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The name or term Slipstream refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Slipstream (disambiguation).
Slipstream is a Decepticon Seeker.

Stole her missiles from another universe.

The only thing sharper than Slipstream's acerbic tongue is her keen mind -— whether as a soldier or a spy-for-hire, she gets that job done and always keep her true agenda shielded. Who is Slipstream? Someone fast, deadly, and able to shield her energy signature is all you need to know.

Slipstream keeps herself a blank slate, but she's certainly got a legendarily volcanic temperament!


  • Weapons: Slipstream fires her null rays at a target from short range.
  • Ability: Fusion Bomb - Drop a fusion bomb on the target. If the target is destroyed within 20 seconds, the bomb explodes dealing massive damage to adjacent targets.


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  • Legends and Earth Wars used different bios: the former having her as a quick-to-rage Starscream clone à la Animated, the latter as a mysterious enigma spy, drawing on her Aligned counterpart's Timelines profile (which was rather circumstance-specific; see her page for details). We've bashed them together until they fit.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Slipstream (スリップストリーム Surippusutorīmu)
  • Mandarin: Huá Liú (滑流, "Slipstream")