Arkeville physically attacked Spike, breaking his agreement and making it easy for the Autobots to decide to turn him over to the Joes for good.

Later that month, a dip in Sparkplug's health brought him very close to death. When Sparkplug recovered, he took what might be his last trip to Cybertron, to visit the building named in his honor. Spike went with him, bringing Ron and Judy as well.

In 2017, Spike traveled to Cybertron to explore the Plasma Energy Chamber, contributing to the revitalization of Cybertron. Later that year he gave an interview to Melinda Lossman that may or may not have led to a major attack on Autobot City.

In 2019, Spike helped give life to a new Titan, Fortress Maximus. In the process he was mentally linked to a new related Autobot, Cerebros. Shortly thereafter Spike quit the EDC and was promoted to a new position, Titan Master.

Spike and Buster, by Novanim

OOC Notes


Spike Witwicky

Spike was born on January 22 in 1970. He was 14 in 1984 when the Transformers woke from their 4 million year slumber. [2] He was 35 in 2005. [3] He turned 40 in 2010, although the effects of the Timewarp TP has regressed his age closer to the early 30s.


Spike has a habit of continually wearing heavy equipment-style yellow boots (despite much teasing from others). 

Mindswap TP

Spike has some residual effects from the Transformer mind swap TP. Spike's mind-swap didn't go so well with Motormaster - Spike spent a few weeks in the GI Joe medbay re-learning motor skills and he still goes to a speech therapist. The effects are the equivalent of a mini-stroke, but G.I. Joe doctors promised Spike a (probable) full recovery. However, in 2013 Spike still has a lingering effect here and there (as Blaster can attest to with Spike's rapidly dated record collection) - as well as occasional nightmares.

Favorite Books of All Time

  • One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Invisible Man - Ralph Ellison
  • The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein 
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain
  • 102 Minutes - Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn
  • Homicide: A Year On The Killing Streets - David Simon
  • The Wit and Wisdom of Optimus Prime - Optimus Prime
  • Chilton Auto Repair Manual 
  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Robert Pirsig

Favorite Albums of All Time

  • Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
  • Hysteria - Def Leppard
  • London Calling - The Clash
  • A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste - Ministry
  • OK Computer - Radiohead
  • Kid A - Radiohead
  • Ten - Pearl Jam
  • Vs. - Pearl Jam
  • Nirvana: Unplugged in New York - Nirvana
  • Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos
  • Powerslave - Iron Maiden
  • Slippery When Wet - Bon Jovi
  • Urban Hymns - The Verve
  • Hold Your Fire - Rush
  • Back in Black - AC/DC
  • Rumours - Fleetwood Mac
  • Operation: Mindcrime: Queensryche
  • Let England Shake - PJ Harvey

Notable Injuries and Imprisonments 

How many times has Spike been injured or imprisoned by the Decepticons during his life with the Autobots? Oh, let us count the ways (this doesn't count light injuries like being backhanded by Rumble):

  • Age 14 - Got captured with Bumblebee soon after the Decepticons resurfaced following the events in 'More Than Meets the Eye' 
  • Age 15 - Sustained a life-threatening injury that forced doctors to transport his brain into the body of an Autobot prototype (see Autobot-X
  • Age 15 - Was captured with Windcharger while trying to figure out which Optimus Prime was real and which one was a Decepticon-designed clone
  • Age 17 - Injured while repairing an Autobot in the repair bay - the Autobot exploded, and Spike suffered shrapnel injuries that had to be surgically removed
  • Age 23 - Frenzy attacked Spike at his job site - a full year after he resigned from the Autobots. The injury put him in a coma for six months, and he spent another eight months relearning to walk and talk. 
  • Age 26 - Captured by Starscream and given to Dr. Arkeville to build a new army of slaves.Suffered numerous lacerations and a concussion. Short-term memory had to be 'wiped' to reverse Dr. Arkeville's effects. 
  • Age 22 (de-aged): Captured by Starscream
  • Age 23 (de-aged): Captured with Jazz. 
  • Age 29 (de-aged): Hospitalized in G.I. Joe's rehab wing after the events following the mindswap outbreak. Spent eight weeks relearning how to speak. 
  • Age 35 (de-aged): Suffered two gunshot wounds while assisting G.I. Joe and the Autobots in freeing political prisoner Anwar Assan. Armor-gear resulted in only a broken rib from this scuffle. 

Published Works

Spike got a regional press award, when he tried to work at a newspaper (when he took time away from the 'bots) - now, I would say he's done a few 'contributing' pieces here and there - I'm thinking Esquire or The Washington Post would love to have a contributing article or two from a person who can write, and who is right in with Autobot City.


Logs /Posts


  • "How I Met Your Mom": Hate Spike in the series? Think the show sometimes spent too much time on the human element and not enough on robots beating the tar out of one another? Just wish that for once, someone would level some corporal punishment down on the brat? This log's for you.



  • "Little Boy Lost" - Young Edwin encounters a lost little boy in a Seattle parking lot, and the resulting conversation ends up changing both of them.
  • December 25 - "College Dreams Deferred - Part II" - Susan breaks the news to her young son Spike that they had a hard year, financially.


  • "Sick Day" - An early glimpse into the Witwicky family life. A 10-year-old Spike comes down with a case of strep throat. Susan, who usually spends the majority of her time tending to her younger, more needier son, Buster, ends up finally spending some one-on-one time with her eldest son. During this time, Susan privately goes through all that she's sacrificed for her own career to be a stay-at-home mom. She also spends some time both doting over her eldest son, and occasionally wishing she could sell him to the circus - just as most every mom does with a ten-year-old.


  • One Morning: The Autobots rescuing Spike and Sparkplug will go down in history as the second-biggest event to forever alter their family. This one's the first.
  • April - "A Slow Recovery" - Four weeks after the funeral of Sparkplug's wife, Susan, the Witwicky house falls into neglect with an 11-year-old Spike having to tend to both his grieving father and his shell-shocked little brother. Desperate and hungry, Spike takes Buster and heads to his aunt and uncle's house for a hot meal.


  • "Seeds of Destiny" - Unknown to himself and his father, a series of unfortunate family events force the two on an oil rig that will transform their lives forever. 
  • "Day 1 " - Spike reacts to a potential summer of scrubbing toilets and floors the way most 14-year-olds would react - and gets a subsequent reaming from Sparkplug's boss
  • "College Dreams Deferred" - Sparkplug has always had dreams of his eldest son going to college. But his son's unexpected good performance on the oil rig, plus a possible offer from an investor to fulfill a lifelong dream complicates Sparkplug's feelings about his son's future.
  • July - "College Dreams Deferred - Part II" - An elated Sparkplug begins to draft a career after this oil rig job ends, one that will hopefully ensure economic stability for his family. His son believes that if he's going to be a mechanic, he's going to have to stop being a writer.
  • "Heyday" - Sparkplug and Spike find their niche on the Ark.


  • "Adjustments" - Shortly after Spike was badly injured from Megatron's direct hit on Bumblebee, Sparkplug begins to question whether he made the right decision bringing his son into the Autobot's intergalactic war with the Decepticons. Only problem - with a house in foreclosure, few options are left for the stressed-out single father.
  • "A New Job" - Raoul is offered a new, legit job.


  • "Tiger Beat Temptation" - Spike gets a brief whiff of the seductive power of fame as he has an opportunity to be featured in the most popular teen magazine in America.



  • "Spike's Reckoning" - Before amicably departing the Autobots to forge a life on his own terms, Spike has a youthful slip of judgment and kicks frequent human bully Frenzy while he's down. For Spike, that brief lapse, which sent Frenzy to the repair bay for a few hours, resulted in a payback that nearly cost the human ally his life - and put him on a yearlong recovery path.
  • "Quiz": Buster has a chance to create a highlight moment in his still-early high school life. But will his brother and father's work with the Autobots prevent them from witnessing it?


  • "The Struggle Is Real" - The news about Spike is good... and bad.
  • "This Isn't Working Out" - Not too far from Spike's mind is how his father saw him through his own difficult recovery after emerging from a coma at the hands of Frenzy.
  • September 13 - "Berger's Time" - Spike is surprised with some news.


  • March 2 - "Are you OK?" - Arkeville has Spike in his clutches.


  • March - "Training Detail" - Dust Devil gets driving lessons.
  • August 27 - "Flashback 2000" - Spike asks Trailbreaker to maybe CONSIDER taking Dust Devil under his wing.




Oct 09 - Exclusive Interview

CNN - *Spike's face appears near Autobot City, Anderson Cooper is talking to him via live feed* As the world continues to heal from the catastrophic weather events of the past few weeks, we at CNN have learned of a potential major shakeup in the Decepticon ranks. *dramatic video show An unconscious Starscream being brought, some may say paraded, into Autobot City by a phalanx of humans*. The Decepticon known as Starscream has been captured by of all people, the controversial industrialist Destro, who, coincidentally, is the employer of Autobot ally Spike Witiwicky, who is with us tonight. Full interview can be accessed on

Here are some excerpts. <exerpt 1 - Anderson asks about the Destro connection> "I can vow that despite what Destro has done, he will receive no special treatment from the Autobots. In my opinion, and I think it is the opinion of many Autobots, Destro did a favor for the human race - that should be enough compensation. <exerpt 2 - A question about human involvement in the war> "Well... I still believe we are better off assisting the Autobots and not taking these tyrants on by ourselves. Destro or not, he has shown that humans can play a significant role in this struggle." *Cooper's face appear onscreen again* "As I said, the full interview can be accessed on Cnn.Com

November 22 - How Spike and Lifeline ended up on YouTube

The elusive chameleon arrives at University of Oregon to do a little research of her own at the Library, when she happens upon this little scene right here...

November 26th - An Autobot City Thanksgiving

December 20 - The Behemoth in Battle

After first terrifying the masses, Trojan gets her resolve tested in combat.


February 05 - Interesting Meeting With the Joes

  • Spike's utterly confused face appears on the screen* OK - as Trojan has expertly pointed out - this person could be a Cobra op in disguise, but he genuinely seemed like a Joe. But a Joe who goes by 'Lowdown' held me at gunpoint for a few minutes tonight, saying an Autobot by the name of Goldbug attacked the Joe base. I haven't been able to get in touch with ANY Joes, but any Autobot leader, please contact Joe base ASAP to make sure things are on the up and up. Our relations haven't exactly been consistent and I would hate to have the Autobots be blamed for something they obviously didn't do. Let me know what I can do to help. Spike out. *Screen turns black*

February 07 - Joe update

  • Spike's face appears on the screen* So - it looks like this 'Lowdown' character I spoke with isn't on the Joe roster - he just 'looks' like Lowdown. I already informed the 'real' Lowdown ... getting confused yet? - at Joe base and told him that there is an impostor near our base. For some reason, I don't think this is a Cobra op. After all, why would Cobra pull such a dumb prank when most Autobots are but a linkup away from Joe base to confirm that indeed - no Autobot has attacked the Joe base. Anyway - as usual, stay frosty. If you see someone who claims to be a Joe, ask for their identification. That is it. Spike out -

February 28 - half duty

  • Spike's face appears on the screen - his shoulder in a sling* Heyah folks - my 35-year streak of not getting shot by another human... Decepticon - that's another story - ended a few days ago. One of those 'parallel world' clowns - I think he's the version of our G.I. Joe medic Lifeline - took a shot at me and hit my shoulder. Nothing permanent, but I'll be a bit slow in the coming weeks in the med bay. Just call me the one-armed bandit. I'll see what I can do to earn my keep around here until I have full range of motion again. Spike out. *with that, the screen goes black*


  • March 8 - Visiting Hours: Spike, recovering from his gunshot wound, is visited by his brother. The two debate paying a visit to their darkUniverse selves.
  • March 18 - B-Boys: While Spike recovers from his injuries, the sight of a basketball hoop brings back memories to an ugly one-on-one game with his brother.
  • March 22 - Choices: Another flashback where Sparkplug offers Buster the chance to move in with the Autobots.



