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This page is for the evil Decepticon Snapper.

SNAPPER is a violent, meatheaded thug, no two ways about it. Like his commander Demonhead, Snapper is a practitioner of the ancient martial art Crystalocution, though his skills are basic and lackluster in comparison. Instead, he makes up for this by copious amounts of foul play, underhanded tactics, skullduggery, dirty fighting, general chicanery, and cheating. Snapper is the guy who will bring a gun to a fistfight, throw a vial of acid in his opponent's optics, and use any illegal hold he can dream up, just because he can. Absolutely full of himself, Snapper talks a big game and will do everything in his power to assert his dominance over those around him. Due to his lack of respect for authority, he was given to the Cronos mission in hopes he would be killed in action far, far away from Decepticon high command. More's the pity. His primary weapon in close combat is a polearm resembling a rake, with vicious curved spikes which give it the appropriate name "Wolf Teeth Rake". Fittingly as a member of the space exploration ship Cronos's crew, Snapper's altmode is an aerospace fighter with an alien design, reflecting the long millennia spent in uncharted systems.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

A few thousand years ago, he and a crew of five other Decepticons were chosen to embark on a scouting mission across the galaxy, in search of new conquests once the war with the Autobots was won. Naturally, being the loyalist that he is, Demonhead eagerly accepted. While exploring alien worlds in these far-off regions, he and his crew adapted to these strange environs, giving them the grotesque appearances they have now.

Mode 2

MUX History:

Demonhead's crew have recently returned to the area of space where the main action is taking place, and Demonhead has once again joined the ranks of active soldiers alongside the rest of his team.

OOC Notes

Demonhead's crewmates are available for application. Snapper's a violent, meatheaded thug, Deep Blue's a sadistic cannibal with a primal outlook, Deathclaw is cannibuddies with Deep Blue but even more sneerily arrogant than Demonhead, Barabat cares more about a good fight than wanton destruction, and Eyegor is the ever-unheeded tactical brains of the group who only follows Megatron because it's just how things are.



Available for application as an OC. In the meantime, temped by Ty.


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