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You think I look good now, you should see me coated in your fuel and oil.

SLICKSPIN thinks himself a better driver than the Stunticons, even boasting that he can out-drive most Autobots. However, it's not so much pure skill that makes him so good but technology. A combination of oil-secreting ports and traction hooks in his wheels allow him to create his own trail of oil, sliding and gripping the road as necessary. Slickspin truly believes that he is one of the hottest machines on the road, especially when covered in his enemy's vital fluids. He loves the look of spent energon or blackened oil on his armor, and will move in to fight in close quarters for that purpose. It is at this range that he can bring a pair of pneumatic lances to bear. These lances are stored in his forearms in robot mode and in his hood in vehicle mode. Slickspin transforms into a 1974 Pontiac Firebird, capable of reaching speeds in excess of 230 mph and sustaining them for up to 200 miles. Boosters allow him a maximum speed of 450 mph for up to 30 miles. He is further armed with a set of rapid-fire 'Nailguns' which fire three-pound spikes, capable of piercing titanium armor plating or embedding into the road to form a deadly obstacle for vehicles. He can utilize these for full 360-degree coverage in a controlled spin-out.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Slickspin brought to Earth before the Ark/Nemesis launch by Astrotrain to gather information on Earth's inhabitants and to prepare for the planet's defense.

MUX History:

Slickspin remains on Earth, reporting the Decepticons currently based out of the Nemesis.

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Created and played by Dean.


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