Transformers Universe MUX
This article is about the evil Shattered Glass Autobot warrior - for the main-universe hero, see Smokescreen.

Shattered Glass Smokescreen

"A look can be deceiving; a touch can be lethal."

  • Name: SG-Smokescreen
  • Faction: SG-Autobot
  • SpeciesTransformer
  • Function: Direct Action

Smokescreen is a man of action - he prefers to cut to the chase in any situation. What you see is what you get with Smokescreen - if he likes you, you know it, and if he doesn't, your dead before it matters. Smokescreen has no interest in the back-stabbing politicking of many of the other Autobots - he's just here to kill Decepticons and go home. From the size of his kill list, he's pretty good at it.

Smokescreen's armaments are designed to sow confusion and fear in his opponents. If he can't out-think, fight, or just plain outrun you, he'll surround you with a magnetized cloud of smoke, and blast you with his circuit-scrambling weapons while you're stumbling around blindly. In car mode, Smokescreen can emit from his tailpipe a thick, black cloud of smoke that has the additional property of gravitating toward metallic objects, such as enemy Decepticons. In robot mode, his twin shoulder-mounted launchers shoot missiles that shatter into thousands of shards that produce a variety of radio signals, magnetic fields and infrared waves, wreaking havoc on the radar and guidance systems of enemy aircraft. His disruptor rifle shoots a web of electrical energy that can short out and interfere with the proper operation of any electrically powered target.

With proper shielding, an opponent can successfully withstand many of Smokescreen's weapons, usually leaving him in a relatively weak position since he's not that powerful on his own, and his habit of alienating his fellow Autobots leaves him with few allies, even among the Seekers.


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