  • May 2 - Parting Shots - Barely recovering from his two-month capture at the hands of the SG Joes, Lifeline is back at Seattle Memorial Hospital to look after a special patient. While checking on his patient, he is paid a visit from two Spike Witwickys. The first one is concerned about Lifeline and offers his help, however small, to help out Lifeline's patient. The other reeks of bourbon and hopes Lifeline will still sign a statement saying he's a good dad, despite leaving his son in a car during the dead of winter while he got his drink on. We won't tell you which Spike is'll just have to read.
  • May 31 - Memorial Day - Spike and Buster tag along as their father attends a Korean War Memorial ceremony on Memorial day.


  • June 7 - Graduation Day : Visiting his father, Buster relives his high school graduation.



May 02 - Birth Announcement - Leave of Absence Mon
  • Spike's face appears, still in scrubs, very weary and drained, but elated.* Heyah guys...I want to be the first to announce the arrival of the next honorary Autobot...Megan Susan Witwicky. Carly's in...good shape. Megan was born a few weeks early, so she's going to be in the hospital for awhile. *he pauses, wiping something from his eye* If it's cool, I'm going to take about two weeks off. With the third week, I'll be back on light duty. Obviously, our family is forever indebted to you guys for protecting us. I mean that now more than ever. You guys rock...Spike out.
  • May 3 - Fairy Godmother? - Anastasia DeCobray visits Spike and the newest addition to the Whitwicky family, while pretending to be an old friend of Carly's


Jul 14 - New V.I.P. Guests
  • Spike's face appears on the screen* OK, a lot of this stuff is going off of memory, so bear with me. In the next few days, a few of the Joes will be staying with us. The reason is one specific Joe, whose name is Lori, or Banshee, was attacked by the Decepticon Thunderwing. The attack left some sort of symbiotic armor attached to her. Scarlett...that's one of the Joe commanders ... cautioned me against recommending removal of such a device, since the decision should be Lori and Lori's alone. However, I told her any gifts from Decepticons to humans never come without strings. And since it's symbiotic, there's even more reason to be concerned. Any science-oriented bots are strongly encouraged to study this armor. And any Autobot with previous run-ins with Thunderwing...please tell us what we're dealing with. Also...Scarlett hopes with her time here, she can iron out a long-term agreement with the Autobots and the Joes. I can't begin to tell you guys how huge this is. We've tried for almost two decades to do such an agreement, but it has always stalled. We are so close on securing a deal. So... not to say 'be on your best behavior' - but if you see humans around, treat them as a VIP guest. No sucking up needed. Just be nice to them. If you have prejudices toward humans, please keep 'em to yourselves. And if there's anything I can do to secure this deal, please let me know. Spike out - *screen goes black*


Oct 03 - Cobra Alliance Follow-up
  • Spike's rather tired looking face appears on the screen* So, I spoke with Destro. He said he has such a device that can possibly reverse some of the damage Megatron's device is doing. But...of course, there is a catch. He said he doesn't believe the device has enough 'power' to counter Megatron's weather dominator. So, he needs the Autobots help to increase the power in his device. I told him that any technology the Autobots supply will be taken away as soon as this disaster ebbs. He agreed to the terms. As all of you know right now... we need all the help we can get. Spike out -


Nov 04 - Troubling Situation
  • Spike's face appears on the screen with a slightly distressed look* About two weeks ago, Jetfire was on a mission on Cybertron. He engaged in combat with Cyclonus...and Cyclonus fired a shot directly into Jets' head. He was taken back to Autobot City where we were able to repair him, but the shot destroyed Jetfire's personality and memory circuits. Ratchet and First Aid are working at restoring these circuits, but in the meantime, Jets could still fly halfway around the world in 30 minutes...and more importantly - deliver supplies to all the camps the Autobots have set up to house as many humans as we could handle for the flooding. Well...the worst possible scenario happened. Starscream and Scourge intercepted Jets - and disabled him. He's now back at their base. By now, Starscream no doubt has figured out that Jets' is basically a very sophisticated shell. I'm worried he's going to reprogram Jets, or worse...reprogram him with minimal effort - and have him attack a human compound...with the Autobot emblem clearly displayed for the whole world to see. *Spike pauses and breathes out* I'm going to talk to the Joes and a few human leaders about this. Yes, we took a gamble sending Jets out, but while Jets was operating as a transport vehicle, he saved literally hundreds of lives, transporting water, food, and medical equipment. In the meantime, if you see Jets, remember - he's a clean slate right now - possessing no more or less intelligence than one of our human fighter jets. Spike out -
Nov 8 - Housebreaking Air Raid

How do you solve a problem like Air Raid? (Think of the Sound of Music, ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria?’) Than add in some Decepticon problems at the end.


Jun 07 - Success in Trucial Abysmia

>*Spike's face appears onscreen inside an Autobot shuttle*< Some good news to report on the relief front. Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr al Qasimi has agreed to donate ten percent of Trucial Abysmia's oil reserves to relief efforts all over the world. Crosscut and I met with him earlier today. It wasn't the easiest of meetings - it was on the day of his son's 16th birthday. And for his son's birthday, Sheikh Saud promised his son nothing less than an appearance of Optimus Prime. However, Crosscut and I were able to convince him to release a small portion of his reserves. After all, Abysmia needs customers to buy oil. And when everyone's more concerned with basic survival, he'll hopefully see it actually makes BUSINESS sense to be generous. On a side note - I'm actually relieved Optimus Prime did not appear with Sheikh Saud - currently, Abysmia has been undergoing the same changes as other countries in the Middle East. Just 'Google' 'Arab Spring' if you're curious. But I have a gut reaction Sheikh Saud would have tried to use a photo of him with Optimus Prime to possibly intimidate those who are protesting. Anyway - two percent of his reserves will be open for relief disbursement in the next 24 hours. The rest will come after ... and I'm sorry about this ... Prime does a short lip-service public 'thank you' to Sheikh Saud. But still, that's better than appearing in person because I'm sure Optimus will find the right words to say. That's all for now. - Spike out - *screen fades to black*


To  : Crosscut

Heyah Crosscut - I don't know what kind of charms Marissa pulled on you, but they obviously worked. Did you know that she has like...ZERO experience with the Joes AND up until now, just a passing interest in the Autobots? How do you think the Joes are going to react that their own representative isn't even a Joe?! Look, I know you've got this 'zen master' type of approach to mentoring me, but if you want to see me make some progress in this position, you're going to have to start communicating with me! - Spike out

September 22 - This Isn't Working Out

  • Sparkplug's physician forces Buster and Spike to make some tough decisions about their father's future after a dementia-related collapse outside his home almost kills the elder Witwicky. 

September 30

October 15 - "Under One Roof"

Buster and Spike discuss moving Sparkplug to Autobot City.

October 18 - "Patient Jetfire"

Jetfire starts to succumb to a mysterious illness.

Oct 28 - Cobra Alliance Terminated

  • Spike's face appears on the screen* Don't think this will come as a surprise to any of you, but Cobra Commander requested a meeting a few days ago. In short, he wanted admission into our new EDC alliance. I respectfully told him 'no' - despite our paths occasionally crossing in terms of alliance. I think all of us agreed, it was an alliance out of ugly necessity and not alliance out of ideology. He was visibly upset and said the next time any Autobot was in Cobra airspace, they would be treated as an enemy. Now, I know pretty much any of you could take down a Rattler, so I don't see this being too big of a deal. On a much lighter topic, it looks like Marissa Fairborne will be setting up at least temporary residency in Autobot City. I am working with Red Alert on getting her security access to all necessary areas. Please make her feel welcome and let me know if there's anything I can do to help out on that end. Spike out -

October 29 - "What's Up with 'Cap?"

Blaster and Spike discuss Hubcap's recent weird behavior, then attempt to help Jetfire and others affected by the Dweller virus

October 29 - "Sandstorm to the rescue!"

Sandstorm travels to the Shattered Glass universe.

Oct 30 - Jetfire's status - update

  • Spike appears onscreen, looking a bit frazzled* So - we had an incident in Jetfire's quarantined room tonight. For the past 2 weeks, Jets has been rather docile - despite this virus that's been overtaking him. But tonight, he woke up extremely agitated and tried to escape. Let it be known, he wasn't angered or incensed, it was like he was trying to escape out of pure fear. He dislocated his shoulder trying to bust out, but the security measures held out and he was able to be contained. I was able to subdue him and shut down his systems, Metroplex has restrained him. And we are still trying to figure out what the heck is afflicting him. Spike out -

November 01 - "Eat Your Heart Out, Soundwave"

Blaster attempts to assist the Decepticons in finding a cure for the Dweller nanovirus.

November 09 - "Shopping Trip"

Marissa and Spike run into town for supplies.

November 19 - "New Friends"

Snoop meets Helperbot AI.

November 19 - "The Struggle Is Real"

Snoop has an effect on Helperbot.


February 13 - Encrypted message to Spike from Crosscut

"Spike – I’m surprised at your quick turnaround from your initial reaction to the situation, but your new position has merit. A diplomatic visit to gather information is a long and storied tradition. However, be prepared for Sheikh Mohammed to require the presence of Optimus Prime since the Sheikh was denied his request last time and is likely to feel even more in a position to make demands.

"As for direct action inside Trucial Abysmia, while a state visit may make an excellent diversion, I suggest checking to see if our human allies might be willing to field such a mission themselves. Your original assessment was correct in that evidence of direct Autobot intervention would be disastrous across the board. While the United States may be able to deny the actions of G.I. Joe, there is no denying a captured Autobot.

"This may be a mission for the EDC, although obviously it must remain absolutely secret. Use your contacts with G.I. Joe, and let me know their response. I will attempt to contact Optimus Prime."

February 13 - Encrypted email to Spike from Marissa

"Wow. When I joined up with you guys, I expected to be coordinating rescue efforts and defensive maneuvers against Cobra and the Decepticons – not contemplating direct intervention in another country’s affairs. This really sounds like the G.I. Joe cloak and dagger stuff I was specifically trying to avoid in going my separate ways from my parents.

"Still, I can’t just sit back and see this Anwar Assan guy get tortured by the new regime – I’m pretty sure G.I. Joe has the experience and expertise to pull something like this off – though you didn’t hear that from me. Hawk still isn’t answering my calls, so I’ll see if I can get a hold of another Joe rep – hell, if nothing else I’ll ask my mom and dad, though I’ve been trying to avoid doing that.

