Space Shot

SPACE SHOT is well-known as a fly-by-night freighter pilot with a rebellious reputation. It's said he would fly loads of cargo through enemy fire with his eyes closed just for fun - the kind of fun about which most sane pilots would have nightmares. Duke knew he couldn't pass up recruiting such a skilled pilot, and after a few hard lessons in military discipline Space Shot became less of a rebel, and more of a hero. He has since become a valuable crew member in G.I. Joe's space mission, defending orbital platforms from Cobra attacks, and he believes he makes Cobra Blackstar pilots look like flight school trainees.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

After gaining a reputation as one of the best fighter pilots around, Space Shot became a skilled space shuttle pilot. He eventually became a member of G.I. Joe's short-lived Star Brigade team. Space Shot co-piloted the space shuttle Defiant on a mission into space when the Joes joined forces with former members of the Oktober Guard led by Captain "Red Star" Krimov. The teams were sent to an asteroid that had been put on collision course toward Earth by a rogue Soviet scientist years earlier. Space Shot and the others had to contend with attacking Soviet worker drone robots before stopping the asteroid.

MUX History:

Space Shot remains a reserve member of G.I. Joe, available when needed for space missions. In the meantime, he flies combat and supply missions for the US Air Force.

OOC Notes

Space Shot is a Capt on the MUX.



Space Shot is available for application.



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