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"See and you can know, know and you can destroy."

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Sonar is a Mini-Con from Altihex.

Oh yeah.

Sonar feels he owes Runway his life and more, and so, he backs up his "leader" 100%. It's not that Sonar is any less intelligent than Runway or anything. He's just convinced he owes Runway that much. Of course, Runway, being Runway, always turns to Sonar and Jetstorm for advice and a pair of second opinions, though it seems he might not get the opinions he really needs out of either of them.

Still, Sonar is quick and technically proficient, always good qualities to have.

Sonar transforms into a Cybertronic shuttle. He also forms the hilt to the Star Saber sword.


In 2020, the space labs in Altihex were attacked by Decepticons. The members of the Air Defense Mini-Con Team were savagely attacked by Nightbird in front of their former friend Blast Off. Only the timely intervention of Starlock and Typhoon saved them from certain gory death.

We are the sword that protects Cybertron.

Sonar shuttle mode

Blast Off later visited Sonar in the hospital and apologized for Nightbird's actions.


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