"I absolutely think the Autobots should refrain from getting directly involved if they can help it. Unless they have some fancy tech to guarantee they won’t get caught, then no offense, but I’d leave this in the hands of the professionals.

"I’ll let you know what I find out! Chances are, G.I. Joe are on this already…"

  • March 2013 - Digging Up Secrets - Buster uncovers a secret that ties the Witwickys to the Autobots... about 100 years before Spike and Sparkplug first encountered the 'bots. 

February 18 - "It's All Fun and Games"

Alpha Trion Trusts His Life to a Human, and Benin-Jeri loses an optic.

February 25 - "Use the Force, Dust Devil!"

Benin-Jeri continues to help Dust Devil adjust to his new body.

February 25 - "Well-Oiled Machine"

Sparkplug and Spike work together in the repair bay.

Mar 27 - Ark Security

>*Spike's face appears onscreen* Heyah guys - I had the pleasure of hanging out with Flint...until Rumble decided to raise hell in Seattle. He was near the Ark. He was grilling me about security. I told him that there are systems that protect the Ark and I told him that the Ark is a valued and protected commodity to the Autobots. Heck, it was your home for four million years. But just a 'head's up' - the Joes are a tad nervous - so maybe start mixing in a few patrols. For the younger 'bots here, it'll be a good history lesson. Spike out.

April 05 - EDC Coming Out Party

>** This message will appear on selected GI Joe Channels as well**< *Spike's face appears from inside one of the shuttles* He's brandishing a small steel coffee container. "Well, as long as we're waiting for the final fueling and diagnostics, I'll get this out of the way. I'm sure all of us would have rather seen EDC get a 'test raid' to iron out any kinks before our first full-blooded mission as EDC, but as for the 'bots, I'm sure the Joes are similar in that original plans to dissolve real fast in the case of crisis. Anyway - I just wanted to wish everyone good luck in the first of what will hopefully be many missions together. I'll leave the specifics to the 'higher-ups', but I'll just say that if all goes well, no one outside our organizations will hear of what REALLY transpired after Anwar Assan is freed from what now appears to be Cobra-friendly Trucial Abysmia. In addition to Assan's safe liberation and no one outside our organizations hearing of this raid, it won't be a success unless all of us come home safe and soundly. Everything else - any minor gaffes, and I'm sure there WILL be some, are incidental. Good luck everyone -

April 14 - Mission Prep :

Spike goes over a litany of 'to-dos' with his brother as Buster prepares to go into babysitting mode while Spike and Carly go on EDC's first mission. 

April 22 - EDC Success!

  • Spike's somewhat rattled, but elated face comes across the screen* As of 11:20 CST, noted human

rights activist Anwar Assan is resting at an undisclosed hospital in the Northwest. I think a few months ago, both the Joes and the Autobots ... and myself - were thinking "Let's do months of tests" with this EDC alliance, then do a few light missions. But circumstances threw us together, and honestly, I don't think we could have done a better job. From Mainframe's ability to learn how to repair Springer on the spot, to Lifeline's life-saving first-Aid on Anwar Assan, to Wild Bill's heroics, to Jinx's crack shot, to Snapdragon's ability to effectively translate languages, to Springer's leadership to Throttle's improvising, and anyone else I forgot - it was an amazing synchronicity. Yes, we will have weeks to pour over what we will improve on, but right now - it's indisputable - we saved a human rights figure. If Optimus Prime could be here, I know his circuits would be filled with pride. I'm not too sure if a civilian can say this or not, but if so... 'Yo Joe' - Spike out. *screen turns black* NOTE: This will probably be circulated also to the GI Joe radio network, albeit in restricted circles since EDC may not be entirely common knowledge in all Joe circles.

May 30 - Carly's Experiment (a/k/a The End of Dan-o's Hoverboard)

Carly tests out an experimental fuel on Daniel's hoverboard, with dramatic results.

June 16 - The Witwickys Go Camping!

Spike decides to take Daniel and his school friend Andy camping for Father's Day weekend. Lifeline unexpectedly shows up. Much camping hilarity is had.

Later that same evening (and completely unknown to Spike), Daniel and his friend Andy sneak out of their tent to go exploring a haunted house in the woods. Read this one with the lights OFF! Mature language.

July 14 - "Some Advice"

Spike seeks advice from his dad about a decision made by Carly.

August 18 - "Autobot Broadband Chatter"

Spike has to deal with the peanut gallery.

August 22 - "Mistakes Were Made"

Spike feels responsible for a dangerous communications breakdown between the Autobots and G.I. Joe.

August 29 - "Spike Returns to Vilnacron Station"

Spike negotiates with Dealiticus.

September 02 - "Maybe Dealiticus Will Buy Us a Few Minutes"

Onboard Broadside, the Autobots brace for the worst.

October 10 - Shattered Glass Finale

Emperor Prime and his band of Shattered Glass Autobots make an assault through the last remaining portal linking their world and the main one.


Sep 25 - EDC Mission Request

  • Spike's face appears in an area looking like the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado* "I'm unsure how the world may view Autobots going in and taking a human into custody, even as one as vile as Dr. Arkeville. I'm wondering if it may be possible to utilize the resources of the Joes to possibly detain Dr. Arkeville and bring him in for questioning to see if he has the antidote for this disease. Spike out." *screen fades to black*

Sep 25 - Addendum

  • Spike's face appears on the screen, Crosscut is off screen* Apparently...some *new* information (Spike leers at Crosscut) has come to light. There is a POSSIBILITY that Dr. Arkeville is in Decepticon custody. If...IF that is true, we will need to coordinate a possible 'rescue' operation to get him on neutral territory. Perhaps with some of the better scouts from the Autobots." Spike pauses briefly. "I... regret not tracking down this information from Autobots with the proper security clearances. It will not happen again. Spike out." *screen goes dark but not before a mutter of 'well, I just looked like a total tool' is heard


January 30 - EDC Channel - Envoy Requested for Cybertron

  • Spike's face appears - apparently in the Ark* This message is for EDC command. The Autobots have had a tragedy. Their premier elder statesman, Alpha Trion, has died. I am sending a link to his bio, which as well written as it is, still doesn't do him justice. In the upcoming days, it is likely there will be a memorial service on Cybertron. As a gesture, I would think it would be appropriate to have one or two people from EDC attend with Carly and myself. The Autobots will be in a state of mourning, so I don't want too many people going for fear that they would feel like babysitting us. If anyone would be interested, please contact me with the details. That is all - thank you. *screen goes to black*

March 13 - "Standoff over North America"

Ace, Marissa, and Spike engage Cobra Commander's Kingsnake over North America.

March 14 - Encounter with Cobra

  • Spike's face appears onscreen, still shaken after surviving a crash landing* Last night, I was escorting Marissa Faireborn back to base, and we intercepted a call, stating that Cobra was making a move inland - in the U.S. We engaged in a vehicle called the 'Kingsnake'. *Spike's face turns more somber* Optimus...I tried - I'm sorry - please check the logs, everything - to see if there was anything that could have been done - but we tried everything... flying close to them, threats, but they continued to fire on us - and we had no choice but to fire back. And... while I know we've made every move to prevent human casualties - I can't guarantee every personnel on Cobra's ship survived. We tried to hit the areas that were likely to have no humans - but it was so chaotic - they disabled the Outrider. It crash-landed in a rural field - where it currently is. I'll report more as information comes in. And again...I am so sorry - I know our rules involving human casualties.

Apr 27 - Supply Negotiations

  • Spike's tired face appears onscreen, still in a suit, but his top button is unbuttoned and his tie is hanging loosely* So, I spoke with G.B. Blackrock today about supplies, and forging a deeper alliance with the Autobots. At first, G.B. Blackrock said he sold off all of his construction supply line...which threw me for a loop. He then started to request Autobots wear the 'Blackrock Construction' logo in your vehicle modes. I don't feel comfortable having Autobots do that. What you put on your vehicles is entirely up to you. But Wheeljack and Jazz, you may want to come into the 21st century and ditch the smoking advertisements. Anyway... the negotiations could have went...better. I don't feel comfortable allowing Blackrock our materials, because I don't want any company to have a competitive advantage with other companies because they have Autobot technology...and no one else does. I left the negotiation stating that we'd offer ACCESS to some of our innovations within Autobot City, but he could only witness...he couldn't take anything outside the city limits. Ditto for Cybertron, he could visit, I could give him a tour - to show him how big the stakes are in this war... but he couldn't take anything home. Still...Prime, Jazz, Prowl - anyone - if you could relay what I can offer Blackrock and what I can't ... it'd set us up on a lot better playing field next time I talk to this guy. Spike out - *screen turns black*

May 08 - Large Explosion in Autobot City

  • Spike's sleep-deprived face appears on the screen* No one has reported this yet, so I'll do it for our friends on Cybertron. There was a large explosion late tonight in Autobot City. Jazz, Jetfire, and Optimus Prime were caught in the blast. Jazz sustained critical injuries, and is in a medically-induced stasis sleep. Optimus Prime was injured as well, but is expected to recover. Blurr and Blaster were also injured. Nebula, Cuffs, Blurr, and Red Alert assisted in the evacuation, but that was called off. *Spike pauses briefly* It APPEARS that the blast was intentionally set. And... there is preliminary...PRELIMINARY circumstantial evidence that ties Jetfire to this act. But again, we do not know the details. In the meantime, Ironhide assumed temporary duties as Autobot Commander. And right now, Jetfire is injured. As per Autobot protocol - he is to be treated as a patient UNTIL we fully repair him. That means he is to be given the due time to recover from his injuries. And to any over-zealous ones out there, right now, we have a human rights advocate in the area, so I urge you to be on our best behavior. Again, this is an ongoing event. More details to follow. Spike out (screen fades to black)

Log here: "Jetfire... Traitor?"

July 03 - "Party at the Pit"

The Joes are having a barbecue!

Jul 17 - New Arrivals - The Human Kind

  • Spike's face appears on the screen* So - as most of you probably know already - the Joes sustained some pretty heavy wise to their headquarters. In the interim, and to extend the goodwill we've gained with the alliance with them, we are opening Autobot City to them for awhile. This will result in some ... challenges. We're used to having a few guests here and there. Now, we literally got a militia. They'll need to be fed. They'll need laundry facilities. Essentially, we'll need to turn Autobot City into a manageable environment for them. You have my word that I will put forth every bit of effort I can into this. Red Alert - I will pass along any security recommendations, but you'll have to give our guests SOME breathing room. In the meantime, feel free to meet these heroes. Make them feel welcome. Ask questions. And if you're not a human person... I mean, Autobot - all I can say is that this is temporary. Spike out *Autobot spinny fades*

September 7 - Labor Day With Spike and Lifeline


Edwin decides to stop by the Witwicky home to catch up with Spike & family.

September 8 - "Negotiations in Helex"

Crosscut, Road Rage, and Spike travel to Helex to negotiate with the Triumverate.

September 15 - "Trial of Jetfire, Day I"

First day of Jetfire’s trial for treason.

Oct 20 - "Trial of Jetfire, Day II"

Second day of Jetfire’s trial.


