Slamdance is an Autobot Mini-Cassette combiner. For the G.I. Joe laser trooper, see Sgt. Grand Slam.

The truth is what we make it.

Slamdance is not a great warrior, but he is a passing-fair journalist. Smart enough to know where the wind blows, he makes sure to skew all of his reports to favor the Autobots, which has garnered him some positive attention from the Autobot Broadcast News network. He can be a bit flashy, but his dedication to presenting a properly biased account of current events is welcomed by Andromeda and Autobot Command.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Slamdance was a hack journalist before the war, churning out puff pieces and general-interest videos to little acclaim. Once the war started, however, Slamdance found a way to ingratiate to those in power - independent broadcasts praising the Autobots' actions as the saviors of Cybertron. Soon we was employed by Andromeda, and seeks to one day replace her on the top of the news chain.

MUX History:

Slamdance was sent to Earth with the Ark by Blazter to chronicle the Autobot takeover of the planet. However, since Jetfire’s return, Slamdance has been commandeered to be the Autobot XO’s personal videographer.

OOC Notes

In the regular TFU universe, Slamdance is a gestalt formed by the two individual characters of Grand Slam and Raindance. In TFU's version of the Shattered Glass universe, Slamdance is one character that splits into two altmodes, similar to the Reflector and the Duocons.



  • August 19 - "A Premature Coronation" - While he would never would publicly admit he was happy hearing of the demise of ruthless Autobot leader Emperor Prime, Jetfire has barely contained his enthusiasm for being selected the next Autobot leader. While this has led to many grumblings throughout the Autobot rankings, Old One believed propping Jetfire up as leader would have best served his purposes. Now, as a small gathering of disarmed Decepticon leaders are forced to watch the coronation of the traitor Jetfire, the extravagant gala begins. However, a late arrival proves fatal to Jetfire. The moral of the story - if you are going to take something that belongs to Emperor Prime, you best be sure the leader is really dead.


Slamdance is available as part of the Shattered Glass TP.


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