Transformers Universe MUX


Cobra plans to move operations back into high orbit over earth, utilizing Quintesson and Cybertronian tech that they have scavenged.

With intentions of moving as legally as possible to hide the illegal parts of the operation, the Commander is looking to branch out into the world, and acquire everything needed to make the dream of a high orbit space fortress a nightmarish reality.



Feb 18 - Solar Serpent Operations

Potential acquisitions for the Commander's project have been located.

Any of the following are applicable targets for the project. My eyes have been marking movement and extraction teams need to be assembled.

  • Li Xin - Astrophysics - Beijing, China
  • Mark Kurstwopher - Thrust and Aerospace Theoretical Engineer - Munich, Germany
  • Kym Yoo-Un - Pyongyang, North Korea

Captain Bones - We will be requiring work at Coordinates: -8.642306, 64.774146

Sub-aquatic construction teams are going to begin using a thermal vent to produce energon for thrust experiments. Your oceanic expertise will be needed for survey and defense during construction.

Chittagong Titanium Mines - Bangladesh - Cobra either needs to prepare for either insertion to skim mine recovery, or we need to acquire the entire mine for Cobra under one of the Twin's Shells. If working on acquisition, Baroness, you will be needed.

June 8 - "AAR: South Africa Lab Raid"

The Baroness secures rare technology for the Solar Serpent.

September 22 - "Cobra Space Camp"

Cobra is going into space, and that means all hands to Space Camp!

September 22 - "Cobra Flight Training"

Cobra trainees are set up in Cobra's version of the Vomit Comet.

October 14 - "Interrogator's Journal"

Interrogator muses on Cobra space training.

October 15 - "Interrogator's Journal"

Interrogator muses on astrology and space.

October 16 - "Interrogator's Journal"

Cobra in spaaaace!

October 23 - "Scouting of the Moon"

Interrogator tests the limits of his newly-improved ship.

October 25 - "Scorpion-Shaped Spacecraft"

Interrogator investigates something in orbit around Earth.