Mar 03 - Dr. Arkeville to be transferred

  • Spike's face appears onscreen. His voice is a whisper, after being choked near unconsciousness by Dr. Arkeville* Fellow Autobots, Dr. Arkeville has broken his imprisonment agreement with us. As a result, as soon as the Joes leave, he will be transferred - along with the rest of the Joe prisoners currently in the brig. *he pauses to get more strength in his voice* It is my hope that he eventually will go to either SuperMax, or a world court, where he will be tried for his crimes. Nonetheless, I'm glad this chapter has closed. The Autobots are not involved in the 'human detention' racket. Nor should they, no matter how horrible the criminal. Anyway, I'm hoping this is a 'one and done' deal with us. Let me know if you have any concerns. Spike out. *screen fades*

Mar 04 - My Actions - Apology to Wheeljack

  • Spike's face appears onscreen. He seems to have gotten his voice back, but it's still faint* Spike here. I wanted to publicly apologize to overstepping my authority with Wheeljack. It was my belief that Dr. Arkeville's treatment fell into the 'diplomatic' side of the Autobot organization. I assure you, my actions were not meant to disrespect Wheeljack in any way. Autobots - I can assure you that any benefit Dr. Arkeville's inventions would have given, I mean, would be offset. Either by the fact that he was a mass-murderer who helped us, or because eventually, he would have found a way to ensure that those inventions would turn on you. Trust me when I say he is a criminal mastermind. *Spike pauses for a second to choose his words* Still, that does not justify my actions. They were hasty. And not well thought out. And I apologize. And I will freely accept any punishment coming my way. Spike out *screen fades to black*

March 19 - "On the Walkways of Autobot City"

Blaster and Spike try to deal with the high-strung Freestyle and Musique.

March 25 - Medic Leave of Absence

  • Spike's face appears onscreen with a barely-contained grin of enthusiasm* Autobots - I'll be traveling with First Aid to Cyb'tron to attend medical training. We'll be trained in a technique for those who have suffered moderate to concussive damages. This technique is supposed to reduce stays in the med bay by 30 percent, which is great for those of you who love to clean Decepticon clock. *Spike pauses* On a separate, but equally significant mission, Sparkplug will be along, to finally see the medical building that was named in his honor. All of us hope to be back in a week. In the meantime, Wheeljack, Hoist, Grapple, and Skyfire will be filling in for First Aid and me in the med bay. Spike out *screen flickers and fades to black*

March 25 - "Party in the medbay!"

Autobots and humans gather in the medbay.

March 25 - "Marissa and Spike - What would you say you do here?"

Marissa and Spike discuss what to do if the Joes get shut down.

March 25 - "Aftercare"

Psyche-Out tends to Seville Armstrong after she confronts her doppelgänger in the brig.

March 25 - "Ron and Judy"

Concerned about Sparkplug's health, Judy and Ron Witwicky travel to Autobot City to visit Ron's brother, possibly for the last time.

April 01 - "Attack on Trion Square"

The Seacons launch an April Fool's Day attack on Trion Square in Iacon.

April 03 - "Time to Go"

After the ordeal in Trion Square, The Witwickys headed home after given a full salute by the Autobots present for Sparkplug’s possibly-last sendoff.

April 10 - "The Situation on Cybertron"

Crosscut and Spike discuss The Situation on Cybertron.

April 10 - "Wiped Out"

Back from Cybertron, Sparkplug starts to succumb to illness.

April 11 - "Life is But a Dream"

Ill and feverish, Sparkplug dreams of his dead wife.

April 30 - "Diplomatic Planning"

Crosscut and Spike prepare for their mission to Praxus.

May 01 - "Diplomatic Mission to Praxus"

Crosscut and Spike enter into negotiations with Sky High of Praxus.

October 03 - "Boxing Casey"

Dr. Arkeville is prepped for his cell.

Oct 17 - Human Stuff

<Spike's face appears onscreen in the medbay> Heyah - this was bound to happen, so upper Autobot leadership... don't sweat this too much...yet. But if you can find a team of lawyers, you may want to call in a favor. 'Esteemed citizen' Shawn Berger Jr. is suing the Autobots ... and EDC for...let's face it - our botched efforts to protect Van Mark Industries. It you know - in one of the Joes firing...and missing...and hitting the Van Mark building. While no one was badly injured, thankfully, it was a complex worth probably in the neighborhood of $300 mill - so... expect us to get sued. Berger Jr. said if we didn't have money, we would have to pay by surrendering technology, something I'm PRETTY sure is not legal. But...if you want to ask the brains of my family, you'll want to go to Carly for a better explanation. On a much lighter note, the Joes are continuing their move out of Autobot City, and into their rebuild headquarters, the PIT. I can't thank you guys enough for your generosity and patience this year. And I know the Joes appreciated it too. I really think this act officially sealed the deal with us being allies. And finally...with Dr. Arkeville leaving, we are officially done with housing criminals. I know we needed Arkeville to reclaim Autobot City - and we followed Amnesty's rules for prisoners to the letter...but - speaking for myself, I would say this is a road we don't want to travel down again - at any time if we can handle it. We are NOT in the incarceration business. Nor should we ever be again. Spike out - *screen turns to black*

October 30 - "Another Path"

While Spike attempts to help Quickswitch, Benin-Jeri and Dust Devil discuss going back to Cybertron.

November 10 - "Emptiness"

Sparkplug and Spike stop to appreciate the new quiet of Autobot City.

November 22 - "What Has Become of Casey Arkeville?"

Jumal comes to Autobot City to inquire to the fate of Dr. Arkeville.


Jan 23 - Plasma Energy Key Recovered

Spike appears in the Engineering area with Dust Devil and Bumblebee. "Spike here - So - given recent events, a decision was made to retrieve the Plasma Energy Chamber key. Alpha Trion entrusted the key to me shortly before he perished. Optimus...I'm sorry - I was told by him not to mention its whereabouts to anyone - even you. But - after the recent message from Vector Sigma - it seemed this was a time to uncover it. Any Autobots - but hopefully Perceptor, Wheeljack, and Prime - you'll probably want to take a look at it. It's in the Engineering Area. On a side note, Bumblebee and Dust Devil assisted in recovering the key - and both could verify that we were NOT trailed when we came back. Good luck, for everyone involved. Spike out *Screen fades to black*

Feb 15 - Arrived on Cybertron

  • Spike appears on screen, carrying what appears to be an overnight bag* I just got Dust Devil's message. I'm here now on Cybertron - ready for what needs to be done, whatever exactly that needs to be. I'll probably be hanging out at the new hospital near Iacon if you need. Spike out *Sceen fades to black*

February 20 - "Spidey-Sense Tingling"

Dust Devil opens up to Spike Witwicky.

Mar 03 - Plasma Energy Chamber Now Activated

  • Spike's face appears on the screen, he's near a shuttle launch site - in the background is the unusual appearance of sun* Spike here. I'm waiting for a shuttle to go back to Earth. But I wanted to file a report that somewhat supplements Dust Devil's report earlier. About two years ago...when Alpha Trion...passed, he entrusted me with the key to the plasma energy chamber. He told me to keep it hidden, and not reveal its whereabouts even to Optimus Prime or any other Autobot. After the floods of dead energon, I began to hear about the plasma energy chamber. I felt this was the time to summon the key. And with the help of Encore and Zetar, and Dust Devil, we traveled to the Plasma Energy Chamber, where I inserted the key into the chamber, with Megatron trying to thwart our every move. Well, we were successful - the key was successfully placed in the Plasma Energy Chamber. And now, this planet seems to be receiving a life-giving transfusion of energy. Yes, this is partly due to the Constructicons having control of some reactors that are controlling Cybertron's orbit, but for the short-term duration, Cybertron seems...'alive' again. However, I'm not Perceptor or Ratchet. If you have any questions about this, please contact any member of your science team. I am hoping this will lead to a brighter future for Cybertron, but I'm guessing that will be more up to whether or not the Decepticons want a lasting peace. Spike out - *screen fades to black*

March 15 - "Return to Earth"


Typhoon consoles Spike over decisions he'd made.

April 29 - "How A Resurrection Really Feels"

Dust Devil recruits Typhoon and Spike to help give Zetar a final resting place. However, beings that it's Dust Devil, there's more to this request than meets the eye.

April 30 - "Goodbye, Spike Witwicky"

Dust Devil and Typhoon say goodbye to Spike Witwicky as he heads home from Cybertron.

April 30 - "Returning Home"

Spike returns home from his visit to Vector Sigma.

May 01 - "A Good Kid"

DJ Faireborn and Spike Witwicky talk in Autobot City about DJ's prospects for summer employment.

August 09 - "It's Alive!"

Optimus Prime recovers from his near-death at Megatron's hands.

Sep 01 - Flood Relief Directives for EDC

  • Spike's face appears next to Typhoon near a rest stop* Okay - so, Typhoon raised an interesting point - if any Autobots are in Houston or Gulf Area for the flood relief...first of - thank you. I know you guys have other stuff going on right now. But if you are - just let it be known, Houston is still under Cobra control. But they're Cobra - not Autobots. They shouldn't tell us who we should or shouldn't help. So, for now - if you're met by Cobra - just confuse the hell out of them. If they ask, say it's part of an EDC effort. I'm relaying to Marissa if the Joes are spotted by Cobra, just have them say it's an Autobot or EDC effort. First and foremost - don't try and start a fight. And hopefully, they'll be so busy keeping their own bases from flooding, they won't have time to track you guys down. But in short - just say you're there for EDC - and have them talk to their superiors - and try and move along with the relief efforts. Again, the Gulf area needs our help desperately. Spike out - *screen fades to black*

November 14 - "Spike Interview

Mel interviews Spike in Autobot City.

Nov 20 - New Arrival

  • Spike's face appears on the screen in the med bay* So, if any of you were in Autobot City last night, and was wondering what the alarm was - that was the arrival of our newest...arrival. Her name is Windblade. Apparently, she's from Cybertron, but not exactly. She claims she's from Caminus - which...if it means anything to you, please pass it on to me. I checked her out in the repair bay, and she seems fine. She's never been on Earth before. And I'm guessing with Red Alert - right now, since she has not been cleared yet, she is to have an escort near her at all times. However, that doesn't mean that she shouldn't be trusted. So, if you're around, introduce yourself to her. I'm hoping she'll find Earth a hospitable place to live. Spike out *screen fades to black*

Nov 30 - Spike's First and Second Tweet

  • Tweet 1: For the story published by Mel Lossman, I believe there was some miscommunication. While I stand behind my assertion that I feel like my family is safe in the confines of Autobot City, I in no way, shape, or form issued a provocation against Megatron.
  • Tweet 2: We are at war with the Decepticons, but that does not mean that myself or the Autobots invite conflict against the Decepticons.

December 18 - "It'll Be Fine"

Crosscut and Spike discuss the possibility of a Decepticon attack.

