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Solon Kitakaze is a alien cyborg from Krull.

Solon Kitakaze, riding his beloved father.

Solon Kitakaze (北風ソロン Kitakaze Soron) is the adopted son of Destron leader Deathsaurus.

Solon was injured and his parents were killed during a Destron attack on Krull, and Deathsaurus —- infamous for his weakness for children -— took the boy for his own, turning him into a cyborg to save his life and raising him as a son. As a consequence, Solon considers himself vastly superior to other organics he encounters. If that wasn't bad enough, he's one of those types who constantly raves about how brilliant and powerful the Destrons are, even when they're retreating right in front of his eyes.

King Solon

The extent of the powers and abilities of Solon's cyborg body is unknown, but he has certainly had a substantial portion of his frame replaced with robotics and covered with synthetic skin. He is able to detach his right fist and launch it on a retractable chain, and he often rides Deathsaurus's Beast Animals as steeds. When needed, he controls his own Transformer-sized mech, King Solon.


MUX Continuity

Solon in armor

When the planet Krull was razed during one of Deathsaurus's cyberforming sprees, Solon's parents were killed and Deathsaurus took in the orphaned Solon and raised him as his own. During one of Deathsaurus's attempts to free his Planet-Destroying Fortress, however, Solon was lost, and was trapped with Esmeral on the Fortress with Deathsaurus's Beast Animals until their all eventual rescue.




  • Solon's surname means "north wind", while Jan's surname means "south wind". It's like a metaphor, or something.


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