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This article is about the Mercenary intelligence broker - for the original Soundblaster from 1980s Japanese media, see Soundwave/Cartoon continuity.
Soundblaster is a Mercenary from Cybertron.

"I've been soundin' and blastin' so long, that even my mama thinks that my mind is gone!"

The secrets of the universe reveal themselves to those with the shanix to pay.

Soundblaster is a mysterious Mercenary with unknown ties to Shockwave. A member of Tetrahex's underworld, he's an information broker of high regard, as well as an energon merchant for those who need fuel fast. Soundblaster transforms from a robot into a Patrol Hovercraft, a Cybertronian Sensor Lamp, or a giant boombox. He carries a sonic blaster and shoulder cannon, which can combine to form an M2 USW HF Sonic Compression Mega-Blaster. He can read others' thoughts by listening to their computer brain wave lengths. He can destroy almost any substance with the output of his double speakers. He is said to have a violent hatred for Blaster and Soundwave, and has secretly planned to make their subordinates serve under him.



Standing before you is a tall robot, proudly displaying his black armor. The simplest description would boil down to two words: walking brick. His form is very squared off, hardly any curvature visible anywhere save for his fingers and face. And, of course, there's the weapons. A pair of cylinders are the only visible firepower this mech carries. One is mounted on his right shoulder, with a ring of circular holes facing forward. The other is a hefty weapon carried by hand, its muzzle supported by two large braces. A large, clear, rectangular panel sits squarely in the middle of his chest, bordered in yellow and proudly displaying the Mercenary insignia. His waist is also adorned by a symmetric pattern of silver plates resembling buttons. The mech's head is protected by a crested helmet, his face designed to reveal no hint of expression. A single red visor runs across the space where his optics should be, and his features are covered by a large silver plate. If his appearance and reputation have not preceded him, then you have no clue who this mech is... and that's really the least of your problems, because this is Soundblaster.


MUX History

Soundblaster's spaceship mode

Soundblaster was built as a clone of Soundwave by Shockwave, with the intention of studying Soundwave's mindreading abilities. When Shockwave was done with him, he wiped Soundblaster's mind and sent him out into the world for Shockwave to study from afar. Soundblaster soon found himself one of Cryotek's most trusted and useful lieutenants.

However, after unwisely capturing Ghost to study her relationship with her Recordicons, Soundblaster found himself everyone's enemy.

When Cryotek was targeted and taken down by Shockwave, Soundblaster showed his loyalty and true colors by claiming Cryotek's Deployer Chro as Soundblaster's own before fleeing to Tagan Heights, setting up shop in Tetrahex. He was later recruited by a mysterious stranger to serve an unknown Prime.

In 2021, Soundblster met a [[Skitter}young fennec-turbofox]] and the experience began changing his life in unexpected ways.



  • Dec 23 - "Dockside Delving" - Ghost meets Soundblaster while delving into less than savory areas of Cybertron on her hunt for things of interest.


OOC Notes

  • Whether Soundblaster is a clone of Soundwave, the Decepticon communicator in disguise, or some third thing, is ICly unknown to most of those on the MUX.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Soundblaster (サウンドブラスター Saundoburasutā)



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