Dec 21 - The Autobots stand with you

  • Spike appears onscreen in a very isolated portion of Autobot City. He's wearing jeans and a plaid dark blue, red, and white long sleeve shirt. His voice is calm and resolute. He's joined by Crosscut and Jumal at his side.* Citizens of Earth - tonight, Autobot City was attacked in a brazen, unprovoked, and brutal attack by the Decepticons. As a result, their central network of operations, Teletraan Two was heavily damaged. More importantly, scores of Autobots are wounded. For the time being, all future human activity around Autobot City is postponed indefinitely. This includes diplomatic visits, and open tours for all of Earth's inhabitants." Spike pauses or a second, choosing his words carefully. "As badly as this has affected the Autobots, their leadership remains intact. And that also means their resources remain employed - and uninterrupted. Autobots are still able to, and will respond to any Decepticon threat or aggression against any human population. Their response will remain swift, and with proper force to counter any Decepticon presence." Spike pauses and says "In the meantime, the Autobots will also begin round-the-clock efforts to rebuild Autobot City. The city was engineered to bridge both human and Cybertronian cultures. Without humans, Autobot City is not the same. For those out there afraid of what Megatron will do next, I share your concern. But I also know that virtually every country on this planet has faced similar terror and tyranny before - and has responded courageously. While I am by no means a worldwide spokesperson, I'm confident that we as citizens of Earth are up to this challenge again. The Autobots stand with you, citizens of Earth. Their faith has never wavered. Please do not lose faith in the Autobots." Spike then nods his head. "Thank you - Peace be with you all." *screen fades to black*


Jan 06 - Proposed Nebulon Greeting from Humanity

  • Spike's face appears on the screen, he's dressed a little more formally than usual, knowing this may go out to interstellar communications* Heyah - so... *Spike looks down at his 3 x 5 cards* I know we are planning on forming an alliance with the Nebulos. And right now, I'm not too sure what, if anything, they know about humans so, I'm planning on the following statement. I'm hoping it's okay. *Spike takes another look at his 3x5 card, then looks at the camera* On behalf of the citizens of Earth, I come to you in an offer of peace and fellowship. My name is Spike Witwicky. I'm one of about 7 and a half billion other humans who currently inhabit Earth. Before I get to the specifics, I thought I would give you a very quick overview of who we are as a species. We are one of millions of species who have or are currently occupying our planet. Out of these species, we are considered the most advanced species of our planet. We've been in existence in this form for about 200,000 years. And while there are some exceptions, we generally have two genders - male and female. I'm of the 'male' gender. We reproduce sexually with the female gender. Our general life span is about 80 years. Not all humans look like me. We have scores of varieties of people of different skin colors, millions who speak languages different than what you're hearing now, and all of us go through a very similar process of aging. In 200,000 years, we have gone from living in caves and hunting and gathering our food to developing technology that can take us to our moon, creating ways to extend our life spans, and making works of art that have lasted centuries. I will briefly tell you my story. My creators, or what we call parents, created me about 45 years ago. I came from a family who the female, or mother, dedicated her life to teaching young humans, called 'children.' My father, the male, made his living with his hands, building things that gave many humans energy to power their homes, and their vehicles. I lost my mother about 35 years ago, and not a day goes by where I don't think about her. About 30 years ago, my father and I were on a oil platform when we were attacked by the Decepticons, who were dormant for almost four-and-a-half million years on this planet. The Autobots fought off the Decepticons, and saved my father and I from certain death. Since then, we as citizens of Earth have worked closely with the Autobots. To my knowledge, if you wish to pursue diplomatic relations with us, you would be the second interstellar species we have met in our 200,000 year history on this planet. It is my hope that we can both learn from one another, and foster a friendship that is as deep as we have with the Autobots. Until then, I humbly offer my services in any way I can.

January 27 - "Dust Devil Defends Spike"

Dust Devil calls Crosscut out for not better supporting Spike Witwicky in Spike's duties as junior ambassador.

January 27 - "Ahoy Dust Devil!"

Dust Devil meets a pirate on Nebulos!

Jan 28 - Nebulos Update

We are on the way back to Earth from Nebulos. We had to make a quick departure, because there was an unidentified craft in the same universe, and we couldn't determine for sure if it was Decepticon in nature or not. Anyway, we managed to make contact with both Zarak, who apparently is the Hive ruler, and Gort, who is a resistance leader. The other Nebulon we spoke with, aside from Spoilsport, is Poise, who was extremely skeptical of our motives, and of our desire to form a diplomatic tie with the people of Nebulos. She is afraid that once we established contact, the Decepticons can't be far from us. However, Gort seemed to be receptive toward forging an alliance. For now though, I believe the best course of action is to gather all the data we've acquired over the past few days, and plan a strategy, even if it just means we continue to monitor the Nebulons. Regardless, I believe the best course of action is to ensure Poise's fears are not realized. Spike out.

Apr 16 - Trucial Abysmia Policy

  • Spike Witwicky's disappointed face appears on the screen* Autobots, regrettably, King Mohammed has said his country has decided to align with the Decepticons. As of now, Autobots are not allowed in the land of Trucial Abysmia. I hate to say this, but King Mohammed will eventually know how much a Decepticon 'agreement' is worth. I just hope the people in his land will not pay a price." Spike steps back and lets out a defeated sigh. "Though I don't make the decisions around here, I am guessing the traditional rules of engagement will apply. The Autobots will respect the desires of the leadership of Trucial Abysmia. However, if there appears to be an imminent threat by the Decepticons against the people of Trucial Abysmia, the Autobots will act, whether King Mohammed wants us there or not. Spike out." *the shiny Autobot spinny fade to black*

May 20 - "An Old Acquaintance"

Spike gets a mysterious message about Destro.

6/15 - "Dungeon Crawl Part 1"

Heroic Autobots head beneath Valvolux.

28 June - "Battle against the Pod Creatures"

Last time, the Autobots found a hatch out of the repair bay. It led down to a tunnel carved right through the rock. They ran from some ominous buzzing and ended up here, in a chamber with pods that probably contain living creatures.

Aug 31 - "Prime Meets with Spike"

Optimus Prime discusses Spike’s dreams for a new Super Fort.

October 14 - "While the Cat's Away"

Spike runs into Blockade and Vortex while the two Decepticons are out drinking, and hears some interesting rumors.

October 28 - Heir to the Throne

Spike unknowingly shows Fortress Maximus' successor the ins and outs of Transformer technology.

October 30 - "Valvolux Festival, Day One"

It's a giant party in Valvolux, and everybody is in costume!

Nov 18 - Possible Decepticon Alliance

>*Spike's face appears onscreen - he appears to be in one of the rooms in an Autobot Shuttle*< Spike here. I know there's a pressing matter on Cybertron involving the Fallen. Unfortunately, we have another crisis on hand. Autobot intelligence has detected transmissions between Cybertron and 'The Hive' - a group of beings that supposedly 'control' the planet Nebulos. I've spoken with Zarak, who appears to be the 'grand leader' of all Nebulos. He's confirmed he's been speaking with the Decepticons. If the Nebulans form an alliance with the Decepticons, it will be a huge setback for the Autobots. From what we've gathered, Nebulos is rich in energy. In addition, they have a population that is highly advanced. Far more advanced than the humans on Earth. What's more - it appears that the Nebulans have the ability of telekinesis. What's not confirmed, but I have my suspicions, is that they also may be telepathic. Again, this is just a theory. We don't know much about this planet. And if they are telepathic, I don't know if it's just between themselves, or if they can read human minds, Autobot minds, or both. All I know is that whenever I meet with Zarak, I feel like he can see right through me, so it's useless to deceive him. He knows we've been in contact with Gort - a Nebulan who is leading the resistance against The Hive. *Spike pauses, seeming to choose the next few sentences very carefully* Zarak seems to know what he's getting into with the Decepticons. Regardless, I've showed him one of the planets the Decepticons bled dry of their resources. I showed him how easily the Decepticons tricked the people of Earth to believe the Autobots were evil about 30 years ago, and as a result, the Autobots were exiled from Earth. He saw how soon they enslaved us. But Zarak freely admits he's a tyrant, and he knows how to handle a tyrant like Megatron. *Spike pinches the bridge of his nose* I have suspicions that Zarak has enslaved the population of Nebulos - and because of this, we would NOT want an alliance with him. That said, I'm also afraid of forging an alliance with Gort, because if we align ourselves with the resistance, it will only push Zarak to the Decepticons. This decision needs to be made by upper Autobot leadership, but in my opinion, I think the best option is just to play 'defense.' In other words, if we can convince Zarak to NOT partner with the Decepticons, that would be a 'win.' Of course, the Autobots could likely overthrow The Hive, and establish a new government in Nebulos, but we've seen how disastrous getting into the affairs of others can sometimes be, regardless of the intentions. As sad as it is, Gort and his people will have to be the ones to gain their freedom. But in the meantime, Zarak has said that he's had not trouble getting the Decepticons ear, and he has heard nothing from the Autobots. Therefore, and again, I know everyone is justly occupied with The Fallen, but we NEED some Autobots to engage with Zarak, ASAP. I think I convinced him with the evidence of how the Decepticons plunder other planets - to hold off on an alliance, but this may be short-term. If the Decepticons form an alliance with the Nebulans, I fear they may possess a threat that could be as grave as the Quintessons. Spike out *screen turns black*

December 9 - "Spike Sight-Sees"

Spike goes back to Harmonex to look around when he's not so pre-occupied.

Dec 17 - Ark Infiltration

>*Spike's lightly soot-colored face appears on the screen*<

DJ Faireborn and I were at the Ark when apparently, there was a scrimmage outside - Sharkticons were outside the Ark, possibly trying to infiltrate it. However, someone DID infiltrate it. DJ and I hid in a storage area, but he intercepted us with relative ease. Right before he fired on us, we were saved by Nightstalker. But Nightstalker ended up being at the receiving end of this...Decepticon's smoke bomb.
I can't say WHO I saw, because I never saw 'em before. If you have seen the human-made series 'James Bond' - this Decepticon looked and acted like a James Bond villain. Complete with a lot of monologging and even a gold gun...or claw. Things happened so fast. Anyway - It looks like he intercepted some information ... on Casey Arkeville
I know I'm REALLY not much help. But I don't know what exactly was retrieved in relation to Casey Arkeville. But I think it's safe to assume the Decepticons may have unfinished business with him, and may be making a move to spring him from the Joe detention center. I've made a call to EDC and recommend they move Casey as soon as they can and up their security.
On a personal note - Nightstalker...thank you. You saved my life as well as DJ. I can't begin to repay you for your bravery. Spike out *screen fades to black*

December 22 - "Two Windmills"

The Joes have one too many helicopter pilots.

Dec 27 - Attack on Nebulos

<< Spike's tired and dejected face appears on the screen >> Tonight, we were supposed to meet Lord Zarak, leader of The Hive, and thus most of the planet of Nebulos. Unfortunately, we never got a chance to do just that. We were met by someone who all I can describe as is a sort of 'handler' to Zarak. Suddenly, we were ambushed by the Decepticons, led by Scourge.

Crosscut - our senior diplomat, was abducted. Springer was able to ward off most of the Decepticon attacks. Scales and Dust Devil ensured civilian casualties were at a minimum. And Skuld and Ko-Te helped to ward off the Decepticon attacks. Thanks to their efforts, we now have a prisoner of our own, Harbinger. She apparently is a newer addition to Soundwave.

< Spike pauses, giving quite a deal of thought on this > I do not know if Zarak was in on this or not. Crosscut, on the other hand, knows. It's one of the many reasons why we must get him back. In addition to that, you won't find a more passionate advocate for the Autobots.


