Faction: Autobot
Species: Transformer
Function: HACKER
Rank: 1 - Intel

"Frag the Deceptin00bs!"

Proving that the size of one's vocal processor is not proportional to the volume of one's voice, SOCKETS is a small transformer with a big mouth. Having learned English as a second language that loud mouth can be tough to understand at times, and this combined with his attitude makes him somewhat of a social outcast among the Autobots. Despite this, when push comes to shove he pulls his weight as best he can with a burning desire to prove himself useful to both Optimus and the Autobot cause. His skill in hacking is downright artistic and totally unmatched among humans or Transformers galaxy-wide. When transformed into a small notebook computer, he can extend cables bearing his namesake transforming sockets, and interface directly with any digital systems port found on Cybertron, Earth, or anywhere in between. Bringing his quick mind and highly trained problem solving skills to bear, there is no system he can't penetrate. While in robot mode, those cables wrap together in the form of a Cable Whip, with which he can deliver rapid strikes if needs be, though he generally avoids melee combat altogether. He may talk big, but when he's only got one life, no continues, and game over means the scrap heap his bravado is quickly replaced with an overactive sense of self-preservation. Though what he fears most is not the wrath of the Decepticons, but thunder storms as any jolt of electricity can cause crippling damage to his sensitive hardware.


MUX History

In 2004, Thrust and Bombshell attacked a gas plant in Oregon. Fortunately, the Autobots arrived in record time and drove off the Decepticons before they were able to cause serious damage. Steeljaw, Swish, Sockets and Enigma helped to evacuate workers and put out fires.

Sockets was last seen: Wed Feb 09 20:09:43 2005

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