Jan 05 - New EDC Security Protocol

>*Spike's face appears on the screen*< So, as many of you know, Autobot City was almost the victim of a security breach a week ago when General Colton arrived unexpectedly, and demanded access to some extremely sensitive information - mainly the Autobots' energon stores.

During this meeting, which was again unannounced, there was an imposter that was identified. Someone who identified himself as 'Windmill.' Anyway, I met with General Hawk. We both agreed on the following - If for any reason, the Autobots need sensitive information from the Joes - they are to request it at least 72 hours in advance to the security team at GI Joe. If there is an immediate, life-threatening need to access any of the Joe information either Lady Jaye, Flint, General Hawk, or Duke will need to be contacted. And as a result, they have the freedom to deny access if the request is unreasonable.
For the Autobots - the same goes with you guys. If the Joes need something sensitive from us, they have to submit a request to EDC, or Autobot security 72 hours in advance, and give the nature of the request. If it is more life-threatening and time-sensitive, they have to go to the 'top' - Optimus Prime, Prowl, Elita-One, Ultra Magnus, Jazz.
I hope this will solve close call we had last week. The Joes are a critical ally. I don't think this was an intentional move by them to obtain information from the Autobots. General Hawk couldn't explain Colton's behavior, but now, we believe we have a secure policy in place. I'm sure Red Alert will need to sign off on this. But in the meantime, I feel this is a good policy on both ends, Spike out. *screen fades to black*

January 5 - "Keeping Busy"

For how much he goofs off, Dust Devil has been busy lately.

Jan 28 - Autobot Response Needed to GI Joe

>*Spike's somewhat glum face appears on the screen*<

As all of you know, we have been working closely with GI Joe for years. Our relationship has not been so great, and with EDC, it has gone a long way to shoring up a permanent alliance. However, even we cannot turn a blind eye to the allegations of prisoner abuse in one of their detention facilities, chillingly labeled 'The Coffin.'
I know the site has been primarily used by the CIA. But unfortunately, the Joes have used this site. And as treacherous as Dr. Arkeville can be, and I know he wouldn't be above trying to appear 'more sick' than usual, the photos are damning of the neglect he suffered. And because the Autobots... and let's face it, myself, handed Dr. Arkeville over to the Joes, we do share the blame in this. And the longer we let this linger in the public light, the more people will say we are complicit - and at worst, endorse inhumane treatment of prisoners.
>*Spike gives a weary look at the screen*< I am looking for Autobot leadership to proceed. But whatever you will decide, I will enforce and defend. If you want my advice, I will say that this is an unfortunate 'learning lesson' - and that we fully condemn any misuse of prisoners. Even Decepticons deserve humane treatment. But in terms of a response, I recommend restating that unless there is a risk of a prisoner's life if they were to be transported to a detention facility - say during a time of battle - the Autobots are absolutely not in the business of housing any human accused or having committed a crime. If we do have a prisoner in the confines of Autobot City, or anywhere else where the Autobots are stationed, we will do our utmost to move the prisoner to a lawful detention facility, overseen by an established human rights group.
My final recommendation for this mess is that we have to take a stand. But I hesitate to issue a huge condemnation of the Joes. After all, The Coffin was a CIA facility, not the Joe facility, even though they used it. I would recommend temporarily ceasing all EDC associations and activities with the Joes until an investigation is done against Dr. Arkeville's treatment, as well as how the Joes could have been more transparent. I don't want to lose the Joes as an ally. But I also don't want the people of Earth to think the Autobots would ever support such treatment. To me, that's the bigger loss. Either way, those are my recommendations. I look forward to your guidance on this issue. Spike out *screen fades to black*

Feb 08 - EDC Operations Suspended

>*Spike's sober face appears on the screen*< Today, I informed General Colton of G.I. Joe that we are temporarily suspending all EDC operations with the exception of humanitarian emergencies. I understand we have assisted the Joes in combating Cobra, but the international press against the alleged human rights abuses where Dr. Arkeville was imprisoned has grown too loud. I know the Autobots are strongly against the types of abuse allegations that has come up after Dr. Arkeville's imprisonment. I am recommending that we currently suspend all EDC operations until an independent investigation is made into the alleged abuses done at 'The Coffin.' I hope this investigation exonerates the Joes and we can resume our relationship. If any of the senior Autobot leadership choose to override my recommendation, I will respect their decision. But as a beacon for freedom, the Autobots, I believe must not compromise their beliefs in this matter. Spike out *screen turns to black*

February 12 - EDC Actions Clarified

>*Spike's face appears onscreen*<

I have news on the EDC front. General Hawk has ordered an investigation into the practices at The Coffin. I am hoping that in addition to the Joes investigating the disturbing allegations of prisoner neglect that an independent human rights group will also be investigating. He has removed all Joe-captured prisoners, and they have been receiving care.
Spike gulps. "This hasn't been easy. I think all of us consider the Joes to be a close ally. But at the same time, the eyes of the world are on the Autobots. And the world, right or wrong, does look toward the Autobots when it comes to how we humans will hopefully evolve to once we solve all of our own problems.
Anyway... I've extended an olive branch to General Hawk. While we takes these allegations extremely seriously, at the same time, he has made some immediate concessions. And I do believe that any land under Cobra occupation constitutes a humanitarian crisis, which fits into our umbrella for aid. Therefore, I'm recommending we continue to provide energy assistance to the Joes, but still suspend EDC operations on any military front. I understand this is not a perfect solution. Human rights organizations are going to say this is too weak of a solution. Others are still angered that we are taking any action. But like many things in life - 'it's complicated.' I hope this strikes the right balance of doing the right thing, and helping rid Cobra's grasp of the cities under its tyrannical rule.
Spike out - *screen fades to black*

Feb 15 - EDC Operations Resumed

>*Spike's face appears on the screen*<

"So, as some of you already know, the UN-led investigation into The Coffin has pretty much exonerated the Joes. Now, apparently, there may have been one person from the Joes who had knowledge of the treatment of the prisoners at The Coffin, but that does not implicate G.I. Joe as a whole."
Spike lets out a sigh. "Based on the findings, I believe the Joes have fully cooperated with the investigation. And according to the investigation, there is no evidence to suggest the Joes sanctioned the inhumane treatment of the prisoners at The Coffin."
Spike gulps and clears his throat. "That all being said, I recommend fully restoring all EDC operations, including military, if need be, to assist the Joes in EDC operations. For those of you aware of our human race, you'll know there will be some groups out there who are not satisfied with the findings. There are some who will continue to demand we disassociate with the Joes. To those people, I welcome their criticism, but urge them to regard how Cobra has proceeded to do its own barbaric, repressive practices. I believe the U.N. findings. I believe it was a thorough and fair investigation, and I support restoring all EDC operations. Of course, this will be the decision of upper-ranked Autobots, but I wanted to voice my recommendation. Spike out. *screen fades to black*

March 22 - "Act of Creation"

Ratchet and Spike work on their secret project.

March 23 - "Business Deals and Shenanigans"

Ar-Gent meets up with Dirk to talk business. Spike and DJ try to keep an eye on them.

Apr 21 - "We've Got an Epidemic"

Imager comes into Medical with some personal issues that are much bigger than she thinks.

Jul 16 - Fortress Maximus is Open For Business

>*Spike's face appears on the screen, looking like he's on Cybertron right now, looking like he can barely contain his enthusiasm*< Autobots - I'm happy to announce that as of now Fortress Maximus is ready for habitation, meaning you can now use its facilities. Its purpose is a mobilized battlestation, but it's also a haven for those seeking refuge. We are still working out the kinks. Cerebros is Fortress Maximus' controller, but they operate as 'one' - if that makes sense. So far, he hasn't been able to transform, but the 'big' things - power, sleeping quarters, recharging stations, medical center, albeit limited, is ready for use. *Spike pauses for a second* This has been a two-year effort, and I want to thank those who helped in the creation of this new Autobot, who will hopefully help in the Autobot effort to restore what the Decepticons have ruined in their power-mad conquests - thank you Dust Devil, Hoist, Grapple, First Aid, and yes, Ratchet too. Also, special thanks to a human - Jumal - who helped craft the personality profile of Cerebros, which was brought to life by Vector Sigma. I'm hoping that maybe one day we can have an 'open house' for Fort Max, but true to his purpose of being a battlestation - we know time is of the essence. He's here, and ready to serve. Spike out *screen goes to black*

Jul 20 - U.S. Liberated By G.I. Joe

>*Spike's face appears on the screen. His eyes look a bit puffy - 2 hours of sleep will do that to a human*< Autobots, as those who follow human newscasts have probably already gauged, The United States was liberated last night by G.I. Joe. I happened to be in D.C. at the time, talking about the Autobots to a few House members. The Joes cleared the hotel I was staying at just a few hours ago. I ran into General Hawk. He relayed the following requests: In general, unless there is a REQUESTED need, continue to keep out of the occupied cities for the next two weeks. They are still concerned about sleeper Cobra agents who may be remaining, and they want to do some thorough sweeps of all occupied cities. HOWEVER, he did request any senior-level Autobots, as well as any Autobots who are part of engineering and security to come in and help with the effort. These cities have been occupied for a long time. There's no determining what has been booby-trapped, looted, or ransacked. If you have any questions, please relay them either to me or Marissa Faireborn. Spike out *screen fades to black*

September 22 - "The Fallen Attacks Iacon- Dominicon Perspective"

The Fallen TP Finale -- the big bad himself shows up looking for his Blaster.

Sep 27 - Possible threat to Earth

>*Spike's face appears on the screen, back in Autobot City* <

Autobots...I know this is a horrible time to reach out for help, especially with everyone still dealing with the profound losses brought forth by The Fallen. But I would not be requesting this if I didn't think the threat was real...and preventable.
>*Spike breathes out*< I was confronted by a Cobra agent. This is his handle (Interrogator). He said he has communicated with Deathsaurus. And now, because of that communication, Deathsaurus has expressed a greater interest in Earth.
>*Spike looks at the ground, composing his words carefully*< After what Deathsaurus did to Star Saber, I believe he possesses a great threat to Earth. But I know he's on Cybertron right now. And I know there are Autobots who keep routine tabs on Deathsaurus. So please...please...monitor him. Once he leaves Cybertronian airspace, assume he is plotting a course toward Earth. Thank you... Earth is with you now. And it will remain with you in this time of great sorrow. Spike out *screen fades to black*

October 6 - "Working on Kodiak"

Kodiak is back on his feet but still needs to get used to his new alt form. It's running a bit rough.

October 6 - Resignation from EDC command

>*Spike face appears on the screen*< In response to Optimus Prime's orders, I am stepping down from my role as co-commander of EDC as soon as Carly takes her role as EDC commander following Marissa's leave of absence. Carly will be a great leader for EDC, and will steer EDC in the right direction while Marissa takes her leave. That said, I believe there must be a balance between the Joes and the Autobots. If we have a commander from the Autobot end, there should be a commander on the Joe end. I will assist in onboarding Carly for anything I can help out with on EDC. In the meantime, I will also reach out to General Hawk. Given the criticism that Deathsaurus overheard, I think it would be beneficial for the Joes to select someone outside the United States to ensure EDC is indeed a world-representing entity. Throughout this time, I will still lend any services I can help out with on EDC, be it in the diplomatic end or the repair bay. Spike out *screen goes to black*

Oct 13 - EDC Resignation

>*Spike's face appears on the screen*< I would like to announce that effective November 1st, I am resigning from my position as co-commander of EDC. This is in response to Optimus Prime's appointmentment of Carly Witwicky as co-commander of EDC, to fill in for Marissa while she takes her leave of absence.

G.I. Joe, I know I'm biased, but you are getting a wonderful commander in Carly. She is literally a world-renowed expert in computer engineering, and she will carefully consider every action needed.
As for me, the reason I am stepping down is simple. Carly was appointed by Optimus Prime. G.I. Joe needs to appoint their own commander while Marissa is away. After I step down, I will continue to lend my assistance in any way possible. *Spike pauses, taking a gulp* It's... been an honor working with G.I. Joe. Thank you for this opportunity. Spike out *screen fades to black*

October 14 - "Arrivals, New and Old"

Iacon sees some new faces and some old ones that haven't been back in a while.

November 18 - "Spelunking for Crystals"

Scales investigates the holes in the ground left by Fortress Maximus previously.

November 19 - "Performance Review"

Cerebros, Spike, and Fortress Maximus all consider what could have gone better.

November 20 - "With the Benefit of Hindsight"

Scales, Dust Devil, and Spike all work to make the forcefield safer and teach the younger Bots about paperwork. On IRC, Deathsaurus laments his choices.

December 20 - "Exchange of Medicine - Teaching Doc"

Doc learns about Cybertronian fuel lines.


Mar 14 - Recommendations for humans regarding COVID-19

  • Spike's face appears in the diplomatic lounge in Autobot City*

Greetings, Autobots. For the Autobots stationed on Earth, everyone has likely seen the news reports of the COVID-19 virus. This is a pandemic, and it's a pandemic in its infancy stages when you look at the world impact, so I would recommend staying away from the more sensational news outlets and following stuff like the World Health Organization.

*Spike's face turns more sober* 
That the meantime, I am recommending cancelling all upcoming tours of the Ark, Metroplex, and Fortress Maximus. These places will still be there to shelter humans if need be, but right now, I'm recommending all non-essential events be cancelled. There is simply too much risk.
For the newer Autobots, this has to be ... say the least. To get a better perspective, especially for recent outbreaks, I would recommend you studing both the 'Swine Flu' and 'Ebola' pandemics. Both files should be in the 'Health' section of the 'Human History' databanks, which are readily accessible either on Earth or on Cybertron. Also, if you want to go back just a bit, also read up on the 'Spanish flu' if you're curious about the impact in contemporary human culture.
That said, the majority of the changes around here will be on the human end. EDC will be coordinating efforts with G.I. Joe. If you have any further questions, please contact the heads of EDC, either Carly Witwicky or Mayday from the Joes. And if there's anything I can help out with, don't hesitate to reach out to me as well. Spike out. *screen turns black*

3/16 - "Negotiations for Harmonex"

Crosscut and Spike come to Harmonex and help Starlock in negotiating its release.

4/15 - "Cultural Exchange"

Incognito and Starlock explain to Spike some of Cybertron's city states differing cultures.

May 5 - "An Unexpected Prank"

Dust Devil is unexpectedly generous for his latest prank.

A random assortment of helpers arrive.


Feb 16 - Brainstorm

>*Spike's face appears onscreen. He has a beer in hand, because he needs a beer after being binary bonded for hours. The human rubs his eyes*<

"Heyah guys. First off...Brainstorm - I DO wear the helmet. I just can't wear it 24/7. *Spike sighs* Look, guys. I hear the discussions - and I understand fully. All I can say is that the three of us...Fort Max, Cerebros, an' me...we are all in uncharted territory with this setup. As Cerebros said...asking for minimum presence on the Autobot channel when Fort Max is engaged in a...situation - is beyond unfair. We're working on it. As well as working with everything else...the transforming...the holding together of the binary bond. All I can ask is patience. We're trying. We know we need to do better. And we WILL do better. I promise you..."

Spike pauses and takes a breath. "All I ask is for everyone's patience. I know it's a finite resource, but I promise you - all of us will do better. Spike out." *screen fades to black*

Aug 24 - Urgent Request For Nebulos

< Spike's face appears on what looks like his cell phone > Heyah - General Hawk...of G.I. Joe - has requested assistance in a rescue operation...on Nebulos. Now.. .I know we have agreed for a policy of non-intervention - but the video that I was shown...has...what appears to be Cybertronian. The picture is super grainy, but I would wager 60...maybe 70 percent certainty ... that they are Cybertronian in origin.

< Spike's expression grows even more somber > Their comrade...Poise, sent out a distress signal. She's in immediate the point where I volunteered to join the mission as an advisor. Optimus...Jazz...Prowl - if any of you could lend a shuttle for this - I would appreciate it. Hawk is willing to literally risk a global war for Poise. I told him the risk of Lord Zarak finding out Earth being involved...that he will likely not differentiate between the Joes and the entire citizens of Earth. We just have to make sure it doesn't come to this.

That said... I STRONGLY recommend someone investigating Nebulos right now for any Cybertronian activity. *Spike sighs* I know it sounds crazy...but...the Cybertronians that I saw...were headless...but still moving. Spike out >*screen fades to black*<

Sep 02 - Joe and Nebulos Update

>*Spike's face appears on the screen - it looks like he's using his own cell phone to file this - a drab meeting room with virtually nothing for decor is in the background*<

I spoke with General Hawk yesterday. He is getting more and more...resolute - others may say stubborn. After communicating the need to have a detailed plan, the General said he didn't have a plan...yet. He doesn't have the exact location of Poise, and that a plan will be formed as soon as they reach Nebulos.

>*Spike frowns*< You have to appreciate their culture. They do NOT leave their members alone and high and dry. That me, this belief becomes a lot more complicated when you risk pulling an entire planet into a war. I don't think Zarak would see an invading Joe force as a small subset of the Earth population - I envision him seeing this as an act of war. >*Spike breathes out*< That said... given Poise's disappearance - and at least the appearance of Cybertronian-LIKE beings on Nebulos... I'm...strongly recommending... what I would call a 'hail Mary' act of diplomacy. If Crosscut, and I will volunteer myself, and Dust Devil...and yes, even Ghost and the diplomatic corps of the Decepticons were to meet with Zarak - and inquire into the Cybetronian-like individuals on the planet, and...REQUEST a good faith turnover of Poise. Zarak is a dangerous individual - but I would say given that he's the ruler...most rulers hate disruptions. And a simple handover with both parties walking away HAS to be a better option than an armed conflict... Jazz...Optimus Prime... please feel free to interject. In the meantime, I'm going to try to keep General Hawk from making any rash moves. Spike out *camera goes off, but not before a splash screen can be seen with the Autobot logo*


Mar 09 - Status of G.I. Joe and Autobot Relations

>*Spike's face appears on the screen, back in Metroplex on Earth*<

"Heyah guys - it's been awhile - I know you guys are deluged with emergencies on Cybertron. The Nebulos mission has ended - Poise was rescued by the Joes. And we had some minor run-ins with The Hive." *Spike pauses to collect his thoughts* "I won't lie... while I was there - I did hear some rumblings of resentment about the lack of Autobot support. First, let me state I fully support the Autobot's position, and the way I usually deflected was that I said as bad as it was in our current state, it would have been infinitely worse if we had Decepticons to deal with instead of just The Hive. 
"That said...I don't think it's healthy to just pretend that things are back to normal between us and the Joes. The Joes are military, so I also don't think a good approach would be to apologize profusely. But right now, I think that we need to show that we're still a unit, and we still have the Joes' back. Their base was recently attacked by Cobra. Maybe a good way to rebuild trust would be to assist in the rebuilding of the PIT. Either that, or offer some space in Metroplex for any displaced Joes - heaven knows Metroplex has enough space right now." Spike concludes by saying "It wasn't long ago where the Joes and the Autobots were not on the same page, mainly for events beyond our control. But it's good to be reminded that this partnership should never be taken for granted." 
Spike sighs and bites his lip, thinking of the best way to say the next thing. "On a separate currently being investigated by the Joes. I don't believe they think I am a traitor, but they believe I've been compromised. The whole ugly situation happened about 8 years ago when my daughter Megan was born. For those who were here, she was born prematurely, and for a few days, her fate was uncertain. During this time, the Baroness...a notorious Cobra operative visited me in the hospital. She said she would give Megan a 'gift' - I...thought it was a cruel joke - because the gift turned out to be a rather large sum of money to be given only to Megan when she turns 18 - I'm guessing for Baroness, it would pay for all of Megan's college. Carly and I went to our lawyer, and she told us there's nothing we can do. The money is Megan's...and it won't be available until she's 18. All Carly and I can do is prep Megan when the time comes, tell her exactly where that money came from...and trust our daughter to do the right thing." 
"Well...after that, I vowed to tell the Joes the next time Baroness and I crossed paths...and that has not happened, until a few weeks ago, when she appeared when I was meeting with Sci-Fi...another Joe. At first, I thought Baroness was visiting Sci-Fi...they certainly had business to discuss, but now, it seems the Joes believe that Baroness was visiting me. Honestly, I don't care who Baroness was visiting...I mean...I DO, but in the meantime, Carly and I have welcomed any investigation from the Joes to ensure things are in the up and up. But that said...right now, I'm somewhat limited. If I have business at The PIT, I am to have a Joe escort me at all times. I'm confident the Joes will eventually exonerate me, but as of right now, I'm helping out in any way I can with this investigation. If you have any questions about anything related to EDC or anything else, please contact me. Spike out." *screen fades to black*

May 17 - Ghost Update: Maximum Encryption

The following message is encrypted and scrambled, only visible to Autobot leadership.

>*Spike's face appears on the screen*<

Earlier, on the broadband channel, we were contacted by Omen. Omen requested a meeting to discuss Ghost as well as The Matrix. Will get this out of the way - The Matrix is safe, as is Ghost. 
"Starlock, Dust Devil, and myself met Omen at The Rollout Bar. Encore was there in addition to Deathsaurus. While I'm not 100 percent trusting Deathsaurus, he swore on his honor to keep this meeting a secret. Anyway - we had a productive meeting. But Omen was present while Ghost was not. That said, Omen said Ghost would be willing to meet Elita One and myself within a neutral territory to further discuss The Matrix." 
Spike breathes out. "As ambassador, all I can say is that it seems that Ghost feels like we will be forcibly taking The Matrix from her. While I think she's eager to part with it, I think she's most concerned with HOW she will part with it - and if we are too encroaching, she will respond by retreating further." 
"Again, we agreed to have a meeting soon. She specifically requested Elita One. I was going back to Earth tomorrow, but I will stay as long as you need me here. We exchanged our private comm channels and agreed to keep the lines of communication open. I was hoping tonight that either Starlock or Dusty could have delivered The Matrix, but right now, given the delicate nature of things, I think Ghost just agreeing to have another meeting soon is a good sign. Will keep everyone updated as events unfold. Spike out." *screen fades to black*

May 19 - Optimus Medical Update

>*Spike appears onscreen in the med bay at Fortress Maximus - he has a sober, but composed expression*<

"I know some of you are referring to Optimus Prime as Orion Pax and vice versa, so I'm just going to split the difference between the camps and call him 'Optimus.'" 
"Last night, Optimus had a bad night. We couldn't stabilize his vitals and his spark readings were fluctuating rapidly. A decision was made to put him in stasis lock. He has already responded positively to this shift. His readings - both vitals and spark - have been stable for the past 12 hours." 
"For those unfamiliar with the process, this is an extremely common side effect to a complete spark or laser core transfer. While this is a serious matter, it's also quite a common one for the reason I just stated. Optimus' reaction is even more expected as this transplant came very unexpectedly. Even spark or core transplants planned months in advance still have these issues. Right now, Pri - Optimus is in stasis with Fortress Maximus' repair bay. If he needs to be moved to Iacon, we'll make that decision when the time warrants. We'll keep everyone updated if anything new arises. Until then, Optimus is in stasis, but all vitals including his spark have stabilized. Spike out." *screen fades to black*

May 22 - Optimus Update - For Medical Staff

< this report is being distributed only to the Autobot Medical Staff >

>*Spike appears onscreen in Fortress Maximus' medical center - instead of his sober demeanor the past few days, he seems to be more his usual hopeful, even optimistic self.*<

"So, day three of Optimus in stasis. The good news is that it looks like stasis is doing its job. Optimus' readings remain stable, and I think we may be able to get him online in the next day or two." 
Spike smiles eagerly. "So...that brings us to 'the rebuilding.' I spoke with Ratchet yesterday, and he agreed that given the fast-moving situation with Megatron and The Matrix currently NOT being in the hands of the Autobots - that it's high time we start to rebuild Optimus Prime while we have some downtime - since we don't know how long that downtime will last." 
"I've ordered all of the parts necessary for a full rebuild of Optimus Prime, but it would be far easier if some of you could track them down on your own time. They'll probably get here quicker that way. Optimus is in Fortress Maximus, and Ratchet said he prefers for him to stay there for his own protection as well as possibly minimize the presence of any 'onlookers' who may stroll into the Iacon Medical Center. If you have time and want to put a few hours in, please come to the repair bay within Fortress Maximus. Again, we're trying to be proactive as possible about this. If you come into the repair bay, Optimus Prime's old body probably looks like a modern art sculpture. Factoring the damage he sustained at the hands of Megatron, or whatever Megatron is now, and adding everything that was lost from his body no longer supplying spark energy or energon, we were able to salvage about 40 percent of his old form, meaning we have about 60 percent left to rebuild." 
Spike adds "Obviously, I don't need to say this to our ace team of medics, but proactive doesn't mean 'rush job.' I've been on enough construction jobs on Earth to know that any time 'speed' is emphasized, we usually get bit in the ass and have to redo mistakes that come with speed. But yeah, we got lucky to find a housing element that fit Optimus' spark, we should probably be ready to have Prime's original form be ready to resume carrying the Matrix on short notice. That's all from my end. Good luck everyone. Spike out." *screen fades to black*

  • May 31 - "Discussing Stewardship" - Veritas, after some thought, reaches out to Spike herself after her meeting with Ratchet to talk, just talk. Spike, however, has his own agenda to bring up.


Spike is portrayed by the same player as Jetfire, who has an IC bias against humans. *snerk*


Shattered Glass

The Autobots are a bunch of suckers.

SPIKE WITWICKY was a thug and a car thief, uninterested in anything in the world around him unless it brought him immediate pleasure or profit. A lifelong loser, Spike only got along with his brother BUSTER, and sometimes even that relationship was strained. Unlike his brother, Spike was all thumbs when it came to electronics, except in the creation of their mutual love: explosives! If it blew up real good, Spike could build it. Other that that, since Spike's divorce there was little in his life besides drugs, stolen cars and random violence, which ultimately led to his demise.

Spike: Father, mechanic, and...yeah, that's about it.

What-If Worlds

Witwicky What-If World Timeline

Yes, Buster's my brother. No, I won't introduce you to him.

Patriarch William "Sparkplug" Witwicky and son Spike Witwicky witnessed world history when their oil rig was attacked by the Decepticons. Sparkplug briefly thought about volunteering to help the Autobots, but the fear of losing another family member a mere three years after losing his wife led him to let someone else handle the new alien visitors.

This devastated Spike to no end. For a few moments after he and his father were pulled from certain death, Spike envisioned himself not as a "mechanic to be," but as a key player in helping the Autobots not only get familiar with Eart, but to defeat the Decepticons.

Just as Sparkplug's decision to help the Autobots led to enormous consequences (both good and bad with his family), Sparkplug's inactions caused a second rift in his family. Carly and Spike never hooked up - and as a result, Daniel never came to be. Instead of having one son idolize his father (Spike) and one son wanting nothing to do with him (Buster), both Witwicky brothers harbored serious resentments toward Sparkplug during their adolescence. Buster still saw Sparkplug as a distant figure who was either unwilling or uninterested in his son's interests. Spike saw his father as someone who singlehandedly crushed his dreams of become something more than a mechanic.

Because the Autobots didn't have the unexpected arrival of Spike and Sparkplug, Optimus Prime and other senior-level Autobots took a far more strategic approach in recruiting human allies. Instead of having a father and son team show the Autobots about humans, the Autobots had a plethora of humans clamoring to help assist them adapt to their new home. For years, the Autobots carefully selected military, science, cultural, and space experts from all over the world. A few lived in the Ark occasionally, but none resided there full-time. As a result, the Autobots saw humans as collaborators to their goal, but never developed a family-like bond to any of their collaborators. When met with a new human, Bumblebee routinely assessed how this person could or would bring value to the Autobot cause. 

The stable family environment did benefit Buster. Living in a stable home with a father, who despite his ambivalence toward his son's interests still loved and cared deeply for his son's well being, focused Buster's attention on academics. He excelled in English and eventually became a professor and a published author. He obtained minor financial and critical success as a science fiction writer.

Spike worked at his father's auto repair shop while in high school. For a few years, Spike cared little for the job, making common mistakes such as leaving the oil cap off of the engine during a routne oil change. Spike couldn't muster up the motivation to find a path in high school as the path he thought he was destined to take (helping the Autobots) was denied to him by his father. However, as Spike moved into his early '20s, his resentment toward his father ebbed. He took on his duties with renewed vigor and by the time he was 21, he was second only to his father in mechanical abilities at Witwicky Auto. In 1995, Sparkplug suffered a major heart attack while at Witwicky Auto. While he made a full recovery, Spike took over general duties at Witwicky Auto, where he remains today. In 2011, Witwicky Auto was awarded Top Marks in Angie's List for places to service your vehicle and the company received its first A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau publication of Most Ethical Small Businesses - much to Sparkplug's delight. Elated that Witwicky Auto was well on its way of entering a second generation, Sparkplug retired (minus the few part-time shifts he continues to work), handing over full administrative duties to his son, Spike. 

In his 20s, Spike met a woman by the name of Angela Dylan at a bar. While far from the best place to meet someone, Spike and Angela hit it off. In 1996, the two were married and have since had three children: Susan (18), David (13), and Olivia (9). Angela works as an office manager for a hospital and occasionally takes a bartending shift to earn extra money. Between jobs and children, Angela and Spike practically have to schedule date nights. While the two are close, both secretly feel that an essential "spark" between them is missing. It could be because they just never were "quite" the soulmates each had hoped, or it could be that the two have put so much work into their jobs and their family that at the end of the day when it's just the two of them, both have practically nothing left to give one another. In 2016, Angela and Spike made a secret vow - that when their youngest child Olivia turned 18, they would amicably separate.  


  • What If...Sparkplug said "No"? : Sparkplug makes a quick decision to not help the Autobots after getting rescued by the Autobots. Sparkplug stands by the decision, but his decision has lifetime implications for Spike. 
  • The Author and The Mechanic : The repercussions of Sparkplug's decision not to thelp the Autobots comes fast and furious in the Witwicky household. Spike drifts away from his dad, and begins to mess up at his father's work, which gets him in hot water with Sparkplug. Years pass, Spike gets his act together, successfully continues his father's business, but a book signing shows Spike's accomplishments pale in comparison to his little brother. 

Con World Timeline

Spike was a brilliant scientist who worked for G.B. Blackrock until he was gravely wounded due to a Decepticon attack. Paralyzed, Spike managed to devise an exo-skeleton that could enable him to move. However, the attack caused irreperable psychological damage. The brilliant, enthusiastic scientist who wooed Carly while both were attending MIT was replaced by an angry, lonely, intensely bitter, and revenge-obsessed person. Spike eventually divorced Carly, left all of their possessions to her, and constructed an alter ego: Circuit Smasher, bent on destroying all Transformers. 

G.I. Joe World Timeline

"Never give up on the ones you love.

Of all the Witwickys, Spike took his mother's murder at the hands of enemy G.I. Joe agents the hardest. When his father stepped down from G.I. Joe, Sparkplug initially devoted the majority of his time to his sons. Buster proved to be far more resiliant than his brother and was eventually recruited by top engineering schools for his computer hacking abilities. Spike tested high in reading comprehension and writing, but would routinely "shut down" for days or sometimes weeks. As a teenager, still haunted by his mother's death, Spike fell into a deep depression. With all other options exhausted, Sparkplug eventually admitted his son to a psychiatric hospital, where he stayed for more than a decade. 

While Spike was admitted, news about massive alien ship discovery began to circulate. Sparkplug was one of the first responders to these new alien visitors, known as Transformers. While Sparkplug began recruiting the Autobots found in that great space ship, the elder Witwicky asked Spike to assist him. Spike soon thrived in his new role as he began to teach the Autobots about Earth. In some instances, Spike has began to display an almost empathic ability to 'think' like a Transformer. In one occurrence, after watching a video of Megatron threatening to activate a space bridge to Cybertron unless the Earthbound Autobots surrender Optimus Prime and disarm, Spike rightly deduced Megatron was bluffing. Briefly putting himself in Megatron's boots, Spike told the Autobots if Megatron did indeed have such an ability, he would not bother to call for a cease fire - instead, he would ruthlessly show up at the Ark with his army, and permanently exterminate all of the remaining Autobots.  

 As Spike became more and more comfortable in his role, his deep depression began to fade as he began to accept that a future could be brighter than today. 

Favorite Albums

  • Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska
  • Depeche Mode - Violator
  • The Haxan Cloak - Excavation 
  • Joy Division - Closer
  • The Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Sessions
  • Beck - Sea Change
  • Bob Dylan - Time Out of Mind
  • Portishead - Dummy
  • Radiohead - Kid A

Favorite Movies

  • The Sweet Hereafter 
  • The Ice Storm
  • Children of Men
  • Leaving Las Vegas

G.I. Joe World Spike: Intensely empathetic, but not the most cheerful guy to talk to.


  • Seven Year Stay - Spike's crippling depression as a teenager reaches a breaking point in the Witwicky household as his father finally decides to commit his son to a psychiatric hospital. Seven years later, Sparkplug takes a risk and takes Spike out of the hospital that he hasn't left since he was 16 to help on a new assignment in the Ark
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